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Journalism: Washington Post Actually Contacts Random Guys Parents Over Tweet

No, seriously Scott McMillan, a 56-year-old lawyer, tweeted that it's more vital to revive the economy than to save people who are ‘not productive,’ like the elderly and infirm. So I called his parents. — Marc Fisher (@mffisher) March 25, 2020 This is the state of journalism these days. Yesterday, Sissy Willis responded to […]

Latest Fearmongering: DOJ Wants To Suspend All Sorts Of Constitutional Rights

The Coronavirus fearmongering has obviously been flying around for weeks. We keep getting all the “Trump’s shutting down the nation for (X) long!!!!!!!”. No one ever actually has a named source, but, they keep having to knock this down, like People with too much time on their hands were spreading unfounded rumors, looking for their […]

Trump Calls Out NY Times For Missing Half A Quote

The NY Times still hasn’t updated the article to reflect the entire quote Trump calls the New York Times a ‘disgrace to journalism’ for misrepresentation of his coronavirus quote Media pundits criticized President Donald Trump based on an incomplete quote from a recording of the president’s conference call with state governors about the crisis from […]

After Years Of Calling Trump Authoritarian, Media Upset Trump’s Not Being Authoritarian On Coronavirus

Trump has been called all sorts of things. such as Nazi, Fascist, Putin’s buddy, till the Democrats and the Credentialed Media settled on “authoritarian”. They can’t actually show any proof of Trump doing things authoritarian, but, that doesn’t stop them. Now that he’s not telling people what to do with the force of government, they […]

NY Times Knows What The Best Treatment For Coronavirus Is

The NY Times Editorial Board thinks they’re on to something Best Treatment for the Coronavirus? Paid Sick Leave The Federal Reserve did what it could Tuesday to offset the growing economic impact of the coronavirus by announcing a supersize reduction in its benchmark interest rate — the first time the Fed has acted between its regularly scheduled […]

NY Times: Say, Let’s Call It The Trumpvirus

Remember, Democrats get very upset when Trump supporters say they are using the Coronavirus for their nefarious political purposes. They’re running article after articles, opinion piece after opinion piece, telling us how Doomed we are and that Orange Man Bad. Paul Krugman has a pretty hot take about when a pandemic meets a personality cult, […]

Surprise: National Security Wiretap System Is A Mess

The NY Times notices a big problem National Security Wiretap System Was Long Plagued by Risk of Errors and Omissions In the 1990s, F.B.I. agents hunting for a Russian mole zeroed in on a C.I.A. official as their main suspect as they tried to determine who had sold secrets that had led to the deaths […]

MSNBC: Trump Is The Enemy

It’s good that Nicolle Wallace put it this way: she’s just exposing what the Credentialed Media actually thinks of Trump and the people who vote for him MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Trump Is ‘The Enemy’ MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace referred to President Donald Trump as “the enemy” Monday, urging Democrats against succumbing to internal divisions. Wallace […]

Washington Post: Trump Won’t Tell Russia To Not Interfere In 2020 Elections Or Something

The Editorial Board doesn’t read their own paper, or apparently, any others. But, they have a Narrative Trump won’t warn Russia off interfering in 2020, so Congress has to DID RUSSIAN military spies hack the Ukrainian gas company at the center of the U.S. impeachment trial? Well, why wouldn’t they? It’s alarming that this has been […]

NY Times Wants Senators To Do The Right Thing On Impeachment Or Something

Of course, the editorial board of the NY Times has already convicted Trump, so, of course they want the Senate to be serious Take Impeachment Seriously, Senators It would be nice to have faith that, as the Senate prepares to receive the articles of impeachment against President Trump and gears up for its role in this rare […]

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