Your Fault: 12% Of Phoenix To Die From Hotcoldwetdry In The 2030s

It’s always some prognostication of doom with these people

Roger is the cofounder of Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. Anyhow, from the cult article

Millions of Americans face the threat of dangerous heatwaves in the coming weeks with another summer of record-breaking temperatures forecast to hit the US.

Most of New Mexico and Utah – alongside parts of Arizona, Texas and Colorado – have the highest chance (60% to 70%) of seeing hotter-than-average summer temperatures, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa). In addition, the entire north-east – from Maine down to Pennsylvania and New Jersey – as well as a large stretch from Louisiana to Arizona, Washington and Idaho, have a 40% to 50% chance of experiencing above-average temperatures from June through August.

Only south-west Alaska is expected to have below-normal temperatures.

The problem here is that they never actually show the science that proves this is mostly/solely the fault of Mankind. It’s an assumption, and there’s no comparison with previous Holocene warm periods. But, that’s not the point: they simply want you to be controlled by government.

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If All You See…

…is horrible carbon polluting concrete, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on the EPA giving $50 million to a pro-Hamas organization.

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WWIII Watch: France, Germany, NATO Assembly Urge For Ukraine To Use Weapons Inside Russia

How well would this go over, since most of the weapons Ukraine is using these days come from NATO member nations?

France and Germany say Ukraine should be able to use their weapons to strike inside Russia

France and Germany said Tuesday that Ukraine should be allowed to use their weapons against targets inside Russia from which Moscow attacks Ukraine.

Speaking at a news conference alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron outlined that French weapons sent to Ukraine, including long-range missiles, were permitted to target bases inside Russia.

“Ukrainian soil is being attacked from bases in Russia,” Macron said during his visit to Schloss Meseberg in Brandenburg, Germany. “So how do we explain to the Ukrainians that we’re going to have to protect these towns and basically everything we’re seeing around Kharkiv at the moment, if we tell them you are not allowed to hit the point from which the missiles are fired?”

“We think that we should allow them to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired and, basically, the military sites from which Ukraine is attacked,” Macron continued.

I mean, sure, I see the logic. It makes sense. Why not attack Russian military assets being used against Ukraine? That’s sound military doctrine. Don’t let Russia sit there in safety, right? But, how will Russia take it when Ukraine uses all the weapons given to them by France, Germany, and even the U.S.?

NATO chief and European allies urge U.S. to let Ukraine strike inside Russia

Washington is facing mounting pressure from NATO and several key European allies to lift restrictions and allow Ukraine to use the full force of U.S.-provided weapons to strike military targets inside Russia. The demands reflect new alarm in the West over Russian battlefield advances in recent days, including the seizure of several villages in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions and brutal bombings that have killed dozens of civilians.

“If you cannot attack the Russian forces on the other side of the front line because they are on the other side of the border, then of course you really reduce the ability of the Ukrainian forces to defend themselves,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance’s top political official, said during a visit to Bulgaria on Monday.

They should think long and hard on what Russia may do if NATO member weapons are used to strike Russian soil. So far, the Biden regime is saying “nope, not going to happen.”

NATO’s parliamentary assembly, meanwhile, issued a declaration urging that the restrictions be lifted.

The United States and other NATO allies, including Germany and Italy, have long refused to let Ukraine use their weapons to strike inside Russia’s borders, fearing that such attacks could escalate the conflict. Senior Russian officials repeatedly have brandished Moscow’s nuclear arsenal in response to suggestions of greater Western involvement in the war.

The elites are really trying to start WWIII.

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PRC Launches Pilot Program Which Will Charge Tax Per Mile Driven

I wonder why they would do this, beyond the norm of the Elites in the People’s Republik Of California always wanted to bleed their citizens dry

California launching pilot program to charge drivers for miles driven

California is the nation’s biggest EV market by a wide margin, and the relatively high percentage of battery-powered cars is digging a hole in the state’s budget because it relies on revenue from its gasoline tax to fund road maintenance. Lawmakers want to replace the gasoline tax with a new mileage-based tax to offset the loss, and they plan to begin testing this system by launching a pilot program in August 2024.

