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…is wonderful bamboo, which is great for slowing climate doom, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on pics of the day.

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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup Gil Elvgren

Happy Sunday! Another wonderful day in the Once And Future Nation Of America. The Sun is shining, birds are singing, and summer is fast approaching. This pinup is by Gil Elvgren, with a wee bit of help.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Outside The Beltway cover winners, losers, and the debt ceiling
  2. Pacific Pundit notes MLB quietly losing the pride logo
  3. Sultan Knish discusses Biden’s anti-Semitism strategy enabling Jew and Israel hatred
  4. The First Street Journal covers the Left wanting to control your thoughts by controlling your language
  5. The Gateway Pundit notes Six Flags planning to hold an all ages drag show
  6. The O.K. Corral covers Minnesota giving tuition to illegals and felons
  7. The Other McCain notes what happened when Chicago hired gangsters to be peacekeepers
  8. Victory Girls Blog is not impressed with Trump congratulating Kim Jong Un
  9. Jo Nova discusses the peak of ESG
  10. Not A Lot Of People Know That covers false weather data
  11. Real Climate Science notes the world ending in 18 days
  12. American Greatness covers how bad Bernie Sanders’ health plan is
  13. Blazing Cat Fur discusses more suspected terrorists sneaking across the border
  14. Chicks On the Right highlights a woman shooting a man foolish enough to fool around and find out
  15. And last, but, not least, Cold Fury notes the Texas Rangers refusing to celebrate Pride month

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Two great sites for getting news links are Liberty Daily and Whatafinger.

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Majority Of Americans Say There Are Only Two Genders

Nice to see that 57 percent of Americans are not anti-science, anti-biology, and wackjob moonbat (I will say that the headline is a bit off, as this is not so much a rejection of the gender confused as a reality check)

Poll: Public ‘Strongly’ Rejects Transgenderism Despite Corporate ‘Pride’

Americans are uniting in broad opposition to the transgender ideology despite a roar of pro-transgenderism rhetoric from Fortune 500 corporations, government officials, and establishment media.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans strongly agree that “There are [only] two genders, male and female,” according to a May 23-24 survey of 1,116 adults by Rasmussen Reports.

That is a 14-point jump from 2019, when only 43 percent of respondents said they strongly think there are “only two possible gender identities, man or woman,” a poll of 1,100 people by the left-wing Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found.

Similarly, the Rasmussen poll showed that only ten percent of Americans “strongly disagree” with society’s recognition of just the two complementary sexes, male and female.

But in 2019, a much higher share — 24 percent of respondents — in the PRRI poll said they strongly think “There is a range of many possible gender identities.”

So, fewer and fewer people are buying into the 925 genders that wackos are pushing. Listen, gays and lesbians and bisexuals are not saying they are different genders, just that they like the same sex. Or both sexes. This whole many genders beyond male and female are simply people with mental illness with no one around who say “stop. Join us in reality land. Let me get you some competent mental health help.”

The polls help explain why sales of Bud Light dropped by roughly 30 percent and why the stock price of the Target retail chain lost roughly $10 billion after their status-seeking middle managers wrapped their shareholders’ brands around the unpopular transgender ideology.

When the government wackos are pushing this and companies are going Woke there will be backlash. People do not like to be taught how to think and act.

Meanwhile, NASCAR is looking to alienate their customer base, pulling a Budweiser

They’re not going to be happy when viewership drops, attendance drops, merchandising crashes, and, while I’m not a race fan at all, the sponsorships are huge in NASCAR. Hardcore fans will only buy certain products for whom sponsors their favorite team.

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June Gloom Brings Feelings Of Climate Grief In California

You can tell it’s a cult when overcast and dreary weather to start the month sends a person’s mind to immediately think of climate doom. This is bat-guano insane

Newsletter: Hooray, another June gloom in L.A. How that intensifies feelings of climate grief

Good morning. I’m Paul Thornton, and it is Saturday, June 3, 2023. Let’s look back at the week in Opinion.

With much of Los Angeles shivering under the cold blanket of fog we call May gray or June gloom — arguably our only truly identifiable season — it may seem odd to begin with a discussion on climate change. It may also seem like overkill, with last weekend’s newsletter devoted to wondering what a global warming-supercharged El Niño might bring to California (and what it might preview for a future of greater than 1.5 degrees Celsius [2.7 degrees Fahrenheit] of warming).

But the likelihood of global warming permanently burning away our mild late-spring respite serves as a good segue to a discussion on climate grief. It’s an all too easy emotion to feel spending your life in Los Angeles, where oceans warmed by our burning of fossil fuels mean the impending end of coastal fog and reliably cool starts to our summers, and hotter temperatures and longer droughts mean worse wildfires in our local mountains. The things we’ve had this whole time are disappearing; how we react to losing them isn’t all that different than how we’d handle losing a loving friend or relative.

