If All You See…

…is horrendous, evil ice cream from climate killing cows, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Powers That Be, with a post on Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer trotting out witnesses who didn’t actually witness anything.

It’s still girls out and about week, which really means I’m just cleaning out the folder of older pics.

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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup Bill Randall Pumpkin

Happy Sunday! It’s a gorgeous day in America. The birds are singing, pumpkin spice season has arrived (sigh), and the Cleveland Browns finally won a game. This pinup is by Bill Randall, with a wee bit of help.

What’s happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

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  2. This ain’t Hell… has Sunday morning feel good stories
  3. The Right Scoop features a study on how many illegals are really in the country
  4. The Other McCain explains the meaning of “credible” in 2018
  5. The First Street Journal covers what teachers actually make
  6. White House Dossier shows that Michelle Obama is totally a woman of the people
  7. Raised On Hoecakes covers a connection that should have been made about the 1st Amendment
  8. Powerline wonders about mistaken identity with the Kavanaugh accusation
  9. neo-neocon wonders when ticket scalping became OK
  10. Moonbattery covers identity leftism eating itself
  11. Maggie’s Farm notes that the process is the punishment
  12. Legal Insurrection covers a student being fired for noting that women don’t have penises
  13. Just One Minute discusses “false memories”
  14. Jihad Watch notes Connecticut rejecting making female genital mutilation a felony
  15. And last, but not least, Hogewash says it’s no longer a case of he said/she said

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Fourth Person Accused Of Being At Party Denies Dr. Ford’s Accusation Against Kavanaugh

Well, this is interesting. It’s too interesting to appear on the front page of the Washington Post, the NY Times, the LA Times, and several other of the leading U.S. newspapers I checked. Because this utterly harms The Narrative

(Daily Caller) The woman believed to be the “missing” party guest at the high school gathering where Christine Blasey Ford alleges Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over 35 years ago reportedly has no recollection of the incident, her lawyer said in a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Saturday.

Leland Keyser, a reported longtime friend of Ford’s, denied knowing Kavanaugh or having any knowledge of attending a party with him, according to CNN.

“Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,” said Howard Walsh, Keyser’s attorney.

In a Washington Post article, Ford said there were three individuals at the party in addition to herself and Kavanaugh — Mark JudgePatrick Smyth and another person. Both Judge and Smyth have also denied having any memory or knowledge surrounding the incident. Keyser is believed to be the third person in question.

Obviously, Judge Kavanaugh denies that anything happened. So, the only person so far not on record (the other four have submitted officials letters and/or made official statements) is Dr. Ford who has reached a “tentative deal” to testify in front of Congress Thursday (she says she’s afraid to fly. Who wants to bet she is flown across the country in a private jet owned by a hardcore Progressive?), for which you can expect that she and her lawyers and the Democrats will somehow delay, as well.

Of course, to the media which is attempting to destroy Trump by destroying a good man like Brett Kavanaugh, this is immaterial. So we get garbage like this

Plenty more stupidity out there, but, then we get this

I’m going to make a prediction: come Wednesday, her lawyer will release a “statement from Dr. Ford”, which will say something to the effect of “Dr. Ford is a victim, and has been doubly victimized through this rushed process. She feels that she will not be treated fairly and will not be able to obtain justice, so, knowing that the whole process is tainted, she will not testify, and she will drop the matter a second time, leaving Republicans to deal with their shame”, at which point all sorts of Democrats will demagogue and wear Handmaid costumes. Which will be interesting for ones like Cory Booker and Chuck Schumer. That’s the way these kinds of things go. Ford cannot prove her accusation, she has no evidence, none of the people at the reported party back her, so, now it’s time to give it up in a way that still smears Kavanaugh.

