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Hot Take: U.S. Seizes On Iranian Tanker Attacks

See, the problem according to CNN’s Stephen Collinson is not that the Iranians attacked tankers, but that Trump and his people are seizing US seizes on tanker attacks to up the stakes with Iran When a US Secretary of State is as swift and unequivocal as Mike Pompeo was in blaming Iran for brazen attacks on two […]

Washington Post: Trump Stayed At His Money Losing, Climate Change Threatened Resort In Europe, You Know

The Washington Post, like many leftist news outlets, are all over the place. Their lead article is actually rather nice Trump, world leaders salute Normandy veterans on D-Day anniversary But then we have unhinged in the opinion section For D-Day, Trump recalls the heroism of … Donald Trump My father served on D-Day. He experienced […]

NY Times Suddenly Concerned Over Presidential Pardons

Let’s face it, all presidents in the modern era have used pardons that left people shaking their heads. You can find lots of examples for Republicans and Democrats. But, have you heard the NY Times Editorial Board complain? Well, that’s because Trump is now in office The President and His Power to Pardon The Constitution assigns to […]

GOP Amps Up Attack On Tlaib’s Anti-Israel Comments

What level is “amp up”? Pouncing? Seizing? Respond? And what would the defense of an Israel hater be called? Republicans amp up attacks on Tlaib’s Holocaust comments The war of words over race and anti-Semitism is heating up on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers in both parties launched new salvos Tuesday in the escalating uproar over […]

NY Times Says It’s Time To Stand Up To Guns Or Something

More people are killed by automobiles yearly. I guess we need to stand up to them? You knew this stuff was coming, so, here’s Excitable Nicholas Kristoff, who is protected by armed security at the NY Times building We Have 2 Dead Young Heroes. It’s Time to Stand Up to Guns. Politicians fearful of the […]

Washington Post Wonders If Trump Economy Is Too Good To Be True

Buckle your seatbelts, Heather Long of the Washington Post is looking for a way to downgrade the Trump economy Is this economy too good to be true? The U.S. economy again defied expectations in April, as another month of strong hiring and falling unemployment forced experts to reevaluate just how good the economy can get […]

Cartoonist Who Drew Anti-Semitic Graphic For NY Times Blames “Jewish Propaganda”

Go figure The fellow who drew the anti-Semitic cartoon in the NY Times blames “Jewish propaganda” for the pushback. So that problem should completely go away now. Excellent recap via ⁦@brianstelter⁩ — Bill Grueskin (@BGrueskin) May 1, 2019 Good of CNN, usually unhinged Brian Stetler, and the others to offer this Reporters in The New […]

NY Times Finally Decides To Notice Rising Jew Hatred In Their Own Paper And Around The World

It only took them publishing multiple anti-Semitic cartoons and getting slammed A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism The Times published an appalling political cartoon in the opinion pages of its international print edition late last week. It portrayed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as a dog wearing a Star of David on a collar. He […]

NY Times Suspends All Political Cartoons In International Edition Over Internal Jew Hatred

Remember this from just a few days ago? If an openly anti-Semitic cartoon makes it into the international edition of @nytimes, you know how far Jew-hate has creeped back into the mainstream. This cartoon was handpicked, signed off, published. Not an honest mistake. — Julie Lenarz (@MsJulieLenarz) April 27, 2019 It says quite a […]

Media Seems Pretty Upset That Trump Is Done With All The Investigations From Partisan Democrats

The entire Russia Russia Russia probe was based on fake documents and irrational hatred, followed by Hillary losing fair and square to Donald, because she was a terrible candidate, insulted tens of millions of Americans, failed to go to needed states, and passed out on 9/11. On video.  That loss prompted Sore Loser Syndrome from […]

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