Say, Is Trump At Fault For Sinkhole At The White House?

Here’s Think Progress’ Excitable Joe Romm going excitable (the headline was changed at some point overnight to “Why are sinkholes seemingly stalking Trump’s residences?” with the original headline, shown below, as the subhead)

Is the White House sinkhole climate change or just karma?

On May 22, 2017, a sinkhole opened at Mar-a-Lago, which President Trump calls the “Winter White House.” On May 22, 2018, a sinkhole opened at the actual White House.

For the media and Twitter, it’s been a bottomless pit of puns. “If that’s not a direct sign from … somewhere … people, I don’t know what is,” opines Mashable. “Are memes finally gaining sentience?” asks The Mary Sue. Or is the Earth “trying to do itself in before Scott Pruitt gets the chance?”

Even the New York Times has jumped in with a headline that says in part, “Blame the Swamp. (Really.)

But what does science say? Are sinkholes becoming more common? Is Trump somehow to blame?

Just the notion that the final question was asked shows just how deranged Warmists are, especially when you add in TDS.

If we look globally, it’s clear that there are a growing number of big holes in the ground — and not just because we’re drilling for fossil fuels in more more places. In the Arctic, where human caused global warming is occurring twice as fast as anywhere else, the permafrost is melting fast.

As you know, Warmists like Joe feel that this warm period is totally different from all the previous warm periods, and can only have been caused by you eating a cheeseburger and using air conditioning. Joe goes on and on, attempting to tell us how sinkholes are happening all over because of ‘climate change’ (scam) droughtflood, including in Florida, till having to admit way down in the article

In the specific case of the 2017 Mar-a-Lago sinkhole, an analysis in Scientific American concluded, “A newly-installed water main is the apparent cause,” probably from some leaking. The barrier island it’s built on is “mostly sand” and any significant excess water could simply dissolve it.

In short, it was probably faulty infrastructure.

By this point, most have already moved on from this article and are Blaming Trump.

Indeed, as PhysOrg notes “The usual cause” of sinkholes is “crumbling water, drain and sewer pipes, often neglected by cities with budget problems.” They add, “scientists who study natural sinkholes say the caverns from infrastructure failures are becoming a bigger problem.”

But, but, but, big rainfalls can cause them when combined, and big rainfalls never happened prior to fossil fueled vehicles!!!!!!!!

And while we’ve always had rain and always had sinkholes, climate change is driving more intense and prolonged deluges. Another possibility, explains Forbes, is that “The sinkhole could be a result of an old water line that has rusted through and caused water to leak into the White House lawn.”

But if it were poorly maintained infrastructure, then perhaps there is some karma. After all, Republicans have opposed major infrastructure funding for decades — and Trump’s own infrastructure bill has gone nowhere. And that should give all of us a sinking feeling.

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Hot Take: NY Times Attempts To Link 2nd Amendment To Protection Of Slavery

Gun grabbers are always working hard to find a way to disarm the citizenry, making you wonder why

Was Slavery a Factor in the Second Amendment?

Every mass shooting, like the most recent at Santa Fe High School in Texas that left 10 people dead, reignites a passionate debate over the Second Amendment. For many Americans, if there is an image that comes to mind when they think about that amendment, it is the musket in the hands of minutemen at Lexington and Concord.

A dramatic but little-known story reveals that a more accurate image may be the musket in the hands of slave owners. It explains why, when he entered Congress and wrote a Bill of Rights, James Madison included a right to bear arms, and why it included the clause “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State …”

The story begins in June of 1788. Virginia was holding a convention in Richmond to decide whether to ratify the Constitution the founders had drafted in Independence Hall the previous year. Eight states out of the nine necessary to adopt the Constitution had already ratified, but Rhode Island, North Carolina, New Hampshire and New York looked unlikely to ratify. All hope for the ninth hung on Virginia.

The Virginia convention featured a dramatic debate between federalists, who favored ratification, and antifederalists, who opposed it. The debate pitted James Madison, a federalist and the principal drafter of the Constitution, against George Mason, the intellectual leader of the antifederalists, and Patrick Henry, Virginia’s governor and a renowned orator.

