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Pressure On Congress To Find Ways To Reduce Debt And Deficit

It’s funny, we only see these types of articles when the GOP controls one or both houses of Congress Rising US debt stokes calls in Congress for special fiscal commission The U.S. Congress is facing growing calls to find a way to stem rising budget deficits and debt following this month’s warning by Moody’s that […]

Stupid Party Throws Blame At Republicans Trying To Hold The Line On Spending

Can you imagine this happening with Democrats? No matter how extreme the bill is, no matter how crazy it gets with funding, most Democrats will rally behind the bill. You certainly won’t hear them castigating other members for refusing to go along with the Dem agenda, and they’ll essentially just bribe those folks. When you […]

People’s Republik Of California Sees Public Transit Collapse

I thought the PRC was trying to get fellow Comrades out of their fossil fueled vehicles and into electric vehicles? Why bother pushing what people are barely using Car-dependent California seeks to follow New York’s lead and save public transit Sadaf Zahoor has bucked California’s car culture by never owning one, yet she and other […]

Shady FBI Says “Trust Us, We Have Secret Information” In Domestic Spying Lawsuit

Da, Comrade, we should totally trust them and dismiss the case. We’ll see if the judges buy what the Stasi, er, FBI, are selling FBI Claims Secret Evidence Trumps Religious Discrimination Charges in Domestic Spying Case Before Irvine, Calif. had its own mosque, Muslims would gather at Ali Malik’s home for nightly prayers during Ramadan. […]

FBI Misused Surveillance Tool “Thousands” Of Times In Relation To J6, Others

Remember back during the Bush 43 years, when it was found that foreign surveillance picked up American citizens to a small degree, and the entire media freaked out? Was top news at all the Credentialed Media sites? Not now, and, it’s interesting to see where Credentialed Media outlets, like The Hill, are going with this […]

NY Times Is Mad That GOP Bill Will Make It Almost Impossible To Regulate

What has been happening for decades is that the Congress passes a bill, often a giant one, which authorizes the Executive Branch to do this and that, but, usually in a very generic way. It’s not targeted. Not specific. Like how Obamacare authorized the IRS and HHS to come up with how long people can […]

Balancing Budget In 10 Years Would Require 41% Cut To Programs

I’m pretty much good with that. We can start with cutting all the non-essential programs. Getting rid of all the redundant programs and employees. Getting rid of departments like the Education Department, Natural Resource Conservation Service, The Rural Electrification Administration, The Rural Housing Development Service, and more. The immense waste in the DOD, Medicaid, Medicare, […]

The Meaning Of the Waters Of The US Regulations

I’ve mentioned the Brandon admin’s EPA trotting out their Big Massive Government Waters of The US rule ahead of a Supreme Court decision a few times, to go with a few times while Brandon was Obama’s VP. Perhaps it’s time for an explanation of how bad this is Biden backs his administration into a puddle […]

TSA Spending Millions For Screening Gender-Neutral Passengers

It’s wonderful that the government has to spend money because many people are gender confused TSA spends $18.6 million on security screening for gender-neutral passengers The Transportation Security Administration is spending $18.6 million to deploy “non-binary screening systems” for gender-neutral passengers traveling through U.S. airports. The federal spending watchdog group reported on the new security screening […]

Unexpected: Nationwide Marijuana Glut Dropping Prices, Harming Businesses

Who could have possibly seen this coming? A national weed glut is causing prices to plummet and imperiling businesses Michigan has way too much weed. The number of cannabis grow operations serving the state’s recreational market has almost doubled in the past year. The number of active marijuana plants now exceeds 1.2 million, roughly six […]

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