Climate Cultists Lay Out 50 Step Plan For Markets And Regulators

This would all require massive amounts of government

Warning of ‘green swan’ risks, climate group Ceres and bipartisan supporters lay out 50-step plan for markets and regulators

The U.S. has sustained more than $1.775 trillion in costs from more than 265 climate-related extreme weather events since 1980, by some measures, and more than $500 billion in economic losses between 2015 and 2019. That means any move forward from COVID-19 and its economic malaise requires a concerted climate-change response from financial markets and their regulators, a new report says.

Huh what? What does one have to do with the other? Besides, weather events have always happened. No need to blame witchcraft, er, carbon pollution.

The call, leveled at major financial market and insurance regulators and with support from a key Democratic Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, was sounded in a report released Monday by sustainable investing advocate Ceres.

The release examines the wide-ranging and compounding impacts of the climate crisis on U.S. financial markets, establishes how these impacts fall within the purview of seven different federal financial regulatory agencies as well as state regulatory agencies, studies what models for action are already being implemented by regulators around the world, and recommends more than 50 specific actions U.S. regulators can take right now. This includes what regulators might learn from the COVID-19 recovery effort, including a warning about ignoring sustainability requirements in any relief awarded and in plans to rebuild from the pandemic.

This really isn’t about science nor the climate, is it? Sounds more like excuse making to empower more Big Government.

“A multi-industry chorus of big investors, central banks, rating agencies, insurers and top economists warns of severe economic disruption from climate change — what the Bank of International Settlements termed ‘green swan’ risks; systemic and catastrophic,” Sen. Whitehouse said in response to the report. “For safety’s sake, U.S. financial regulators must prepare and adapt,” he added.

For safety’s sake, Government must control the entire economy, ya know. Funny how it always comes to this. Say, what do we call it when the government runs the economy?

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If All You See…

…is a sea rising up to meet the forests, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on comparing the rate of COVID19 in Europe and the U.S.

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Autopsy Done By George Floyd Family Could Help Police Officer’s Defense

Well, this is not a good thing. I’d like to see the officer spend a long time in jail for what he did, along with the other officers who just stood around

Floyd family autopsy could help accused policeman’s defense, legal experts say

An independent autopsy that found George Floyd died solely from asphyxiation could actually bolster the defense of the former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing him, legal experts said.

The autopsy released on Monday said Floyd’s death, which sparked nationwide protests, was a homicide and that he had no underlying medical conditions.

Later on Monday, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner released details of its autopsy findings that also said Floyd’s death was a homicide caused by asphyxiation but that he had possible underlying health conditions and intoxicants in his body that may have been contributing factors in his death.

On the surface, the independent autopsy would seem to bolster the prosecution’s case against Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for several minutes before he died last week.

But legal experts said it could do the opposite by creating confusion in the mind of the jury.

“It will be part of the defense strategy to say they can’t even get the cause of death right,” said Gerald Lefcourt, a criminal defense attorney.

We’ve all seen the video, I think we can all conclude George Floyd would not be dead without the actions of Chauvin, but, we have a legal system

Former prosecutors and defense attorneys told Reuters that Chauvin faced a very difficult case given the strong video evidence.

If prosecutors introduce the independent report, the defense could seize on the conflicting autopsies to create questions in the jury’s mind about the cause of death.

Under U.S. law, prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

If prosecution doesn’t, defense could. One has to wonder if the State is going to have to reduce the charges down from 3rd degree murder in order to attempt to get a conviction, which would set people off yet again. And if they fail to convict him. Gonna be tough to get a unbiased jury. There’s zero possibility of charging Chauvin with 1st degree murder at this point.

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Bummer: Florida Judges Dismisses Kids’ Hotcoldwetdry Lawsuit, Saying It Is Political

We’ve seen plenty of kids being used as pawns for the Cult of Climastrology to file lawsuits to attempt to force Everyone Else to live a certain climate cult life. Sure, the kids say they are Believers and have been since they were very young, but, come on, someone taught them this stuff, someone instilled the brainwashing, and someone is paying to run these lawsuits

Florida judge rejects children’s climate change lawsuit, citing “political” issue

A Tallahassee judge on Monday ordering the dismissal of a climate change lawsuit brought by eight children who wanted to argue the governor and other top leaders have promoted pollution that imperils their future.

“I still believe in my heart of hearts that the people through their elected representatives will eventually get this climate thing right,” said Leon County Judge Kevin Carroll. But he rejected the case before it could go to trial because he said it delved into matters better left for the Legislature. “We can’t rely on judges to be dictators of public policy because, at the end of the day, a dictator in a black robe isn’t any better than a dictator in a suit or in a military uniform.”

