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LGB Regime To Close So-Called “Gun Show Loophole”

As Bearing Arms notes, almost no criminal is getting their gun via private sellers at gun shows. There really aren’t that many at gun shows (I’ve been to a few at the State Fairgrounds), and many times they are selling older stuff. But, could there be something more nefarious at play? Biden Administration to close […]

Excitable Kamala To Announce Red Flag Funding In Trip To Parkland, Florida

Interestingly, there were more than enough red flags for the Parkland shooting wackjob for the police to take away the guns he shouldn’t have had in the first place, to even detain him Harris to announce gun control measures on visit to Parkland, Fla. Vice President Harris will make two announcements on gun violence prevention […]

Wake School Board Votes To Nag Parents Over Safe Storage

Let’s be honest: parents with firearms do need to store them in a manner that keeps them away from children. They have to balance being able to easily grab the gun in case of home invasion versus their child finding it and playing around with it, and something potentially bad happening. However, is it the […]

Kansas Democrats Have Ideas For Stopping Gun Violence Or Something

Too bad the “reporter” at the Kansas City Star failed to ask any of the Democrats if any of their ideas would actually stop shootings. I would have that questions along those lines would have been Journalism 101 Should Kansas City have more say over guns? Democrats will push plan after mass shooting Missouri House […]

Judge Rules PRC Cannot Force Law Abiding Citizens To Get Background Checks To Buy Ammo

Nice to see a judge rule in favor of We The People and the Constitution Californians don’t have to pass a background check every time they buy bullets, federal judge rules California residents don’t have to pay for and pass a background check every time they buy bullets, a federal judge has ruled. The Tuesday […]

New Mexico Democrats Push Gun Control Laws That Won’t Stop Criminals

New Mexico has already passed lots and lots of gun laws. Not quite at the level of the People’s Republik Of California. Everytown rates them #16 for U.S. states. Giffords gives them a C+, and has recommendations for New Mexico. Which the Democrats seem to be following NM Gov. Grisham pushes gun control, public safety […]

California County Says They Will Not Enforce PRC Anti-Gun Law

Sutter County is a small county of about 100K people which typically votes Republican. Trump won 57.16% to 40.73%. It’s also just barely to the north of the People’s Republik Of California capitol of Sacramento New gun laws won’t be enforced by Sutter County Sheriff’s Office: “We have no interest in criminalizing constitutionally protected behavior” […]

New Mexico Governor Pushes Pushes Different “Assault Rifle” Reform

As usual, this would only effect law abiding citizens, not the criminals. The big point here is that more Democratic Party run states could give this a whirl Governor wants New Mexico legislators to debate new approach to regulating assault-style weapons New Mexico could become an early political testing ground for a proposal to make […]

Democrats Want To Ban All Guns That Take A Magazine That Holds More Than 10 Rounds

This will obviously go nowhere in the GOP controlled House, but, it is a yet another big reason the GOP better have their act together for 2024, and, my concern is that if Trump loses, he’ll take the House with him. Of course, federal courts all the way to the Supreme Court will kill it. […]

New Gun: Ruger Max-9 Pro

No, I’m not much of a gun guy. I’ve shot revolvers, pistols, rifles (both hunting style and defense, what they call assault rifles, style), and shotguns. The only one I own, though, is a Walther P22, which is a .22 caliber pistol, and pretty small. I purchased it in 2008, and go out and shoot […]

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