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For Concealed Carry Reciprocity, Gun Grabbers Are Suddenly Concerned With States Rights

The same people who want all sorts of federal laws banning and grabbing guns, along with lots and lots of restrictions on ownership by law abiding citizens, is suddenly concerned. The House passed a bill allowing nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders when they travel to states other than their own (Daily Caller) “Throw’em […]

NY Times: National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is A Threat To Law And Order Or Something

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is Very Upset that about this notion, which is actually built into the U.S. Constitution, ie, reciprocity. The subhead as showing on the app version says “concealed-carry reciprocity is a threat to law and order” Going National With Concealed Guns It’s hard to believe that congressional Republicans would […]

Will National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Hit House Floor This Week?

They should look to pass more than just concealed carry reciprocity, but, hey, steps (Breitbart) National reciprocity for concealed carry is expected to be introduced on the House Floor for a vote next week. Breitbart News reported that the legislation received a markup from the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. That markup indicated committee members were […]

New Gun Grabber Idea: Medical Marijuana Users Should Turn In Their Guns

It’s always something with these people (via Hot Air) (Daily Caller)  Hawaiian authorities have asked medical marijuana users to “voluntarily surrender” firearms due to their medicinal status. This may mark the first time a law enforcement entity has moved to confiscate guns from cannabis patients. Marijuana users in Honolulu are expected to turn over all […]

Gun Control Group Asks Web Hosts To Ban “Ghost Gun” Sites

Does anyone want to bet that these same people working for the Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence also support net neutrality, which we are informed is all about making sure the Internet is free and unfettered? Regardless, gun grabbing groups will always be gun grabbing (AP) A gun control group founded by former […]

Wendy Davis Attempts To Rebrand Gun Control As A Female Issue

You remember Wendy Davis, right? She’s the one who attempted to filibuster an abortion law in Texas, lost, but was celebrated by the Left for yammering on in pink shoes in order to protect infanticide. She then parlayed that into a run for Texas, in which she again lost. Got smoked! And now she tries […]

Are Gun Grabbers Attempting To Rebrand Gun Control To Gun Safety?

For a long time now, the gun grabbers (who often refuse to give up their own firearms and/or armed security) have used the phrase “gun control.” They’ve worked in the gun safety here and there, but, it looks like they could be making a concerted effort to rebrand, much in the way they changed global […]

Boston Globe: “Hand Over Your Weapons”

It’s great how liberals are always saying “nobody is talking about taking your guns” right before they talk about taking your guns With no end in sight for America's gun epidemic, it may be time to consider a radical approach: seizing millions of weapons from law abiding citizens. My latest in @GlobeIdeas: — David […]

Surprise: FBI Database Missing Millions Of Records For Gun Purchases

According to the Democrat gun grabbers, we’re supposed to pass a whole raft of new “gun control” laws in order to stop gun violence which the Government will administer, yet, they can’t deal with the ones currently on the books FBI database for gun buyers missing millions of records The FBI’s background-check system is missing […]

Surprise: Democrats Attempting To Ban Scary Looking Guns Again

This is what Democrats do: instead of wanting the government to actually enforce existing law, they want more gun bans that punish law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. This reads almost like a press release from the DNC (ABC News) In the aftermath of yet another mass shooting, this time in Southerland Springs, Texas, members […]

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