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Biden Admin Upset Over You Pesky Citizens Losing Faith In Arming Ukraine

You peasants should be listening to your betters, doing as you’re told, and just staying out of the way Biden Challenged by Softening Public Support for Arming Ukraine When he made his surprise wartime trip to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv last week, President Biden reassured that country with great confidence that “the Americans stand with […]

U.S. Intel Chief Gives Pessimistic View Of Ukraine War

She probably got a good talking to from the White House after this U.S. intel chief warns of ‘devastating’ impact of Russian missile attacks President Biden’s chief intelligence adviser raised fresh concerns Thursday night that Russian missile attacks are having a “devastating” impact on the Ukrainian economy, noting that the war has already reduced the […]

Bummer: Europe Accuses Biden Of Profiting From Ukraine War

This would be the war that Biden pushed Putin to start. Weakness due to Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Speeches almost double-dog daring Putin to invade. And now Europe accuses US of profiting from war Nine months after invading Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is beginning to fracture the West. Top European officials are furious with Joe Biden’s […]

European Union Bans Sale Of Gas Vehicles In 2035

Citizens of individual nations in Europe: does this make you happy? Your nation didn’t ban them. Bureaucrats in the EU did, using their unaccountable power to force you to comply. The EU was not established for this kind of mandate on citizens lives, but, this is what happens when you give a centralized government power. […]

Europe Turning Off Street Lights To Save Energy

Wait, are they not getting enough energy from wind turbines and solar panels? Europe’s streets go dark to save energy Pushed by a looming energy crisis, cities across Europe are switching off the lights. While Spain has made such measures mandatory, ordering shops to turn their lights off at night, in other places local authorities are voluntarily […]

New COVID Variant Spikes In U.K., And No One Really Cares

Here we go again COVID in UK at record levels with almost 5 million infected The prevalence of COVID-19 in the U.K. has reached record levels, with about 1 in 13 people estimated to be infected with the virus in the past week, latest figures from Britain’s official statistics agency showed. Some 4.9 million people […]

Biden’s Bungling Reshapes European Spending Priorities

Now, maybe Putin would have gone into Ukraine regardless. Maybe not. Biden sure didn’t help stop the invasion in the least, and hasn’t helped since, so The War Is Reshaping How Europe Spends Nicolae Ciuca spent a lifetime on the battlefield before being voted in as prime minister of Romania four months ago. Yet even […]

European Union Reveals Plan To Get Off Russian Fossil Fuels

Hey, remember when President Trump put sanctions on Nord Stream 2? And warned Europe about being reliant on Russian oil and natural gas? That they should purchase from the U.S.? And Germany laughed? Look at Germany laughing at Trump for saying they should not be dependent on Russian oil. Who was right, Germany? — […]

UK Set To Remove Most COVID Restrictions

The UK has already pretty much done away with mask mandates. Now they look to end most of the rest UK PM Boris Johnson to lift all remaining Covid restrictions in England U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday will laud the lifting of all remaining Covid restrictions in England as a “moment of pride” […]

European Commission Looks To Tax Their Way Out Of Recovery Debt

The people in European countries are probably super happy they invested a bit of power in the EU, which has led to the EU taking more and more power, and now acting like a centralized government over all no longer sovereign countries and citizens. And, since they overspent for the Chinese coronavirus, they want that […]

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