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NY Times Suddenly In Favor Of Doxxing Campaign Contributors

As long as they are Republican contributors, of course. Now, it’s not hard to find out who has donated to campaigns, especially the big contributors. You can get this information from Open Secrets, among others. It’s public record. But, to use that data to “shame” and harass is disturbing, and along comes to the NY […]

NY Times: Europe Limits Free Speech, You Know

You probably thought that the hot takes from the Times regarding the El Paso shooting (because they’re in the process of memory holeing the Dayton shooter, because his obvious leftism and Democratic Party support is inconvenient) would be on gun control/banning. A discussion of limiting free speech surely wasn’t on your radar, right? The El […]

Gun Store Billboard Causes Ruckus Among People Who Won’t Be Customers

The gun shop cares about their opinion why? This gun shop in a western North Carolina town has caused a ruckus with its billboard. — The News & Observer (@newsobserver) July 30, 2019 From the article A small town gun shop in western North Carolina has drawn the ire of liberals and gun control […]

Washington Post Is Suddenly Very Concerned Over Los Federales Tapping Into Facial Recognition Searches

Now, granted, we should all be concerned when federal agencies are doing this, but, interestingly, the Washington Post and elected Democrats weren’t particularly concerned when someone else was in office FBI, ICE tap in to state driver’s license databases for facial-recognition searches Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have […]

Bummer: Fear Builds In Illegal Aliens As Plans For Deportation Raids Builds

It’s actually a good thing when unhinged news outlets which support illegal immigration trot out these stories, because it helps increase the fear among these law breaking illegal aliens, and hopefully gets reported to those who are looking to come illegally/overstay their visas Fear of immigration raids builds as agency’s plans move forward President Trump […]

It’s Independence Day, So, Of Course The NY Times Tries To “Take Stock” Of America

Here's another from the WP going all the way back to 1776 — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) July 3, 2019 At least in the Era Of Trump, news organizations must find ways to hate on America, so, the NY Times editorial board gives it a shot America the Beautiful Taking stock of the state of the […]

NY Times Op-Ed Calls For Doxxing Federal Immigration Officials

This is liberalism: calling for harassment and violence against people who you disagree with, at least while the person in the White House is not part of your Party. Remember, Democrats were not concerned with children being separated while it was occurring under Mr. Obama. Doing the job as required by federal law as passed […]

Hot Take: U.S. Seizes On Iranian Tanker Attacks

See, the problem according to CNN’s Stephen Collinson is not that the Iranians attacked tankers, but that Trump and his people are seizing US seizes on tanker attacks to up the stakes with Iran When a US Secretary of State is as swift and unequivocal as Mike Pompeo was in blaming Iran for brazen attacks on two […]

Washington Post: Trump Stayed At His Money Losing, Climate Change Threatened Resort In Europe, You Know

The Washington Post, like many leftist news outlets, are all over the place. Their lead article is actually rather nice Trump, world leaders salute Normandy veterans on D-Day anniversary But then we have unhinged in the opinion section For D-Day, Trump recalls the heroism of … Donald Trump My father served on D-Day. He experienced […]

NY Times Suddenly Concerned Over Presidential Pardons

Let’s face it, all presidents in the modern era have used pardons that left people shaking their heads. You can find lots of examples for Republicans and Democrats. But, have you heard the NY Times Editorial Board complain? Well, that’s because Trump is now in office The President and His Power to Pardon The Constitution assigns to […]

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