The question now is what we do with that grief — and by grief, I do not mean hopelessness. It’s the process of acknowledging, however painful it might be, that something you love is lost or may soon be gone, and how that changes you.

For me, climate grief has intensified my antipathy to oil companies and clarified my resolve to use their products as sparingly as possible. It’s made each trip into local forests and mountains much more intentional: I connect now with nature in ways I never have before, aware that the spruces, pines and oaks that generously shade my favorite trails will probably perish soon from pestilence or fire. I make sure my children know their parents are doing what we can to make their future as habitable as the one we inherited. And I appreciate when May gray and June gloom arrive on schedule, or when snow falls on peaks within sight of L.A.

So, really, almost no change in behavior to limit his impact on the climate emergency. I’m not surprised.

I have my ways of dealing with climate grief, and others have theirs. Writing for our op-ed page, poet Tess Taylor beautifully describes the respite from climate grief that she finds in backyard gardening:

Yeah, Tess doesn’t really do anything, either. Bunch of climate cult lunatics.

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If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is neo-neocon, with a post on censorship and “What Is A Woman?”

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Looney Tunes Goes Groomer By Pushing Drag

Looney Tunes is a cartoon brand meant for kids. Yes, they’ve done some drag stuff, meant for laughs, much like Monty Python, Bennie Hill, and many others have done. Looney Tunes is not doing this for laughs

Looney Tunes Uses Bugs Bunny to Celebrate Drag Queens for Pride Month: ‘Get Your Drag On’

Looney Tunes — the classic children’s animated brand from Warner Bros. — is celebrating Pride Month by encouraging people to dress up as drag queens.

In a tweet Thursday, which was the first day of Pride Month, the official Looney Tunes Twitter account posted a tribute to Bugs Bunny in various states of female attire — though noticeably not from his turn as Brunnhilde in “What’s Opera, Doc?”

“Happy Pride, get your drag on,” Looney Tunes wrote.

If you’re pushing this on children, you’re grooming. There’s really no reason for this. There’s no reason to be advertising in this manner to children. Leave the children alone. Disney is pushing this for babies, which is more about patronizing Woke wackjob parents. And parents at a North Hollywood, California school protested the school wanting to have a Pride event for for kids

Some protesters marched outside the school wearing shirts and holding banners that read, “leave our kids alone.”

Others held signs with slogans like “no to sexualizing our kids,” “no pride in grooming,” “parental choice matters,” and “our protest is against [Los Angeles Unified School District].”

However, counter-protesters showed up on the scene to support the “LGBTQIAAP2S+” community. Helicopter footage showed the protesters and counter-protesters get into a physical altercation at one point, with the parties punching at each other. Ultimately, LAPD officers stepped in and separated the groups.

Obviously, no one in the Credentialed Media is going to ask why they’re Comrades are doing this stuff, why they are pushing so hard. And then there’s our Woke Navy, which is all in

Later in his message, Del Toro said LGBTQI+ Sailors, Marines, civilians, and contractors were working to mold the future of the Navy and realize the “limitless possibilities of a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive workforce where everyone can live as their true self and defend our Nation from extremism and any threat.”

That has zero to do with their actual mission, which is defending the United States from foreign invaders and the citizens of the U.S.

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Good News: Ireland Planning To Kill Up To 200K Cows Over ‘Climate Change’

Yes, the climate cult is deranged, and this won’t cause any problems with the cost of milk and beef going forward, right?

Ireland’s mooted cow massacre is a warning to net zero Britain

climate cowThe collateral damage of net zero is now getting uncomfortably close to home. First Dutch farmers were threatened with compulsory purchases to satisfy EU emissions targets, fomenting a new revolt in the process. Now it’s Ireland’s turn, where the government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 dairy cows to meet its climate targets. The scheme would be a bit like voluntary redundancy, with farmers offered financial inducements to give up their cows.

British beef and dairy farmers are now very jittery. It seems increasingly clear that there is an eco-modernist agenda to do away with conventional meat altogether. It’s not just the Extinction Rebellion mob, either; many of the world’s politicians are on board.

It’s very fortunate we’re out of the EU or we could be facing the same pressure from Brussels. Now, we can only hope that Rishi Sunak, who represents a heavily rural constituency in the Yorkshire Dales, understands what’s at stake for farming communities.

Spending vast sums of taxpayer’s money on destroying productive animals would be a perfect summation of the net zero madness infecting the West. The Irish Department of Agriculture has said that the report was just a “modelling document”, but no sane government would even get to the point of including such a plan in “a deliberative process”. Why? Because it is irrational.

