Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

FCC Head Plans To Push Net Neutrality

You have to hand it to liberals: they never give up on horrible ideas, even when a federal court rules that the FCC doesn’t have the regulatory authority to implement them Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is putting together a net neutrality proposal and plans to take action on the controversial issue as early […]

AGW Today: Green Jobs, Kids, And Symbolism

Mother Nature Network is worried about the GOP Republican gains in the next Congress will likely curtail spending on green construction projects, but the sector promises to be a source of job growth for an economy that sorely needs it, advocates said Tuesday. Yeah, advocates that have a vested interest in pushing this boondoggle. The […]

Richard Lindzen Provides Global Warming Testimony On Capital Hill

On Wednesday, November 17th, the House Committee on Science and Technology held a hearing regarding anthropogenic global warming, which is, of course, the so-called threat of our lifetimes, the end times for man, etc and so on, if you listen to climate alarmists. Thankfully, they devoted a whopping two hours to the most important issue […]

TSA Motivator – Groping

Obama Plans Redeployment – By National Guard Units On The Border

So, now we know: the whole plan to place National Guard units at the border until there were enough Border Patrol agents was basically a sham, an attempt to dupe the American People that he was Doing Something The Obama Administration plans to withdraw National Guard troops from the Texas, New Mexico and California borders […]

Friday Awesome: Ron Paul Introduces American Traveler Dignity Act

With all the issues going on regarding the Transportation Security Administration, you just knew someone had to come up with some sort of legislation. And the winner is…..RON PAUL! Mr. Speaker, today I introduce legislation to protect Americans from physical and emotional abuse by federal Transportation Security Administration employees conducting screenings at the nation’s airports. […]

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