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SCOTUS Ruling Makes It Easier To Detain Non-Citizens Released From Jail

Over at the NY Times, David Leonhardt has some interesting questions for Democrats on illegal immigration, such as What kind of border security do you believe in? Do you favor the policies Obama put in place to reduce illegal immigration — or a different approach? Do you believe that immigrants who enter this country illegally […]

NJ Teen Sues For Being Denied Entrance Into Colleges Due To Bribery Scandal

There’s a couple of interesting nuggets in here I ended up at Rutgers because the rich kids stole my spot at other schools, N.J teen says A Rutgers University honors student who had a near-perfect SAT score claims in a class-action lawsuit that he didn’t get a fair shake when he applied to the University […]

NC Republicans Offer Bill Forcing Sheriff’s To Cooperate With ICE

While many cities, counties, and states are passing legislation stopping cooperation with ICE, North Carolina is going a different way NC Republicans file bill to force county sheriffs to work with ICE North Carolina House Bill 370 has a number of sponsors, but most importantly, it has the backing of House Speaker Tim Moore. It was filed […]

ICE Finds Ways Around Sanctuary Jurisdictions

This is making Open Borders, illegal alien criminal Democrats livid (via Hot Air) US immigration agents find ways around ‘sanctuary’ policies Two years after New Mexico’s largest county barred local law enforcement from cooperating with immigration authorities, its leaders learned that the policy was being subverted from within. Staff members at the Bernalillo County jail […]

Democrats Introduce “Clean” Amnesty Bill For DACA And Others

Democrats have been calling for a “clean” immigration bill for several years, meaning one that provides legal status and even a pathway to citizenship with zero border or other security included, with nothing that looks to stop illegal immigration nor deters it. And here we go House Dem propose offering 2M immigrants chance to apply […]

Open Borders Activists Attempt To Get Banks To Divest From Prisons

Day after day, the open borders lobby is exposing that they really are for open borders, much like Democrats overall are exposing just how extremist they all are IMMIGRATION ACTIVISTS SEE PRIVATE PRISON DIVESTMENT AS A WAY TO ABOLISH ICE Immigration activists see their campaign to get banks to divest from private prison companies as […]

White House Budget Proposal Includes $8.6 Billion For Border Barrier

Setting up another showdown as Democrats refuse to secure the southern border from invasion Trump to request $8.6B in wall funding in ‘tough’ budget request, setting up congressional showdown President Trump will soon formally seek a total of $8.6 billion in new border wall funding from Congress as part of the White House’s upcoming budget proposal […]

Democrats Vote In Favor Of Illegal Aliens Voting

Democrats passed their big HR1 bill Friday, and here’s what the Washington Post had to say House Democrats pass H.R. 1, their answer to draining the swamp It’s laughably called the For The People Act, and bears as much to being for the people as The Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act was to patient […]

Not Open Borders Or Something: Pelosi Wants All New Immigrants To Be Able To Vote

People often wonder why Democrats are so in favor of open borders and illegal immigration, as well as taking in massive numbers of refugees from 3rd world shitholes developing nation. They give us all sorts of feelings based squishy reasons, but, really, it does come down to one thing, and Pelosi just let it out […]

Feds Reveal Massive Operation That Saw Illegals Getting Fake Documents

Remember, illegal immigration is not supposed to cause problems for U.S. citizens, and they aren’t really engaged in crime Feds: Forgery operation produced over 10,000 fake documents Located in an apartment in a primarily Hispanic town in Oregon, a clandestine lab churned out thousands of fake Social Security cards, drivers’ licenses and immigration documents that […]

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