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Biden Brings Back Bipartisan White House Meetings Or Something

It’s totally more traditional that what Trump was doing, right? Press Squee! Biden brings back bipartisan meetings at the White House President Biden has brought back bipartisan meetings at the White House that diminished under his predecessor, trying to find common ground with Republicans even as they remain far apart on issues related to the […]

AP Explainer: Why Biden Airstrikes Are OK In Sending A Message To Iran

See, it is OK that China Joe launched airstrikes in Syria, because Reasons EXPLAINER: How US airstrike in Syria sends message to Iran A U.S. airstrike targeting facilities used by Iran-backed militias in Syria appears to be a message to Tehran delivered by a new American administration still figuring out its approach to the Middle East. The […]

China Joe Opens His First Illegal Alien Child Concentration Camp

Because Democrats want unfettered illegal immigration, the set the conditions where foreigners send their kids willy nilly across the border. Sometimes with the parents themselves, sometimes with other relatives, sometimes with coyotes, sometimes alone. That way there’s sympathy for bringing/keeping the parents in the US. Both Obama, who didn’t take any real heat on it, […]

Dementia Joe Claims There Was No Vaccine When He Came Into Office

Joe’s townhall went just like you’d expect, with him getting all softballs CNN skips asking about Cuomo nursing home scandal, TJ Ducklo fiasco at Biden Wisconsin town hall CNN didn’t exactly challenge President Biden during Tuesday night’s town hall in Milwaukee, avoiding uncomfortable subjects for the administration or other Democrats. While much of the program […]

China Joe Takes Away Saudi Arabia’s Blank Check To Commit War Crimes That Joe Originally Gave Them

Many media outlets had stories on this, and almost all of them forget to include two basic pieces of information in their attempt to give props to Biden for stopping what “Trump did”. This one seems to be have stealth edited to include part of that information between yesterday and today Biden takes away Saudi […]

Washington Post Is Suddenly Super Enthused By Potential Bipartisanship From China Joe

Interesting. The Washington Post spent over four years telling Democrats to #Resist and not work with President Trump. Remember, on day 1, January 20, 2017, the WP published a piece on the campaign to impeach Trump beginning. Eugene Robinson had a piece on November 14, 2016, hoping Trump fails. There was very little positive from […]

CNN: Congress Is In Total War, And It’s All Trump’s Fault

This “analysis” piece, as in, it’s total opinion, is the top story on CNN at the moment, so, not actual news is #1. Surprise? It also looks like CNN just can’t give up on Trump Derangement Syndrome, but, then, that’s a lot easier than explaining why Joe is blowing off wearing a mask and, oh, […]

WRAL Demands People Accept That China Joe Won

The ownership corporation of local Raleigh news outlet WRAL is very upset that people are denying that China Joe won the election Editorial: Biden won. Time for the deniers to declare it, too It is time, well past time really, that our members of Congress – particularly those representing North Carolina who have been arguing […]

Biden Set To Sign Raaacist “Made In America” Plan

Remember when Donald Trump’s Buy American plan was deemed racist? Our history shows there’s a dark side to ‘Buy American’ “We will follow two simple rules,” President Trump promised in his inaugural address. “Buy American and hire American.” Trump’s program might sound appealing. But the Buy American exhortation follows a long history of similar campaigns […]

Sore Winners: CNN Wants Government, Private Sector To Go After “Trump’s Instruments Of Information Warfare”

How’s that healing and unity going to work when Democrats and their pet media want to eradicate the ability of their opposition to speak out? Also, place your bets when the unhinged finally move on from Trump Trump may be gone, but the instruments of information warfare that empowered him remain Donald Trump might no […]

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