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Florence Rains May Have Been 50% Greater Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

See this is the way “climate science” from the Cult of Climastrology works

Sketchy climate change conclusions about Florence

It stands to reason, on the face of it, that a warmer climate should contribute to more severe hurricanes. Warmer air is capable of generating larger amounts of precipitation on a daily basis, with those increases significantly more evident during an extreme event like a hurricane. Still, a new study suggesting that Hurricane Florence’s rains were 50 percent greater because of climate change is exceedingly sketchy. Conducted by Stony Brook University, it’s a so-called pre-attribution study, meaning that its conclusions were reached before Florence even made landfall. With a large segment of the U.S. population doubting the settled science of climate change because of certain political allegiances, the last thing we need are studies like this.

At any rate, the study concluded that warmer temperatures were responsible for maintaining Florence’s high intensity, even though it dropped to a Category 1 storm before coming ashore. Yes, several locations in the Carolinas measured record tropical rainfall during Florence, but that was largely because the storm stalled over the area following landfall. And that was chiefly due to strong high pressure to the north that refused to budge for days, leaving nowhere for Florence to go.

What Todd Hill is referring to is this

Hurricane Florence’s Rains May Be 50% Worse Thanks to Climate Change

The catastrophic rains accompanying Hurricane Florence along the U.S. East Coast can be blamed squarely on climate change, new research shows. The rainfall was projected to be more than 50 percent worse than it would have been without global warming, a team of scientists said before the storm made landfall. The hurricane’s size was predicted to be about 50 miles (80 kilometers) wider for the same reason. In parts of North Carolina, as much as 30 inches of rain has already been recorded, setting a state record for the highest rainfall received from any one storm.

In other words, this was a prognostication. The article, which was repeated in some form throughout much of the Credentialed Media, was published on September 13th. Florence did not make landfall till the 14th. No one in North Carolina had received 30 inches of rain by even the end of that Thursday. Wilmington, NC, had about an inch and a half. It wasn’t till Friday that they started to get a lot (over 9 inches that day.) No other station in NC reported that much rain on Thursday.

Just the Cult being the Cult.

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If All You See…

…is a city seeing the sea encroach on it because other people drove fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Marine Le Pen ordered to have a mental evaluation over tweets.

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The Mainstreaming Of Obesity Continues

It wasn’t that long ago that Leftists, and, yes, this very much is a Leftist push, were telling us that obesity was a bad thing, often because of ‘climate change’ and environmental reasons. They understood that it was bad for the medical sector, driving up costs, and, really, just being bad for people. But, now, the Party Of Science has decided to ignore medical science in favor of social justice warrioring

A snippet from the article

Which brings us to one of the largest gaps between science and practice in our own time. Years from now, we will look back in horror at the counterproductive ways we addressed the obesity epidemic and the barbaric ways we treated fat people—long after we knew there was a better path.

About 40 years ago, Americans started getting much larger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80 percent of adultsand about one-third of children now meet the clinical definition of overweight or obese. More Americans live with “extreme obesity“ than with breast cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and HIV put together.

And the medical community’s primary response to this shift has been to blame fat people for being fat. Obesity, we are told, is a personal failing that strains our health care system, shrinks our GDP and saps our military strength. It is also an excuse to bully fat people in one sentence and then inform them in the next that you are doing it for their own good. That’s why the fear of becoming fat, or staying that way, drives Americans to spend more on dieting every year than we spend on video games or movies. Forty-five percent of adults say they’re preoccupied with their weight some or all of the time—an 11-point rise since 1990. Nearly half of 3- to 6- year old girls say they worry about being fat.

The emotional costs are incalculable. I have never written a story where so many of my sources cried during interviews, where they double- and triple-checked that I would not reveal their names, where they shook with anger describing their interactions with doctors and strangers and their own families. One remembered kids singing “Baby Beluga” as she boarded the school bus, another said she has tried diets so extreme she has passed out and yet another described the elaborate measures he takes to keep his spouse from seeing him naked in the light. A medical technician I’ll call Sam (he asked me to change his name so his wife wouldn’t find out he spoke to me) said that one glimpse of himself in a mirror can destroy his mood for days. “I have this sense I’m fat and I shouldn’t be,” he says. “It feels like the worst kind of weakness.”

You see what they’re doing, right? Making obese people Victims, making this about Feelings. Once this is done, they can move on and forget about what medical science says, which is that being overweight is mostly not a good thing.

