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…are huge climate driven wind waves, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on climate research failing a scientific integrity test.

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6th Court Of Appeals Blocks Biden’s Title IX Transgender Rules

Title IX is designed to help women. Biological women. Not biological men with mental health issues who take all sorts of things away from women

Trans students’ rights suffer another blow as appeals court refuses to lift block on new Biden protections

The Biden administration’s attempt to protect transgender students from discrimination hit another roadblock on Wednesday when a federal appeals court allowed the new rules from taking effect in August.

A three-judge panel for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld 2-1 a lower court ruling that paused President Joe Biden’s changes to Title IX that expand the anti-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The judges claimed that the Department of Education likely exceeded its authority in redefining “sex discrimination” insinuating that Congress would need to approve the change and said the rollout would be difficult to implement before school begins in the fall.

Huh. You mean that the duly elected Legislative Branch is the one who is charge of changing laws and the Executive Branch  enforces those laws? That’s so weird. It’s almost like the Constitution means something

In 2021 the administration unveiled the new rules which redefined “sex discrimination” to include “sex stereotypes, sex characteristics, pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

In other words, the whole point was to redefine males with mental illness as women. Most everything else was a smoke screen.

The new rules were made final in April and intended to take effect August 1 but multiple states sought to interfere.

Wednesday’s decision means the new Title IX rules will not take effect in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia before the school year begins.

It is the latest blow to the Biden administration’s attempt to enact rules protecting gay or transgender students from rules that force them to use bathrooms or locker rooms, wear a uniform or play on sports teams consistent with their sex at birth.

The court and those who sued are protecting females from crazy people with male genitalia from being in female spaces, as well as taking away their earned sports wins and others. Which could mean the loss of scholarships, not too mention the simple pleasure from a win after a lot of hard work.

Too bad this only applies to those six states. Women should be provided the protection for dudes waving their dangily bits at them in showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

(Virginia Mercury) The Biden administration introduced the rules to “build on the legacy of Title IX by clarifying that all our nation’s students can access schools that are safe, welcoming, and respect their rights,” U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona previously said in a statement. The rules also would have rolled back Trump administration changes that narrowly defined sexual harassment and directed schools to conduct live hearings, allowing those who were accused of sexual harassment or assault to cross-examine their accusers.

Yeah, it’s a real shame that those accused of sexual harassment or assault are given their constitutional rights in government schools, rather than being railroaded with no possible way to defend themselves.

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Consequences: Five Just Stop Oil Cultists Sent To Jail In England

Looks like the judge pretty much threw the book at them

Five Just Stop Oil activists receive record sentences for planning to block M25

Five supporters of the Just Stop Oil climate campaign who conspired to cause gridlock on London’s orbital motorway have been sentenced to lengthy jail terms by a judge who told them they had “crossed the line from concerned campaigner to fanatic”.

Roger Hallam, Daniel Shaw, Louise Lancaster, Lucia Whittaker De Abreu and Cressida Gethin were found guilty last week of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance for coordinating direct action protests on the M25 over four days in November 2022.

Hallam received a five-year sentence on Thursday, while the other four were each sentenced to four years.

The sentences are thought to be the longest sentences even given in the UK for non-violent protest, exceeding those given to the Just Stop Oil protesters Morgan Trowland (three years) and Marcus Decker (two years and seven months) for scaling the Dartford Crossing.

The actions may have been “non-violent” but they caused major disruptions, interfered with many other people, and broke numerous laws

(Judge) Hehir admitted there was a scientific and social consensus that human-made climate breakdown was happening and action should be taken to avert it. “I acknowledge that at least some of the concerns motivating you are, at least to some extent, shared by many,” he said.

“But the plain fact is that each of you has some time ago crossed the line from concerned campaigner to fanatic. You have appointed yourselves as the sole arbiters of what should be done about climate change, bound neither by the principles of democracy nor the rule of law.

“And your fanaticism makes you entirely heedless of the rights of your fellow citizens. You have taken it upon yourselves to decide that your fellow citizens must suffer disruption and harm, and how much disruption and harm they must suffer, simply so that you may parade your views.”

Too bad the judge didn’t call them cult members. Regardless of whether anthropogenic climate change is real or not, that doesn’t give them the right to engage in a criminal conspiracy.