Lauren Prehoda, a spokesperson for Caltrans, told news outlet ABC7 that maintaining California’s road network costs approximately $8.5 billion annually. “The vast majority” of this sum comes from the taxes that the state collects every time someone fills up their car’s tank. Put another way, California loses money when someone replaces a gasoline-powered car with an EV. Hybrids are eroding the budget as well. State officials estimate that there were about 1.1 million electric cars and 1.3 million hybrids on California roads in 2022.

“On average, Californians pay about $300 a year in state gas taxes. EVs have a $100 [annual] registration fee. That’s a $200-million-a-year-loss,” Prehoda said. Note that California plans to ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035, so its gas tax revenues will fall to zero. (snip)

In theory, drivers would be able to choose how the state tracks their mileage. They could hook up an electronic device to their car, use the car’s built-in tracking system or send Caltrans a picture of the odometer. “Everyone has different levels of comfort when we’re managing our data between efficiency and privacy, and that’s why it’s really important to have options from low tech to high tech,” Prehoda told ABC7.

Does anyone else see the irony here? The PRC is requiring vehicles to get better and better MPG, and, of course, demanding that citizens switch from fossil fueled vehicles, including hybrids, and get EVs. Because of this, they are not making vast amounts of money from gas taxes, what the Elites see as a “loss”. They caused this. If I dipped way back into the archives during the early Obama years I’d find at least one post on the exact same thing happening when he increased the CAFE standard, causing states to lose not make as much off gas tax.

It’s also hilarious that all those EV owners who are crowing about saving money since they do not have to buy gas will now find themselves paying as much if not more. And you know that the elected officials in the PRC will implement the road miles scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up requiring Citizens to hook up an electronic device, which will also track their movement.

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Pro-Hamas Supporters Vandalize NC State WWI Monument

I hope they catch these terrorist supporters and string them up by their Buster Browns

On cam: NC State Belltower livestream shows 2 people wearing black, vandalism

The Belltower at North Carolina State University has been vandalized.

The words ‘Gaza,’ ‘Rafah’ and ‘Free Palestine’ were sprayed around the base of the tower, surrounded by red painted hand prints.

Red paint was also dripping down the staircase. An employee from NC State sent a photo to WRAL News.

It happened not even two hours after midnight – striking the end of the Memorial Day holiday. The vandals used black paint to cross out the purpose of the Belltower – a tribute to the NC state alumni who died in World War One.

NC State broadcasts a live view of the Belltower at all times, and the feed can be viewed on YouTube. At around the 8:40 mark, two people wearing black can be seen walking around the tower’s base. They appear to be spraying paint on the tower.

The Belltower is a memorial to those who died in WWI who were from North Carolina. People who gave their lives for freedom from tyranny. These wackjobs desecrated it in support of hardcore Islamists.

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Ethics Scholar Looks At How Your Carbon Footprint Causes Conflict Or Something

Apparently, conflict and war never existed before fossil fueled vehicles

Columbia Theological Seminary ethics scholar looks at how climate change impacts conflict and violence

In addition to the existential threat that climate crisis poses, it’s also a factor in conflict and violence around the world, the Rev. Dr. Mark Douglas said earlier this month on “A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast.”

Douglas, Professor of Christian Ethics and Lead Professor of the Master of Theology degree at Columbia Theological Seminary, spoke to “A Matter of Faith” hosts Simon Doong and the Rev. Lee Catoe during a 54-minute episode of the podcast that can be heard here. Catoe and Doong posed this question: “We hear a lot about the impacts of climate change on things like loss of biodiversity and weather changes, but are there more human impacts such as increased likelihood of conflict or violence?”

