Surprise: Eco-Fascists Are Now Far Right

This is some Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil spin here, folks

How Far-Right Extremists Are Using the Climate Crisis to Go Mainstream

Oregon has been a hot bed of far-right activity for years, but the wildfires have cast the militias in a new light. Misinformation has been rampant as unprecedented fires lit up the state. False rumors of “antifa” igniting fires and coming to loot people’s homes have raced across Facebook.

Except for all the Democratic party voters setting many of the fires, Gizmado is totally correct!

The right’s relationship with climate change is complicated. Rampant climate denial has been the norm for more than a decade, and any attempts at climate action have faced vehement opposition. In Oregon, state senators ran away to block quorum on a pretty milquetoast cap-and-trade bills. Twice. Militias offered their help, and at least one state senator threatened violence once Gov. Kate Brown dispatched the police to look for the legislators on the lam.

Another emergent ideology, known as ecofascism, takes the warnings of the climate crisis at face value and twists them to violent, exclusionary ends. The alleged shooters who perpetrated both El Paso and Christchurch shootings last year adhered to this belief system, falsely arguing that developed countries had to lock out asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants because the world doesn’t need any more Western consumers. The “we are the virus” meme that emerged at the start of the pandemic also has roots in ecofascism, advocating for humans separate from the natural world and implying it’s OK to wipe out some of us. The end goal for ecofascists, though, is to uses the climate crisis as a means to racist ends.

Sure looks like this is trying to pin ecofascism on far-right folks, eh? These people are insane.

“The far right will no doubt try use such disasters for their own interests,” Hartmann said. “In many ways, environmental disruption and climate disaster fit into their world view and political strategy, especially of those who are ‘accelerationists’ and want to see a new civil war in this country.”

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If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Diogenes’ Middle Finger, with a post on Democrats being worse than European socialists.

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Democrats Hot To Kill Off Filibuster, Which Is Raaaaacist, Despite Using It Constantly

Democrats keep using the filibuster to stop GOP legislation in the Senate, because they love the notion of the minority party having some power in the system, because we are not a democracy, we are a federal republic. It’s not just voting for president. But, they want to kill it if they’re in power. They should remember that they won’t always control the Senate

Please, Democrats: Kill the Filibuster

The persistence of the filibuster is one of the deeper political mysteries of the age. As a legislative tool, it has a profoundly dishonorable history. People remember it as the tool that Sen. Jefferson Smith used to defeat Sen. Joseph Harrison Paine and his corrupt political machine. But Jeff Smith and Joe Paine never existed; they were fictional characters played by Jimmy Stewart and Claude Raines in Frank Capra’s 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Jeff Smith was based loosely on Montana Sen. Burton K. Wheeler, a Democrat who became the victim of a sham investigation after he exposed corruption in Warren G. Harding’s Justice Department; but no filibuster figured in that tale.

The filibuster’s true pedigree is as an instrument of white supremacy. It was used throughout the first half of the 20th century by Southern senators to block federal anti-lynching legislation, and, later, to delay passage of the 1957 and 1964 Civil Rights Acts. When people think of the filibuster, they shouldn’t think of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington; they should think of Billie Holliday’s haunting recording of “Strange Fruit” (written by Abel Meeropol, who would later adopt the young sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after they were electrocuted for violating the Espionage Act of 1917; but I digress).

BTW, which party were those Senators who block the Civil Rights Acts?

The filibuster has been dying over the past decade, but it’s been dying way too slowly. The Democrats in 2013 eliminated the filibuster for all presidential nominations excepting nominations to the Supreme Court. This was decried as “the nuclear option,” but its effect was entirely salutary. The Republicans in 2017 then eliminated the filibuster for nominations to the Supreme Court. The move was decried once again as “nuclear,” yet life went on.

It’s long been assumed that if the Senate goes Democratic in November that the last remaining filibusters—those for legislation—will get “nuked” as well. At John Lewis’s funeral, former President Barack Obama rightly called the filibuster a “Jim Crow relic” and called for its elimination.

See? Protecting the minority is now a relic of Jim Crow. Now, just imagine what Obama would have said if the GOP could have jammed through their own legislation, including nuking Obamacare, when they had control of the House and Senate with ease. Bet Obama liked the filibuster at that point, eh?