Mason and Henry raised many arguments against ratification. One concerned the militia. To appreciate their arguments, we must bear three things in mind about the time and place of the debate.

First, the majority population in eastern Virginia were enslaved blacks. Whites lived in constant fear of slave insurrection. Everyone knew about the 1739 slave rebellion in Stono, S.C., when blacks broke into a store, decapitated the shopkeepers, seized guns and powder, and marched with flying banners, beating drums and cries of “Liberty!” Up to 100 joined the rebellion before being engaged by a contingent of armed, mounted militiamen. Scores died in the ensuing battle.

And Mr. Carl T. Bogus, a professor of law at Roger Williams University, goes on to state that the 2nd reason is that it was the militia’s that put down the slave insurrections.

During the debate in Richmond, Mason and Henry suggested that the new Constitution gave Congress the power to subvert the slave system by disarming the militias. “Slavery is detested,” Henry reminded the audience. “The majority of Congress is to the North, and the slaves are to the South,” he said.

It’s a cute argument from Mr. Bogus, a perfect name for a stupid argument, one that has been shot down even by the hyper-racial web mag The Root all the way back in 2013, because this is not a new Talking Point from the gun grabbers. For one thing, the above wasn’t even about the Bill of Rights, but the passage of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights, which included the 2nd Amendment, was passed three years later. Mr. Bogus still gives it a shot

In the fall, Madison ran for Congress. His opponent, the rising young politician (and future president) James Monroe, lambasted Madison for not including a bill of rights in the Constitution. Because he believed rights were best protected by the structure of government, Madison previously opposed a bill of rights. Now he was fighting for his political life in a congressional district where a bill of rights was popular. Madison changed his position and promised voters that, if elected, he would write one.

As we know, he included a right to bear arms. Only four of the 13 state Constitutions had such a provision. The Virginia Declaration of Rights, written by none other than George Mason in 1776 when states controlled the militias, did not have one. Following its debate and decision to ratify, the Virginia convention proposed Congress consider a declaration of 20 rights, including a right to bear arms, and 20 constitutional amendments, including one giving states the power to arm their militias if Congress did not.

Money line

I believe it likely that Madison sought to correct the problem Henry and Mason had railed against in Richmond.

Substitute in “I feel” for “I believe”, because this narrative has little relation to reality. Bogus takes real facts and spins them to a “the 2nd Amendment was all about slavery” viewpoint.

Would we think differently about the amendment if we realized that its genesis was, at least in part, a concern with preserving a form of governmental tyranny?

No, because it wasn’t about slavery, it was about citizens protecting their homes, their states, their nation from invaders, for protection against bad actors, and protection from government itself, especially when certain people are making things up to take away that particular right.

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It’s Come To This: All Warmists Have Left Is Litigation

Twenty five plus years of spreading awareness. All the pushing of AGW in the credentialed media. Warmist politicians. The UN. Liberal educators pushing it. Junk scientists making things up as Gospel. And this is pretty much all they have left

Climate Change Warriors’ Latest Weapon of Choice Is Litigation

In the global fight against climate change, one tool is proving increasingly popular: litigation.

From California to the Philippines, activists, governments and concerned citizens are suing the biggest polluters and national governments over the effects of climate change at a break-neck pace.

“The courts are our last, best hope at this moment of irreversible harm to our planet and life on it,” said Julia Olson, an attorney for Our Children’s Trust, a legal challenge center in the U.S. that is involved in climate change litigation across 13 countries, including the U.S., Pakistan and Uganda.

The wave of activity is about channeling the fervor of a social movement to drive change via the legal system. The arguments vary based on both culture and the law. In the U.S., home to more cases than anywhere else in the world, many recent suits involve plaintiffs seeking to protect climate-change rules passed under former President Barack Obama. In Europe, it’s largely governments being hammered over pollution-reduction plans that fall short of EU targets.

Strangely, they put barely any effort into channeling the fervor of a social movement into convincing each other to reduce their own carbon footprints as well as taking the effort to reduce their own carbon footprints. They seem to want to force Everyone Else to do so.

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If All You See…

…is a permanent drought meeting the permanent flood, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The H2, with a post on pre-Internet funny.

