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…are Bad Weather clouds from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Project 2025 being this elections Russia Russia Russia

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CNN Fact Checks Biden’s Low Energy Press Conference

His very late press conference, which was originally scheduled for 530pm and ended up starting after 7pm (the meds took a long time to kick in), witnessed a lethargic, raspy voiced Biden who was mostly lucid, without all the fade-outs and such. Well, he did get excited and animated when he was talking about giving taxpayer money to Ukraine, probably since he’s ending up with some of it in his own pocket. He yammered on for a while before finally taking some questions. I wondered if he had pre-arranged reporters to call on (who certainly had pre-arranged questions). Well

(Breitbart) “With that, I’ll take your questions. I’ve been given a list of people to call on here,” Biden said at the end of his prepared remarks, which he mumbled through despite reading from a teleprompter.

He managed to call Kamala “vice president Trump.” How bad was it when you have CNN fact checking him in the way they’d fact check Trump or any Republican?

Fact check: Biden’s false and misleading claims at high-stakes news conference


Biden’s Putin-Zelensky gaffe moment

Biden played down a gaffe he made at an event earlier on Thursday in which he had mistakenly introduced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “President Putin” before correcting himself moments later. Biden said at the press conference: “I said, ‘No, I’m sorry, Zelensky.’ And then I added five other names.”

Facts First: Biden’s last claim was false. He didn’t utter “five other names” after he corrected the Putin-Zelensky mix-up. In fact, after Biden corrected himself, Zelensky said he is “better” than Putin, Biden agreed, and then Zelensky delivered remarks as Biden stood silently beside him.

Biden’s travels

Biden spoke of a need to “pace” himself in his activities. He said, “The next debate, I’m not going to be traveling 15 time zones a week before. Anyway. That’s what it was about.”

Facts First: This is misleading. Biden did not travel abroad “a week before” the June 27 CNN presidential debate in which he performed poorly. In fact, he returned to the US from Europe 12 days before that debate, on June 15.

Amazingly, one of the fact checks is in Trump’s favor

What Trump said about NATO

Biden, criticizing Trump’s position on the NATO military alliance, said, “I think he said at one of his rallies, don’t hold me to this, recently, where, ‘NATO – I just learned about NATO,’ or something to that effect. Foreign policy’s never been his strong point.”

Facts First: Biden’s description of Trump’s comment was indeed inaccurate. Trump did not say at a recent rally that “I just learned about NATO.” Rather, Trump said at the rally that he had not known what NATO was, “too much,” prior to attending his first alliance summit as president in 2017.

They go on to fact check Let’s Go Brandon on him saying that Hamas is no longer popular in Gaza (it still is popular) and being endorsed by the UAW (he was endorsed in January, not “just”). Most of these are really not big things, so, that CNN ran with it shows Biden has lost CNN. They would never have done this a year ago. Six months ago. Excepting the Zelensky gaffe, which is not a minor one, considering how often Joe makes these types of mistakes. These are not misspeaks, errors that happen to us all, even professional politicians. It’s a pattern of saying the wrong thing.

(Fox News) NBC News chief political analyst Chuck Todd claimed on Wednesday a senior cabinet secretary told him in 2022 that Biden couldn’t run again.

The former “Meet the Press” host discussed dwindling confidence in Biden’s campaign on his podcast “The Chuck Toddcast” with Politico columnist Jonathan Martin. While floating potential exit paths for Biden to step down, both criticized Democratic Party members for refusing to publicly voice their concerns.

Todd recounted, “I had a cabinet secretary two years ago, two years ago, out of the blue asked me, ‘Do you really think he’s gonna? He can’t run again like this.’ And I said, ‘Well, you have more action with him than I do.’ And they said, ‘I don’t have a lot of interaction with him.’ This is a pretty senior cabinet secretary. This was two years ago.”

He added, “It’s the classic open secret, the nonversation. It’s the story everybody knows, and that everybody was afraid to talk about.”

And every person in the Credentialed Media should resign or be fired for knowing this and making it a nonversation. It’s their job to broadcast it.

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Brandon Admin Gives $1.7 Billion For EV Manufacturing That You Won’t Buy

How many campaign contributors are reaping the rewards for this? How many who work for federal agencies? How many Senators and Representatives?

Biden awards $1.7 billion to boost electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly in 8 states

electric vehicleThe Biden administration is awarding nearly $2 billion in grants to General Motors, Stellantis and other carmakers to help restart or expand electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly sites in eight states, including the presidential battlegrounds of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The Energy Department will issue grants totaling $1.7 billion to create or retain thousands of union jobs and support auto-based communities that have long driven the U.S. economy, the White House said Thursday. Besides the three battleground states, grants also will go to EV facilities in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and Virginia.

