Newsweek Advises On How Not To Be A Climahypocrite

Hey, here’s another idea: stop killing trees to publish your magazine, and publishing on-line, which uses electricity which is killing Gaia through greenhouse gases. Or something like that: How We Can Stop Being Eco-Hypocrites – Steps that even the most ecofriendly should take to avoid hurting the planet.

When it comes to my tree-hugging acquaintances and ecofriendly neighbors, I am considered an eco-dinosaur. Why? Because I do heinous things like eat meat, own a car, and, gallingly, refuse to feel guilty about them. I also don’t tut-tut disapprovingly at “that co-worker” who prints out every e-mail. And I definitely don’t burst into tears every time somebody pulls out plastic utensils or sips bottled water.

This is why some people think I heart BP, when the reality is that reality is somewhere in the middle. I take public transportation, recycle plastic bags, and use CFL bulbs. I do worry about polar bears and global warming, and toxic messes, but I don’t use my concerns to push people into doing what’s “right.” The simple reason: I don’t want to be an eco-hypocrite. If you think you don’t know what that means, trust me, you do.

I’m talking about the type of people (I mean you, Laurie David) who never waste an opportunity to tell the rest of us how the world is going to hell thanks to inappropriately disposed batteries and energy-sucking light bulbs, while often breaking eco-rules themselves. They do that because it’s impossible not to break the rules, given that some of the things that hurt the environment most are ones we all depend on. Don’t believe me? Check out a few examples of things we—eco-hypocrites included—should do if we really want to help this planet.

And Raina Kelly’s ideas?

  • Get rid of trash (but, but, but, what about all the Manhattan cocktail parties?)
  • Stop driving (yeah, that’s going to happen. Climate alarmists believe it is always someone else who should change)
  • Push for cleaner skies (WTF? She isn’t talking about actual pollution, but, a gas that is necessary for life on Earth)
  • Buy less

OK, go for it, Raina. Put your life where your article is. What? You don’t want to? Goodness!

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4 Responses to “Newsweek Advises On How Not To Be A Climahypocrite”

  1. EM says:

    How to not be an ecohypocrite:

    How about: Don’t take 500 airplanes and half the Navy to the other side of the Globe for an ill-conceived Veterans’ Day getaway just because you are POTUS and you can.

    • But, I’m sure Obama paid for all the carbon offsets with tax dollars, so, everything should be A-OK, at least in Liberal World.

      Remember, it’s always about someone else changing their behavior, in Liberal World.

  2. mojo says:

    Shorter Raina: I’m an obedient idiot

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