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Massachusetts Looks To Become A Sanctuary State

This is just one step in the process

(MassLive) After lengthy and emotional debate late Wednesday evening, the Massachusetts Senate adopted a budget amendment to restrict cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities.

The amendment filed by Sen. Jamie Eldridge, which had been the subject of behind-the-scenes discussions all week, was approved on a 25-13 vote after 90 minutes of debate that stretched until 11 p.m.

Democratic Sens. Michael Brady, Anne Gobi, Marc Pacheco, Michael Rodrigues, Michael Rush and Walter Timilty joined the Senate’s seven Republicans in opposition.

The amendment (# 1147) would prevent law enforcement from asking people about their immigration status, prohibit collaboration between Massachusetts law enforcement and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and would bar state resources from being used to create a registry based on ethnicity, religion, country of origin and other criteria.

Is not unusual that Democrats want to protect people who are breaking federal laws, while at the same time they want to go after people engaged in their Constitutional Rights, such as 2nd Amendment and creating hate speech laws which violate the 1st.

This would still have to make it through the Mass. House, be reconciled, then be signed by the governor. And then you would see cities and counties in Mass. resist by declaring themselves against illegal aliens.

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Green On Green: Warmists Sue European Union Over ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

You can bet that members of the EU parliament were giddy when lawsuits were filed against the U.S. government by children over ‘climate change’, even though this was originally against Obama. And giddy over the suits against all the fossil fuels companies over the past 6 months. And how some liberal states were going after the fossil fuels companies. Today, though, there’s surely a bunch of stunned faces and “wait, what’s”

‘We can’t see a future’: group takes EU to court over climate change

Lawyers acting for a group including a French lavender farmer and members of the indigenous Sami community in Sweden have launched legal action against the EU’s institutions for failing to adequately protect them against climate change.

A case is being pursued in the Luxembourg-based general court, Europe’s second highest, against the European parliament and the council of the European Union for allowing overly high greenhouse gas emissions to continue until 2030.

The families, including young children, claim their lives have been blighted by the policy decisions in Brussels, and that the EU’s inadequate emissions targets will cause more suffering.

The legal complaint asserts that the EU’s existing climate target to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels, does not protect their fundamental rights of life, health, occupation and property.

The litigants, from Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Kenya, Fiji, and the Swedish Sami Youth Association Sáminuorra, say the EU should define a higher reduction target.

Wait, Fiji and Kenya? When did they join the EU? Oh, and many should worry more about the invasion by 3rd world “refugees” bringing their hardcore Islamic beliefs with them, especially Germany, France, and Sweden.

Climate Action Network (CAN), Europe’s largest NGO working on climate and energy issues, is also supporting the action.

Wendel Trio, CAN’s director in Europe, said: “This is part of a strategy to get the EU institutions to increase their targets. In 2015, as part of the Paris agreement, countries agreed to pursue efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C.

“Yet, it is clear that the existing EU 2030 climate target is not enough to respect the commitments taken in the Paris agreement and should be increased. The EU needs under the agreement to confirm its target by 2020. This legal action initiated by normal families impacted by climate change is underlining the urgency and the necessity to increase it.”

It’s never enough with these Warmists. They always want more more more. But never say what they’re doing in their own lives to reduce their own use of fossil fuels and go carbon neutral.

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Red Flag Laws: Everyone’s Getting Accusatory

So, yesterday this article was available at the Raleigh News and Observer

A boy’s parents said a day care worker dragged him into a classroom. Video told another story.

A preschool teacher no longer faces a criminal charge after video from a day care center failed to back up a story from the boy’s parents that she scratched and bruised the boy’s neck dragging him into a classroom.

A Wayne County District Court judge dismissed a charge of misdemeanor child abuse against Joshelyn Parker, a former teacher at the Goldsboro Family YMCA.

Her lawyer, Darrell K. Brown, said he was uncertain what Parker would do next. The state suspended Parker’s teaching certification after the charge was filed, Brown said, and he did not know whether she would seek reinstatement.

You know, it’s a day and age when tons and tons of people want to be victims, where they want to make accusations against others of misconduct. Sure, this has always happened, but, a big difference now is that it always seems to make the new, that it is a Big Deal, and that people will take to social media to make complaints. All so often without evidence, and so often the story is made up. Because so often we see video being released that blows the accusatory narrative.

