Bummer: United Nations Upset 1st World Nations Aren’t Ponying Up $100 Billion

They say this money is supposed to go to 3rd World Shitholes Developing Nations as climafinancial aid, limiting those nations need to use fossil fuels, because the UN climate cultists do not want those black and brown people to have the same benefits elites and white people in 1st World nations have had. Also, that aid is great for siphoning for UN employees

UN blasts world leaders for failing to seal £72bn-a-year deal on climate

The head of climate change at the UN has warned that world leaders are still “far away” from securing a deal to limit the disastrous effects of global heating, with less than five months to go before a key summit in Glasgow.

Time is now running out, said Patricia Espinosa, who was formerly foreign minister of Mexico but now leads the UN on climate policy. She told the Observer that although advances had been made at the G7 meeting in Cornwall last weekend, progress had not been made on honouring past commitments to find $100bn (£72.5bn) a year to help developing countries invest in green technologies.

“We’re still very far away from being fully confident of having a full success at Cop26,” she said. The UN climate conference, opening on 31 October in Glasgow, is considered to be of special importance in the battle against global warming, which is now melting ice sheets, raising sea levels, destroying coral reefs and disrupting weather systems across the planet.

The G7 had offered hope that this process could be boosted in advance of Cop26, but Espinosa expressed disappointment, saying: “Regarding finance, I’d have really hoped for a clearer signal on how and when we will be able to see the commitment to mobilise the $100bn fulfilled.”

Honouring the pledge is seen as critical if developing countries are to come into line with plans to cut emissions and take costly steps necessary to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. At the G7, there were commitments to get to the target before Cop26, but a lack of detail remained about precisely how much money wealthier nations would be willing to give.

It’s not like 1st world nations do not already give 3rd world nations lots and lots of money right now as aid. But, see, the great thing about giving it for ‘climate change’ (and funneling it through the UN, so a lot ends up in the pockets of UN employees) is that it would come without strings for the receivers, since the 1st World nations “owe” the money to the developing nations because of the carbon pollution the 1st World nations have been spewing.

This point was backed by Rachel Kyte, dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University in Massachusetts, and a former UN climate envoy. “The G7 failed to lead when it didn’t agree how to fulfil the $100bn promise. Their apparent strategy of brinkmanship is wrong-headed. Many around the world are already at the brink,” she said.

“The UK has six months left to its G7 presidency and five months to go until Cop26. Johnson has to muster the world to significant climate finance commitments, purposing development finance and detail behind the global Marshall plan that President Biden calls Build Back Better World. Then, and only then, can we get the agreement we need in Glasgow.”

It’s very easy to promise to spend Other People’s money, isn’t it? It’s very easy for all the rich folks negotiating to promise to give away the hard earned money of the citizens of their countries. Where’s their own skin in the game? Getting those black and brown people to forgo fossil fuels? The same fossil fuels these elites aren’t giving up themselves? It would be great if someone counted all the private jets bringing people to the next climate change conference, COP26, in Glasglow

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Sinema Explains To Dems They Just Used The Filibuster Last Year In Their Attempt To Get Rid Of It

If Democrats really want to get rid of the filibuster, let’s also go back to the old way and get rid of the 17th Amendment, putting the election of Senators back in the hands of the State general assemblies, giving States power in the Congress of our federal republic, the way it should be, since we are not a democracy

Kyrsten Sinema: Dems hypocritical for trying to end filibuster after using it ‘just last year’

surprise surprise surpriseSen. Kyrsten Sinema Monday doubled down on her defense of the Senate’s legislative filibuster, declaring in a Washington Post op-ed that it is important to stop “repeated radical reversals” of federal law.

Sinema, D-Ariz., and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., have been the two most vocal Democrats in the chamber defending the 60-vote threshold for legislation, often attracting the ire of their more liberal colleagues. And Sinema took a page from Manchin’s playbook Monday by laying out her case for the Senate’s controversial minority protection in an opinion piece.

“To those who want to eliminate the legislative filibuster to pass the For the People Act (voting-rights legislation I support and have co-sponsored), I would ask: Would it be good for our country if we did, only to see that legislation rescinded a few years from now and replaced by a nationwide voter-ID law or restrictions on voting by mail in federal elections, over the objections of the minority?” Sinema wrote in The Post.