Douglas said he first became interested in how climate change can lead to conflict and violence when he heard a retired admiral interviewed on NPR about security considerations related to climate change. “I thought, I hadn’t heard of anybody in my guild, Christian ethics or religious ethics more broadly, talk about climate change and security issues. I thought, here’s a place where maybe there’s a niche for me,” Douglas said. “What I discovered was entire new fields of study with which I was not familiar.”

How about studying the Bible, rather than joining a doomsday cult? The good Reverend does realize that there were plenty of big wars during the Little Ice Age, right? And during the Dark Ages? There is no existential threat from ‘climate change’.

The first causative impact on security issues and violence driven by climate issues was the El Niño system that began hitting Central America and its neighbors in the early 2000s and returned last year. “This was the first bit of evidence we had, that there is a causative impact on security issues and violence driven by climate issues,” he said.

El Nino is a naturally occurring weather phenomenon that has been going on for a long time.

Climate change also has exacerbated or contributed to conflict, he said. His work suggests “that environmental degradation, climate change, the catastrophic loss of biodiversity and the exponential growth of pollutants, including toxic pollutants, are not only having impacts on human activity, they’re reshaping how we understand the world around us,” Douglas said. To put it another way: “Environmental issues are not only in this new age we’re entering into going to be issues about which we think, they’re going to be lenses through which we make sense of other issues.”

Well, he has the cult talking points down.

There’s also “a theological claim we would want to make: Somehow God is still working providentially, and our confidence in what God does ought to look like a willingness to have and raise children into God’s future,” Douglas said. “It’s an expression of faithful confidence in God in the face of a lot of change, recognizing that the world has always undergone change and, in the middle of it, we’re better off than most people in history.”

The church “has to pay attention to displacement, primarily refuges, and how we understand resources and questions of scarcity,” Douglas said. “As Christians, we don’t start with control and scarcity to take advantage and control markets. We start with the goodness of Creation and a sense of God’s abundance in which there is enough and go from there.”

I’m confident that God doesn’t want His representatives joining a cult.

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If All You See…

…is a bright blue sky from carbon pollution causing drought, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on a judge ruling on religious freedom over economic freedom.

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Schadenfreude: Citizens Of SCNY Say Their Quality Of Life Affected By All The Illegals

Why are Comrades in Sanctuary City New York complaining? They wanted this. They voted for this. They advocate for this. Now they got it. They should be happy that the city has at least 656,000 illegal aliens

New Yorkers’ Quality of Life Hit by Migrant Crisis

A majority of New Yorkers believe that the arrival of tens of thousands of migrants to the city since April 2022 has now turned into a full-blown crisis, according to a recent poll for Newsweek, with many saying their presence is impacting their quality of life.

Nearly half of respondents (45 percent) to a Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll conducted on behalf of Newsweek between May 12 and 14 said that the large number of migrants now living in New York City had “a significant amount” of impact on the quality of life for permanent residents. Some 30 percent said they had “a fair amount” of impact and 17 percent said their impact equated to “a small amount,” while only 8 percent believed it had no impact at all.

More than 180,000 migrants have passed through New York City since the spring of 2022, according to city officials, with most coming from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and a smaller percentage having made their way to the U.S. from China and countries in Africa.

SCNY’s Comptroller said there were around 476k back in 2019. So, 656K. Of course, what of between 2019 and 2022?

While New Yorkers have been welcoming of migrants, trying to face up to a growing emergency, the city’s efforts to meet the flow of new arrivals and provide shelter for all have been costly and tiresome—and the poll shows they’re taking a toll on residents.

Welcoming, as long as they are Over There in some other section of SCNY, or, better yet, another city. Or state.

Some 64 percent of New York City residents responding to our poll agreed that the city is facing a migrant crisis, whereas only 11 percent thought that wasn’t the case.

Yeah, well, they should try visiting border towns one day to see the full effect of their beliefs.

Some 41 percent believed that the increased number of migrants in the city was having a significant impact on its crime rate. Some 31 percent said the impact was “fair,” 18 percent said it was “small” and 10 percent said the presence of migrants had no impact at all on the New York City crime rate. The poll was conducted among 974 eligible voters in New York.