Body cam footage contradicts woman’s claim trooper sexually assaulted her; lawyer apologizes

The lawyer for a Texas woman who accused a state trooper of sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop apologized Wednesday on behalf of his client, saying that newly released police body cam footage did not corroborate her story.

Lee Merritt issued a statement saying the evidence “directly conflicts with the accounts reported to my office” by Sherita Dixon-Cole. The woman had accused Officer Daniel Hubbard of sexual assault during a traffic stop on Sunday.

How many times has a story come out and we’ve found out later that it was false? Back after 9/11, there was a big upsurge in claims of Islamophobia hate crimes, and so many were proven false. They didn’t go away, but, there was less reporting during Obama’s years, until Trump started catching fire in the primaries, then they were put back on the front page. When proven false, they were a much smaller headline on the web, and on a back page in the dead tree editions.

We saw a big uptick in accusations against police officers, and white people, during the rise of Black Lives Matter. Which were often blown up by video. During the time of NC’s SB2, the so-called bathroom bill, there were plenty of accusations. There was a big one where a gender confused went into a Durham transit building, then said she was told to use the men’s bathroom (she’s a guy) by a janitor and escorted out by two security officers. Thankfully, video blew up her narrative, a good on WTVD here in Raleigh for calling her/him on it. Without the video, might the janitor and security guards been fired, and have their lives ruined? There can be real consequences for people manufacturing outrage and being Offended.

Raleigh woman said she was offended by ‘racist’ Walking Dead figure on bank employee’s desk

A Raleigh bank is responding after a woman said she was offended by a “racist” figurine on a bank employee’s desk.

Stacey Smith wrote a Facebook post Tuesday afternoon, saying she was halfway through a transaction at the State Employee’s Credit Union on Louisburg Road when she noticed “a black doll with a noose around its neck and hands tied between its back” on the employee’s desk.

Now, if you hit the link you can see a picture of the doll. Really, it might not have been appropriate for the workplace, but, still not a big deal. But, people have to be Offended and Let Everyone Know About It, and demand that Something Be Done. State Employees Credit Union said in a statement that “the actions of one of our employees fell far short of our expectations and we took immediate steps to address this personnel matter.” Was the person fired? Disciplined? Spoken too? Or just told “get rid of the doll”? Certainly, the people in charge of the branch should have known, right? Might this person have been fired for something so tiny?

But, see, in this day and age, besides simply making things up, too many seem to take things that are anthills and turn them into Mt. Everest. And it can happen to anyone at any time. I work with the public all day. People will manufacture outrage at time in order to demand a bigger discount. But, how does this all lead to red flag laws? This was also a story right near the first one at the Raleigh N&O Wednesday

NC Democrat pitches ‘red flag’ gun law. In less than a day, it goes to where bills die.


On Monday, days after the Texas shooting raised new questions about how to make schools safe for the children who attend them, Marcia Morey (D-District 30, a section of very violent Durham) filed a bill calling for a red flag law in North Carolina.

By Tuesday afternoon, with no discussion, House Speaker Tim Moore, a Republican from Cleveland County, sent the bill to the rules committee, where lawmakers say “bills go to die.” (snip)

Her proposal would set up a procedure through which judges have a tool similar to a domestic violence restraining order to get weapons quickly and temporarily out of the hands of people exhibiting threatening or dangerous behavior.

Under her proposal, family members or law enforcement officers who have first-hand knowledge of someone behaving in a threatening manner in possession of or with access to a firearm could petition a district court judge for a gun violence restraining order.

And this is, on the surface at least, one of the less burdensome red flag laws filed around the country.

“The gun violence restraining order is not a solution to gun violence, but it can be a huge first step in the right direction to stop future tragedies,” Morey told a roomful of reporters and supporters from Moms Demand Action, an organization formed in 2012 after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“It is saying to people that if you see something, not only do you have the power to say something, you can now do something.”

