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Will Voters In SCNY Vote To End Sanctuary Status?

If they get the question on the ballot, what will they do in Sanctuary City New York? Put ‘sanctuary city’ on the ballot so NYC voters can halt the migrant crime crisis Your kids aren’t safe even in broad daylight. Last week, an Ecuadorian migrant held two 13-year-olds, a girl and a boy, at knifepoint in […]

Squad Member Says Covering Illegal Raping 13 Year Old Is “Fearmongering”

In Democratic Socialist World it’s absolutely no big deal for an illegal to rape a child. The GOP should be playing this comment nationwide to let people know exactly who the Democrats are Rep. Jayapal suggests coverage of migrant charged with raping NYC teen is ‘fearmongering’ Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and MSNBC host Joy Reid […]

Biden’s “Amnesty” For Illegal Spouses Already Looks To Face Lawsuits

If we weren’t living in a banana republic the duly elected legislative branch would be shutting down this order from Biden, and even looking to impeach Biden for violating the Constitution and his oath of office ‘Unconstitutional’: Biden’s ‘Amnesty’ Executive Order Poised For Slew Of Legal Challenges President Joe Biden announced an executive order Tuesday […]

42,000 Illegals Have Crossed Border Since Biden’s Executive Order

Wasn’t it supposed to be shut down when there were that many? 42,000 migrants have crossed the border since Biden’s executive order — and thousands are still being released into the US Some 42,000 migrants have illegally crossed the border from Mexico in the days since President Biden’s “crackdown” took effect, The Post can reveal. Border […]

SCOTUS Rules Against Illegal Aliens Challenging Deportation Orders In Perpetuity

Basically, if they fail to show for their court dates they can’t challenge it Supreme Court Rules Against Migrants in Dispute Over Deportation Hearing Notices The Supreme Court sided with the federal government on Friday in a dispute over what information immigration officials must provide migrants about their deportation hearings. In a 5-to-4 decision, the majority upheld […]

As Homeless Skyrockets In Chicago, City Leaders Celebrate A New Migrant Center

Are the citizens of sanctuary cities learning that the Democratic Elites care more about illegals than low income Americans? Democrats know they have the low income vote in the bag in these cities Homelessness skyrockets in sanctuary city as migrants surge into shelter Chicago saw a massive increase in the number of homeless people in […]

How’s Biden’s Border Order Doing After A Week?

Well, NBC News tries to provide cover After a week, has Biden’s border order had an effect? Migrant numbers are down, but there are glitches A week after President Joe Biden signed an executive action to “suspend the entry” of immigrants who cross the border illegally, the number of migrants has fallen by 25%, but officials are […]

CBS News Shocked That Clear Majority Want Illegals Deported

The Credentialed News wonders why people do not trust them and think they are completely biased ????Watch CBS host Margaret Brennan be completely shocked and in denial about her own network’s new poll that shows 62% of all Americans support a new government program to deport all illegal aliens in our country: “What exactly do people think […]

Myorkas Doesn’t Know When Biden’s Border EO Will Be Implemented, But, Still Releasing Almost All Illegals

Is anyone else getting the idea that Biden’s border EO is basically election season smoke and mirrors? Mayorkas defends Biden’s executive action — but doesn’t say when it might start working Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday defended the Biden administration’s new executive action on the border — an order that aims […]

Surprise: Illegal Aliens Driving SCNY Hotel Costs To Record Highs

I’m sure the same thing is happening in Boston, Chicago, Denver, and other places where illegals are being sent to Migrant surge driving hotel prices to record highs in sanctuary city: report The cost of a hotel room has hit a record high in New York City, in part due to the ongoing migrant crisis, […]

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