The case, Reynolds v. State of Florida, was filed in 2018 when Sen. Rick Scott was governor. Lawyers more recently added the current administration, including Gov. Ron DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, to their complaint.

The eight children, now between the ages of 12 and 22, contend that the state is endangering their constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by supporting industries built on fossil fuel emissions, which scientists say worsen global warming.

The judge is entirely correct. It is political policy, not something that a judge should be deciding, at least at this point. It’s something for the legislators and the voters, and, don’t forget, while a lot of people say they believe in anthropogenic climate change and want to do something in theory, in practice they do not want to spend much of their own money nor give up their freedom and choice nor fossil fueled lifestyle. If the kids really want to make a difference, they should get all their kid friends to give up all the trappings of a modern life.

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Washington Post Notes White Instigators Responsible For Much Of The Mayhem

They can’t quite get around to noting which party these white instigators vote for

White instigators are to blame for much of the mayhem, officials say

“What did I tell you?” a voice cried out as the camera recording mayhem in downtown Pittsburgh settled on a white man, clad in all black, smashing the windows of a police vehicle.

“It is not black people,” the onlooker called to the crowd before addressing the vandal directly: “What are you doing?”

What he was doing, authorities later alleged, was inciting riots on Saturday as the city — like dozens of others across America — was swept up in sustained unrest over the death of a black man in police custody. Demonstrations have spread from Minneapolis, where a white police officer pinned his knee on the neck of George Floyd, to scores of cities, some of which have been looted and set ablaze.

Police identified Brian Jordan Bartels, 20, of Allison Park, Pa., as having “kicked off” the escalation in Pittsburgh, one of several examples of peaceful assemblies against police violence creating opportunities for pandemonium. While at heart the gatherings have been an appeal for racial justice, they also have attracted a diverse array of people with other grievances and agendas who have co-opted the moment, accelerating what has been a national unraveling as the country reels from a pandemic that has put more than 40 million people out of work.

In most American cities, people of all races appear to be participating in the violence, vandalism and looting, particularly in Minneapolis, where a crowd burned the police department’s 3rd Precinct building last week and vandals were seen smashing windows and stealing items from stores. Multiracial coalitions also have marched peacefully. But in some cities, local officials have noted that black protesters have struggled to maintain peaceful protests in the face of young white men joining the fray, seemingly determined to commit mayhem.

Yes, these young white liberals, who don their black garb and talk about anarchy (and wanting more government, not understand what anarchy means) and cause problems before heading back to university on their parents dime. These aren’t Trump voters

Some local officials were even more blunt. After reviewing footage of the weekend’s events, Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, said she feared the black community would shoulder the blame for havoc others caused.

“It is striking how many of the people who were doing the looting and stealing and the fires over the weekend were young white males,” Durkan (D) said in an interview.

Well, let’s be honest: there were quite a lot of black faces involved, as well. We saw the videos. Some are definitely mostly black for the looting. That’s a different story from who started the violence and engaged in violence. I saw plenty of young black males throwing bottles at the Raleigh police both Saturday and Sunday nights.

But from Baltimore to Sacramento, black protesters also were filmed protecting storefronts and placing their bodies before police barricades to preserve principles of nonviolence, and to prevent backlash disproportionately aimed at them. Videos emerged, too, of them confronting white demonstrators who had usurped the mantra of “black lives matter,” which gave birth to a movement for racial justice and police accountability, in seemingly random acts of defacement.

“Don’t spray stuff on here when they’re going to blame black people for this,” a black woman said in challenge to two vandals outside of a Starbucks in Los Angeles.

Sadly, this was less the norm. It seemed that in most case people just walked away, not wanting to be involved. And we saw plenty of video of blacks getting violent.

Similar questions have become acute from Austin, where a racial justice group on Sunday canceled a planned assembly for fear of violent escalation by unaffiliated activists, to Fargo, N.D., where police questioned four men carrying assault rifles to a protest site in a bid to protect businesses. In Denver, police officers commandeered firearms from anti-government gun enthusiasts who self-identify as “Boogaloo boys,” part of a far-right militia movement.

“These are people who are agent provocateurs,” Chas Moore, the executive director of the Austin Justice Coalition, said of the extremists joining the protests. He canceled his group’s demonstration, originally planned for Sunday, after the chaos of Saturday night. “These are extremists and anarchists, not right or left. They want complete annihilation of the system, and they’re at the forefront of the fires and the breaking of vehicles.”

