Poop And Hypo Laden San Francisco Looks To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes

Sure, why not


San Francisco is on the verge of outlawing the sale, manufacture, and distribution of e-cigarettes within the city. City supervisors voted unanimously to approve the ordinance to update the city’s health code. The ordinance is set for a final vote next week and is expected to pass, which would make San Fransisco the first major city in the country to ban e-cigarettes.

City officials say that they are trying to curb the “growing health epidemic of youth vaping.”

“This is about thinking about the next generation of users and thinking about protecting the overall health and sending a message to the rest of the state and the country: Follow our lead,” Supervisor Ahsha Safaí said.

Do these Modern Socialists realize that this will cause businesses in SF to close/relocate? Daly City, Brisbane, Oakland, Sausalito, etc. Further, the city idiots can’t stop the Internet. You can order from one of my favorites, myfreedomsmokes.com (have a great coffee flavor). Or plenty of others. Oh, wait, they want to interfere with lawful interstate commerce (from the “outlawing” link)

Under the proposed law, residents would not be able to buy e-cigarettes in San Francisco stores or receive online orders to addresses in the city until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reviews the products.

The first would be lawful. The latter would not. The product is legal in the state of California at this time, and, if you want to consider that the state has said that even cities that ban the sale of marijuana within their jurisdictions cannot block the delivery as one reason, well, there you go. Further, SF would have no legal authority to block a lawful order, nor UPS, USPS, or FedEx. If they want a quick, painful monetarily lawsuit, go for it.

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Va. Gov (And Racist) Northam’s Gun Grabbing Round Table Didn’t Go As Planned

What happens when the gun grabbers put together a meeting that is for listening, rather than lecturing citizens?

Community opposes Governor Northam’s call for gun control at a gun violence roundtable in Abingdon

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will call a special session of the general assembly to deal with gun violence in the commonwealth next month.

Tuesday evening, gun control was the topic of discussion at a roundtable event in Abingdon held by the Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran.

Many opposed Governor Northam’s call for gun control measures, which include universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and the restoration of a state law to restrict handgun purchases to one a month.

“Clearly the majority of this room felt that we were trying to take their right to defend and their second amendment right away, said Moran. “None of these pieces of legislation takes their right to defend themselves away.”

The roundtable began with a citizen reciting the second amendment. Southwest Virginian’s passionately voiced their concerns on how the proposed bills would limit their ability to protect themselves.

“I’ve actually had two family members killed here in Abingdon in the last 10 to 15 years, said Robert Barrett, from Meadowiew Virginia. “None of these laws were to stop that.”

Exactly. Virtually nothing proposed by Northam or the other gun grabbers (who are often protected by people carrying weapons, ammo, and magazines that are banned or proposed to be banned for Citizens) would stop any of the shootings. And, these same gun grabbers also tend to be soft on crime, and even want to give convicted felons serving a sentence the right to vote.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Northam and the other Virginia gun grabbers will give up. Moran is supposed to take feedback from this on five other round tables back, but, Northam wants Something Done during the July 9th special session. Which means they are going to ignore what citizens say and pass gun grabbing laws.

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If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on another reason that Trump was elected.

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California Bishops Concerned With Climate Disruption, Want Ecological Sprituality

What they aren’t so concerned with is unfettered abortion on demand in California

California Bishops Decry ‘Climate Disruption,’ Call for ‘Ecological Spirituality’

The Catholic bishops of California released a pastoral statement on the environment Tuesday, calling on citizens to confront “the risks of a warming climate.”

“The disruption of the earth’s climate is one of the principal challenges facing humanity today, with grave implications for the poor, many of whom live in areas particularly affected by environmental degradation,” the bishops declared in their 7400-word document.

“Climate disruption will exacerbate social and economic inequalities, which points to the need to prioritize strategies to help all those in need adapt to our new climate reality,” they said, which means that changes “in lifestyle, policy, and economics are absolutely necessary.”

