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Secretary Pete Has A Plan To Force You Out Of Your Fossil Fueled Vehicle

So, we’ve jumped past moving you into an electric vehicle and to you having no personal vehicle If you didn't think the goal of Democrats is to get you out of your car, here they are making it very clear. High gas prices, slow down cars, create bike paths and wider sidewalks to "Nudge Commuters […]

Authoritarians Seem Upset Over All The COVID Lawsuits

They really do not like the notion of the People fighting for their freedom ‘It’s a tsunami’: Legal challenges threatening public health policy Court battles over Covid-19 safety measures and recent court rulings will impact the government’s ability to keep Americans safe, experts warn. Mounting legal challenges to pandemic public health rules — and judges’ […]

Surgeon General To Spend Time Going After Chinese Coronavirus “Misinformation”

Seems like a good use of his time Surgeon general launches effort to get to the bottom of Covid-19 misinformation The office of US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a request Thursday for information surrounding health misinformation, seeking input and data from tech companies, health care providers and community organizations. The request seeks to […]

Surprise: CDC Is Hiding Data On Chinese Coronavirus

Hey, don’t believe me, believe the NY Times The New York Times Makes A Stunning Admission About CDC Data On Vaccines The New York Times made an eye-popping admission on Sunday regarding data collected by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Covid-19 vaccines. In an article titled, “The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the […]

AOC Makes Sense On Congressional Stock Trades

I have zero problem agreeing with her. When someone is correct, they’re correct AOC says it’s ‘not really a mystery’ why Congress hasn’t passed a stock trading ban for lawmakers given that ‘an enormous amount’ of them trade stocks Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York offered a blunt assessment of why members of Congress […]

Good News: Biden To Make Mobile Homes More Green, Price Them Out Of Purchase For Low Income Americans

Is this what the climate cultists mean by ‘climate change’ affecting low income people the most? After decades, Biden plans to make mobile homes greener. But it’s sparked a fierce debate. …..Spurred by a court order, the Biden administration is proposing long-awaited updates to energy-efficiency standards for manufactured homes that it projects will save mobile-home […]

Bummer: SCOTUS Mandate Decision Could Be First Salvo In War On Administrative State

LA Times writer David Cole writes this op-ed like reducing the power the of the federal administrative state is a bad thing (LA Times piece behind paywall, using the Yahoo edition) Op-Ed: The Supreme Court’s vaccine mandate ruling is the start of something far worse The Supreme Court’s recent decision to block the Biden administration’s vaccination-or-test requirement […]

SCOTUS Seems Skeptical Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The oral arguments were a little crazy at the Supreme Court, at least from the silly liberals on the Court. I can’t find where OSHA mandates a vaccine for anything else, and one of the arguments is that the mandate is requiring people to do something when not at work. Wearing a hardhat is one […]

It Begins: Notre Dame Changes Definition Of Fully Vaccinated To Be Boosterized

We’ve heard rumblings and ruminations of changing the definition to include getting a booster, moving that goal post, for a few weeks now. Notre Dame has taken it to heart Notre Dame is requiring students to get a COVID-19 booster to keep fully vaccinated status The University of Notre Dame is requiring all students to […]

19,000 Marines And Navy Miss Deadline To Get Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

What will you do now, Navy and Marines? What will you do now, Joint Chiefs? Vaccine holdouts in Navy, Marines hit 19,000 as deadline passes to comply with mandate As many as 19,000 active-duty Marines and Navy sailors chose not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus by their shared Nov. 28 deadline, a dilemma for […]

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