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NY Times Report May Show Biden War Crime In Afghanistan

You know that if this had occurred under President Trump all the Credentialed Media and elected Democrats would have been calling for hearings and impeachment NYT: Biden May Have Droned Innocent Family in Kabul; Possible War Crime The New York Times published the results of an investigation on Friday that suggests the Biden administration targeted an innocent […]

New Zealand Police Shoot ISIS Believer After Stabbing Of Six In Supermarket

According to Modern Socialist doctrine, we’re supposed to ask “what did New Zealand do to make the Islamist jihadi upset?” Also, we can thank Surrender Joe for whipping up the jihadis with his foolish Afghanistan withdrawal ISIS supporter shot dead by New Zealand police after shoppers stabbed in ‘terrorist attack’ New Zealand police have shot […]

White House To Afghan Who Helped Rescue Biden In 2008: “Thank You” And Psaki Deflections

Well, this is pretty much what the Biden admin and State Dept have been saying for days, namely, that these people are mostly on their own White House thanks interpreter in hiding who helped rescue Biden in 2008 and commits to evacuating Afghan partners White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday praised the Afghan […]

Taliban Celebrates As Surrender Joe Finishes The Afghanistan Retreat

Yes, it was long past time to leave Afghanistan. I was never a big fan of nation building. We should have gone in in scorched earth style, eradicating al Qaeda and the Taliban. But, nations do not do Total War anymore, not since WWII. Our allies wanted to nation build, as well. And not a […]

Pentagon Supposedly Strikes ISIS-K Planner In Afghanistan

Good if this is real, but, consider me skeptical. Did we just bomb some randos, or get people who were actually important? ‘We killed the target’: Pentagon drone strike KILLS ISIS-K ‘planner’ two days after Kabul airport bombing that left 170 people dead A Pentagon drone strike has killed the ‘planner’ behind the ISIS suicide […]

Surrender Joe Vows Retribution Or Something

Did you watch the Biden press conference? It was like listening to a man who could barely speak, who wasn’t really interested in what he was saying, except when he was asked some inconvenient questions, then he briefly woke up. That, and showing up for a PC 25 minutes late to discuss an attack that […]

Biden’s Afghanistan: Four US Military Members Killed In Suicide Bombing

Update: the Pentagon now says 12 service members have been killed. Where’s Joe? Way to go, #SurrenderJoe At least four U.S. Marines killed in Kabul airport attack -sources Four U.S. Marines were killed and three wounded in Thursday’s explosions at Kabul airport, U.S. sources told Reuters, in what the Pentagon said was a “complex attack” […]

Taliban Looks To Dupe Climate Cultists By Vowing To Fight Climate Crisis

It’s probably working. It’s worked in the case of China, where Warmists keep believing China’s BS on the nation fighting ‘climate change’ even though they keep doing things like building more and more coal fired power plants Seeking World Recognition, Taliban Vows to Help Fight Terror and Climate Change In comments shared exclusively with Newsweek, […]

Leaders Of UK, France, And Germany Plan To Tell Biden Not To Cut And Run

The virtual call is scheduled for 930am. This post is scheduled for 1030am. Will anything change by then? Will Biden listen? Will he be receptive? Will he be lucid? Will Joe cut and run? Boris Johnson prepares to join France and Germany making last-ditch plea to US President to extend evacuation deadline in G7 talks […]

Pressure Grows On Sleepy Joe To Extend Afghanistan Deadline

As most rational people can see, this is a disaster thanks to the incompetence of the Biden administration. In most private businesses, and even in governments in countries around the world, there would be mass resignations and firings, with potentially even the head quitting. But, Vacation Joe doesn’t seem particularly engaged. As the NY Post […]

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