All sorts of Democrats are hot to trot to do away with the filibuster. Remember, what goes around comes around.

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New Zealand To Require Climate Risk Reporting Or Something

This is cute. New Zealand would have a tough time surviving without fossil fuels. 5.8% of their economy depends on tourism. It’s an island, so, people come on fossil fueled airplanes, and they take fossil fueled helicopter tours and boat tours. Their economy is highly dependent on imports and exports. I think they should just ban all use of fossil fuels, ban cars and trucks, no more helicopters and airplanes. It’s to save the world for future generations, you know

New Zealand Plans to Become First Country to Require Climate Risk Reporting

New Zealand could be the first country in the world to require its major financial institutions to report on the risks posed by the climate crisis.

This means that about 200 of the country’s biggest companies and banks would have to report on the impact that extreme weather events or climate polices will have on their business, Stuff explained.

“Today is another step on the journey this Government is taking towards a low carbon future for Aotearoa New Zealand and a cleaner, safer planet for future generations,” said Minister for Climate Change James Shaw Tuesday, Scoop reported.

The move builds on New Zealand’s emerging legacy of climate action, such as its historic Zero Carbon Bill that committed the country to honoring the goals of the Paris agreement and achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. (snip)

If it passes, every New Zealand bank, building society, credit union, insurer or Crown Financial Institution with more than $1 billion in assets will have to report annually on the risk climate change poses to its business or explain why it cannot, according to Stuff. That report would include what the risks are, how the institution is managing them and how it is working to address the impacts of climate change.

You know what would be funny? If they all started reporting that the weather isn’t causing them any more problems than before. Because it’s weather, and weather happens. Or that bad weather is bad and government should stop using fossil fuels to make Bad Weather less. Or say “piss off, we’re moving to another country.”


Patagonia Has A Fiery New Tag For Climate Crisis Deniers: “Vote The Assholes Out”

In the interest of preserving the planet, sportswear company Patagonia, known for its social and environmental activism, is selling shorts with a tag that says: “Vote the assholes out.”

The tag went viral this week on Twitter, leading many to wonder whether it was real. The text is actually sewn into the brand’s Regenerative Organic Stand-Up Shorts for men and women.

How much product is shipped using fossil fueled airplanes and trucks, Patagonia?

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Handsy Joe Biden Says He’ll Do Mask Mandate On Federal Property, Tell States To Do Their Own

He said this while, get this, not wearing a mask (screenshot from video at link)

Biden: I Will Institute Mask Mandate on Federal Land, ‘We Could Have a Fine’ – Can’t Do It Nationally

During a town hall on CNN on Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden stated that he would have the authority as president to have a mask mandate on federal property and land and he will institute one, which could come with a fine for noncompliance. Biden also stated that he would prefer to see state governors have mask mandates, and would encourage them to have state mask mandates, but he can’t do one nationally.

Biden said, “I cannot mandate people wearing masks. … I would call every governor in the country into the White House, say, you should be putting mandates out. And if they don’t, I’d call the mayors in their towns, in their cities and say, put out mandates.”

Biden later added, “I would like to see the governors enforce mask wearing, period. I can do that on federal property. As president, I will do that. On federal land, I’d have the authority. If you’re on federal land, you must wear a mask, in a federal building, you must wear a mask. And we could have a fine for them not doing it. Look, this is about saving people’s lives. There’s no question that it saves people’s lives.”

This is after his previous yammering about saying there will be a federal mask mandate for all, then saying he can’t do that because of the pesky Constitution, so, is his triangulation complete? Again, 34 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico have mandates. Has anyone in his campaign bothered to let him know this? As for towns implementing them, well, we’ve learned that lower level government isn’t allowed to implement tougher laws/restrictions than higher government, right? That’s the fallout from the Democrats suing Arizona over SB1070, their illegal immigration law.

(Fox News) The reviews are in for the CNN town hall featuring Joe Biden… and they aren’t great.

