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Having Solved All Their Problems, NYC Bans Use Of Certain Words To Describe Illegal Aliens

Apparently, NYC has stopped all crime and the effects of Coronavirus (being pretty much ground zero in the U.S.) NYC Bans The Terms ‘Illegal Immigrant’ And ‘Alien,’ Will Now Refer To Illegal Immigrants As ‘Noncitizens’ New York City reportedly outlawed the use of the terms “alien” and “illegal immigrant” in official government documents Thursday and […]

You Know Who Democrats Don’t Want “Locked Down”? Illegal Aliens

There have been very few complaints from Democrats over all the lockdowns and craziness that accompanies it. They have mostly taken the side of Progressive (nice Fascist) Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. They seem to cheer when paddle boarders are detained, skate parks are filled with sand, parties are busted, churches shut down and pastors arrested, […]

Bummer: Some DACA Recipients Are Leaving U.S. Ahead Of Supreme Court Case

We’re supposed to feel sorry for these folks, whose parent(s) brought them to the United States in violation of federal law. If they’re leaving, perhaps they really do not care that much about being an American As Supreme Court considers end to DACA, some Dreamers are already leaving US behind Born in South Korea but […]

California Group Calls For Other People To Donate Their Bat Soup Checks To Illegal Aliens

Strangely, the people who put this together aren’t saying how much of their own money they are putting into this. But, apparently, they need illegals to do their gardens and scrub their toilets In CA: A call to donate stimulus checks to support undocumented families Would you donate your $1,200 stimulus check to undocumented immigrants […]

Group Wants People To Share Their Bat Soup Virus Check With Illegal Aliens

There’s an interesting question that WRAL failed to ask: did the people who put this together donate their own money? Or are they just trying to get Other People to do this? #ShareYourCheck: Raleigh, Durham leaders encourage donating stimulus checks to immigrant taxpayers A group of elected officials from Raleigh and Durham are encouraging the […]

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Remain In Mexico Policy To Stand

What will the Open Borders advocates do now? Will they start this lawsuit all over, working up to the Supreme Court, thinking the outcome will be different? Will they be willing to wait till the full court proceedings are over? Supreme Court gives Trump win by allowing ‘remain in Mexico’ policy to continue The U.S. […]

9th Circuit Sorta Blocks Trump’s Remain In Mexico Policy

President’s Trump’s remain in Mexico policy rather makes sense: you want asylum? OK, we’ll process an application, but, you don’t have access to the whole of the lower 48 while applying. This has made Open Borders advocates upset Court temporarily blocks Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, then suspends its own order An federal appeals court […]

Court Rules Trump Admin Can Withhold Grants From Sanctuary Jurisdictions

This has made many an Open Borders advocate very upset Appeals Court: Trump Can Withhold Funding from Sanctuary Cities A federal appellate court on Wednesday ruled that President Trump’s administration can, in fact, withhold federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions that insist on shielding criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation. The U.S. Court of Appeals […]

ICE Defies California, Arrests Two Illegals At Sonoma County Courthouse

Guess what? Federal law supersedes California law when it comes to immigration (via Blazing Cat Fur through PJ Media) ICE flouts state law in arresting two people at Northern California courthouse U.S. immigration agents have arrested two people at a Northern California courthouse, including a man detained in a hallway on his way to a […]

Another Reason To Get Out And Vote GOP: Democrats New Way Forward Bill

This is the kind of full legislation that is usually held back till after an election. The overview would be available to whip up the Democrats to get out and vote, but, with the full thing, it’s so bad that even moderate Democrats surely have to say “whoa, hold on there, Sparky” Kobach: The New […]

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