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Tucker: Sidney Powell Needs To Show The Evidence, News Media Is A Disgrace

Did you watch the press conference with Rudy Giuliani and his folks yesterday? I didn’t, was at the gym. I did read the recaps. And the media was an utter partisan disgrace. Within hours of making lots of claims, much of it backed up by actual evidence and affidavits, the Credentialed Media was out with […]

Suddenly, CNN Deems Election Conspiracy Theories “Dangerous To Democracy”

Let’s see: we had eight years of conspiracy theories of George W. Bush stealing the elections, both 2000 and 2004. We have now had four years of Russia Russia Russia, for which CNN banged right along. But, not Rudy Giuliani’s conspiracy theories could be dangerous to democracy, experts say Rudy Giuliani’s increasingly outlandish claims of […]

Biden Asks Republicans To Give Him A Chance Democrats Never Gave Trump

And Republicans are saying “no thanks”, which has made the NY Times very upset. Remember how the NY Times gave Trump a chance? Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They’re Not Interested. The change at the Sunday prayer service was so subtle it went unnoticed by several congregants. Tucked in between calls for […]

Bummer: Majority Of Florida Voters Voted For A Climate Change (scam) Skeptic

People don’t move to Florida because it’s cold, and, I don’t think they really care about the climate crisis scam. Except some media folks A majority of FL voters chose the presidential candidate who calls climate change a hoax Despite coastal flooding, more severe hurricanes, and longer, hotter summers attributed to climate change, the majority […]

Washington Post Very Upset Over Trump EO Which Allows Many Federal Bureaucrats To Be Fired Like In Private Sector

When it comes to being a federal employee, it is almost impossible to fire them, even with gross incompetence/wrongdoing. They are highly protected, their unions keep them safe, and their unions have essentially had their contracts backed by elected Democrats, who then receive lots of campaign cash. Why do federal workers even need a union? […]

CNN Seems Rather Concerned That ACB Owns A Gun And Could Rule On Cases

They’re Concerned Amy Coney Barrett says she owns a gun, but could fairly judge a case on gun rights — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) October 13, 2020 The inference here is that you shouldn’t trust her if you are a lefty gun grabber with a case in front the Supreme Court. From the link […]

NY Times Calls Trump An Authoritarian For Declassifying Documents

Mind you, this is not in the opinion section, but called “news analysis” in the politics section Same paper that demands a persons private tax records is upset that governmental records are declassified. Remember when they said that the people have a right to know? You'd think a news outlet would be interested in govt […]

Masks: Trump Takes Off Mask At Home, Biden And Media Freak Out

So, yeah, Trump came “home” to the White House yesterday, and took his mask off, resulting in apoplexy from those who have zero idea about the mask mandates Trump, still infectious, back at White House — without mask President Donald Trump staged a dramatic return to the White House after leaving the military hospital where […]

NY Times, Other Media Go Bat Soup Virus Truthers

See, apparently, we all have a Right to know the truth from Trump’s doctors, so, they’re apparently calling the doctors lairs, not trusting the science. This is the NY Times editorial board The American People Need the Truth The American people deserve better than to be misled about the health of the president. Several days […]

Anonymous Sources Say Hope Hicks Was Frustrated Over “Cavalier Approach To Coronavirus” Or Something

Funny how the same media which says they only use anonymous sources rarely mostly only seem to use them in practice, eh? Hope Hicks “frustrated with Trump” over “cavalier approach to the virus” after positive test: report In the wake of President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump testing positive for coronavirus, Gabriel Sherman […]

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