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Hot Take: Democrats Invoke Ronald Reagan To Push Illegal Immigration

Seriously You know Democrats are reaching when they try and invoke Ronald Reagan — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) July 16, 2019 They’re really giving this a shot to protect illegals Since this is the last speech that I will give as President, I think it’s fitting to leave one final thought, an observation about a country […]

Chicago’s New Mayor Explains Why She Won’t Assist ICE Capture Illegals Ordered Deported By Federal Judges

New Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is taking over on-track from old mayor Rahm Emanuel, and perfectly explains the Open Borders position. Perhaps she should be more concerned with the high levels of violence in her city (7 dead, at least 31 shot this weekend) rather than spending oodles of money protecting illegal aliens Why Chicago […]

Bummer: Illegal Aliens Are Worried About Answering Door Ahead Of Raids

If you haven’t broken the law the only concern you should have about answering the door is it being someone trying to sell you something With ICE Raids Looming, Immigrants Worry: ‘Every Time Someone Knocks, You Get Scared’ All week, Veronica had distracted herself from a constant barrage of news about a series of coordinated […]

Trump Gets Big Win Against Sanctuary Cities In Court

Nice to know that a court actually rules on Law rather than their personal political leanings now and then Appeals court gives Trump a win in sanctuary city case A federal appeals court gave President Donald Trump a rare legal win in his efforts to crack down on “sanctuary cities” Friday, upholding the Justice Department’s […]

ACLU Sues To Stop ICE Raids On Illegals Ordered Deported By Judges

Are we at the 100% proof positive point where Democrats just need to stop with their talking point that they only want to keep the good illegals? That they respect the rule of law? ACLU Files Lawsuit To Stop ICE Raids On Sunday That Would Target Migrants The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Thursday calling […]

Former Obama Officials Warn That Push To Decriminalize Illegal Immigration Could Cost Democrats The Election

They need to shut the heck up and let the 2020 Democratic Party nominees keep going. But, then, it actually doesn’t matter, because in just 2 1/2 years the Democratic Party has become so extreme that they won’t listen. Also, it is too late, that cat has been let out of the bag, and even […]

Washington Post Is Suddenly Very Concerned Over Los Federales Tapping Into Facial Recognition Searches

Now, granted, we should all be concerned when federal agencies are doing this, but, interestingly, the Washington Post and elected Democrats weren’t particularly concerned when someone else was in office FBI, ICE tap in to state driver’s license databases for facial-recognition searches Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have […]

Bummer: Fear Builds In Illegal Aliens As Plans For Deportation Raids Builds

It’s actually a good thing when unhinged news outlets which support illegal immigration trot out these stories, because it helps increase the fear among these law breaking illegal aliens, and hopefully gets reported to those who are looking to come illegally/overstay their visas Fear of immigration raids builds as agency’s plans move forward President Trump […]

Bummer: Illegal Alien Gets Fine From ICE For $497,777

If you can’t pay the fine don’t do the crime Ordered Deported, Then Sent a $497,777 Fine From ICE Edith Espinal spends her days praying, reading and, when feeling brave, taking short accompanied walks outside the Mennonite church in Columbus, Ohio, where she has been living for 21 months. Church leaders have been protecting Ms. […]

AOC Reveals Her Immigration Plan, Which Includes ‘Climate Change’ Idiocy

She refused to vote for any funding for the packed illegal immigrant centers, and has refused to demand a vote for her own Green New Deal, so, yeah, this should be good Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unveils 4-Point Immigration Plan (Point #2: Climate Change) Ocasio-Cortez, who toured facilities Monday where migrants are held after being caught crossing the border […]

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