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Hamas Denounces Fellow Islamist Ilhan Omar For Comparing US/Israel With Hamas Terrorists

So, apparently Ilhan is not only having an inter-party squabble with fellow Democrats (who are Jews) and Nancy Pelosi, but, also with her fellow Islamists Hamas Releases Statement Denouncing Rep. Ilhan Omar For Equating Them With ‘Crimes’ Of America, Israel Hamas issued a statement on Friday denouncing Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her equation of […]

Hamas Says Next War With Israel Will “Reshape Middle East”

This should make all the Israel/Jew haters happy, right? All those who claim Israel is an apartheid state, who says they are the aggressor, who took Hamas’ side, right? All those looking for peace, right? Good job “brokering” that peace, China Joe Hamas Chief Denies Israel Destroyed Tunnel Network, Says Next War Will ‘Reshape’ Mideast […]

Vox Seems Pretty Confused About The Rise In Anti-Jew/Israel Sentiment In Democrat Run Cities

Seriously, what could be causing all the Jew and Israel hatred? It’s a mystery! Vox lambasted on social media for tweet proclaiming ‘we don’t know why’ anti-Semitism spiked during the Israel-Hamas war Liberal news outlet Vox News got lambasted on social media over a headline proclaiming that they were mystified about the rise of anti-Semitic […]

Democratic Party Run Areas See Spike In Anti-Jew Attacks

The Hill wants to say that the U.S. has seen this spike, and, while technically correct, the vast majority of these attacks have occurred in Democratic Party run cities, just like with the attacks on Asians of late US sees startling rise in antisemitic attacks The U.S. is experiencing a rise in violent and disturbing […]

Surprise: “The Squad” Propose Legislation To Block Arms Sales To Israel

Of course they did, when you have Rashiada Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, two Muslim supremacists as part of the group, who have shown their hatred of Israel and Jew many times. Notice there is nothing on blocking support for Hamas and the other Islamist terrorist groups, not stopping the flow of arms into the Palestinian […]

NY Times: Hey, The U.S. Can Control Israel With Our Tax Dollar Support

This is normal for Liberals: some sort of Palestinian group launches attacks on Israeli civilians, intentionally trying to kill them, and, if Israel responds (usually in a very measured way, working hard to reduce civilian deaths), they are blamed. Why? Because Leftists hate Israel and Jews. Say it for what it is. The NY Times […]

Palestinians Set To Reap Rewards Of Trump’s Israel-UAE Peace Deal

The Democrats and the Credentialed Media looked to downplay all the peace deals they brokered between Israel and Muslim nations, but, they keep reaping better and better things Palestinians are signing up to UAE peace deal, claims Israel’s first ambassador in the Gulf Palestinians stand to reap major benefits from Israel’s peace agreements with the […]

Trump Admin Votes Against UN’s Israel Hatred Agenda

One thing you can say about the Trump administration, they’ve come out hard in favor of our ally Israel over the past four years. And they continue to do that In Late Trump Salvo, US Rejects UN Budget Over Israel, Iran President Donald Trump’s outgoing administration on Thursday fired a late salvo against the United […]

Let’s Not Forget All The Peace Trump Brought

Say what you want about Trump. Loud mouthed, boorish, too much friendly fire on Twitter and such. He’s done more for peace than most presidents, including that guy who got a Nobel Peace Price for doing nothing Trump’s Legacy of Peace For 72 years, U.S. presidents sought to achieve peace between Israel and the Arab […]

NY Times Allows Op-Ed Advocating For The End Of Israel

Well, sure, why not, Liberals are trying to cancel everything else right now, taking advantage of the whole black lives matter thing NYT Publishes Peter Beinart Op-ed Calling for End of Israel Liberal writer Peter Beinart’s latest oped published in the New York Times Wednesday has sparked outrage among U.S. Jewish leaders for calling for […]

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