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NBC News: Bidenworld Expecting Biden To Step Aside

Many outlets are running with this, but, is it true? Was COVID just a fake excuse to head home and consider if he wants to continue?

We’re close to the end’: Biden world braces for the possibility that the president will step aside

Biden Brain SuckerPresident Joe Biden’s political world is collapsing. Top allies have either publicly or privately called on him to step aside. Major donations have fallen off a cliff. Grassroots fundraising is not keeping up with the demands of a campaign that needs to aggressively scale up three months before the presidential election. Members of his own re-election effort have already declared he has no path to victory.

Since a disastrous debate in Atlanta upended the trajectory of his campaign three weeks ago, Biden has again and again attempted to dig in, bucking efforts to dislodge him from power.

But there is now a palpable sense that the ground has shifted underneath him, according to five people with knowledge of the situation, even among some of the president’s most defiant internal backers who now believe the writing is on the wall.

“We’re close to the end,” a person close to Biden said.

But, will Jill and Hunter allow this? They seem to love the high life. Everything that comes with Joe being president. Joe is barely cognizant, so, he’ll go with whatever they tell him. But, if he does step down, what does that look like? Some are saying that Joe won’t name Kamala as his replacement. Many of the Democrat base are pissed off that the Dem big wigs will anoint someone at the convention, and they’ll get no chance to vote on who they want. Of course, how is that possible this late in the game?

There’s lots more info in that top tweet, but, consider: if Biden is too frail to continue to run, he’s too frail to continue to be POTUS. I wonder if Democrats will 25th Amendment him, leaving Kamala as the sitting president, hoping she will be able to beat Trump. But, would the Republicans play ball and refuse to go with this?

A person with knowledge of the projections said the Biden campaign now expects it will raise only 25% of the big donor money it had originally projected to raise in July — that’s a further downgrade from the expectation last week that large-dollar fundraising would be down by as much as 50%. The money has “dried up,” this person said.

Yeah, that’s going to make Democrats super squirrely, because it most likely means down ballot is getting shorted on big donor money.

In an interview that aired Wednesday evening, Biden said that, in addition to being shown that there was no path to victory, there was something else that would prompt him to re-evaluate his campaign.

“If I have some medical condition that emerged,” Biden suggested. “If somebody, if the doctors came to me and said you got this problem, that problem.”

Does his minor case of Wuhan Flu qualify?

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British Government Group Wants Government To Institute Government Faster On Peasants Via ‘Climate Change’

Funny how a government group wants to use the government for more power and money, eh? It’s almost like this has nothing to do with science

Britain Needs to Move Faster on Climate, Monitoring Group Says

An influential government body gave what amounts to strong support Thursday to one of the main planks of the new British government’s plans to revitalize the economy: a crash program to accelerate efforts for dealing with climate change.

In a report to Parliament, the Climate Change Committee, a statutory body that monitors progress on the reduction of greenhouse gases in Britain, warned that the country was “not on track to hit” a 2030 interim target of reducing emissions by 68 percent compared with 1990 levels. Britain is legally required to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

“The new government will have to act fast to hit the country’s commitments,” the committee said.

Speeding up the building of wind farms and solar farms is precisely what the new government of Prime Minister Keir Starmer wants to do. He also hopes to hasten other measures like replacing natural gas boilers in homes with electric-powered heat pumps.

I suggest the UK government starts by blocking elected members of the national government and all employees from using fossil fuels in their official duties. Turn the AC up to 86 and heat down to 60. No meat served in the government cafeterias. For starters

The committee, which says it is independent, criticized the previous Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, for signaling “a slowing of pace” on measures like the shift to electric vehicles and the adoption of heat pumps. The government also “gave inconsistent messages on its commitment” to the steps needed to achieve net zero, the committee said.

If the NY Times actually did reporting they would have asked all the members of the committee if they were driving EVs themselves and had replaced their home units with heat pumps. It matters. If the Elites ramming this down the throats of the citizens won’t do it voluntarily, why should the citizens?

It made a series of recommendations intended to discourage consumption of fossil fuels and stimulate additional use of electric power, which is forecast to be the main form of clean energy in the future. Among them: cutting electric bills, which would encourage greater use of electricity and the purchase of heat pumps, which Britons have been slow to adopt. The panel suggested removing some items from electric bills, including moving some costs of subsidizing renewable energy to either gas bills or the general government budget.

