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Washington Post: Trump Won’t Tell Russia To Not Interfere In 2020 Elections Or Something

The Editorial Board doesn’t read their own paper, or apparently, any others. But, they have a Narrative Trump won’t warn Russia off interfering in 2020, so Congress has to DID RUSSIAN military spies hack the Ukrainian gas company at the center of the U.S. impeachment trial? Well, why wouldn’t they? It’s alarming that this has been […]

NY Times Wants Senators To Do The Right Thing On Impeachment Or Something

Of course, the editorial board of the NY Times has already convicted Trump, so, of course they want the Senate to be serious Take Impeachment Seriously, Senators It would be nice to have faith that, as the Senate prepares to receive the articles of impeachment against President Trump and gears up for its role in this rare […]

The Hill Seems Rather Upset That Trump Said It Didn’t Matter If Iranian Attacks Were Imminent

The Hill fableists Morgan Chalfant and Brett Samuels think they are on to Something Big Trump says it doesn’t matter if Soleimani posed an imminent threat President Trump on Monday downplayed the significance of any imminent threat to the U.S. before he ordered the strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, raising new questions about […]

NY Times: ZOMG, Trump Was Against Forever Wars, What If He Starts A New One?

It’s amazing the lengths that Democrats will go to oppose President Trump ordering the drone strike that took out a stone cold terrorist, a guy with the blood of thousands of American soldiers killed and wounded, because Democrats are infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Had it been President Hillary Clinton, they would be lauding her […]

NY Times Works Hard To Protect Islamist Regime In Iran

The same NY Times which was never particularly concerned with Obama’s use of force against Islamic jihadis throughout the Eastern world nor in Libya is Very Concerned with Trump ordering a strike against an Iranian responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans Congress, Stop President Trump’s Rush to War With Iran President Trump must […]

Surprise: Washington Post Rails Against Firearms After Texas Church Shooting

They have absolutely no idea how Keith Kinnunen obtained his shotgun, a weapon that Gun Grabbers usually approve of because they are for hunting, but, they are still going to go hardcore The Texas church shooter should never have had access to a firearm Lives were saved when a member of the volunteer security team […]

NY Times Super Excited About Senate Trial Not Being About GOP Party Loyalty Or Something

The Editorial Board is squeeing over ultra squishy Lisa Murkowski, calling her the conscience in the Senate….but, then they and other Democrats used to think that Ted Kennedy, who left a woman to slowly drown while he worked on his alibi, and Robert Byrd, a former high ranking KKK member, were consciences in the Senate […]

Good News: It’s Putin’s World, And We’re Living In It

When will the NY Times apologize to Mitt Romney for laughing at him for this? “When you were asked, what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said ‘Russia.’ Not Al-Qaeda; you said Russia,” Obama charged. “And, the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because, the Cold War’s been over for […]

Hilarious: Washington Post Asks If Republicans Will Take The Constitution Seriously

We all know, excluding the Washington Post editorial board, that this whole impeachment theater has been a political farce. They’ve wanted to impeach so they went searching for a reason. They left exculpatory evidence out of their reports, they limited who Republicans could call, they have failed to include their bribery and other charges, and, […]

Here We Go Again: People Freak Over The Circle Game At Army-Navy Game, Call It White Power

The people at 4Chan who came up with the whole “throwing the OK sign is white power” to troll the media get an A+ for their success Possible ‘white power’ hand signs at Army-Navy game probed The Army and Navy academies are looking into hand signs flashed by students that can be associated with “white […]

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