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California Governor Pardons Three Felon Immigrants In Attempt To Shield Them From Deportation

Now, in this case, all three are legal residents, though not U.S. citizens, as opposed to illegal aliens, but, the Democrat talking point about them only wanting the good illegal aliens, not the bad ones, should be kept in mind California governor pardons 3 in bid to block deportations California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday […]

Washington Post Tells Congress To Forget Supreme Court, Just Pass Amnesty For Dreamers

Perhaps there could be a good reason that a legalization for the so-called Dreamers has never been passed, namely that it would reward law breakers and entice more to break the law, but, hey, this is Important to the Washington Post editorial board Congress, why wait for the court to act on ‘dreamers’? Just do […]

SCOTUS To Hear Ending Of DACA Challenge Tuesday

This should be a very, very, very interesting ruling As Supreme Court takes up Trump plan to end DACA, American dreams at stake for nearly 700,000 immigrants A lawyer, a teacher, a graduate student and an undergraduate gathered in a 6th-floor courtroom one recent afternoon to discuss their common dreams and nightmares. The dreams are […]

Not Open Borders: Warren Suggests Suspending Deporations Of Illegal Aliens

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend Liz Warren’s events here in Raleigh, but, probably for the best: I’m a heckler, and I might have yelled out questions that Liz couldn’t answer. Since the news media fails to ask pointed questions At Latino community forum, Elizabeth Warren says she’s open to suspending deportations Democratic presidential candidate […]

Comrade Bernie Releases An Immigration Plan

Remember, though, Democrats are not for open borders Bernie released a comprehensive immigration platform today. Some of the highlights: – dismantle ICE and CBP– decriminalize illegal immigration – stop all deportations– accept 50,000 "climate migrants" in first year– and much, much more — Jason Hopkins (@thejasonhopkins) November 7, 2019 Yeah, this should be a […]

Montgomery County, Maryland, Reverses Anti-ICE Policy In Wake Of Rapes By Illegals

Who would have thought that Bad Things could happen when Open Borders advocates release illegal alien criminals in order to thwart ICE? Montgomery County Reverses Sanctuary Policy After String of Illegal Immigrants Charged With Rape A county in Maryland has partially reversed a sanctuary policy just three months after it was passed. The move comes […]

Totally Not Open Borders Advocates Ask California Governor To Stop Parolee Deportations

Once again, remember, the Open Borders advocates say they aren’t open borders, they just want to keep the good illegal aliens (and refugees and such), not the bad ones. What do they define as good and bad? Groups ask California governor to deter parolee deportations Immigrant rights groups called Friday for Gov. Gavin Newsom to […]

40 To 80% Of Illegals Released By Sanctuary Jurisdictions Commit More Crimes

Remember, the Open Borders advocates tell us that they don’t want the bad ones, just the good ones (Breitbart) During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official Timothy Robbins said that anywhere between 40 to 80 percent of criminal illegal aliens who are released by sanctuary jurisdictions go on to commit […]

California Governor Pardons Immigrants To Avoid Deportation

See, the usual talking point from the Open Borders crowd is that they do not want the bad ones, just the good ones. Yet, they keep protecting the ones who commit criminal acts California Governor Pardons Three Immigrant Felons to Avoid Deportation California Governor Gavin Newsom pardoned three immigrant felons last week to help them […]

ICE Blasts Wake County Sheriff For Releasing Illegal Convicted Of Sexual Assault On A Minor

Remember, the Open Borders advocates tell us that they only want the good illegals, not the bad ones. Yet, they keep refusing to comply with ICE detainers for the bad ones ICE blasts Wake sheriff over release of sex offender in US illegally Federal immigration authorities on Friday criticized the Wake County Sheriff’s Office over […]

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