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Countries Should Think About The Rights Of Immigrants When Controlling Their Borders Or Something

Over at the very left leaning The Nation, Christopher Bertram thinks he’s found a good hook into pushing for open borders Should Immigration Laws Be Respected? If countries want the right and not just the power to control their borders, they have to consider the rights of immigrants, too. Really, you don’t have to go […]

Say, What About The Environmental Cost Of Illegal Immigration?

This is not the first time that it has been noted that illegal aliens leave tons of trash along the border and the remote areas they attempt to cross. One would think the environmentals would have an issue with this Trash at the Border Highlights the Environmental Cost of Illegal Immigration Several weeks ago, various […]

MSNBC Looks For Illegal Coverage During Florence

People have died. People are trapped. People are without power. People are scared. There’s more rain, wind, and flooding to come as it very slowly moves across the Carolinas Tropical Storm #Florence continues to cause catastrophic flooding in portions of North and South Carolina. — National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) September 15, 2018 The 5 […]

NY City Nutters Pass Abolish ICE Resolution

How did it come to pass that Democrats are super enthused to protect people who are illegally present in the U.S., who steal the identities and social security numbers of legal citizens, ruining lives, who kill, rape, murder, sexually assault children, rob, steal, commit arson, and so many other crimes? And it’s come to the […]

Unfettered Legal And Illegal Immigration Is Patriotic Or Something

Excitable Aaron Baker gives the patriotism shtick for immigration a whirl in the Michigan Daily, and, this was published on September 11th, but, then, most liberals do not seem to care to remember that Islamists killed almost 3,000 that day Aaron Baker: The patriotism of immigration President Donald Trump’s position on immigration is blatantly unpatriotic. […]

House Passes Bill To Make Deportation Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Easier And Quicker

Who would be surprised that the Democrats mostly objected? (Washington Post) The House on Friday passed a bill that would restore the federal government’s ability to deport immigrants for a wide variety of violent criminal offenses in a vote that won quick praise from President Trump. The Community Safety and Security Act aims to address […]

Bummer: Everyday Is A Nightmare For Illegal Alien Family

We’re supposed to sob over this ‘Every day is a nightmare’: Wife of deported father calls for immigration changes When Cindy Garcia and her two children arrive at their Michigan home, everyone becomes silent. “Until my husband comes back to us, every day is a nightmare,” she said. It’s been happening since Jan. 15, the […]

NC Dems Seem Pretty Upset That ICE Might Want To Know If Illegals Are Registered To Vote

On one hand, Democrats say they are Very Concerned about the integrity of our voting system. On the reality hand, they want people who aren’t legally allowed to vote to vote for them Democratic congressmen call for inquiry over DOJ, ICE voting subpoenas A pair of North Carolina congressmen called Thursday on the U.S. Department […]

Illegal Alien Supporters Are Totally Concerned About Obama Putting Ankle Monitors On Illegals

Well, not Obama, of course, but, Trump Trump is normalizing an inhumane system for monitoring migrants As the government struggles to reunite hundreds of immigrant children with their parents after almost 3,000 of them were separated at the border by the Trump administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reportedly turned to GPS-equipped ankle monitors to keep track of […]

Washington Post Is Upset That Murder Of Mollie Tibbetts By Illegal Brought Up Immigration Politics

The Washington Post, like most leftist outlets, is more than happy to jump to politics after every shooting (excluding all the ones that occur in gun restricting Chicago), but, when it comes to illegal immigration, they are exasperated that foes of illegal immigration would dare make it political After arrest of undocumented immigrant in Mollie […]

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