Au contraire. If the news and Democrats could specifically blame white supremacists and/or Trump voters they would. But, they can’t. Members of the Proud Boys were pictured in Raleigh downtown on Saturday before the protests (unlike Antifa, they had no problem with their photos being taken, and they weren’t wearing masks). You know that if they were seen during the Saturday protests that they would have been followed to see if they caused problems. Same in other cities. These were left wing agitators. People who call themselves Antifa or anarchists or part of the Black Bloc. Perhaps Democrats should be controlling their own, but, these are the folks the Democratic regime empowered to be their muscle, to cause problems.

Here in Raleigh it was peaceful Monday. There was a protest march during the day, and then almost everyone went home for the 8pm curfew. A few stuck around for a few minutes to make a point, then left. There are no reports of looting and stuff from overnight. Not seeing any reports of problems in Fayetteville or Charlotte, either. In other big liberal cities, though, they blew off curfew, and, heck, many were violent during the day Monday.

Most of the people doing this are not Trump/GOP voters. The Washington Post forgot to mention that.

Can we open the economy now?

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Bummer: States Are Concerned Coronavirus May Doom Their “Climate Crisis” Projects

Suddenly, states are realizing that they can’t just spend willy nilly on projects to solve a fake issue when a real issue crops up

States Warn That Virus May Doom Climate Projects

Connecticut is preparing to build a first-of-its-kind underground flood wall. Virginia has planned an intricate system of berms, pump stations and raised roads to keep the flood-prone city of Norfolk dry. Louisiana has broken ground on a new community for people forced to flee a village on its sinking coast, the country’s first government-resettled climate migrants.

Projects in 13 cities and states, which were part of the Obama administration’s push to protect Americans from climate change after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, are now in jeopardy because of the coronavirus pandemic, state and local officials warn. And they need Republicans in Congress to save those projects.

That would be the Superstorm Sandy (which was not an actual hurricane when it hit those northern states) which we were told would be the new normal, and hasn’t had a recurrence.

On Monday, officials are expected to tell lawmakers that the coronavirus will prevent them from meeting the conditions of a $1 billion Obama-era program for large-scale construction projects that defend cities and states against climate-related disasters. That money must be spent by the fall of 2022.

Missing that deadline, which officials say is likely because of delays caused by the coronavirus, would mean forfeiting the remaining money, scuttling the projects. States and cities have been moving swiftly in the design phases and to secure permits since the Obama administration awarded the funds in 2016. Officials will ask Congress to extend the deadline for construction by three years, according to a copy of the letter obtained by The New York Times.

“Without an extension, any funds not spent by the deadline will be canceled and projects will remain unfinished,” the letter reads.

If this is so important, why don’t the states and municipalities ask all those Believer citizens and supporting companies to chip in? Surely, members of the Cult of Climastrology would have no problem ponying up their own money for this, right? Lots of money.

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If All You See…

…are horrible fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on white virtue signalers excusing the violence.

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Sex At Someone Else’s Home Is Now Illegal In England

No hooking up in the U.K. right now, folks

Coronavirus: Sex during lockdown with someone outside your household is illegal from today

Having sex in your own home with someone from a different household is illegal from today, after the government altered its coronavirus legislation.

At 11.30am on Monday, a change to the law was introduced that bans two people from different households in England gathering in an indoor, private place during the coronavirus lockdown.

The amendment to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Bill states: “No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons.”

Previously, going to another person’s home to have sex would have been a breach of coronavirus lockdown restrictions, but now both parties could be prosecuted under the law. Having sex in public is already illegal.

Bummer! Meanwhile

The problem, of course, is that Antifa is not a top-down organized group, more like small cells throughout the nation who do not respond to any superior control.

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Bat Soup Virus Shows Us What Hotcoldwetdry Disruption Could Maybe Possibly Look Like

Haven’t climate cultists figured out that COVID-19 is old news now, that they are supposed to integrate the protests, rioting, and looting?

Coronavirus Shows Us What Climate Change Disruption Could Look Like

Mark Carney’s final years as governor of the Bank of England can be defined by his efforts to break what he calls climate change’s tragedy of the horizon: Despite consensus formed on the coming catastrophic impacts of climate change, the international community is condemned to inaction because those impacts will only be felt well beyond the horizons of traditional business and political cycles. “In other words,” Carney said, “once climate change becomes a defining issue for financial stability, it may already be too late.”

Carney, now United Nations special envoy for climate action and finance, has been in the habit recently of reminding us that we can’t self-isolate from climate change. The current crisis is being viewed as one more opportunity not to be wasted to break the tragedy of the horizons.

