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NY Times Editorial Board So Excited Over Macron Responding To Protesters They Forget To Say What Protest Was About

Is it still fake news when it is in the opinion section? Yes, yes it is Macron Blinks France’s imperious young leader has heard the anger of his marginalized citizens and has begun to respond. The Times usually reserves the word imperious for Trump, which is not a good thing. Unless them mean “intensely compelling.” […]

Inevitable: CNN Links Migrant Caravan To ‘Climate Change’

You can bet that someone at CNN said “say, has anyone linked the migrant caravan to Other People’s carbon pollution yet, and, if not, why not?” Forgetting that CNN is in Atlanta, which gets the majority of its power from nuclear, coal, and natural gas. And that CNN uses vast amounts of energy for its […]

NY Times: UN Vote That Failed To Condemn Hamas Is Blow To Nikki Haley Or Something

Most news outlets who covered this vote are treating the failure of the United Nations to condemn the terrorist group Hamas rather neutrally, with a few taking Hamas’ side. The NY Times’ Michael Schwirtz and the person who wrote the headline decide to put it on Nikki Haley In Blow to Haley, U.N. Rejects Measure […]

As Paris Riots Grow, News Media Forgets A Very Important Detail

The riots in France, which have been going on for a few weeks, continue to grow (UK Guardian) Facing his biggest crisis since he took office in 2017, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has instructed his prime minister to hold talks with protest groups – including the gilets jaunes, who were involved in the worst riots in central […]

People Not Blaming Trump For GM Plant Closures, Washington Post Hardest Hit

I can just picture Washington Post writer Jenna Johnson going to her editor and stomping her feet as she tells him/her that her story is a bust as no one is Blaming Trump, and the editor says “meh, go ahead and run it, You Tried” Many hurt by GM cuts blame others, not Trump: ‘It’s […]

Narrative Fail: MSNBC Exposes That Migrants Are Mostly Male And Not Seeking Asylum

This is the kind of thing that the media were running with in regards to the migrants getting gassed for rushing the border and throwing rocks and other things So predictable…and utterly absurd. — Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) November 26, 2018 A woman with two kids. Wonder if it was staged? And then this […]

Fire Damages Cary, NC Mosque: People Immediately Start Blamestorming

This was Friday Officials are calling a fire at a North Carolina mosque "suspicious" — Newsweek (@Newsweek) November 16, 2018 UPDATE: Fire at Cary mosque called 'suspicious,' mosque officials suspect vandalism — CBS 17 (@WNCN) November 16, 2018 Lots more under the read more tag, so as not jam up the front […]

The Republicans Are Dancing To Trump’s Autocracy Tune Or Something

There’s an old article from 2006 entitled The Left, Online And Outraged, which was about how George W. Bush and his administration were making lefty bloggers absolutely barking moonbat deranged. They were obsessed. It starts In the angry life of Maryscott O’Connor, the rage begins as soon as she opens her eyes and realizes that […]

Apparently, If You Don’t Live In Urban And Suburban Areas You Aren’t Part Of Real America

According to Excitable Paul Krugman, you’re just part of Senate America Real America Versus Senate America Everyone is delivering post-mortems on Tuesday’s elections, so for what it’s worth, here’s mine: Despite some bitter disappointments and lost ground in the Senate, Democrats won a huge victory. They broke the Republican monopoly on federal power, and that’s […]

Washington Post Super Excited To Ban “Assault Weapons”

On the bright side, at least they’re aren’t calling for a full gun ban for private owners We can stop this American carnage “WE’RE UNDER fire, we’re under fire. He’s got an automatic weapon,” was the report Saturday morning from one of the first police officers to respond to the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. […]

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