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Surprise? Illegal Alien Who Murdered Three Was One Of Obama’s DACA Recipients

I wonder if Obama feels any remorse? Or the Democrats who backed DACA? How about the media, which also backed DACA? Will the media ask Mr. Obama any pointed, tough questions? Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Three Was a DACA Recipient A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson told the Springfield News-Leader that Luis Rodrigo Perez, 23, a Mexican […]

Trump Signs Order Limiting Asylum Claims At Mexican Border

This will make the pro-illegal alien crowd rather upset Trump limits asylum from Mexico border, caravans head north President Donald Trump on Friday effectively suspended the granting of asylum to migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, seeking fresh ways to block thousands of Central Americans traveling in caravans from entering the United States. The […]

Non-Citizens Should Totally Be Allowed To Vote Or Something

By non-citizens, Ron Hayduk of Jacobin means illegal aliens, and really exposes what the Democrat agenda is all about Why Non-Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote Imagine: what if today, instead of being consigned to the shadows, the more than 22 million noncitizen immigrants in the US were heading to the polls? Sound preposterous? Voting by non-citizens […]

NY Times: The Migrant Mob Is No Threat And We Have Laws To Deal With This Or Something

The NY Times Editorial Board, featuring confirmed racist Sarah Jeong, has finally chimed in on the mob of Central Americans making their way to America in an attempt to force their way in. Thousands have taken Mexico up on their asylum offer. Thousands more haven’t Common Sense on the Caravan A group of desperate migrants […]

Central American Caravan Members Sue Over Violations Of Their Constitutional Rigths

You can’t even call them illegal aliens or even immigrants at this point, since they haven’t made it the the U.S. border. Yet, they’re making a wackadoodle claim, which you can bet Democrats and #NeverTrumpers are like “yeah, exactly, sue!” Migrants traveling to US sue Trump, government; claim violation of constitutional rights A dozen migrants […]

Say, What Would Happen If Trump Uses An Executive Order To End Birthright Citizenship For Illegals?

From what I’ve been reading and hearing, it appears as if any Executive Order on the subject will revolve around “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” from the 14th Amendment. Would it be legal? Constitutional? We’ll have to see how it is written, if it is at all. But, hey, what about those poor kids of […]

Could Trump Bar Illegal Aliens From Birthright Citizenship?

Birthright citizenship seems rather cut and dry, does it not? The purpose of the passage in the 14th Amendment was explicitly to make sure that the former slaves and their children obtain immediate U.S. citizenship post-Civil War. But, it seemed to give anyone born here citizenship. Here’s how CNN is tackling it in what is […]

Caravan Member Totally Wants Trump To Pardon Him

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins, embedded with the caravan. and the interpreter received a bit of a shock as they interviewed an immigrant heading to the U.S. with the caravan. Griff asked the man “Are you willing to break the law to get back to the United States?” He replied “I want to enter and ask for […]

Migrant Mob Rejects Mexico Offer To Stay

If these are people looking to supposedly escape the the violence of Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American nations, then what’s wrong with Mexico? A culture much closer, language is the same, and they are making an offer Migrant caravan members reject offer to stay in Mexico Several thousand Central American migrants turned down a […]

Trump Considering Freezing Asylum Laws To Stop Migrant Mob

Just the mere mention of this has set liberals off. In what is supposed to be the news section, the NY Times has not one, but two subheads reading Anti-immigrant! Stoking fears of immigrants! We saw how well the mass import of “immigrants” worked in Europe. All the rapes, sexual assaults, lawlessness, and other crime […]

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