“This question is less about the immediate results from any of these Democratic or Republican goals,” she continued. “[I]t is the likelihood of repeated radical reversals in federal policy, cementing uncertainty, deepening divisions and further eroding Americans’ confidence in our government.”

Would Democrats be fine with Republicans passing their own legislation that has zero or just a couple Democrats in support? That they simply go with a 51-50 vote to end debate and pass it? You know that if the Democrats nuke the filibuster now they will caterwaul like 3 year olds with no cookie when Republicans do exactly as Democrats did. And they know the media will help. Seriously, if you cannot attract enough votes to hit the 60 vote threshold to end debate and go to a formal vote on legislation, then the legislation is too partisan and should be changed or nuked itself.

Sinema notes in her op-ed that Democrats often used the filibuster to stop Republican-supported legislation during President Trump’s tenure, when Republicans controlled the Senate.

“Once in a majority, it is tempting to believe you will stay in the majority. But a Democratic Senate minority used the 60-vote threshold just last year to filibuster a police reform proposal and a covid-relief bill that many Democrats viewed as inadequate,” Sinema wrote. “Those filibusters were mounted not as attempts to block progress, but to force continued negotiations toward better solutions.”

Well, not really, they just didn’t want to give Trump and Republicans a win. They used the filibuster 327 times in 2020. They’ve used it to block funding for “Trump’s wall”, a wall that is actually required by previously passed federal law. Don’t forget, Biden said in 2005 that the filibuster should be retained

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., spent over an hour on the Senate floor Wednesday night reading a 2005 speech from President Biden verbatim where Biden said eliminating the filibuster would “eviscerate the Senate.”

Biden, then a Delaware senator, said at the time it was “one of the most important speeches for historical purposes that I will have given in the 32 years since I have been in the Senate.”

He said that ending the 60-vote hurdle would turn the Senate “into the House of Representatives.”

Biden said at the time “the Senate ought not act rashly by changing its rules to satisfy a strong-willed majority acting in the heat of the moment.”

Don’t want the filibuster? Write better, more even handed, bipartisan legislation.

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Drought In The U.S. West Is The Worst In 1,200 Years Or Something

All because you just had to have that steak from an Evil moo cow and drive to the beach

Climate crisis in Western US worst in 1,200 years

As the population in the Western United States continues to grow, 72 percent of these states are experiencing a considerably “severe” drought, including 26 percent experiencing exceptional drought, NBC News reported — the worst drought in the region in 1,200 years.

Neither The Hill article nor the NBC News one provides scientific data backing up this assertion. The NBC one says

This year’s aridity is happening against the backdrop of a 20-year-long drought. The past two decades have been the driest or the second driest in the last 1,200 years in the West, posing existential questions about how to secure a livable future in the region.

They both happily blame anthropogenic climate change, failing to consider the question “what caused the drought 1,200 years ago?” If the answer is “natural processes”, then why is that different from now? I’m certainly not going to dismiss some anthropogenic forcing, especially land use and the overuse of underground water, but, they did not have industry, fossil fuels, and so forth 1,200 years ago during the Medieval Warm Period, and 1,20o years ago is right in the middle of it, and the real data shows it was warmer than the current warm period. So, what caused it? Back to The Hill

This year is set to be the worst drought in the West since 1977, Ernest Conant, director of the Mid-Pacific Region of the Bureau of Reclamation, told NBC News. Before that, the second driest year took place 1,200 years ago.

Oh, wait, what? I thought it was the worst in 1,200 years? No? So the headline and first paragraph were just mean to scare people? That’s not even mentioned in the NBC cult screed. It’s almost like the Credentialed Media is trying to gaslight us, all while failing to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their businesses carbon neutral. Why are we supposed to trust them?

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If All You See…

…is a beach that will soon be covered by the sea, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Gateway Pundit, with a post on the VA spending taxpayer money to give sex changes to veterans while 35,000 remain homeless.

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California Launches It’s COVID Passport, Totally Won’t Be Mandatory

Oh, wait, sorry, don’t call it a COVID passport, it’s a digital vaccine verification system. And still won’t be mandatory nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean know what I mean

California launches digital vaccine verification system but says it will not be mandatory

California just released a new digital vaccine verification system that residents can use in place of a the small CDC cards to prove they are inoculated against COVID-19.

