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Lego Gives Up On “Green” Recycling, Makes No Difference On CO2 Emissions

The shameful thing here is that Lego only seems to care about their “carbon footprint”, not whether recycling plastics makes sense for real environmentalism Green Fail: Lego Abandons Bricks Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles for Failure to Reduce Carbon Emissions Danish toymaker Lego has halted its initiative to create its iconic bricks from recycled plastic […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled farming instrument, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on Venezuelans planting their flag on the border of Texas after crossing illegally.

With A Supposed Soft Landing Coming, Reuters Wonders Why Americans Are So Mad About Economy

You simply un-appreciative peasants are grumbling after all the work of your betters The elusive Fed ‘soft landing’ nears. Why are Americans so mad about the economy? U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said emphatically last week that people “hate inflation, hate it,” but he left another fact unspoken – they also punish the politicians […]

Brandon Tells Pacific Islanders He’s Going To Do Something About Climate Crisis (scam)

Hey, maybe he’s going to tell all those Pacific islands they have to do away with all their airport and stop importing all those goods on fossil fueled ships? No more tourists coming on fossil fueled airplanes? Biden tells Pacific islands leaders he’ll act on their warnings about climate change President Joe Biden on Monday […]

NJ Democrats Look To Abandon Sanctuary State Status (but, mostly just for the elections)

Claiming you are a sanctuary state is all fun and games right up till all those illegals are shipped to the state, right? No sanctuary in New Jersey: Democrats about-face on migrants as election looms The Biden administration’s decision to float Atlantic City International Airport as one of 11 potential sites to house migrants living […]

PRC Looking To Restrict Classic Fossil Fuels Vehicles

I swear, elected Republicans across the country are a bunch of weenies, who just do not get how Politics 101 works. None of them seem to be asking why Gavin Newsome, the other elected Democrats, and the unelected and unresponsive to the citizens group known as the California Air Resources Board are practicing what they […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Nazis in Canada.

Democratic Party Mayor Of El Paso Says City Is At Breaking Point From Illegal Aliens

Perhaps the current mayor, Oscar Leeser, should have talked to the city mayor, council, and attorney back in 2017, right after Leeser took a break from politics, having been the mayor from 2013 to 2017. Someone else was mayor when the city did this City of El Paso joins legal battle against sanctuary cities law […]

Richard Branson Talks Climate Doom Or Something

Last I checked, this guy owned a fossil fueled airline, a fossil fueled cruise ship line, hotels (which require people to take fossil fueled trips), and a company attempting to make commercial space travel happen, among others. So, of course Richard Branson talks new climate change coalition and his plans to return to space Sir […]

Surprise? Massive Amount Of Democrats Are Against Free Speech

They do not particularly understand the 1st Amendment or the reasoning behind it, the writings behind it Stunning numbers among Dems in RCOR's new poll on free speech and censorship: 47% of Dems say free speech should be legal 'only under certain circumstances. 34% of Dems say Americans 'have too much freedom' 75% of Dems […]

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