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LA Times Joins In On Victim Blaming/Shaming Pam Geller

As I’ve written and stated in person, people can bear responsibility for their actions. If, say, you’re a reporter or photographer and you get assaulted while covering a riot in a heavily Democratic city, you bear some responsibility since you knew it would be dangerous and still went. But, you do not bear the blame […]

Victim Shaming: Media, Particularly CNN, Decides To Blame Pam Geller

Does this mean we can now blame rape/sexual assault victims? Of course not. Geller is a conservative, and is being mean to hardcore Islamic extremists, and in Liberal World, Liberals have decided that attacking the extremists is the same as attacking all Muslims, and “Islamophobia”. Let’s not forget that ISIS/ISIL is taking responsibility for the […]

Obama Cites A Strategic Logic For Avoidance In Using Islamic Labels Or Something

It’s probably more like “strategic patience”, which is a phrase for a policy position more akin to “meh”. Like when you know you should really, really get your oil changed, but lying on the couch watching a TV show marathon is oh so comfy (NY Times) President Obama chooses his words with particular care when […]

Rep. Jackie Spears (D-Ca): Let’s Apologize To Terrorists For CIA Torture

Hey, she’s just saying what Liberals are thinking. Via Hot Air, where you can watch the video Speier: Every single page had something in the executive summary that shocked me. Whether it was the rehydration anally or keeping them sleep deprived for one-hundred and eighty hours with their hands over their head in shackles. That […]

NY Times: Say, This Pipeline Of American Jihadi Recruits Is Not Good

Over at the NY Times, Jack Healy discusses the pipeline from Minnesota to militancy (hey, Jack, it’s called terrorism), but still does he utter Leftist best to soft-pedal the notion that this is really about modern Islam It was a friendship that began in high school and ended in militant jihad. As Minnesota teenagers growing […]

Pro-Terrorist Activists March On UN In Protest Of Israel

Obviously, all the news outlets (most of whom are a citing this same AP article), are calling them “pro-Palestinian”. At the end of the day, though, they are supporters of the terrorist groups in Gaza, like Hamas, and want the destruction of Israel (AP) A sea of Palestinians and their sympathizers lined Manhattan streets Saturday, […]

Rep. Keith Ellison Takes Side Of Hamas, Wants Blockade Ended

This is entirely unsurprising. Ellison has vast links to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, which themselves have links to Hamas. He is also a hardcore Democrats, prone to Blaming Israel for the world’s, or at least the region’s, ills. End the Gaza blockade to achieve peace It seems as though each day brings new horrors […]

NY Times: Why Won’t Israel Find An Accommodation With Hamas?

The NY Times gives an opinion platform to Israeli writer David Grossman, a long time critic of Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians, and an apologist for the terrorist activities implemented against Israel. In American terms, he’s much like our far left Progressives, who seem to hate Israel, find fault with everything America, and find comfort […]

NY Times Writes Nuanced Editorial, Putting More Burden On Israel

Yesterday, we learned that the Washington Post editorial board put the blame where it belongs: on the terrorist group Hamas. But, you also had the LA Times printing a front page defense of Hamas terrorism against Israel. The Washington Post editorial was the outlier, as Leftists around the world seem to be of the opinion […]

NY Times Wrings Their Hands Over Whether Israeli Tactics To Protect Civilians Works

Interestingly, we never see these kinds of articles in much of the major world (non-Israeli) media when it is Hamas or some other Islamist group launching attacks which are intentionally intended to target Israeli civilians, using methods such as suicide bombers and rocket attacks Tactics Questioned as Civilian Toll Climbs The blast from the Israeli […]

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