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Arab Nations To Push Gaza Ceasefire At UN

They know the U.S. will veto it. Also, none of the nations pushing the resolution are offering to take the extremist and dangerous Palestinians in The UN Security Council is voting on a Gaza cease-fire on Tuesday, with the US certain to veto Arab nations are putting to a vote a U.N. resolution demanding an […]

Kathy Hochul Apologizes After Saying Israel Has Right To Defend Itself

She’s not quite saying that Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself, but, twist herself into a pretzel in an attempt to appease her unhinged Israel and Jew hating supporters, who also take the side of US State Department designated terrorist organization Hamas Hochul apologizes after saying Israel ‘has right to defend itself’ with […]

Hot Take: Pelosi Blames Russia For Inciting Anti-Israel/Jew Sentiment In U.S.

Hey, look, I don’t want to defend Putin in the least, but, you have to wonder if the guy’s like “really? No, really? I’m a bad guy, but, good grief, I do not need to do a damned thing to see Democratic Party voters, especially all the Islamists the U.S. brought in, protest and hate […]

Hamas Declines 2 Month Ceasefire In Exchange For Hostages

Hamas and liberals: “We want a ceasefire!” Israel: “Sure, we’ll give you 2 months, just release the hostages” US State Dept designated terrorist organization Hamas: “No.” Hamas said to reject Israeli offer of two-month pause in war for release of hostages Hamas has rejected Israel’s proposal for a two-month ceasefire during which the terror group […]

Teachers Push NEA To Abandon Biden Over Supporting Israel Over Hamas

I’m surprised it took this long since teachers have been instrumental over pushing Islamist propaganda and hating on Jews and Israel. Probably not as bad as in colleges, more subtle These Teachers Want the Largest Union in the Country to Rescind its Biden Endorsement Over Gaza When Israel escalated its military operations against Gaza in […]

Israel Tells Hamas To Pound Sand On Their Demands To Release Hostages

Why does Hamas feel entitled to make crazy demands? Because so many global leftists are taking their side, because they are Israel and Jew haters. It’s like how so many Leftists seemingly took the side of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups simply because they hated George W. Bush Netanyahu rejects Hamas conditions for hostage […]

North Carolina Divests From Unilever, Parent Company Of Jew Hating Ben & Jerry’s

If Unilever wants to let one of their companies run wild with Israel and Jew hatred while also supporting a State Department designated terrorist group, there are consequences North Carolina latest to scoop retirement funds from Ben & Jerry’s over ice cream brand’s Israel boycott North Carolina closed out last year by becoming the most […]

UN High Court To Consider If Israel Is Engaged In Genocide

Will the court also be taking up the case of a group designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations launching an attack on civilians, which included rape and taking children and babies as hostages? A legal battle is set to open at the top UN court over an allegation of Israeli genocide in […]

Israel Wacks Deputy Hamas Leader In Lebanon

Israel really isn’t playing around, as we’ve seen since the October 7th Islamist attack. The Mossad director said on (their Wednesday) “Any Arab mother should know that if their son was a partner to the slaughter of October 7, his blood is [in his own hands].” And they mean it Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri […]

Netanyahu Offers His Three Conditions For Peace With Palestinians

It’s been very easy since the beginning: return the hostages, Hamas dismantles. Too bad he can’t add “replace the Iranian government with a non-terrorist government” Netanyahu Offers 3 Prerequisites for Peace Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week outlined three prerequisites for peace in the region following months of war with Hamas. Netanyahu, in an […]

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