Daily Archives: November 5, 2010

Climate Alarmist Realizes The Arctic Is Really Cold

Funny stuff As inhospitable environments go, it doesn’t get much trickier than living near the Arctic Circle where the temperature can plummet to minus 40 degrees Celsius in the permanent winter darkness and the diet consists of walrus and whale blubber. But this is where a British adventurer has been living for the last three […]

Oh, Snap! Happy Meal Ban Won’t Solve Snowflake’s Being Porkers

Yeah, yeah, the headline was kinda mean. Suck it up buttercup. Or, if you are one of those fatties, don’t suck up that double chocolate shake with whipped cream topping The McDonald’s Happy Meal is bummed. The decision of San Francisco city officials Tuesday to crack down on restaurant meals that include free toys unless […]

NRCC Learned Nothing – They’re Blowing Off Renee Ellmers

They seem about as clueless over what happened on Tuesday as Obama Even before it’s certain that Renee Ellmers will go to Washington as the new congresswoman from North Carolina’s 2nd District, she is showing a vigorous streak of independence from her party’s establishment. Ellmers, whom the tea party backs, and Carter Wrenn, a political […]

Oh, Snap! Could MSNBC Move Even Further Left Due To Election Massacre?

The humorous headline for this Politico article: “Is losing good for business?” Why is that humorous? Both on the front page and at the top of the single article page, they feature a picture of Rachel Maddow. You know, the Rachel Maddow who was prominent on that loser of a liberal radio station, Air Deadbeat, […]

sit back and Relax. we’ll dRive

Yes, that’s right, t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and hats, all available NOW! Get yours. I will have the shirts available with the total House wins on the back once the final tally is.

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