This is where it can break down. Because people make false accusations all the time. People could simply report things to the police and watch the dominoes fall. How many times have accusations of sexual assault and rape been made on Democrat run college campuses, then, after the accused has had their life destroyed, we find that the accusation was false. These red flag laws would have people see their Constitution right taken away willy nilly on possible false or overblown accusations. What methods are present in any of them for people to regain their rights? Most say the accused will get a judicial hearing. How long with that take in our over-burdened judicial system? Justice delayed is justice denied.

What happens if certain judges and/or law enforcement have a very low standard for removing a Constitutional right? What measures are in place to hold them accountable?

What happens if the accusation was false? Will the accuser be held liable? Will there be measures to apply criminal and/or civil penalties? For some who are thinking “this is no big deal, you’re overthinking this, making it too big”, well, just imagine we’re talking about the ability of government to temporarily, or even permanently, take away your ability to speak out, to protest peaceably, to petition for redress of grievance. You good with that?

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Worried About ‘Climate Change’? Investing In Abortion On Demand Must Be Part Of The Solution

Any time Progressives/Leftists/Marxists/Etc start yammering on about “reproductive health”, they may mention some things, but what they really mean at the base root is abortion and limiting black, brown, and Oriental people in 3rd world nations

Worried About Climate Change? Investing in Reproductive Health Must Be Part of the Solution

By investing in family planning we can transform lives, improve health and economic outcomes, and help reduce our impact on the climate, but right now family planning is scarcely part of the conversation, writes Chris Turner, CEO of Marie Stopes International Australia (MSIA).

While politicians deliberate and access to global climate funding becomes increasingly technocratic, it seems the most effective approach to climate change may indeed be one of the simplest.

Since the invention of the contraceptive pill in the 1950’s, access to modern contraception has driven some of the key demographic and social changes in history. It has delivered improved health outcomes for mothers and babies as women are able to wait longer between births or delay having their first child. It created demographic shifts, as populations have fewer dependents and a more productive labour force. It has empowered girls and women to stay in school longer, seek higher education and participate in the formal economy. And now recent research has determined that contraception also has a key role to play in addressing climate change.

It’s also a great way for 1st World white Warmist nags to limit reproduction in the people they see as inferior, much like their goddess, Margaret Sanger, saw them.

Thankfully these choices aren’t exclusive, but right now family planning is scarcely part of the conversation. More than 100 million women have an identified but unmet need for family planning in Asia. By investing in family planning to reach more of these women, we can transform their lives, improve health and economic outcomes and help to reduce our impact on the climate as well as improve our ability to respond to the coming changes.

Also, by involving government with this, it gives government more control over the lives of people. Through all the flowery talk about empowerment and stuff, the Warmists really want to push population control, abortion, and government dominance. Some may think this is conspiracy talk, but, add it all up by looking at what Warmists/Progressives say.

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If All You See…

…is a horrendous evil gun caused by tiny increases in heat making everyone more warlike, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Powers That Be, with a post on a serious, serious whopper from James Clapper.

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Antibiotic Resistance Latest Thing To Be Blamed On ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

All because you refuse to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, cheeseburgers, and air conditioning in favor of going vegan, living in a big (crime filled city), and paying massive taxes to The Government

Climate change could be driving antibiotic resistance across the US, study warns

Climate change is wreaking havoc across the globe – melting ice caps, causing dangerous weather and decimating animal populations.

New research has found that it could also be increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

A team of epidemiologists from Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital and the University of Toronto have found that higher local temperatures and population densities correspond with a higher degree of antibiotic resistance in common bacterial strains.

Previously, increase in resistance to common bacteria was thought to come from over-prescribing antibiotics.

And probably will be found to come from over-prescribing again. But, hey, notice two things. First, the use of “could”. It either is or isn’t. If you’re throwing out “could”, it means you aren’t sure, and, in this case, scaremongering. Second, notice that high density urban areas are considered bad for this.

The researchers found that an increase of 50 degrees Fahrenheit is associated with increases of antibiotic-resistant strains of E. coli (4.2 percent), K. pneumoniae (2.2 percent), and S. aureus (3.6 percent).

Say what? There’s been a 1.5F increase in global temperatures since 1850. We’re a long, long way off from an increase of 50F, so, this is all about fearmongering. Who’s surprised?

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