The portal asks Californians to enter some personal information, including age and date of birth. If the information matches the official records, the user will receive a text or email with a link to their digital record, which has a QR code that can be scanned to show authenticity.

The digital vaccine cards are not “vaccine passports,” the state says. They contain only the same information as the CDC paper cards, and California will not make them mandatory. The digital version is just “one of the options to show proof of vaccination” for the coronavirus, the state says in the FAQ section.

California officially reopened on June 15, dropping requirements for physical distancing, capacity limits on businesses, and a tier system that varied the requirements by county. The nearly 20 million vaccinated residents of the state can use the new system to prove their vaccination status at businesses that require it, though most are not verifying vaccination.

Now, if this remains simply the information on the CDC card, OK. The concern is that it does start carrying more and more information, and that it does start being mandatory. Why is it necessary when most businesses are not verifying vaccination? Will they start after passport’s, er, digital vaccine verification system’s, release? How long is it around for? COVID is slowly ending, thank goodness. But, the Powers That Be are still trying to scare people with the Delta variant discussion. And we all know there are ulterior motives with COVID passports.

Meanwhile, China Joe is going to visit Raleigh

55% of NC adults have had one COVID shot as Biden announces Raleigh visit to up vaccinations

The White House announced Sunday that President Joe Biden will be visiting Raleigh Thursday to encourage COVID vaccinations.

The visit is part of President Biden’s “National Month of Action,” the nationwide sprint to get 70 percent of adults at least partially vaccinated by July 4.

The latest update from NCDHHS Friday said 55 percent of North Carolina adults have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Oh, joy, Joe will be in town. Hopefully, he will stay in an area of town far from me, so the traffic doesn’t get hosed in my area. How bad will he do? Will he be having a lucid day?

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Bummer: Australia’s New Deputy PM Will Put A Spike In The Climate Crisis (scam) Agenda

Australia has long been an interesting country to watch when it comes to the climate crisis scam. Voters say they want action, but, when it comes to actual elections and doing something, the voters will turn around and reject that. Remember, the 2012 Queensland elections were so bad for the party that implemented all sorts of climate crazy rules that they ended up losing so many members that they were no longer considered a recognized party

Australia’s new deputy PM casts shadow over 2050 net zero emissions ambition

A climate change sceptic will be Australia’s new deputy prime minister after a leadership revolt in the coalition government’s minor party, making it harder for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to achieve a commitment of zero net emissions by 2050.

Australia’s reliance on coal-fired power makes it one of the world’s largest carbon emitters per capita, but its conservative government has steadfastly backed the country’s fossil fuel industries, arguing tougher action on emissions would cost jobs.

Morrison in recent months has been softening his position saying Australia wants to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible, “preferably” by 2050, but that technology must lead the way not political targets.

Climate change sceptic Barnaby Joyce, who was deputy prime minister from 2016 to 2018 but resigned after an extramarital affair with a former staffer, won a National party leadership vote on Monday defeating incumbent Michael McCormack.

By convention, the leader of the rural-based National party becomes deputy prime minister in a Liberal-National government.

Morrison was trying to take a soft approach, rather than the tax the heck out of people and limit their freedom and choice agenda from most Warmists in power. Joyce will be a massive roadblock to even that soft approach if it encroaches on freedom and choice.

Joyce’s assent is likely to derail Morrison’s hope of strengthening Australia’s climate targets amid a concerted push by U.S. President Joe Biden for countries to commit to a pledge of zero net emission by 2050.

“Barnaby Joyce has made it known that he wants the National party to be independent and there won’t be any room for compromise on net zero by 2050,” said Haydon Manning, a political science professor at Flinders University in South Australia.

And well he should take that agenda, because ‘climate change’ is pretty much a scam. Seriously, Warmists are so unhinged that they’re fine with destroying the environment for their cult

Green groups fume as Canberra rejects world’s biggest renewables project

Canberra has rejected an application to build the world’s biggest renewable energy project in an Australian desert, infuriating groups hoping the government would take a more aggressive stance against climate change.

The government warned that the A$50bn green hydrogen export project threatened sensitive wetland areas and migratory bird species.