The grants cover a broad range of the automotive supply chain, including parts for electric motorcycles and school buses, hybrid powertrains, heavy-duty commercial truck batteries and electric SUVs, the White House said.

“Building a clean energy economy can and should be a win-win for union autoworkers and automakers,’’ President Joe Biden said in a statement. “This investment will create thousands of good-paying, union manufacturing jobs and retain even more — from Lansing, Michigan to Fort Valley, Georgia — by helping auto companies retool, reboot and rehire in the same factories and communities.’’

Oh, I see, it’s about rewarding union labor, who’ll build vehicles most do not want. Sales are continuing to stagnate. Those who wanted them got them. Now sales are lackluster.

The grants, paid for by the landmark 2022 climate law, will help deliver on his commitment to ensure the future of the auto industry is made in America by American union workers, Biden said.

Wait, I thought it was an inflation reduction law?

Meanwhile in the People’s Republik Of California

To charge or not to charge: California drivers express concern with lack of EV charging stations

During the thick of road trip season, people are driving their electric cars, but many say finding reliable chargers is not easy.

This as California is poised to stop selling new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Drivers across Southern California tell the NBC4 I-Team they are constantly negotiating for a place in line or attempting to charge their vehicles away from home and coming across non-working chargers.

“Hey, we’re going to force you into expensive cars with high insurance costs which need their tires replaced more often but you won’t be able to charge them as much, because we want you to stay home or take public transit.”

San Francisco neighbors hot over EV cooling fans causing noise nuisance

Electric vehicle charging stations are everywhere in the Bay Area, and with them come huge fans used to help cool the equipment. But one neighborhood station is already pushing long-time residents out of the city.

Imagine waking up, going to sleep, or working from home to a constant, incessant buzzing noise. That’s the reality for people living on Clara Street in the city’s SoMa district after an electric vehicle cooling fan was installed across the street.

I have zero sympathy. They voted for this.

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LA Times: Infants And Toddlers Victims Of Biden’s Fentanyl Crisis

Of course, the LA Times, being the good little Credentialed Media they are, fails to make the connection between Biden’s open borders and all the drugs flowing in to the U.S., often from China

In the fentanyl crisis, infants and toddlers become unsuspecting victims

(Snip through a story of a child dying form Biden’s fentanyl)

As the fentanyl crisis ravages communities across the country, toddlers and infants increasingly are becoming unsuspecting victims of an opioid that is 50 times more potent than heroin. Adults make up the vast number of fentanyl-related deaths, but public health experts say they are alarmed that more children below the age of 5 are dying or arriving in emergency rooms testing positive for the drug.

The number of drug overdoses nationwide has fallen for the first time in years, but the incidences of children overdosing has surged, doctors say, as they are exposed to opioids and drug paraphernalia at home or by accidental ingestion.

Although West Virginia has the highest fentanyl-related death rate, California has the most deaths overall, with 6,473 in 2022. Officials nationwide are struggling to come up with solutions to prevent young children from dying.

This is followed by many, many paragraphs of stats and stories, but, never delves into where it is mostly coming from. Here’s US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in December 2023

But this shifted in 2016, when fentanyl and other synthetic opioids became the leading driver of drug-related deaths. Today, the majority of precursor chemicals for illicitly manufactured fentanyl come from China and are synthesized into fentanyl in Mexico. Fentanyl is then smuggled across the border into the United States. This means fentanyl is not just a public health emergency with devastating human and substantial economic costs. The illicit drug trade is also a significant threat to our national security. And it is of course a threat to public safety in Mexico as well.

You certainly cannot stop it all, and agencies like Customs and Border Patrol work hard to stop it, but, they have more luck interdicting ships in port than being able to stop all the illegal aliens bringing it across and under the border. The job is made vastly more difficult due to the number of illegals/migrants crossing the border or declaring amnesty at the border.

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CNN Seems Upset That Tractor Supply Is Blowing Off It’s Climate (scam) And DEI Agenda

You have all sorts of companies, states, towns, and colleges ending DEI, because, really, it’s simply racist and isn’t about putting the best people in the positions. One would think those being picked due to DEI would be upset that they’re being told they get the job because of their skin color, not their qualities. Now we have Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply warned climate change and a lack of diversity would hurt business. Now it’s ignoring those risks

As recently as February, Tractor Supply Co., known for selling animal feed, pet food and lawn and garden equipment to hobby farmers, told investors that climate change was a significant threat to its business.