The bishops also tied climate change to recent weather phenomena in California, proposing that global warming is aggravating the state’s meteorological volatility.

“California’s climate is variable, with recurring droughts and occasional floods, but our warming planet exacerbates this variability. Droughts are becoming more common and more intense, with rainfall more volatile. Our climate is now characterized by wetter wet years and drier dry years,” they said.

So, Hotcoldwetdry. Maybe they should spend more time on the ever-increasing homelessness and drug use in the streets.

Among the many solutions proposed, the bishops urge the creation of “an environmental consciousness within all Catholic families” as well as the enactment of policies that “drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other polluting gases.”

As Larissa notes in the story comments

If the Bishops and other church people in California cared about the Environment then they would do everything possible to clean up the cities and towns like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and other places that have needles, human and animal waste, removing urine, litter, homeless tents, and more. They would also house the Homeless people which they are not doing at all.

The church has a lot of money especially the Catholic churches like the Vatican, but they don’t want to invest in cleaning up the California cities and housing the poor. You see many poor people on the streets, living in vehicles, parks, and other places. The church bishops do not want to help the poor and clean up the environment in California like the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles streets.

Nor do they want to take on the abortion industry in California.

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Canadian Climate Doom PM Justin Trudeau Is Super Excited For Expanded Pipelines Or Something

See, according to enough members in the Canadian government and PM Justin Trudeau’s admin, climate doom is coming. And they were super happy to implement carbon taxes to deal with it. And

From the article

Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau is an icon of progressive politics who has promised to “put a price on pollution.” Last week, to much applause, he proposed a ban on single-use plastics. On Monday night, his government declared a national “climate emergency.”

He’s also now the public face of a Canadian plan to expand a pipeline that would triple the amount of crude oil that moves from the Alberta Tar Sands to the Pacific Coast each day for shipment around the world.

Such is his dilemma — and Canada’s.

Trudeau’s Liberal government announced Tuesday it will push ahead with the stalled Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, $5.5 billion project that has long pitted the country’s energy sector against the concerns of environmental and some indigenous groups.

The plan is worse than though, since, due to all sorts of political fighting among elected officials, Canadian provinces, the activists, and so on

Trudeau stepped in with an extraordinary plan: Buying the pipeline. His government announced last year it would spend $3.5 billion to take over the project.

And changes in government can shut this down in a heartbeat, which is one of the dangers of the government owning/controlling the “means of production.”

Warmists always have some sort of excuse for climahypocrisy.

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Surprise: Democrats Flip On Calling Border Crisis “Manufactured”

Perhaps they realized that a porous border through which a lot of people are streaming through doesn’t play well with middle ground voters, and even plain old moderate Democrats

Dems make U-turn on calling border a ‘manufactured crisis’

Democrats have done a U-turn on their claim from earlier this year that President Trump’s concern about illegal immigration at the southern border was a “manufactured crisis.”

Democrats now acknowledge there is a genuine humanitarian crisis and are preparing to pass legislation that would provide as much as $4.5 billion in federal aid to address the surge of migrants from Central America.

A surging number of arrests, media reports of smugglers renting children to desperate migrants to help them gain entry into the United States and stories of children dying in U.S. custody have changed the narrative.

Earlier this year, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused Trump of exaggerating problems at the border to stoke fear among Americans and distract from the turmoil of his own administration.

After Trump issued an Oval Office address to the nation on Jan. 8 proclaiming the border situation a “crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul,” Schumer and Pelosi gave a side-by-side rebuttal.

“This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration,” Schumer said in the midst of a 35-day government shutdown sparked by a partisan disagreement over funding border barriers.

Other Democrats made similar dismissals.