What is it called when Government forces citizens to do things they do not want to do? Britons are mostly against heat pumps and EVs, as they are expensive, do not work as well, have a shorter lifespan, all to go with already artificially high energy prices due to government actions.

“This report provides a clear path to victory,” Doug Parr, chief scientist of Greenpeace UK, said in a statement. “Now the new government just needs to deliver.”

Remember the days when we heard about “the consent of People”? Now it’s “you will comply”.

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If All You See…

…are horrible Bad Weather clouds about to roll in, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on Hyundai being accused of inflating EV sales data.

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Guy Protected By People Carrying Actual Assault Rifles Wants AR-15s Banned Yet Again

Funny, the guy was shot and shot at isn’t calling for “assault rifles” to be banned, but, the guy surrounded by people with fully automatic rifles with large capacity magazines is

President Biden renews call to ban AR-15 rifles after Trump assassination attempt

President Joe Biden renewed his call for stronger gun control Tuesday following the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump after staying quiet in the immediate aftermath of the shooting about the AR-15-style gun that nearly killed the former president.

Biden did not mention guns or gun violence during his first three public remarks on Saturday’s shooting including during a primetime Oval Office address Sunday night. But in a speech Tuesday in Las Vegas at the NAACP National Convention, Biden finally did ? declaring it’s time to ban assault weapons like the one used in the shooting at a Trump campaign rally in Butler, Pa.

“An AR-15 was used in the shooting of Donald Trump, just as it was assault weapons that killed so many others including children. It’s time to outlaw them,” Biden said, drawing applause from supporters. (snip)

Biden waited three days following the Trump assassination attempt to make his latest appeal on guns. Biden had initially steered clear of an emotional and polarizing debate over guns at a time when he’s called for the nation to “cool down” the temperature in politics.

“Now, just because we must lower the temperature of our politics, it doesn’t mean we have to stop telling the truth,” Biden said in his remarks to NAACP members.

Let’s start by removing all scary looking rifles from the hands of the people who provide protection for Biden, the White House, Kamala, and all of Biden’s federal employees. Since the rifles are so Evil, we should start there. He’d be fine with that, right? Too bad elected Republicans just never seem to understand to play hardball with Biden and Democrats on this.

Gun control advocates said they hoped for a larger national discussion about gun reform following the assassination attempt ? but have applauded the efforts of Biden.

“It’s incredibly disheartening that we’re not hearing more calls to talk about the ways in which this shooter was able to really be empowered to shoot the president because of the easy access to a high-powered rifle,” said Christian Heyne, chief policy and programs officer at Brady, a gun violence prevention group. “I do think that the Biden administration has been doing everything they can.”

Yes, yes, let’s take the guns away from people who didn’t break the law. As for high powered, hunters typically use rifles that aren’t scary looking that are more powerful. Such as the Winchester 70 in .308 is much more powerful, and can be more on-target at distance than most “assault rifles”. Had the wackjob, who took the rifle from his father, used a typical hunting rifle we would most likely be having a different conversation about Trump, namely, that he was dead or on life support.

Reportedly, there are over 20 million AR15’s in the hands of U.S. citizens. Yet, how many shootings are really happening by lawful owners? Biden is protected all around by people with military grade/automatic rifles. Take them away, let them only have the “approved” rifles per the gun grabbers. Who would then come after those rifles.

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Hotcold Take: Rising Seas Make Days Longer

It’s always some sort of doom with these people

Study: Rising sea levels causing longer days

The melting of polar ice due to climate change is lengthening days on Earth milliseconds at a time, according to research published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The research indicated that while the pull of the moon’s gravity has caused the gradual, steady lengthening of days every century, the melting of polar ice is slowing the planet’s revolution more by redistributing mass at the equator.

Co-author Surendra Adhikari, who works as a geophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, specifically compared the revolution of the earth to “a figure skater,” who will pull their arms inward to skate faster, but spread their arms when slowing down. Similarly, he said, the earth will spin slightly slower when more mass is concentrated at its center.

Adhikari told The Hill in an interview that the moon’s gravitational pull already extends the day slightly more every century. The research, he said, indicates that rising sea levels are already compounding that and could add more time than the moon—up to 2.6 milliseconds—by the end of the century.

Seriously, 2.6 milliseconds in the next 75 years? Maybe? This is about as worthless as so many of those influencer and celeb stories on the Yahoo front page.