Any delay or failure to meet its goals of cutting emissions 50% in six years and achieving net zero emissions by 2040 could hurt “public perception of our business, employee morale, customer or stockholder support” and its financial performance, the company said in its annual report.

Tractor Supply also warned that it could suffer similar business consequences if it did not meet its five-year diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) plan to increase spending by 35% with diverse suppliers and boost representation of people of color at manager levels and above at the company by 50%.

Hal Lawton, the chief executive of the Brentwood, Tennessee-based company, had said these initiatives “make great business sense for Tractor Supply.”

But Tractor Supply has decided that all of those risks are now worth ignoring.

The company announced last month that it will withdraw its carbon emission reduction goals and eliminate jobs and goals focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. It will also stop sponsoring LGBTQ+ Pride festivals and voting campaigns, as well as submitting data to the Human Rights Campaign, one of the biggest LGBTQ+ non-profit advocacy groups in the United States.

Tractor Supply is “trying to thread the needle,” said Nooshin Warren, a professor of marketing at the University of Arizona who studies corporate activism and corporate political culture. “They’re trying to keep both sides happy, which usually never happens.”

Let’s be honest: the majority of Tractor Supply’s customers are against all these things. Think that the companies should just stick to business, rather than Virtue Signaling. Most of the people slurring them now have probably never been to one, never shopped at one, never purchased anything at one. They are not customers. They are mostly not future customers. So, why should TS care? They should care more about their actual customers and what they care about.

Customers matter.

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If All You See…

…is a fast rising sea swamping buildings, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on NYC discovering garbage cans.

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Biden To Have “Big Boy” Press Conference At 530pm Thursday

Update: they’ve moved it to 630, which gives him an out to bolt at 645pm to get ready for bed. He’ll still probably be 15-20 minutes late

Seriously, a “big boy” press conference. He should be booted simply for his people dubbing it that

Embattled Biden to give high-stakes press conference

US President Joe Biden will Thursday give his first press conference since his debate disaster against Donald Trump, in a pressure-cooker moment that could seal the fate of his reelection bid.

The eyes of the world will be on the 81-year-old at a NATO summit as he tries to calm growing calls from his Democratic party to step aside over his age and health.

The White House has dubbed it a “big boy” press conference, and Biden will be under severe pressure to show he can handle what has become a rare unscripted moment in his presidency.

Any missteps by Biden at the 5.30 pm (2130 GMT) event at a Washington DC conference center could turn the trickle of Democrats who have so far urged him to abandon his 2024 election bid into a flood. (snip)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly promised Thursday’s “big boy press conference” — a phrase first used by a journalist that she has since adopted — will feature multiple questions.

A poor performance will pour fuel on the flames of the concerns about Biden’s age and health that were sparked when he appeared listless and often incoherent against Republican Trump, 78.

How the White House correspondents haven’t laid into her with derision and laughter is beyond me. It’s treating Joe like a child about to give a speech to a city council. If Biden has to have a make or break PC to prove he’s not feeble minded it’s a pretty good indicator that he’s feeble minded. Are there conditions for this PC? Will he be given the questions in advance? Will he have answers on note cards? Will he only call on uber-friendly reporters? How many questions will he actually take?

Seriously, how sad is it that the White House is making a bid deal out of the POTUS doing a press conference? Joe has been in office all but four years since 1973. Remember, they mostly hid him during the 2020 election season. You almost hate to see this, trotting this man up there to do a PC. It’s elder abuse. But, people will be watching this for the same reason they watch car races: crashes.

People says he was saying “talking to your wife”, but, you listen and decide how bad the slurring was. Two more below the fold

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Could Montana Overturn The Youts Climate Win?

I think it would be more fun to make all the kiddies live a carbon neutral life. No fossil fueled buses, AC up to 86, heat down to 60 in schools. End the use of WiFi in schools for anything other than schoolwork. No meat served in schools. For starters

Montana might overturn its landmark youth climate change ruling

Montana’s top court is set to hear the state’s appeal of a landmark ruling holding that it was violating the rights of young people to a clean and healthful environment by barring regulators from considering the impacts on climate change when approving fossil fuel projects.

The Republican-led state will urge the Montana Supreme Court to conclude that the lawsuit by 16 young people should never have gone to trial in the first place because they lack legal standing to challenge a restriction on agencies’ ability to consider the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

They should argue that the 16 youts fail to practice a carbon neutral lifestyle. I bet they could get lots of photos of them being climahypocrites.