On one hand, some of the issue is manufactured, in that Democrats and their illegal alien activist groups keep inviting people to come illegally. Not too mention the elected Democrats obstructing every attempt to deal with the issue at the border

Polling shows that voters have grown more concerned about the migrant surge at the border since the government shutdown over Trump’s border wall earlier this year. A Washington Post–ABC News poll published in late April found that more than a third of Americans saw illegal immigration as a “crisis,” an increase of 11 percentage points compared to January.

A Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll survey published in early May found that 56 percent of U.S. voters said they believed there is “a growing humanitarian and security crisis” at the border, while 44 percent said it was a “manufactured political crisis.”

And after all their talking points, now they’re attempting to manfucture new ones

“The phrase manufactured crisis could be misunderstood as suggesting it’s not a real crisis. It is a real crisis. There are people actually suffering. There are children dying. There are families in distress. It is a crisis,” Coons said. “The phrase ‘manufactured’ I think was used by some to emphasize the president’s role in making it worse.”

Reportedly, there is a deal between Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, and Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, the top Democrat on the panel, for an almost $4.6 billion package for humanitarian assistance and others at the border. In a sane world, it would include money to deport all the illegals.

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Surprise: California’s Cap And Trade Program Becomes A Slush Fund

Who could have possibly seen this coming? (via Watts Up With That?)

California lawmakers are turning cap-and-trade into the slush fund critics long feared

For years, critics of California’s cap-and-trade program have lambasted it as a government slush fund. They say that politicians are able to dip into it to fund their pet projects or raid it to fill the shortfall of the moment — as long as they can assert a mildly credible connection between the spending and the state’s ambitious goals to fight climate change.

Well, California lawmakers are about to prove those critics right.

As part of the budget negotiations, lawmakers shelved Gov. Gavin Newsom’s controversial “water tax” that would have raised $140 million a year to help low-income communities finally clean up their contaminated water systems.

Instead, lawmakers plan to fund the much-needed water cleanups with $100 million a year in cap-and-trade dollars — money that is paid to the state by polluters and which is legally required to be spent on projects to reduce the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

So how do leaders justify using cap-and-trade dollars for water cleanups? Newsom’s office said that communities with tainted water need bottled water delivered in trucks that pollute the air. If the water supply is cleaned, that will reduce vehicle emissions.

They could do so much more if the California government and all those who work for it gave up their fossil fueled vehicles. Heck, they could have a referendum that would force all government employees to give up their personal fossil fueled vehicles.

By that ludicrous logic, California could pay for expanded Medi-Cal benefits with cap-and-trade dollars too, because if people have preventive healthcare, they’ll get sick less and drive to the hospital less and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Don’t give them ideas.

But cap-and-trade dollars are for projects that really reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as replacing dirty diesel engines or capturing methane pollution from dairies. Lawmakers undermine public trust in — and public support for — the state’s climate program when they divert that money to other needs.

They should require that all airports in California close. And those horrible hotels and vacations spots, because people come in fossil fueled vehicles, right?

Anyhow, no one should be surprised that Warmists would play games with the money.

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If All You See…

…is a world turned to desert from fossil fuels from Other People, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on your Tuesday feel good stories.

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Excitable Eric Swalwell Releases A Gun Grabbing Plan

Eric Swalwell might be the main Democrat running for president who’s primary focus is on firearms, but, what he believes is pretty much what the rest believe

How Rep. Eric Swalwell would tackle gun violence in America

Democratic presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell on Monday stood outside the National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, to unveil a gun-control plan that includes banning assault weapons, instituting a gun buyback program and requiring licenses for all gun owners.

The California congressman promised to “restore hope in America’s cities, so people don’t resort to the lowest form of communication: violence.”

The California Democrat, who named gun violence a “top-tier” issue and a “health care crisis,” called for banning “every single” assault weapon and buying back such weapons from those who already have them. Swalwell, a former prosecutor, last year proposed a ban on “possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.”