While Biden’s performance has received praise for his ability to display empathy towards Pennsylvania voters selected to ask questions, what has been described as the “softball” treatment of the former VP by CNN was widely panned on Thursday night, especially following the grilling President Trump faced at the ABC News town hall on Tuesday. (snip)

“So far the questions at CNN’s drive-in #BidenTownHall sound as if they were written by Biden’s campaign: “Tell us how bad Trump is”. Reversal of the president’s ABC townhall,” columnist Miranda Devine observed.

The Trump campaign released a statement slamming the CNN event.

“Virtually every question for Joe Biden was an invitation for him to attack President Trump, while moderator Anderson Cooper offered almost no pushback, giving Biden a total pass on his lies and misrepresentations,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said before listing subjects the former VP wasn’t asked like his economic record and his opposition to Trump’s travel ban on China early on during the coronavirus outbreak.


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Pro-lifers Should Be Concerned With ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

Does this mean the pro-murder folks shouldn’t be concerned? This is just another hot-take designed to increase the membership of the Cult of Climastrology

Pro-lifers should be concerned about climate change | Opinion

Toddlers will melt your heart with their innocence, trust, and wide-eyed wonderment. Their mischievous curiosity and determination to sit, stand, crawl, walk, run, talk and read rouses us to wonder what great contributions they will make to humanity when they’re grown. One can see why pro-life supporters oppose abortion.

A vexing question is, where’s the fierce opposition from “pro-life, sanctity of life people” to political policies that jeopardize today’s toddlers’ futures once they’re outside the womb? A large majority of pro-lifers vote for the political party whose policies support for-profit wars, assault weapon ownership, foster environmental degradation, and deny climate change.

Out of the above policies, the most formidable threat to our children’s futures, along with the rest of humanity, is climate change.

If it’s such a threat, why do so many cultists refuse to make their own lives carbon neutral?

Additionally, the Trump Administration is working fast and hard to promote fossil fuels making it impossible to reach that goal. Not only are they condemning American citizens, they’re sealing the fate of all life to an uninhabitable planet.

So, how old will today’s toddlers be in 2050 when, if we fail to cut carbon emissions to zero, they’ll have to try to survive in a hostile atmosphere? Are any of them your children or grandchildren?

If your pro-life beliefs are that important to you, how hard will you fight to get our government to cut CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 in order to preserve today’s toddlers’ sanctity of life?

If they had actual science, they’d show it. Since they don’t, they have to trot out unhinged feelings based attempts to shame. Just like good little cultists.

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If All You See…

…is a horrible carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on some post-fishing Russiagate.

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British MP Refuses To Take Part In Unconscious Bias Training

Will other politicians in the U.K. join in on refusing to be part of brainwashing? How about politicians in other countries? Nice to see one with some cajones

‘All Our Thoughts Are Offensive and Should be Corrected’: Tory MP Refuses to Take ‘Unconscious Bias Training’

A leading Tory MP announced he will refuse to partake in the Black Lives Matter inspired ‘unconscious bias training’ in the House of Commons.

Former vice-chairman of the Conservative Party and MP for Mansfield, Nottinghamshire said that the move to introduce the training was a signal of how groupthink has infected the metropolitan elite in London, including “the BBC, the British Library, or even government departments”.

“This particular idea, that we all need to be re-educated and taught to suppress our innate urge to be awful to each other all the time, is costing the taxpayer a bomb as it rolls through our various government agencies and quangos. Next, it’s the turn of MPs to be told that all of our thoughts are offensive and should be corrected,” Bradley wrote in Conservative Home.

“Let me be clear right from the off; I will not be taking it,” Bradley pronounced.

The Tory MP said that he felt the idea of elected politicians being “educated” on the propper opinions to hold is undemocratic, questioning: “Who gets to decide which issues or views are appropriate for me to raise on behalf of my constituents?”

The hardcore Modern Socialists get to decide it, Mr. Bradley. Wrongthink is not allowed. All must be Comrades.

“The biggest issue filling my inbox is illegal immigration, something thousands of my constituents feel very strongly about, but it’s a bit controversial, isn’t it, so should I leave it alone? The thought police will be the death of open debate and stymie our democracy,” he warned. (big snip)

The Conservative MP concluded by calling for his party to stand up to the woke thought police and to be “unabashed in our cultural conservatism, sticking up for free speech and the right to ‘make my own bloody mind up, thank you very much’”.