The second big lesson the medical establishment has learned and rejected over and over again is that weight and health are not perfect synonyms. Yes, nearly every population-level study finds that fat people have worse cardiovascular health than thin people. (we could probably just stop there) But individuals are not averages: Studies have found that anywhere from one-third to three-quarters of people classified as obese are metabolically healthy. They show no signs of elevated blood pressure, insulin resistance or high cholesterol. Meanwhile, about a quarter of non-overweight people are what epidemiologists call “the lean unhealthy.” A 2016 study that followed participants for an average of 19 years found that unfit skinny people were twice as likely to get diabetes as fit fat people. Habits, no matter your size, are what really matter. Dozens of indicators, from vegetable consumption to regular exercise to grip strength, provide a better snapshot of someone’s health than looking at her from across a room.

No one is claiming that it is a good idea to be too skinny, especially if they are out of shape. That’s a strawman and a deflection. Anyhow, the article goes on and on and on and on, but, this is about mainstreaming obesity. I see it almost daily on Yahoo News. We see it in fashion magazines, and even in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, where they featured a “plus sized“, ie, obese, model in a swimsuit. They’re trying to make it OK to be fat. Why? Who knows the mind of a Leftist. Most who support this are just parroting talking points.

Medical science says being fat is not good. I’m pretty darned fit in terms of muscle. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, based on work schedule. I do eat lots of fruits and veggies. But, I know that I need to lose 20-25 pounds. I’ve certainly replaced a lot of fat with muscle, but, I still need to lose some weight. Because it is healthier. It’s time to stop mainstreaming people staying fat. We don’t need to shame them, we can help them, but, not entice them to continue their unhealthy lifestyle.

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Cleveland Is Latest City To Pledge To Go 100% Renewable

This is always amusing, because it’s pretty much impossible to do any time soon. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to do this (I expect sometime beyond our lifetimes it will occur), but, renewables won’t be able to run city hall, much less the massive stadium the Cleveland Browns play at

100% Renewable Energy: Cleveland Sets a Big Goal as It Sheds Its Fossil Fuel Past

Cleveland, Ohio, which has worked for years to reinvent itself as it sheds its industrial past, has become the latest major city to announce plans to shift to 100 percent renewable electricity.

The plan stands out in a state that in recent years has been more inclined to roll back clean energy rules than strengthen them, and in a territory served by FirstEnergy, which has been a leading burner of fossil fuels.

City officials announced the 100 percent renewable power target Thursday as they released an update to Cleveland’s climate action plan, which aims to reduce greenhouses gases to 80 percent below the 2010 level by 2050.(snip)

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said in a letter introducing the report that local leadership on climate is needed more than ever since President Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement.

“This plan is about much more than climate change,” Jackson said. “Implementing the actions in this plan will create a more sustainable Cleveland. By strengthening our economy, cleaning our environment, and improving the health and wellness of Clevelanders, we are building a thriving green city on a blue lake.”

So, it’s as much about TDS as anything. And, there are almost no details on this. And, really, no technology to achieve this. It’s just climavirtue signaling.

And good luck with this when it’s cold and snowy.

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NY Times: An Evangelical Supports Kavanaugh’s Accuser Or Something

The NY Times opinion section thinks they have found the perfect, perfect letter, but, really, any Christian group that supports Democrats is supporting abortion on demand, which is the number one belief in order to be a Democrat. They would also be supporting shutting down free speech that Democrats do not like, lawlessness on our borders, raising taxes, more and more Progressive (nice fascist) control of citizens and private entities at the federal level, and so much more. And let’s not forget that the Democrat base is rather intolerant towards the Christian religion. And loves aborting babies, which makes this crazy letter to the editor by Doug Pagitt even more crazy, especially with the subhead

An Evangelical’s Plea: Oppose Kavanaugh
A pastor calls on fellow evangelicals to follow the teachings of Jesus, not the agenda of the Republican Party.