The decision represents a U-turn by Canberra, which last year supported fast tracking construction of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub on a 6,500 sq km site in a remote region in Western Australia.

“The minister concluded that the proposal would have unacceptable impacts on matters of national environmental significance,” said a spokesman for Sussan Ley, Australia’s minister for environment, on Monday.

The green groups would rather have solar and wind farms than protect the wetlands and birds. Especially since they are far away from the big cities where the climate cultists live so they don’t have to look at the blight on the land.

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CNN Hottake: Republicans Aren’t Blocking Democrats Federal Takeover Of Voting Because It’s A Horrible Bill

You are expecting an unhinged, moonbat screed as Stephen Collinson provides “analysis” on the Democrats terrible, no good bill on voting “reform”, trying to shift Blame to Republicans. Because CNN doesn’t do news

The real reason Republicans are blocking voting rights legislation

Republicans justify their plan to block sweeping voting rights legislation in the Senate this week by arguing that it’s a huge federal power grab. But their past words and actions suggest they are again prioritizing their own political advantage over defending democracy.

We aren’t a democracy at the federal level. But, see, Collinson is trying to shift away

When former President Donald Trump lost last year’s election, most Republicans didn’t do what most losing parties do — agonize over how to modify their message and appeal to a majority to deliver them future power.

Instead, party leaders in Washington and the states dedicated themselves to enshrining his anti-democratic behavior as GOP orthodoxy and whitewashing events that led to Trump’s disgrace, including his pandemic failures, lies about non-existent major electoral fraud and the Capitol insurrection.

Instead of examining why voters rejected the ex-President after a single term, Republican state legislators drew up bills rooted in his falsehoods about a stolen election that could make it easier to install their preferred victor after future elections — even if voters decide otherwise.

Trump got over 70 million votes, way more than Obama received. That Biden got over 80 is unbelievable. But, see, Democrats like Collinson are upset that Republican states would codify rules to keep elections honest. The lies about laws like the one passed in Georgia and their hatred of making sure that there is one vote one person and that person is, in fact, that person, are unacceptable to Democrats.

It is in this context that GOP senators this week are expected to block Democratic moves effectively designed to protect a democracy under near-unprecedented assault.

Not a democracy. And said bill, HR1, violates the Constitution in that states would not be allowed their own laws.

It is perfectly valid for Republicans to raise objections to the “For the People Act,” which already passed the House and which Democrats are now trying to pass in the Senate. The overhaul bill restores voting rights and expands access to the ballot by introducing automatic voter registration, protecting mail-in voting and establishing nationwide standards for early voting. The idea that this is an overly expansive use of federal power to dictate rules of state elections deserves serious debate. New campaign finance reform proposals included in the bill may face legal impediments. And it’s not clear a one-size-fits-all mandate works everywhere. Some states already believe their systems are superior to anything Washington could impose. Critics also question whether Washington will properly fund a huge overhaul of the election system.

Yeah, it’s a federal takeover, and violates the 1st Amendment in multiple ways, Article 1, Sections 2 and 4 on election control, and many more

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that he would schedule a vote on Tuesday on opening debate on voting rights. Republican senators are expected to use the filibuster rule requiring a 60-vote majority for major bills to choke off discussion about voting reform.

Ahead of the showdown, Republican senators on Sunday mobilized to also snuff out a compromise measure from moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, which surprised many on his side of the aisle last week.

He doesn’t even get the filibuster correct, in that it is used to keep from moving from debate to a vote on the legislation. Republicans surely want a debate on how bad HR1 is, how it is a federal takeover of the national election system, how it enshrines cheating, and how it is plainly unconstitutional. Even Manchin’s bill, which seems “common sense”, is unconstitutional. Democrats want to be able to cheat, and want to be able to set the rules. Pass Mancin’s bill and Congress will slowly add more and more laws to it.

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NASA’s Interest In Venus Is All About Your Evil Burger Habit

If only you hadn’t taken a fossil fueled trip to get that burger the climate would be totally stable and we wouldn’t have Bad Weather

NASA’s sudden interest in Venus is all about climate change

Recently, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced that the space agency will send not one but two robotic probes to Venus under the Discovery program. The probes are DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. The two probes, which are due to be launched by the end of the 2020s, will be the first dedicated NASA missions to the second planet from the sun in decades. Why Venus and why now? (snip)

Nobody is anxious to visit the surface of Venus anytime soon. Venus is a hell world with an atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and clouds of sulfuric acid. The average surface temperature is roughly 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmospheric pressure on the surface of Venus is 90 times that of the Earth’s surface. Robotic probes that have landed on Venus, such as the Soviet Venera, have lasted hours before being crushed and cooked by the extreme conditions.