For all the talk from the Left about democracy and free speech, they do not actually want that. They want on one political Party system where only certain speech and thoughts are allowed. Anything else is considered Hate Speech.

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HotCold Take: Half Of Americans Could Maybe Possibly See Harsher Conditions From Climate Crisis (scam)

They aren’t even pretending that this is anything other than straight up scare-mongering

Half of all Americans could find themselves in harsher conditions as the climate crisis causes wildfires on the West Coast, hurricanes on the East Coast, and natural disasters throughout the country

About half of all Americans, or 162 million residents, will likely see a decline in the quality of their environment as the climate crisis continues to cause natural disasters all across the country, ProPublica reported.

The changes would mostly be extreme heat and less water. Around 93 million of them would see severe changes to their environment, and for four million the changes would be almost inhabitable in the next 50 years.

The assessment comes as wildfires ravage the West Coast, hurricanes hit the East Coast, and other natural disasters hit regions all across the country.

Tens of thousands of people have already fled their homes in Washington, Oregon, and California, as unprecedented wildfires have been raging.

Would these be the wildfires started primarily by arsonists and accidents, not the God Of Climate?

In the US, the climate crisis will likely lead to the growth of cities that are not prepared to handle the increased population. The cities’ inability to provide basic services will increase already existing inequalities, ProPublica reported.

However, according to ProPublica, the impact is so widespread and diverse that Americans looking to flee one disaster in one part of the country, are likely to run into another issue in another part.

At least 28 million may face mega-fires in areas such as Texas and Florida, while another 100 million in mostly the Mississippi River Basin will likely face extreme humidity that working or playing outside could cause heatstroke.

The left-leaning ProPublica screed is a long, long, long piece, which seems to most be prognosticating doom over the author’s experience in the mismanaged state of California. And, get this: it doesn’t offer one solution. Just fearmongering. This is not science, it’s a cult.

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Minneapolis City Council Suddenly Wonders Where The Police Are As Crime Skyrockets

The article doesn’t say, but, I’d bet that a few city council members have had crime and/or threats committed against themselves, their friends, their neighbors, their businesses, or their neighborhoods, and are suddenly Concerned

With violent crime on the rise in Mpls., City Council asks: Where are the police?

The meeting was slated as a Minneapolis City Council study session on police reform.

But for much of the two-hour meeting, council members told police Chief Medaria Arradondo that their constituents are seeing and hearing street racing which sometimes results in crashes, brazen daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults and shootings. And they asked Arradondo what the department is doing about it.

“Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police’?” said Jamal Osman, newly elected council member of Ward 6. He said he’s already been inundated with complaints from residents that calls for police aren’t being answered.

“That is the only public safety option they have at the moment. MPD. They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen,” Osman said.

Just months after leading an effort that would have defunded the police department, City Council members at Tuesday’s work session pushed chief Medaria Arradondo to tell them how the department is responding to the violence.

Isn’t this the city that the council wanted with their defund push? And the meant “defund”, not reduce funding and numbers. What do they think would happen when they demonized every single police officer in Minneapolis? That they would be happy to be sh*t on by elected officials who are threatening their jobs? Let the city deploy all sorts of social workers or whatever they want to call the non-armed civilians they’ve been talking about. Let’s not forget how many have applied for retirement and/or simply resigned over the past months. It is expected at the MPD will lose 20% of its workforce. It won’t be easy replacing it.

Council President Lisa Bender, who was among those leading the call to overhaul the department, suggested that officers were being defiant. Her constituents say officers on the street have admitted that they’re purposely not arresting people who are committing crimes.

“This is not new,” Bender said. “But it is very concerning in the current context.”

Nothing like insulting the officers you want to defund, eh?

Despite the uptick of crime in his ward, Cunningham, who supports the creation of a new community safety agency to replace the police department, said it’s particularly important now to start instituting some of those public health-based approaches to violence prevention. Recently, the council took more than $1 million from the police budget to hire “violence interrupters” to intervene and defuse potentially violent confrontations.

Well, good luck with that.

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