Swalwell said he would hold weapon manufacturers responsible by “lifting the shield of liability that protects” them, and he said gun licensing procedures should include buying insurance. He said everyone who buys a firearm should go through a background check, but he did not detail what that process should entail.

He also said he would work on legislation to keep people with mental health issues from getting guns and vowed to create a national firearms database.

Virtually nothing in his plan touches on criminality, except for making law abiding gun owners criminals. Look at his “gun buyback”

  • Ban civilian possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons with an exception shooting ranges and hunting clubs.
  • Buy back military-style semiautomatic assault weapons from anyone who chooses to follow the law.
  • Criminally prosecute any person caught defying the law.

Eric also wants to legalize everyone who is in the U.S. illegally. He also wants to invest in our neighborhoods, noting that “We have neglected communities of color, and we have failed to invest in young Black men across the country.” Which is interesting, since most of these areas are in cities run for a long time by Democrats.

He’s also looking to “Create a federal licensing program for gun owners, requiring them to satisfactorily complete a training program with both written and practical exams, the same way most states do with cars and hunters.” Obviously, cars are not in the Constitution. Further, we know that the exams, training, and licensing would be so burdensome that few would be able to qualify, much like the programs D.C. was running that were killed off by Heller v D.C.

He would also “Limit ammunition sales for individual purchasers to 200 rounds per 30-day period.” I don’t know about you, but I blow off more than that every time I go to the range.

And lots more insanity, but, very little about going after those who use firearms criminally. Wouldn’t want to offend those who vote Democrat.

Oh, BTW, for all the hoopla about gun grabbing by Dems

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New York Poised To Pass Their Own Economy Killing Green New Deal

It’s landmark, people, landmark! It’ll never achieve the main goal of reducing “carbon pollution”, just like the Kyoto Protocol failed and most are failing to abide by their commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement, but, really, the reduction of CO2 isn’t really the true point: the growth of Government and control of citizens is

New York State Reaches Landmark Deal On Green New Deal-Style Climate Bill

New York lawmakers reached a deal late Sunday night to pass one of the most ambitious climate bills in the nation, setting the Empire State on a course to shape what the Green New Deal could look like at a state level.

The agreement to pass the so-called Climate & Communities Protection Act calls for New York to eliminate 85% of its overall planet-warming emissions by 2050, while offsetting or capturing the other 15%. The deal mandates 35% of state energy funding go to low-income, polluted communities, but sets a goal of investing 40%. The final legislation requires all state-financed energy projects to pay union wages.

“I believe we have an agreement on the climate change bill,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who initially opposed the bill, said on WAMC radio on Monday morning.

The breakthrough came just minutes before midnight on Sunday, stopping the bill from becoming ensnared in the procedural web of end-of-session negotiations, where activists said the legislation, widely touted as the country’s sharpest state-level climate proposal, risked being dulled.

Now lawmakers are expected to pass the bill, known by its acronym CCPA, in a vote Wednesday, when the three-day aging period between when legislators in Albany complete a deal and hold a formal vote ends. Once passed, the legislation would make New York the sixth state to adopt a 100% clean electricity target after Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Washington. Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., set similar targets.

None of those other states will be able to achieve this, either. Well, for the energy parts, anyhow

But the CCPA, like the crisis it aims to address, uniquely touches on every aspect of the New York economy. In that sense, the bill’s scope is more ambitious than the 100% clean energy bill California passed last year. The Golden State’s legislation set a 100% zero-emissions electricity goal by 2045, and an executive order from the governor broadened the vision to include climate pollution from transportation, the biggest source by sector.

The CCPA goes further, requiring New York to generate 70% of its electricity from renewables by 2030, and completely eliminate utility emissions by 2040.

The CCPA, comrades, “uniquely touches on every aspect of the NY economy.” Which means every aspect of the lives of citizens. Which means their cost of energy, food, transportation, housing, etc and so on, will be touched on and go up up up. And their lives will be more and more controlled. Expect the exodus for New York to continue.

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