But the data coming from the city’s authorities do not entirely back up their beliefs.

According to the latest data from the New York Police Department, the city saw reductions in overall crime through the first quarter of 2024. As of March, murder was down 19.4 percent, burglary dropped by 17.4 percent and grand larceny decreased by 7 percent compared to a year earlier. Felony assault was up 5.5 percent and robbery was unchanged.

All those stupid peasants should stop believing their stupid eyes as they witness all the issues the illegals bring. Their Betters know better.

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PRC Looks To Now Ban Reusable Plastic Bags

It’s always something new with these Progressives

California lawmakers vote to ban ‘reusable’ plastic bags from grocery stores

California lawmakers have voted to do away with reusable plastic bags after the elimination of single-use plastic bags failed to reduce plastic pollution.

“California’s original ban on plastic bags hasn’t worked out as planned, and sadly, the state’s plastic bag waste has increased dramatically since it went into effect,” said Sen. Catherine Blakespear, the bill’s author, in a statement. “California must do its part to eliminate this scourge that is contaminating our environment.”

On Tuesday, California lawmakers in the State Senate and the State Assembly voted to approve two identical bills which would restrict grocery stores and retailers from offering thicker, “reusable” bags made out of plastic film to customers.

SB 1053 and AB 2236 would permit grocery stores to sell other types of reusable bags made of cloth, woven textile or other washable textile that can carry at least 22 pounds for at least 300 uses. It also allows for paper bags with at least 50% recycled paper content to be sold for at least 10 cents apiece to customers.

Oh, good, there will just be more paper bags, which generally do not have the strength for handles. And cloth ones that rarely get washed. Granted, I’m not a big fan of regular plastic bags, but, I reuse the heck out of them. And have much thicker ones for when I go to Lidl, and Aldi occasionally. Progressives, though, just love to micromanage everything.

However, the move to reduce plastic pollution failed, as customers treated the thicker “reusable” plastic bags as disposable. California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) reported a roughly 47% jump in plastic bag waste tonnage since 2014, despite the ban on single-use shopping bags.

Well, huh. One would think that all the Leftist voters who all care about ‘climate change’ and stuff would be doing their part to reduce plastic waste.

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Canada Pledges To Bring In More Terrorist Supporters After Rafalah

I have to wonder if the Canadian people are down with the plan of the Elites to bring in more terrorist from Gaza

Canada pledges more visas for Gazans, says it’s ‘horrified’ by Israeli attack in Rafah

unintended consequencesCanada said on Monday it will issue visas to 5,000 Gazans, more than it originally pledged, and said it was “horrified” by an Israeli airstrike in Rafah that triggered a blaze causing 45 deaths.

The visas for Canadians’ relatives living in the enclave represent a five-fold increase from the 1,000 temporary resident visas allotted under a special program that Canada announced in December.

“While movement out of Gaza is not currently possible, the situation may change at any time. With this cap increase, we will be ready to help more people as the situation evolves,” Immigration Minister Marc Miller said.

A spokesperson for Miller said 448 Gazans had been issued a temporary visa, including 254 under a policy not related to the special visa program, and 41 have arrived in Canada so far.

Temporary, eh? For how long? Will Canada ever make them leave? Or, just let them stay and bring their hardcore support of Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups to Canadians? Infecting their cities and towns, getting themselves elected and forcing their Islamist beliefs on Canadians? Seriously, what could go wrong when 70% of Palestinians support Hamas? There’s a reason Arab nations won’t take them in.

Nearly 36,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s offensive in Gaza, according to the local health ministry, and an estimated 1.7 million people, more than 75% of Gaza’s population, have been displaced, according to the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA.

Israel launched its military campaign after Hamas-led militants attacked southern Israeli communities on Oct. 7, killing around 1,200 people and seizing more than 250 hostages, according to Israeli tallies.

I like how Reuters takes the word of Hamas, which is behind that “local health ministry”. Further, they forget to mention the rapes, tortures, and beheadings of civilians.

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