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Washington Post: Trumps Tough Talk On Enforcing Illegal Immigration Is Bad For “Law Abiding Illegals” Or Something

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post takes yet another stab at protecting those who are unlawfully present in the United States who aren’t committing crimes, except for low level ones, and actually ends up proving that Trump’s tough talk and action on illegal immigration is working when we compare the story to headline Trump’s […]

NY Times: National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is A Threat To Law And Order Or Something

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is Very Upset that about this notion, which is actually built into the U.S. Constitution, ie, reciprocity. The subhead as showing on the app version says “concealed-carry reciprocity is a threat to law and order” Going National With Concealed Guns It’s hard to believe that congressional Republicans would […]

Bummer: Biggest Tax Bill Losers Would Be Blue Staters Earning More Than $200,000

The NY Times is Very Concerned Among the Tax Bill’s Biggest Losers: Blue State Taxpayers Who Earn More Than $200,000 While the Republican tax overhaul would add up to an overall tax cut for individual taxpayers, at least through 2025, millions could still immediately receive a tax increase. For many, particularly in Democratic areas, the increase […]

Politico: Clinton Should Run For Tom Cotton’s Arkansas Seat Or Something

The ideas that hardcore leftists like Politico’s Bill Scher come up with Clinton Should Run for Cotton’s Senate Seat With rumors swirling that Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton will soon head for the CIA, another Senate race may be added to the 2018 list. The safe money is for an open seat in Arkansas to stay […]

About That General Flynn Thing…

According to ABC News’ Brian Ross, doom was coming down on Trump. Um, but Here's the full "clarification" @BrianRoss read on-air on "World News" tonight — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) December 2, 2017 As Allahpundit notes So “candidate” Trump asked his top natsec guy to rethink U.S. foreign policy towards Russia, and president-elect Trump reached […]

Journalism: Trump Tells Confidants That Government Shutdown Would Be Good For Him Or Something

Every day there seems to be a negative story on President Trump that offers nothing but unknown, unnamed, anonymous sources. In an age where the media is part and parcel of the #Resistance, where they are even more unhinged and opposed to a sitting Republican president, how can we take the media seriously? How can […]

Washington Post Blamestorms Trump For Rising Hate Crimes In 2015 And 2016

Remember the days when it was all about Barack Obama inheriting problems from President George W. Bush? Those days went all the way through his first term, and a little bit into his second. Of course, Donald Trump is president now, so, everything must be blamed/linked to him Hate in America is on the rise […]

Suddenly, NY Times Is Interested In The Line Between Sexual Assault And A Mistake

The NY Times has (mostly) long been on the Everything Is Sexual Assault bandwagon, and that the accuser is always right, should always believed, proof is not necessary, and the accused should have their life destroyed. Unless it was Bill Clinton (with Hillary as his enabler). Or Ted Kennedy. Or virtually any Democrat. Which is […]

Washington Post Is Enraged Over California Shooting, And Wants Congress To Do Something

According to the Brady Campaign, California is the state with the most gun restrictions. They have 8 laws on “assault weapons” and magazine size. Eleven on background checks. Seven on high risk gun possession. Twelve on buyer regulations. Seven for possession. Eighteen for domestic violence. The Washington Post Editorial Board seems to forget this Don’t […]

NY Times Just Can’t Move On From Hillary Losing

It was one year ago today that we held a national election for President. By the end of the day, Democrats would realize that they would not be celebrating Hillary in the White House, and would have to deal with President Donald Trump. Since that time, they’ve been more unhinged than normal, whining about this, […]

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