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The Meaning Of the Waters Of The US Regulations

I’ve mentioned the Brandon admin’s EPA trotting out their Big Massive Government Waters of The US rule ahead of a Supreme Court decision a few times, to go with a few times while Brandon was Obama’s VP. Perhaps it’s time for an explanation of how bad this is Biden backs his administration into a puddle […]

TSA Spending Millions For Screening Gender-Neutral Passengers

It’s wonderful that the government has to spend money because many people are gender confused TSA spends $18.6 million on security screening for gender-neutral passengers The Transportation Security Administration is spending $18.6 million to deploy “non-binary screening systems” for gender-neutral passengers traveling through U.S. airports. The federal spending watchdog group reported on the new security screening […]

Unexpected: Nationwide Marijuana Glut Dropping Prices, Harming Businesses

Who could have possibly seen this coming? A national weed glut is causing prices to plummet and imperiling businesses Michigan has way too much weed. The number of cannabis grow operations serving the state’s recreational market has almost doubled in the past year. The number of active marijuana plants now exceeds 1.2 million, roughly six […]

FBI Was Super Excited To Censor Conservatives On Twitter

Obviously, the majority of the left leaning Credentialed Media have no interest in covering this. They’re more interested in discussing Twitter briefly suspending “journalists” who’ve been tracking the exact movements of Elon Musk, getting a little taste of what Conservatives went through Twitter Files: FBI Kept Busy Censoring Conservatives Instead of Chasing Crooks In the […]

Biden Admin Looks To Restrict Speed Of Large Boats In Ocean

Besides being a massive regulatory over-reach, this would cause lots of economic problems Biden administration boating proposal would be ‘greatest regulatory overreach’ of its kind, critics warn “This would be the greatest regulatory overreach in American maritime law” — that’s how Frank Hugelmeyer describes a proposal by the Biden administration to limit the speed of […]

Congress Seems Surprised By All The Wuhan Flu Fraud They Enabled

Can you take a guess at how much fraud they think occurred from all the PPP loans? And, by loan, it was really money that would never be paid back Congress is shocked, shocked by the COVID fraud it created Like Captain Renault in the gambling casino in “Casablanca,” congressmen are “shocked, shocked” by all […]

DHS Decides It’s A Good Idea To Warn Of Threats Over Holiday Season

You’ll never guess who they’re attempting to demonize DHS warns of heightened threats ahead of holidays The Department of Homeland Security is warning of rising threats in the coming months. A report from DHS referred to a heightened threat environment, with risks of domestic terror attacks committed by lone-wolf actors or groups motivated by personal grievances and […]

NY Times Is Here To Tell You How To Save Money On Your Biden Inflated Power Bills

This is what it’s come down to: the Times and so many other Credentialed Media outlets telling you how to maybe save money, rather than castigating the Government to stop being part of the problem, namely, policies that cause energy prices to go higher (paywalled Times article here) How to Save on High Heating Bills […]

How Will The Poor Afford EVs In The People’s Republik Of California?

Obviously, through massive government help. Government creates the problem, then provides the “solution” California wants everyone to drive EVs. How will low-income people afford them? When Graciela Deniz worked as a health educator at a medical office in Kerman, California, it seemed like all the doctors drove Teslas. Deniz, 32, assumed electric vehicles were a […]

Good News: Commerce Dept Looking For Semiconductor Chip Applications By February

We’ve only known about the chip shortage since early in 2021. We were told it was super important to get the legislation so we could get them made in the U.S. About that U.S. Commerce aims to seek chips funding proposals by February The U.S. Commerce Department said Tuesday it hopes by February to begin […]

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