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Hot Take: Jerry Brown Thinks China Joe Should Work With China On ‘Climate Change’

Right, right, because we can totally trust China, right? They would never cheat, right? They would never say they would do something and not do it, right? Op-Ed: Jerry Brown: Biden’s first task should be working with China on climate change In 2017, during my final term as governor of California, I traveled to China […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pacific Pundit, with a post on Project Veritas releasing tapes on CNN, and CNN freaking.

Surprise: Republican States Will Fight China Joe Utility Emissions Cuts

Republicans states led the way in suing the Obama administration over the Clean Power Plan, successfully having a stay put on it till the Trump admin killed it off. They did not want to burden their citizens with skyrocketing costs of energy, which would skyrocket the cost of living, and create rolling blackouts and brownouts, […]

European Court May Soon Rule On Whether Climate Crisis (scam) Violates Children’s Human Rights

Considering the court this was filed in, it just may well succeed Does Climate Change Violate Children’s Human Rights? A European Court May Soon Decide The summer of 2017 was hugely stressful for Sofia and André Oliveira, then aged 12 and 9. From their home in Lisbon, they watched a season of record wildfires and severe […]

Uber Progressive California Might Be Super Restricted Soon, Also Sued Over Failures In Education

California, of course, was one of the strictest states during the initial lockdown, and continued lots of those strict policies ever since. Also, since it is a bigly China Joe voting state, why aren’t the good little Comrades following the dictates of Government? California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Warns Of New, “Drastic” Stay-At-Home Order […]

Here’s How You Can Donate To Stop Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

See, you can pay your speeding tickets or you can just, get this, not speed The Weekly Planet: The Best Way to Donate to Fight Climate Change (Probably) Let’s say you want to donate $25 to fighting climate change. Where should your money go? Since I started this newsletter, this inquiry (or something like it) is […]

If All You See…

…is a mountain missing its glacier due to ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report News, with a post on more anti-Israel hatred for Rashida Tlaib.

NY Times Seems Upset That ACB’s Vote Could Tilt Supreme Court On Gun Rights

How dare ACB lean towards defending the Constitution Right of citizens to arm themselves! Justice Barrett’s Vote Could Tilt the Supreme Court on Gun Rights Justice Amy Coney Barrett is just starting to make her mark at the Supreme Court. On Wednesday, her vote flipped the court’s approach to restrictions on attendance at religious services […]

Obama Criticizes You Peons For Liking Your Cheap Gas And Big Cars

This is like the height of huttzpah, considering how often he took fossil fueled flights paid for by the taxpayers to vacation and fund raising spots for 8 years. How many times did he fly to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard and California? Remember the times he flew his family members, including his dog, separately? And […]

Bat Soup Virus Follies: Dining Out In LA After Voting To Ban, Cuomo Maskless

How many times have we seen Elites not practicing what they preach during the Age Of Bat Soup Virus (here, here, here, and here, as a start)? Here’s a few more, which makes one think that perhaps all the restrictions and stuff are less about “saving lives” and more about an extension of power Cuomo, […]

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