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Biden Receives Brutal Polling From Democrats, As Big Wigs Call For Him To Bow Out

Maybe this is why he “came down” with Wuhan Flu yet again (all those boosters and stuff sure haven’t worked, eh?) and he blew out of Las Vegas early to head home to the beach in Delaware, certain to stay there through at least Sunday

I’m not quite sure it’s even necessary to excerpt any of the article

Nearly two-thirds of Democrats say President Joe Biden should withdraw from the presidential race and let his party nominate a different candidate, according to a new poll, sharply undercutting his post-debate claim that “average Democrats” are still with him even if some “big names” are turning on him.

The new survey by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, conducted as Biden works to salvage his candidacy two weeks after his debate flop, also found that only about 3 in 10 Democrats are extremely or very confident that he has the mental capability to serve effectively as president, down slightly from 40% in an AP-NORC poll in February.

Oh, I guess there was more information. It’s really not a good thing for that few to think he has the mental capacity. Of course, that 70% will still vote for him. Then there’s this

(Reuters) U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told President Joe Biden in a meeting on Saturday it would be better for the country and the Democratic Party if he ended his reelection campaign, ABC News reported on Wednesday.

U.S. House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries has expressed similar views directly to Biden, ABC News reported, citing a source familiar with the conversation.

In a statement, Schumer’s office called the report “idle speculation” and said Schumer “conveyed the views of his caucus directly to President Biden on Saturday.”

Why is he telling Joe? He should be telling Jill, since she seems to be in charge. Oh, and even this Progressive wacko is done, and doesn’t even want Kamala

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Scientists Want To Dump Chemicals In Ocean To Stop Climate Doom

What could possibly go wrong with this? Seriously, I read enough science fiction books and watch enough scifi movies and TV shows to know that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. And some scientist screwing around with things better left alone. Especially when you’re dealing with a most fake issue

Scientists Seeking Permit to Dump Chemical Into Ocean in Experiment to Fight Climate Change

Researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution want to dump 6,600 gallons of sodium hydroxide, otherwise known as caustic soda or lye, into the ocean off the coast of Cape Cod in an effort to slow climate change.

The unusual plan will likely face significant headwinds, not just from US regulators but from local fishing communities and environmentalists as well, as local news station WBUR reports.

The idea is deceptively simple: by diluting extremely basic chemicals in the waters, they’re looking to increase the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air above, a process known as ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE).

It’s just one of several geoengineering efforts aimed at slowing the advancement of climate change, but whether these efforts will pay off in the long run remains to be seen — and critics remain skeptical and concerned about the possible risks involved.

You know, like ocean killing and then Earth killing doom

The team of Woods Hole researchers maintains that the sodium hydroxide won’t have any lasting negative effects on marine life.

“We care about the environment, too,” co-principal investigator and recently retired Woods Hole scientist Dan McCorkle told WBUR. “We wouldn’t be doing this if we thought there was going to be a big impact [on marine life].”

Yeah, well, just keep playing in the laboratory, buddy. The entire ecosphere of the oceans is a bit more complicated. As far as “lasting negative effects”, that sure sounds like there will be some immediate negative effects.

The team is adamant that we must act now before it’s too late.

“Given our seeming inability or unwillingness to rapidly shift away from fossil fuel burning, which we absolutely have to do, it may be important to start studying whether any of these methods really are going to be helpful,” McCorkle told WBUR, “whether they’re going to help get carbon out of the atmosphere.”

The opposition to their plan, however, is already building, with the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association arguing in a recent letter to the EPA that more work needs to be done “before truckloads of liquid alkaline can be dumped in the ocean.”

Have you ever hear the term slow is smooth, smooth is fast? Take your time, kiddies. By the time you get it right the Earth will probably be entering a Holocene cool period.

OAE on the other hand aims to slow down the oceans’ waning ability to absorb human-induced CO2 emissions. When the gas is dissolved in seawater, the resulting carbonic acid causes the ocean’s acidity to increase, which can have devastating impacts on marine life.

The added sodium hydroxide is meant to reverse this process, or at least mitigate it.

The problem they’re missing is that there have been multiple warm periods since the end of the last glacial age, ones that were just as warm if not warmer than the current one, and the oceans and life have done fine. Don’t mess with things.

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