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CNN Notes Biden Has Big Problem With His Terrorism Supporting Base

The Hamas coalition, comprised mostly of imported Muslims from the Middle East and Africa, decided to vote “uncommitted”, because Biden has mostly done a good job of supporting Israel, and those people support US State Department designated terrorist organization Hamas and hate Israel and Jews Biden has eight months to fix his Michigan problem If […]

USA Today Goes Full Islamist, Suggest Biden Dumps Support Of Israel To Get Muslim S=Election Support

Why, exactly, do Progressives support Islamic extremist groups of Israel? It’s nothing new Wake up, Mr. President: Your support for Israel over Gaza may well cost you the election President Joe Biden’s decision to unilaterally veto yet another United Nations cease-fire resolution on Gaza, just a week before Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday, shows just how out of […]

Kathy Hochul Apologizes After Saying Israel Has Right To Defend Itself

She’s not quite saying that Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself, but, twist herself into a pretzel in an attempt to appease her unhinged Israel and Jew hating supporters, who also take the side of US State Department designated terrorist organization Hamas Hochul apologizes after saying Israel ‘has right to defend itself’ with […]

Hamas Supporting Americans Feel Biden Betrayed Them

Yeah, the news media is still running with this. But, first (Fox News) President Biden excoriated the House of Representatives on Friday for taking a two-week recess, which he referred to as a “vacation,” despite facing criticism himself for the number of vacations he has taken during his presidency. “No, but it’s about time they […]

Biden Finally Orders Strikes On Iran Backed Terrorist Groups

Well, give him credit for allowing the strikes. There are probably a lot of people who lost money in the betting pools that there would be no retaliatory strikes US hits hard at militias in Iraq and Syria, retaliating for fatal drone attack The U.S. military launched an air assault on dozens of sites in […]

Hamas Declines 2 Month Ceasefire In Exchange For Hostages

Hamas and liberals: “We want a ceasefire!” Israel: “Sure, we’ll give you 2 months, just release the hostages” US State Dept designated terrorist organization Hamas: “No.” Hamas said to reject Israeli offer of two-month pause in war for release of hostages Hamas has rejected Israel’s proposal for a two-month ceasefire during which the terror group […]

Teachers Push NEA To Abandon Biden Over Supporting Israel Over Hamas

I’m surprised it took this long since teachers have been instrumental over pushing Islamist propaganda and hating on Jews and Israel. Probably not as bad as in colleges, more subtle These Teachers Want the Largest Union in the Country to Rescind its Biden Endorsement Over Gaza When Israel escalated its military operations against Gaza in […]

Israel Tells Hamas To Pound Sand On Their Demands To Release Hostages

Why does Hamas feel entitled to make crazy demands? Because so many global leftists are taking their side, because they are Israel and Jew haters. It’s like how so many Leftists seemingly took the side of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups simply because they hated George W. Bush Netanyahu rejects Hamas conditions for hostage […]

Brandon Regime To Redesignate Houtis As Terrorist Group

In fairness, the Iranian backed Houthis (which are formally known as Ansarallah) had not been a designated terrorist group for that long, with the designation coming January 19th, 2021, just two days before Biden took office. The Houthis had truly started their terrorist operations back in 2014, and kept increasing their terrorist, and pirate, acts. […]

WWIII Watch: Iranian Backed Houthis Vow Response After US Strikes

So, of course, this happened yesterday U.S. and UK Launch Retaliatory Strikes Against Iran-Backed Houthis, Answering Months of Attacks on Global Trade The ability of Iran proxy Houthi terrorists to threaten merchant shipping “has taken a blow”, the MOD said after a major strike against 60 targets in Yemen by the U.S. and UK by […]

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