Climate Change Data

Data from various sites, including Real Science, C3 Headlines, UN IPCC AR1, and others. I’m creating a new Page for all these, which I will add on over time. (Any “click larger” applies to the preceding graphic)

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(Above figure comes from the UN IPCC AR1, disappeared because it was inconvenient)

(Hansen’s GISS trick to disappear the 1930’s warmth, as it was inconvenient)

(using 2007 as the last year is immaterial, since there has been no real warming since)

(Water temperature from the East China Sea)


You can see the larger version here. It comes from the NOAA. And seems to show that large tornado activity is worse during cooling periods, which would be the 40’s (the chart starts in 1954, of course) through the late 1970’s, then when it got warmer, that activity dropped off. Interesting that there have been several monstrous tornadoes this spring, what with it being a cool spring, wouldn’t you say?

6/14 From Dr. Roy Spencer

7/20/13 The epic failure of 73 climate models vs real world observations

Another reconstruction

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