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TDS: Washington Post Blames Trump For Convictions Of Pro-Illegal Alien Supporters Who Left “Aid” In Desert

The laws regarding entering the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge without a permit as well as leaving garbage were established long before Trump took office. They were updated in July of 2017 a tiny bit. Yet, somehow, this is all Trump’s Fault, and the Washington Post Editorial Board highlights that they are for open borders […]

Fake News: NY Times Writer Solicits Stories On Christian Schools

As many responded to Dan, when will they solicit stories on public schools? No one expected the NY Times Inquisition Nice job, Dan, going after kids — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) January 25, 2019 Also, when will they do it on Muslim schools, which are hotbeds for extremist Islam? Regardless, Dan tried to respond a few times […]

David Brooks Wonders About Social Media Destroying Lives

NY Times opinion writer David Brooks is someone who those on the right can mostly disagree with. Like most writers for the NY Times. He does have a few salient points, but is missing two big things How We Destroy Lives Today Will the Covington Catholic High School fiasco change social media? Within living memory, […]

Media Engaging In “Weaponizing Of Speculation”

I’m sure you’re familiar with the story regarding the high school kids who were accused of raaaaacism against Native Americans, which the media ran with hard, despite the full video showing something completely different. Further, you are surely aware of the Buzzfeed hitjob on President Trump, which alleged that he told Michael Cohen to lie, […]

Washington Post Is Suddenly Enthused To Roll Back Presidential Powers Given By Congress

The Washington Post Editorial Board is on a roll. They’re really upset that Trump most likely has the power to declare a national emergency and build the border wall Congress gave the president too many powers. Now it must scale them back. PRESIDENT TRUMP’S assertion that he might sidestep Congress and get funds for a […]

NY Times Blames Trump For Illegals Storming The Border Or Something

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign, both the primaries and the general election, he talked about building a wall and stopping illegal aliens from entering the U.S. He told them not to come. After he won election and took office he did the same. Yet, somehow, he’s at fault for all the illegal aliens coming to the […]

Trump Imperils The Planet Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Funny, when Mr. Obama was traveling all over the nation constantly, and the world, in fossil fueled airplanes, taking constant vacations and seemingly heading to the west coast for fundraisers every other week, when his family, and even the dog, traveled in separate airplanes, the planet was fine. Now, though, the NY Times editorial board, […]

Trump Visits Iraq, Media Find Ways To Complain, Including Over Melania’s Shoes

And the Credentialed Media wonders why Trump battles with them? Fake News: NBC Spreads False Claim President Trump Did Not Visit Troops at ‘Christmastime’ NBC News and a variety of other media outlets falsely reported that President Donald Trump did not visit U.S. troops in a combat zone during Christmastime. NBC has yet to retract […]

“Journalism”: NY Times Is Just Wondering If A Queens Podiatrist Helped Trump Avoid Vietnam

One could mention that the NY Times and other leftist outlets had zero problem with Bill Clinton getting out of Vietnam, not too mention other Democrats. We could also note that the NY Times couldn’t be bothered to look at things that happened during the Obama administration years, such as Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, […]

NY Times Editorial Board So Excited Over Macron Responding To Protesters They Forget To Say What Protest Was About

Is it still fake news when it is in the opinion section? Yes, yes it is Macron Blinks France’s imperious young leader has heard the anger of his marginalized citizens and has begun to respond. The Times usually reserves the word imperious for Trump, which is not a good thing. Unless them mean “intensely compelling.” […]

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