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Washington Post: 8 Million Might Starve In Yemen, And It’s Probably Trump’s Fault

Now, just remember how the headline from the WP Editorial Board reads 8 million teeter on the brink of famine. America is complicit. America is complicit WHILE THE world was focused on the U.S.-North Korea summit, two U.S. allies in the Middle East launched a reckless and potentially catastrophic military offensive in Yemen, a country already […]

Washington Post: ZOMG, Trump Didn’t Come Home With A Deal!

OK, OK, it’s actually not that bad, but, you just knew that the Credentialed Leftist media (and some #NeverTrumpers) would be losing their minds and attempting to put what was essentially a meet and greet in the worst possible light. Some are just bat guano insane, such as Excitable Kathleen Parker’s (since I’m at the […]

Washington Post: Trump Admin Won’t Defend Obamacare In Court And This Breaks Precedent Or Something

It’s like the Washington Post forgets about the period between 1/20/2009 and 1/19/2017 Trump administration won’t defend ACA in case brought by GOP states The Trump administration said Thursday night that it will not defend the Affordable Care Act against the latest legal challenge to its constitutionality — a dramatic break from the executive branch’s […]

The Difference In Media Responses To Barr And Bee Is A Perfect Example Of The Bias

I don’t support Rosanne Barr. I did not watch her show when it first aired, and didn’t watch it now. First, I do not find her funny, I find her schtick annoying. Second, I generally did not care for most sitcoms. Third, I also do not care for most shows (and books) that are highly […]

Say, Did The Trump Admin Really Lose A Bunch Of Illegal Alien Kids?

No. One of the things leftists have been going hog wild over the past few days in regards to illegal immigration (also on kids in cages and prison bus for toddlers, both of which happened under Obama, but they still tried to Blame Trump) is Trump losing 1,500 illegal alien kids, which Is The Worst […]

New Study Links Trump With White American Intolerance And Authoritarianism Or Something

Over at A View From The Beach (which has a great morning post on swimming), Fritz has a long running series on Reasons Trump Was Elected, like this one. Many of them revolved around shoddy, idiotic, unhinged, Trump Derangement Syndrome media reports. Like this one by Excitable Noah Berlatsky at NBC News The Trump effect: […]

Washington Post: Hey, The Problem Is All The Guns

The funny part here is that the same paper, along with most others, was utterly uninterested in investigating the Obama/Holder gun running scheme Operation Fast and Furious, which resulted in scores being killed and wounded in America and Mexico, including children and two federal agents. At least one of those same guns that were lost […]

TDS: “No One Is An Animal” Or Something

It takes a special kind of stupid, a special brand of Trump Derangement Syndrome, to declare that absolutely no one is an animal, as we see from the Washington Post’s E. J. Dionne finally jumping in No one is an ‘animal’ It’s never right to call other human beings “animals.” It’s not something we should […]

After Santa Fe Shooting, NY Times Blames Congress For Failing To Pass Gun Control That Wouldn’t Have Made A Difference

This is pretty much expected out of the NY Times which is itself protected by armed security, and seems to be a reprint of an article they ran on February 15th, with a few changes How Congress Has Dithered as the Innocent Get Shot Once again, Americans are facing a tragedy involving guns. This time, […]

Trump “Defends” His Animals Remark Or Something

The day after the NY Times utterly took President Trump out of context (which led to many, many, many leftist media outlets, personalities, and elected Democrats to follow suit) regarding his MS-13 are animals remark, the NY Times is doubling down on their #TDS Trump Defends ‘Animals’ Remark, Saying It Referred to MS-13 Gang Members […]

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