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SCNY Mayor Says City Is Safest Big City In U.S.

Also Sanctuary City New York Stabbing, assaults, murders in NYC. Everyday over the last week. Same people. — David Santa Carla ???? (@TheOnlyDSC) February 19, 2024 Nothing to see Mayor Eric Adams once again insists NYC is ‘safest big city in America’ despite surge of migrant melees Mayor Eric Adams on Saturday insisted the […]

Suddenly, Biden Considers Using Immigration Powers That Trump Used

It’s almost like the Brandon regime had all these powers to restrict illegal immigration, but, intentionally chose to do the opposite White House weighing executive actions on the border — with immigration powers used by Trump The White House is considering using provisions of federal immigration law repeatedly tapped by former President Donald Trump to […]

Cost For Massachusetts To Feed Illegals? $64 Each Per Day

Who else spends $64 a day on food? Maybe if you’re on vacation. Maybe. If you’re traveling for work, what’s your daily limit? Perhaps we should all declare ourselves illegals Vendors charging Massachusetts taxpayers $64 a day to feed each illegal immigrant: report New details have emerged about the staggering sums of cash Massachusetts taxpayers […]

Surprise: 80% Say Biden Is Doing Bad Job On The Border

The question here is “does Biden actually care?” Most Americans believe Biden admin doing a bad job handling influx of migrants: Pew Most Americans believe that the Biden administration is doing a bad job handling the current influx of migrants into the U.S., according to data released Friday by Pew Research Center. Eighty percent of Americans said that the […]

Sanctuary State Illinois To Spend Another $250 Million On Illegals

Gee, I wonder what the state could do with that money to help the actual citizens, but, hey, the majority voted for this kind of insanity Illinois pumping $250M more in taxpayer funds to help illegal migrants in Chicago The state of Illinois and Cook County have announced plans to allocate up to an additional […]

Biden Regime Failed To Properly Vet People Housing Illegal Alien Children

Well, seriously, why should anyone work hard when the president created the problem and he works 30 hours a week and tends to take most weekends off? Biden administration failed to vet adults housing migrant children, federal watchdog says The Biden administration struggled to properly vet and monitor the homes where they placed a surge […]

Good News: Brandon Regime Considering Releasing Illegals Over Budget

This is really about revenge for Republicans spiking the bad “border security” bill, and you know Biden and his Democrat Comrades will preach that it is Republican’s fault to their compliant media US to consider mass release of detained migrants over budget woes A senior US immigration official has said that authorities plan to release […]

Biden’s FBI Worried MS-13 May Join Venezuelan’s To Commit Crime In SCNY

But, hey, isn’t this what Biden wanted when he left the border wide open? Isn’t this what the citizens who vote Democrat in Sanctuary City NY wanted? Report: FBI Fears MS-13 Gang May Join Violent Venezuelan Gang to Terrorize New Yorkers Thanks to Open Borders Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents fear there may be […]

Sanctuary City Boston Mayor Says The Immigration System Is Broken Or Something

As mayor of a sanctuary city and someone who had supported unfettered illegal immigration isn’t a “broken system” exactly what she wanted? Wu on migrant crisis: ‘We’re experiencing the symptoms of a federal immigration system that’s been broken’ Boston Mayor Michelle Wu visited NBC 10 Boston’s @Issue and explained the migrant situation that the city […]

SCNY Imposing Curfew On More Migrant Centers

This is strange, because those who support unfettered illegal immigration say that they are all good little boys and girls just looking for a better life, that they bring no crime or issues. Usually because the illegals are somewhere Over There, not in their own neighborhoods NYC imposing 11 p.m. curfew at more migrant shelters […]

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