The global death and disruption caused by COVID-19 is not the direct result of climate change; however, the scale and nature of disruption parallel, in many ways, what scientists are telling us about a world where climate change is left unchecked.

For the first time in generations, we see the very real social and economic disruption wrought by a hard-to-imagine natural event that arrives gradually and sporadically, but quickly morphs into a runaway systemic threat. This time, it is a virus. Next time, it will be temperature rises and extreme weather events.

Physical risks of climate change will shutter businesses, disrupt supply chains and diminish the health and well-being of employees. The transition risks will bankrupt unprepared companies, lead to job losses and exacerbate inequalities. While temperatures will rise gradually over the coming decades, left unchecked, climate change will eventually reach the critical point at which the scale and velocity of change will quickly overwhelm societies, disrupt political systems, inflame geopolitical tensions and create conflict over essential resources.

Interestingly, it was Bat Soup shuttering businesses, despite a big slowdown in economic activity in February as people were concerned, afraid, and unsure: it was Government dictating which businesses where essential and non-essential, and telling the latter to shut down, with fines and jail threatened for those who did not comply. And dictating the way the essentials operated while open. The job loss goes to the government shut downs. Then Government dictating that people stay home, that travel is restricted, that only certain products could be purchased. People having to rely on government money. This is the world of ‘climate change’ policy. This is what it looks like.

Frans Timmermans, the European Union’s Green Deal chief, stresses that the Green Deal will be central to any recovery efforts and that the EU will move forward with the framework’s key pillars on the original timeline. This includes the proposed new climate law, making it legally binding for all EU-27 member states to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

So, pretty much codifying the conditions people are living through during Coronavirus. But, hey, I say they should institute everything in their GND, acting as the experimental group, letting the rest of us watch what happens.

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Looting Continues Well Beyond Downtown Raleigh Overnight

The term “mostly peaceful” is probably the best one for the protest prior to darkfall. They were knocking down barriers around the governor’s mansion

and throwing paper over the fence, we assume with their demands. They were also throwing water bottles and other things at the police. Raleigh City Council member Saige Martin said the police should not use tear gas when that happens. Apparently, they are just supposed to allow people to hit them. They were also throwing fireworks and things that spewed green smoke. But, when the cops moved forward they did not fight back.

The protests then moved several blocks south back into the downtown area, where everything’s already looted and broken. And

7 arrested in connection to building damage, looting at North Hills, Triangle Town Center during George Floyd protests

Protests over George Floyd’s death continued Sunday night throughout the country, including in North Carolina.

Groups marched to demand change and justice throughout American institutions with some demonstrations turning violent with a tenor of anger and unrest. More than 20 states have enacted the National Guard with more than a dozen major cities under a curfew. In Raleigh, police were seen clearing the scene around Blount and Hargett streets Monday at 4:30 a.m. after a hectic weekend.

In Raleigh, there was damage beyond the downtown area. Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin will enact a curfew on Monday after looting and vandalism occurred at areas surrounding North Hills and Triangle Town Center Sunday night. Four were arrested from incidents at Triangle Town Center with three arrests stemming from North Hills.

Stores such as Target, Ross, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart were damaged around Triangle Town Center.

That’s not protesting. Those shopping centers are miles and miles from the downtown area. It would take you a good 20 minutes (with traffic and lights) to go from downtown to TTC on a good day.

The National Guard has been called to ‘provide support’ to Raleigh as the city continues to experience unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd.

“The National Guard is now deployed to provide support as we work to restore order & ensure the safety of residents; protect necessary & critical infrastructure; and help ensure that those who wish to lawfully and peacefully exercise their 1st Amendment right to protest can do so,” Raleigh Police announced early Monday morning in a tweet.

The NG is reportedly at North Hills, and probably in the TTC area (the Target, Ross, Dick’s, and Walmart are across the street from TTC)

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin is expected to enact a curfew for the City of Raleigh on Monday following the outrage brought by George Floyd’s death.

“I wanted to give them (the protestors) a chance. I’m an optimist, I was hoping for the best and now what we’ve seen is more destruction downtown,” Baldwin said.

There was a protest that turned violent Saturday night. Then Sunday. What more do they need to protest? The cop who killed George Floyd is under arrest and has been charged with 3rd degree murder. The Raleigh PD is run by a black chief. So is the Wake County Sheriff’s Office. What do they actually expect to accomplish?

In Charlotte, NC, at least 30 have been arrested, police were injured, and businesses damaged and looted. Elsewhere

And in Chicago, where mayor Lori Lightfoot said “F U” to President Trump, 16 are dead and at least 30 shot. Good job, Lori!

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