The reason for NASA’s sudden decision to send probes to Venus has to do with the Biden administration’s new priority of studying and doing something about climate change. NASA scientists have concluded that for the first 2 billion years of its existence, Venus was remarkably like Earth, with oceans and perhaps life of some sort. However, a runaway greenhouse effect occurred that eventually created the planet that Venus is today.

Live Science suggests that, while the scientific community holds to a growing consensus that current climate change on Earth is driven by human action, mainly by carbon dioxide emitted by power plants and automobiles, natural processes can also cause the phenomenon. The sun’s output and changes in the Earth’s axial tilt can affect climate. How much climate change is caused by human activity and how much is caused by natural processes will inform public policy responses to the phenomenon.

Yeah, they actually do think that Mankind is going to turn Earth into Venus, or at least Venus-like. I don’t have to explain how insane/cult this is, right?

Venus provides a model of how climate change can occur entirely due to natural processes. No one thinks that ancient Venusians caused the phenomenon with SUVs and fossil fuel plants. Hence, NASA is sending two robotic probes that will delve into the mechanisms that changed Venus from an Earth-like world to the uninhabitable mess that it is today. The space agency describes what the two probes will do.

So, then why are they linking this to anthropogenic climate change/crisis/emergency if Venus is all natural?

Climate scientists, like all scientists, are hungry for more data. Venus provides another opportunity to understand what causes climate to change besides studying the process on Earth. With more data at hand, public policy decision makers will be better able to enact laws and regulations that will moderate climate change on Earth without tanking the economy. “Follow the science” is often used as a political slogan. But it is a sound practice so long as the science is backed up by data.

Oh, that’s why, so they they can slap you with taxes and limit your freedom and choice because a planet much closer to the Sun went hellhole around 2.5 billion years ago naturally.

BTW, what happens if (and when) they figure out that most of the climactic changes on Earth are from natural processes? Will they let us know, or hide the data and conclusions?

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If All You See…

…is wine that will soon be made in Sweden because of evil fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with a post on questions for the NY Times after its latest blood libel of Israel.

It’s drinking week!

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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup Peter Driben

Happy Sunday! Another gorgeous day in the Once And Future Nation Of America. Getting a little rain from the tropical storm for the bushes, the Dodgers are on a winning streak, and it’s Father’s Day. This pinup is by Peter Driben, with a wee bit of help.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Sonoran Conservative has some fun facts about the Kentucky Derby
  2. Sultan Knish explains how HBO got Woke and went Broke
  3. The Daley Gator has 100 tunes that defined rock and roll
  4. The First Street Journal covers Socialism in education
  5. The Gateway Pundit notes that the driver who rammed into a gay pride parade is ….. gay (it was supposedly an accident, and most news outlets have failed to mention he’s part of the Gay Chorus)
  6. The Lid discusses Texas laws that will give gun grabbers heartburn
  7. The Other McCain has a long piece on Victoria’s Secret going Woke
  8. The Political Hat has the Woke history of the world
  9. The Right Scoop notes that Trump was right again on California wildfires
  10. Victory Girls Blog covers the Colorado health department targeting the unvaccinated in violation of HIPPA
  11. Vox Popoli discusses Harry and Princess Pushy being mad their son will never be a prince (entitled brats who walked away from royals)
  12. Weasel Zippers highlights Rochester whining about crime while defunding the police
  13. Powerline covers the IRS abusing their power again
  14. Moonbattery discusses the Woke making the rules on Megan Ripanoe’s racism
  15. And last, but not least, Maggie’s Farm has a simple question on cicadas

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page (nope, that’s gone, the newest Apache killed access, and the program hasn’t been upgraded since 2014). While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me.

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

Anyone else have a link or hotty-fest going on? Let me know so I can add you to the list. And do you have a favorite blog you can recommend be added to the feedreader?

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