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Comrade Bernie Is Hot To “Put A Moratorium” On Deportations

Remember, though, that Democrats are not Open Borders, and they totally do not want to keep the “bad ones” Bernie Sanders: ‘We Are Going to Impose a Moratorium on Deportations’ Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told a group that he backs a moratorium on all deportations from the U.S., a video surfaced on Saturday revealed. The […]

As Trump Enforces Federal Law On Border, Asylum Mooches Find Other Nations To Head To

All President Trump is doing is enforcing federal law as passed by the duly elected Legislative branch, signed into law by duly elected previous presidents. And, shockingly, the people streaming to the U.S. find that they can, in fact, go elsewhere. They just won’t be given everything free like here As Trump tightens the U.S. […]

Giving NJ Taxpayer Money To Illegal Aliens For College Is A Success Or Something

What a fantastic idea. Taking taxpayer money from legal resident of New Jersey and giving it to illegal aliens instead of using it for those legal citizens, and then having the illegals take spots at colleges meant for legal residents N.J. gave 749 undocumented immigrants money for college. Here’s where they enrolled. When New Jersey […]

Bummer: Dreamers Dream Is Dead, Plans To Self-Deport

Cue the tiny violins for this illegal alien, brought illegally by her parents. Tawheeda Wahabzada is a “Dreamer”, who, unshockingly, is working as a researcher for a non-profit in D.C., one that appears to be all about intersectionality and pushing “equality”. And she’s totally going to leave in 2020! No Need to Deport Me. This […]

Trump Admin Reinstitutes Clinton Immigration Law, Open Borders Advocates Melt Down

So, Trump did this JUST ANNOUNCED: President @realDonaldTrump will enforce a Clinton-era law to ensure that non-citizens do not abuse our public benefit programs and jeopardize the safety net needed by vulnerable Americans. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) August 12, 2019 Democrats then worked very hard to ignore the Bill Clinton part Trump admin […]

Open Borders Advocates Upset Over Deported Iraqi Man Who Died

People commit crimes all the time and are forced to pay the penalty. Being in the U.S. unlawfully is also, get this, a crime, for which the basic penalty is deportation. It doesn’t matter how long you were here, you aren’t authorized. But, sure, we can have some compassion. The media and the Open Borders […]

Bummer: Massive ICE Raid Captures 680 Illegal Aliens

This is made the Open Borders advocates Very Upset ICE raids on Mississippi food processing plants result in 680 arrests U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Wednesday that its officers had raided seven food processing plants in Mississippi and detained approximately 680 “removable aliens” in what a federal prosecutor described as “the largest single-state […]

Bummer: Zero “Remain In Mexico” Migrants Granted Asylum

The majority of those showing up at the border/crossing illegally and demanding asylum are actually eligible. But, the problem is, when they are already here, it is extremely difficult to send them packing. Open Borders advocates freaking out and continuing to attempt to keep them here along with the illegals/migrants just disappearing are two big […]

Bummer: People Demanding Asylum Often Have No Lawyers To Help With Process

This has made the NY Times very upset, so, Miriam Jordan wrote an opinion piece masquerading as straight news In Court Without a Lawyer: The Consequences of Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Plan Outside one of the nation’s busiest immigration courts, dozens of migrant families streamed out of a pair of buses that had just pulled […]

Sanders Proud His Unaffordable Medicare For All Bill Applies To Illegal Aliens

This stuff may play well with the base during the primaries. How well will it play with the general public during the general election? Bernie Sanders: ‘Health Care as a Human Right’ Applies to Illegal Aliens Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) said during the second Democrat presidential debate on Tuesday that he would support giving health […]

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