All for a scam. This is all purely unhinged, and only cult members would consider this. The same people who say they love the environment want to kill all those cows. How about all the wankers who believe in this make their own lives carbon neutral.

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New York Looking To House Illegals At JFK Airport

I wonder if this is a cynical way to attempt to get Los Federales to pick up the tab? Plus, keeping all this illegals away from all the Democrats who support illegal immigration in theory

NYC preps 500 cots for migrants at JFK mail warehouse, awaiting FAA approval

Five hundred cots have been set up and ready for use at a cavernous warehouse at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens as Mayor Eric Adams’ administration awaits federal approval to convert the space into a migrant shelter.

New York City is bursting at the seams to house 45,900 asylum seekers in the 157 emergency sites that have been set up across the five boroughs.

An additional 4,800 asylum seekers arrived at city shelters over the last two weeks alone, said mayoral spokesperson Kate Smart this week.

The beds at JFK’s Building 197 and multiple trailers outfitted with showers and toilets are expected to accommodate up to 1,000 asylum seekers, THE CITY reported Thursday afternoon.

The warehouse is ready to welcome single adults as soon as the city gets the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration, a source said on an internal call between City Hall and City Council Friday morning.

Single adults, eh? Weren’t we told it was all families trying to escape whatever the current excuse is? I guess the Sanctuary City residents aren’t particularly interested in letting them out in the streets, so, they’ll lock them down at JFK.

They’re having fun with a different group of illegals in England

Migrants barricade London hotel after being denied private rooms

Migrants are staging a pavement protest after deciding the hotel they have been transferred to was nothing like the “nice” accommodation they saw on Google Maps.

Instead of the single rooms with en suite bathrooms that they had in their Essex hotel, they found they were being forced to share – four to a single room with two bunk beds and a “smelly” toilet – in a hotel in central London.

On Thursday, the 25 migrants refused to return to their rooms in the Comfort Inn in Pimlico and instead decamped to the pavement. They say they will sleep there with their blankets, duvets, cushions and suitcases until they get single rooms.

A 27-year-old Iranian said: “Two square metres is not enough for sleeping four people. And when you go to the toilet, the smell damages you.”

Well, go home. You weren’t invited.

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The Traditional British Loaf Of Bread Could Be Wiped Out Or Something

I done told you to stop driving in fossil fueled vehicles, turn your AC up to 80, only shower once a week, and use 2 sheets of TP, but, no, you want to destroy everything

Why this type of bread could be wiped out by climate change

The traditional British loaf could be wiped out by climate change, new research warns

Wheat crops struggle when the weather gets too hot. Yields are being slashed because of unprecedented droughts, say scientists.

The likelihood of extreme temperatures has increased significantly in grain-producing regions, the study shows.

Lead author Dr. Erin Coughlan de Perez of Tufts University said: “The historical record is no longer a good representation of what we can expect for the future.

“We live in a changed climate and people are underestimating current day possibilities for extreme events.”

How horrible! Um, they do realize that climatic changes have always happened, and that whole (fake) Marie Antoinette quote about “let them eat cake” was really about there being wheat grain shortages from harsh cold weather during the Little Ice Age?

Of course, everyone is on the bandwagon of wheat shortages, such as

World’s wheat supply at risk of a dangerous shock due to heat and drought, study warns
New research outlines a worst-case scenario in which extreme weather hammers winter wheat crops in both the U.S. Midwest and northeastern China in the same year.

It’s always worst case with these cultists. Say, what about the big heat wave in the 1930’s, creating the Dust Bowl? Wasn’t that much use of fossil fuels then, and CO2 was under the “safe” level of 350ppm.

Could seaweed be the ‘fastest and least expensive’ tool to fight climate change?

A bold experiment to use seaweed as part of a solution to climate change is underway in Iceland, where millions of basketball-size buoys made of wood and limestone and seeded with seaweed will be dropped into the ocean in the coming months.

Running Tide is part of a new crop of startups that position seaweed as a multi-pronged solution to climate change—able to absorb atmospheric carbon, reduce cattle’s methane emissions, provide feedstock for biofuels, and feed the world—no fertilizers, fresh water, or even land required. Some of these ventures, like Running Tide, want to sink seaweed to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Others want to replace carbon-intensive materials like soy, fertilizers, plastic, and petroleum with seaweed-derived versions.

Hey, if it works and is less environmentally damaging, I’m for it. As long as it provides enough power. Can’t wait till they start telling us that this is Bad.

Climate change is intensifying, and people are “panicking,” says Kristen Davis, professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth system science at University of California Irvine. But seizing on seaweed-based carbon removal as a solution before the science is settled, she says, could cause environmental harm or distract from more surefire strategies, such as swiftly cutting emissions.


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If All You See…

…is a field perfect for solar panels, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on Corportate LGBTists coming after pets.

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