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Washington Post Wants You To Use Cold Water To Save The Planet

The interesting part is that “reporter” Allyson Chiu fails to mention whether she’s fully switched from not using hot water, nor is it mentioned whether the WP has turned off hot water at their office Why you should embrace using cold water, almost all the time You may not be giving a second thought to […]

Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Turning To Pro-Hamas Al Jazeera For News On Gaza

Now, if it was Republicans turning to seriously hardcore news outlets, the NY Times would be apoplectic Frustrated by Gaza Coverage, Student Protesters Turn to Al Jazeera Nick Wilson has closely followed news on the war in the Gaza Strip since October. But Wilson, a Cornell University student, is picky when it comes to his […]

Arrest Of Illegal Aliens Skyrockets In PRC: LA Times Wonders Why

It’s a mystery, y’all! Migrant arrests are up along the border in California and dropping in Texas. Why? A new pattern emerged along the nation’s southern border last month: Migrant arrests plummeted at the Texas border in January compared to the same month a year ago. At the same time, similar arrests soared year-over-year at […]

Time Magazine Tries To Paint Larry Hogan As A Hardcore Conservative

Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan is not a Reagan Conservative. He’s more of a squishy George W. Bush Republican. He’s full of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and he was more than happy to lock down Maryland during Wuhan Flu. He fits in with people like Mitch McConnell, but, is he as wacky as ones like Susan […]

NY Times: Say, Biden Is Kept Pretty Cocooned, Eh?

Should we be surprised that the NY Times is exposing just how much Biden is protected from those pesky reporters and citizens? Of course, it was a piece published on Saturday Inside Biden’s Protective White House Aides have President Joe Biden take the shorter stairs to board Air Force One. When it comes to news […]

NY Times: Hey, It Was Just A Verbal Slip When He Misidentified “President Of Mexico”

The politics section of the NY Times looks a lot like the opinion section (free at Yahoo) Eight Words and a Verbal Slip Put Biden’s Age Back at the Center of 2024 When President Joe Biden appeared at a last-minute news conference Thursday night, he hoped to assure the country of his mental acuity hours […]

Biden’s Intentional Incompetence On Border Threatens His Biggest “Foreign Policy Win” Or Something

So, what does the NY Times consider to be Biden’s biggest foreign policy win? It’s a doozy How Biden’s Immigration Fight Threatens His Biggest Foreign Policy Win The soaring number of people crossing into the United States from Mexico has been a political vulnerability for President Biden for the past three years, chipping away at […]

Insane: 20% Of Young Americans Think The Holocaust Is A Myth

Our public education system is a disaster One in five young Americans believes the Holocaust is a myth, poll finds One in five young Americans thinks that the Holocaust is a myth and only half are convinced that it definitely happened, according to a new poll. Older Americans were far more likely to believe the […]

Suddenly, The LA Times Editorial Board Is For Informed Debate On Campus

The LA Times editorial board, and the paper overall, haven’t had an issue with hardcore Democrat voters of all stripes running rampant on campus over the years. Not a peep when students and faculty do everything the can to stop people from speaking who have different views. With students taking over campus offices for whatever […]

Israel Supposedly Hits Near Hospital, Media Fails As Usual

We all know that the majority of the Credentialed Media hates Israel to the point of backing Hamas Heavy fighting around Gaza’s largest hospital forces many to flee Strikes hit the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital Friday, badly wounding displaced civilians on its grounds and in some cases forcing them to move yet again and seek […]

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