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Thursday Rule 5 “Were’s Smitty?” Edition. Soon You Can Say “Afghanistan”

Oh, my. The master of Rule 5 Sunday is going to be taking a trip Stacy has greased the skids here, but there will be a hiatus in regular blogging activity for the Smitty portion of this blog duo at the close of this post. I hold orders to activate in mid-November and report to […]

Latest Liberal Midterm Loss Conspiracy: It’s Joe Lieberman’s Fault

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Well, really, it can be made up, just not by you, because you are not raving paranoids living in a unicorn infested world of hopey changey unreality, like Ezra Klein does Since the election, there’s been a lot of talk about what President Obama and the Democratic […]

Newsweek Advises On How Not To Be A Climahypocrite

Hey, here’s another idea: stop killing trees to publish your magazine, and publishing on-line, which uses electricity which is killing Gaia through greenhouse gases. Or something like that: How We Can Stop Being Eco-Hypocrites – Steps that even the most ecofriendly should take to avoid hurting the planet. When it comes to my tree-hugging acquaintances […]

Happy Veterans Day!

Baron Von Lind brings us Melody, saluting the 5 branches.

What Say To Turning Roads Into Solar Receptors?

For a change, here is a great idea, even if it is more about globull warming than power production Walk barefoot on an asphalt road and you’ll soon realize how good the substance is at storing solar heat – the heat-storing qualities of roadways has even been put forward as an explanation as to why […]

NY Times Editorial Board Hearts Economic Draft Proposal

Especially the parts about raising taxes and cutting the military: Some Fiscal Reality The draft proposal by the chairmen of President Obama’s deficit-reduction commission was a welcome antidote to the low-minded debate that dominated the midterm elections, in which politicians all vowed to reduce the deficit but offered no credible plans. By low minded debate, […]

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