The state is asking the court to reverse an August 2023 ruling by District Court Judge Kathy Seeley in Helena in the closely watched case. It was the first lawsuit in the United States by young environmental activists challenging state and federal policies they say are exacerbating climate change to go to trial.

The youth-led lawsuits have taken aim at government policies at the state and federal level that they say encourage or allow the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and violate their rights under U.S. or state constitutions.

Good luck operating just about anything in Montana in winter without fossil fuels. Would have to stop all fossil fueled travel to places like Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. Say goodbye to people coming in to sky and hike and fish.

Through lawyers at the non-profit law firm Our Children’s Trust, the plaintiffs have argued that a state law that barred Montana officials from considering the impacts of climate change when conducting environmental reviews of proposed projects violated their rights under Montana’s state constitution.

Seeley agreed, saying the young people had a fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment under a 1972 amendment to Montana’s constitution requiring the state to protect and improve the environment.

Climate change is not environmental.

The state in a brief said Seeley should have concluded the young people had failed to establish they had legal standing to challenge the law because a single Montana statute could not be the cause of their alleged injuries since to curb climate change the world’s energy system would have to be transformed.

Meh. Make the kiddies live the climate cult life.

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Stop: GOP Run House Oversight Committee Wants Biden Aids To Testify On Biden Mental Fitness

They really should be taking a page out of Napoleon Bonaparte’s book on this one

House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Biden Aides over Mental Fitness

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) on Wednesday subpoenaed three aides to President Joe Biden over his mental fitness.

The probe will keep the pressure on Democrats who are in disarray following the president’s infamous debate performance.

Those subpoenaed include:

  1. First Lady Jill Biden’s top aide Anthony Bernal
  2. Deputy Chief of Staff Annie Tomasini
  3. Senior adviser Ashley Williams

The aides are low-profile but are reportedly “very influential” within the White House.

“The White House has shielded three key aides from testifying about President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and now we’ve learned through reporting these same aides are also seeking to cover up President Biden’s declining cognitive state inside the White House,” Comer wrote, according to a statement obtained by Breitabrt News.

No. Stop. Don’t do it. Leave it alone. The point was made during the debate. The point is being made with all sorts of people and organizations calling for Biden to drop out. We WANT Biden in the race. Everything has been geared to running against Biden. Not that anyone else is polling that well against Trump, but, what if Democrats happen upon the right combo? It wouldn’t include Kamala Harris. But, it could be someone who would entice all the Hamas supporters who say they will not vote for Biden and all the Jews who are bowing out of the Democrat vote to come back to the fold.

Just let Biden and his people keep making mistakes. Focus on offering policies that help the middle and working classes.

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Climate Nags Demand Say Fossil Fueled Truck Use Must End By 2045

Well, hey, you never know what kind of progress will happen by 2045. Think of how fast airplanes changed in less than a 100 years. Moving from records to cassettes to CDs to streaming. Changes to computers, TV, phones, and so many other things. But, those were all driven by the market and research, not government and NGOs nagging and demanding and mandating

California must retire gas-guzzling trucks to meet 2045 emissions targets: Study

California must retire existing heavy-duty trucks to meet the state’s 2045 carbon neutrality goals, in addition to promoting the purchase of zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs), a new study has found.

Stricter policies that cover both the rollout of zero-emissions trucks and the early retirement of gas-guzzlers could slash cumulative greenhouse gas emissions by 64 percent, according to the study, published on Monday in Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Such a move could also reduce half of the state’s pollution-related mortality, particularly within disadvantaged communities, the study authors determined.

Well, good luck without a massive breakthrough. Trucks without fossil fuels just cannot do the jobs of those with fossil fuels. Everywhere from pickup trucks to 18 wheelers to commercial trucks.

“While ZEV sales mandates are effective, it is clear from our analysis that they will not be sufficient for reaching zero emissions on the desired timescales,” lead author Eleanor Hennessy, a postdoctoral scholar at Arizona State University, said in a statement.

“Accelerated retirement programs will be critical for California to reach emissions targets by 2045,” Hennessy added.

Here’s a question: why is this any of her business? She’s in Arizona. Why is she trying to dictate what goes on in California? She’s one of the authors of the “study”: I’m not seeing information on the other authors, but, do they live in California? Going to that statement link

While focused on California, the study’s insights are applicable globally. Numerous states such as New York, Washington, and Louisiana have similar carbon neutrality goals, as do countries such as those in the European Union. The research findings are relevant to any government aiming to decarbonise their vehicle fleet.

Why do Warmists always think they can dictate how Everyone Else lives their life? Sounds kinda, you know, Fascist.

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