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Even On Fighting Opioids, Media Goes TDS

America apparently has an opioid problem. We’ve heard about this for several years, with each pronouncement more dire. One would think that the President of the United States taking an interest would be a good thing, but, this is the leftist media, so Politico writers Brianna Ehley, Josh Dawsey, and Sarah Karlin-Smith give it the […]

NY Times Uses Earthquakes To Bash Trump

Envision in your mind, the members of the NY Times editorial board get together, glasses of fancy wine in hand, caviar on the table, linen napkins gleaming white, and the question at hand is how to bash President Trump over the latest Mexico and Japanese earthquakes. Unpaid interns are called in to work the search […]

Surprise: Washington Post Blamestorms Trump Admin Over St. Louis Shooting Case

The Washington Post Editorial Board has decided to have a snit fit over the case of St Louis officer Jason Stockley shooting and killing Anthony Lamar Smith. The headline read St. Louis is what happens when the Justice Department won’t do its job. The editorial spends 3 paragraphs giving the briefest of overviews of the […]

Play Politics With Irma: People Want Trump To Open Mar-A-Lago As Storm Shelter

No matter what happens, Democrats are required by rule to make it political. It’s what they do. And, as you read this, remember that the publication date shows two hours before the posting of this post, as the hurricane has already been lashing Florida Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter […]

Hot Take: Irma’s Locked And Loaded Towards Trump Properties

Remember, though, that the media is totally non-partisan and utterly un-biased, so the news media tells us. And that’s how we end up with this bit of unhinged #resist from NBC News and writer Ben Popken (via Twitchy) Irma Locked and Loaded Towards Several Trump Properties Ire and fury are expected to rain down on […]

Washington Post: Since Impeachment Is A Long Shot, There’s Something Else Unhinged That Can Be Done

The unhinged fantasies of Democratic Party voters, and, yes, some Republicans, that Trump will be impeached are not good for their mental well being. This constant bleating that something will show up, that he’s committed some sort of crime, that they can invoked the 25th Amendment, and, further, somehow get impeach VP Mike Pence at […]

Washington Post Attempts To Blame Trump For Harvey, Hits Obama Instead

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post has finally joined in on the “ZOMG, Harvey was made worse by Hotcoldwetdry!” bandwagon. They try and punch Trump and his administration in the face, but, who was president the past eight years? Houston is paying the price for public officials’ ignorance PRESIDENT TRUMP assured the nation over […]

Trump To Head To Texas Tuesday

The media and Democrats are having a tough time finding a way to bash Mr. Trump and his response to Hurricane Harvey. Of course, if you take a peek through the Twitter timelines of a lot of Democrats, you’ll find zero mention of the storm About the only ones I’ve found are those from Texas […]

NY Times Is Suddenly Very Concerned About Executive Pardons

At least when it comes to one person, the NYT Editorial Board is upset Say No to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mr. Trump By pardoning an official who showed contempt for a judge, the president would show contempt for American courts. It would be difficult for President Trump, who has insulted judges and tried to interfere […]

Predictable: NY Times Figures Out Way To Slur Trump On Afghanistan Plan

Seriously, who would have thought that the NY Times Editorial Board would come out and slam Mr. Trump? Mr. Trump on Afghanistan: More of the Same; No End in Sight If there is a compelling case to be made for deepening the United States military involvement in Afghanistan, where the 16-year-old war has already lasted […]

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