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House Passes Islamist Approved Anti-Islamophobia Bill, Violates Constitution

Giving aid and shelter to Omar and the rest who hate Jews and support Islamists, all because Boebert ran her mouth and told the truth House approves Omar-backed bill to combat Islamophobia following Boebert’s anti-Muslim remarks The House approved a bill late Tuesday that seeks to combat “worldwide” Islamophobia in response to Republican Rep. Lauren […]

NY Times Works Hard To Protect Islamist Regime In Iran

The same NY Times which was never particularly concerned with Obama’s use of force against Islamic jihadis throughout the Eastern world nor in Libya is Very Concerned with Trump ordering a strike against an Iranian responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans Congress, Stop President Trump’s Rush to War With Iran President Trump must […]

Activists Plan D.C. Die In Two Years After Pulse Massacre To Protest Radical Islam

It’s been almost two years since an Islamic extremist by the name of Omar Mateen, himself reportedly confused about his sexuality, went in a gay nightclub and murdered members of the LGBT community. He was radicalized on the Internet, and acted much as so many Islamists act, so, it’s good to see that the LGBT […]

Washington Post: Hamas Launched A War, But Israel Needs To Do Better Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board goes through some serious mental gymnastics here. First off, they start off really well, noting that it is Hamas that started the violence, which is the norm. Then, it degenerates badly, as you can see from the headline (which has changed at least twice between when it was published and […]

NY Times: Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Is Blow To Peace Or Something

This is a giveaway to Israel or something Trump’s Failure in Jerusalem His giveaway to Israel of an American embassy is a blow to the dream of peace. The day the United States opened its embassy in Jerusalem is a day the world has longed for, because of what it was supposed to represent: the […]

NY Times Spins Wheel, Finds Something New To Be Outraged At Trump: Guantanamo Bay

Perhaps the NY Times Editorial Board has become bored with all their other Outrage material. So, they sat around and brainstormed with some martinis and came up with this and a cute graphic It's like they spun a Wheel Of Outrage or something — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) January 17, 2018 From the link Even […]

NY Times: The Answer To Terrorist Attacks Is Totally Clear

In the wake of the terrorist attack by a radicalized Muslim from Uzbekistan (a nation that has been a significant hotbed of Islamic extremism for a long time) the NY Times was initially silent, unlike, say, in the aftermath of Las Vegas. You knew the would eventually find their voice, though, right? First of, the […]

One Of London Bridge Jihadis Had Been Reported To Police Twice

So far, the British authorities have refused to release the names of the Islamic jihadis, as they have plenty more raids and arrests to conduct, but that might change today. Here’s something we do know about one of the jihadis London terrorist had twice been referred to police over his extremist views One of the […]

Dhimmitude: NY Times Doesn’t Want The Muslim Brotherhood Designated A Terrorist Organization

Why? They apparently feel that this would be blaming all of Islam or something, and Liberals seem to get very upset when anyone notes that certain portions of Islam are extremists All of Islam Isn’t the Enemy Is President Trump trying to make enemies of the entire Muslim world? That could well happen if he […]

AG Lynch Will Only Release Partial Orlando Transcripts, Avoiding That Messy Islamic Terrorism Stuff

Citizens must be protected from hearing that the Pulse nightclub jihadi was doing it for Islam (video at the link) (Real Clear Politics) In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that on Monday, the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando nightclub shooter to […]

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