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Democrats Now Pushing Large Magazine Ban At Federal Level

This would effect a few shooters, but, mostly it impacts law abiding citizens Democrats propose high-capacity gun magazine ban After a year without any significant gun legislation passed by Congress since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting in Parkland, Florida, Democrats introduced a bill banning high-capacity gun magazines Tuesday, as the one-year anniversary of the massacre […]

Illinois Democrats Pushing Bill To Search Social Media For Firearm Permits

It’s so bad that even the ACLU has a problem with the law Illinois Dems introduce bill requiring gun buyers to reveal social media accounts before getting firearm license Illinois Democrats are introducing a bill forcing gun buyers to reveal their public social media accounts to police before they are given permission to get a […]

Connecticut State Rep Is Super Enthused To Increase Ammo Costs

This would negatively impact the criminals who use firearms how, exactly? Those few nutjobs hell bent on creating a mass shooting situation won’t care, most seem to not expect to live. Your average criminal won’t care, because they’re surely stealing ammo and/or the money to buy it. This is aimed squarely at the law abiding […]

Eric Swalwell (D) Plans To Push “Right To Be Safe” Gun Control Next Week

Obviously, Swalwell forgot to real the actual Bill Of Rights, which restricts government Rep. Eric Swalwell: ‘Right to Be Safe’ Trumps Right to Bear Arms Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is pledging a gun control vote next week by exclaiming that the “right to be safe” trumps the right to bear arms. He argues that the […]

Democrat Darling Kamala Harris Vows To Eliminate All Private Insurance, Ban “Assault Weapons”

It looks, at least at the moment, like Kamala Harris is the chosen one for the Democrat big wigs and the liberal media. Heck, even Joe Scarborough has given up all pretense of being a Republican and is squeeing over her. But she, like so many Democrats, isn’t even hiding how utterly far left she […]

Philly Is Taking Aim At NRA In Cracking Down On Illegal Guns Or Something

But, they still do want to go after the actual criminals, such as gang-bangers, illegal aliens, and other bad players through aggressive policing, because that would be raaaaacist Taking Aim at the NRA, Philadelphia DA Vows Crackdown on Illegal Guns While lambasting what he characterized as his predecessors’ ulterior motives and their tendency to kowtow […]

SCOTUS To Review Restrictive NYC Gun Law

Sticking with both the NY Times and the Supreme Court, we see them taking on an interesting gun control case Supreme Court Will Review New York City Gun Law The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that it would review a New York City gun law that limits residents from transporting their guns outside their homes, […]

Awesome: Female Virginia Rep Openly Carries Her Firearm On House Floor

She says it is her version of the ERA and a way to protect herself from the crazy protesting and threatening liberals FEMALE VA STATE SENATOR OPEN CARRIES ON HOUSE FLOOR — CALLS GUN HER ‘ERA’ A Virginia state senator utilized the state’s open-carry law in a unique way on Tuesday by carrying her .38 […]

Proposed Oregon Gun Laws Are Worse Than You Thought

I noted the other day that a bill submitted by Oregon State Senator Rob Wagner (D) would limit people to magazines that hold no more than 5 rounds, and that people would be restricted from purchasing more than 20 rounds per month. It gets even worse, which means other Democrat run states will give this […]

Virginia Governor Looks Towards Banning And Confiscation Of “Assault Firearms”

You know all the Democrat talking points about not wanting to take away your guns? About that Virginia Democrats don't just want to ban future sales of "assault firearms" as a few states have done, they want to outright ban possession which means confiscation. And their vauge definition of "assault firearms" applies to most currently […]

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