I’m kinda doubting that Jesus would be supportive of abortion on demand

Re “Religious Right Wary of Delays on Court Pick” (front page, Sept. 21):

Not all evangelicals support the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. His nomination is just the latest effort by the Trump administration to suppress the common good in favor of an immoral agenda. This was true even before the credible sexual assault allegations came to light.

For quite some time evangelicals have walked in lock step with the Republican Party, but the time has come for many of us to place values over party. We must let our faith guide us toward public servants who govern for the good of all people. Judge Kavanaugh opposes the Affordable Care Act, which has brought health care to the sick and vulnerable, and would gut the rights of immigrants in a country that was built by them. Now he faces twin allegations: an egregious act of violence toward a young woman, and lying about it.

As followers of Jesus, it should be plain to evangelicals that this man’s beliefs are not aligned with ours. Evangelicals should let Jesus’ teachings, not a misguided association with the Republican agenda, inform our views and our votes.

Can you be a Christian and actually support the Democratic Party? There are plenty who do it. But, any who claim to be followers of Jesus need to reflect on whether Jesus would support “giving a man a fish” policies of the Democrats, which put citizens under the thumb of government. And let’s move right to the big one, whether he would support killing the unborn.

Mr. Pagitt is a pastor and executive director of Vote Common Good. This is a hardcore leftist religious group which advocates for voting Democrat. They are enthused by the notion of the “common good”, ie, massive giant government, though, like most leftist groups, they use flowing prose

Take action for the common good by voting for candidates who have integrity and character and representatives who can help Congress keep our current president from doing harm.

So, they are infused with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and think that support for abortion on demand is integrity and character.

They’re also a 501(c)4 group, and seem to be violating the rules of being non-partisan. And it’s absolutely no surprise that this letter is on the web front page of the Times.

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Latest Cult Idea: Walls On Seafloors To Stop Glaciers From Melting

Warmist “scientists” have an interesting proposal to stop a problem that is mostly natural, but, they forget to include one rather important detail: the cost

Build walls on seafloor to stop glaciers melting, scientists say

Building walls on the seafloor may become the next frontier of climate science, as engineers seek novel ways to hold back the sea level rises predicted to result from global warming.

By erecting barriers of rock and sand, researchers believe they could halt the slide of undersea glaciers as they disintegrate into the deep. It would be a drastic endeavour but could buy some time if climate change takes hold, according to a new paper published on Thursday in the Cryosphere journal, from the European Geosciences Union.

Though the notion may sound far-fetched, the design would be relatively straightforward. “We are imagining very simple structures, simply piles of gravel or sand on the ocean floor,” said Michael Wolovick, a researcher at the department of geosciences at Princeton University in the US who described the plans as “within the order of magnitude of plausible human achievements”.

The structures would not just be aimed at holding back the melting glaciers, but at preventing warmer water from reaching the bases of the glaciers under the sea. New research is now being undertaken by scientists showing how the effects of the warmer water around the world, as the oceans warm, may be the leading cause of underwater melting of the glaciers.

Nowhere in the article is the cost mentioned. And in the actual short paper we learn

5 Cost and feasibility

Estimating the monetary cost of a project that will not begin for a century or two is difficult. An accurate estimate would require making assumptions about technology, economy, and Antarctic logistics a century hence. While it is tempting to assume that the remoteness and harshness of Antarctica precludes a large civil engineering project, consider that the annual budget for the US military is USD 583 billion (OMB, 2017), while the logistical budget for the US Antarctic Program is only USD 270 million (NSF, 2017), a difference of over 3 orders of magnitude. If rapidly rising sea level made Antarctica a global priority, then investment in the continent could easily increase by several orders of magnitude even without accounting for future economic growth…

That goes on for a bit, but, never arrives at what the projected cost of this unicorn idea would be, as it is really pie in the sky, and, really, by the time they start thinking about doing this (not that it will ever happen) the Earth will surely be back into a Holocene cool period. But, if they can start getting our money now…..

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If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution created heat snow, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post on the evidence that shows no increase in landfalling hurricanes.

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