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Who’s Surprised That The Washington Post Uses Waffle House Shooting To Call For Gun Banning?

Who’s also surprised that the Washington Post Editorial Board forgets to include an important bit of information? Why did the accused Waffle House shooter get back his guns? THERE WERE plenty of warning signs about Travis J. Reinking. He once told police that music superstar Taylor Swift was stalking him and hacking into his phone. Another time, […]

Post-Waffle House Shooting, Democrats Call For More Gun Grabbing

Well, of course they do. This is what they do (often while being protected by people who are armed themselves) (CNN) As police search for the gunman who killed four people at a Tennessee Waffle House, the mayor of Nashville is saying “enough is enough” and calling for stricter gun-control laws. “I know that we all […]

The Hill: We Need Gun Grabbing Policies Because Of Raaaaacism

Over at The Hill, Frederick Staidum Jr., Ph.D has been given a platform to complain about gun ownership, and he sees everything in terms of raaaaacism and sex, because he’s a scholar of race and sexuality in 19th-century American culture and literature at Loyola University Chicago Gun control is all about gun violence — we […]

Students Walked Out Of Class For Gun Grabbing, Learned All About Democracy Or Something

You can find stories from all over the country on the planned student walkout on Friday, which called for….restrictions on the Constitutional Rights of law abiding citizens, an amendment which was partially meant to protect the other Constitutional Rights as written in the other Amendments. Here’s an interesting article from San Antonio (MySA) For half […]

Illinois Town Flips The Script, Declares Itself Sanctuary For Law Abiding Gun Owners

While the rest of Illinois seems to be going the “lets put massive restrictions on law abiding citizens while ignoring all the criminals” route, including Deerfield, which banned all “assault rifles” from the city (good luck with the lawsuit, guys), this county is doing something different (USA Today) An Illinois county’s board voted to make itself […]

Bummer: American’s Interest In Gun Grabbing Policies Drops Bigly

There was a momentary spike in the importance of gun grabbing, but, that has faded (VOA News) In the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, many Americans said gun control was the most important issue facing the country. That has changed, despite high profile events […]

Kiddies Plan Walkouts Friday, Wake County Group Wants To Ban All Semi-Automatic Weapons

It’s great when they they tell us their actual agenda by accident (Raleigh News and Observer) Students across the nation plan to keep up the pressure for tougher gun laws with school walkouts and rallies Friday, including an event that’s expected to bring hundreds of people to downtown Raleigh. Students are planning to walk out […]

Gun Grabbers Tell Us Not To Freak Out About Requirements To Lock Up Guns

See, now, this is exactly the kind of thing which makes 2nd Amendment supporters refuse to even consider passing any laws on firearms, which could even help restrict criminals from getting firearms, because we know that what gun grabbers really want is to kill off private ownership of firearms for law abiding citizens using the […]

Surprise: NJ Wants To Go After NRA And Gun Friendly States

Once again, Democrats show their true colors. Instead of going after people who use firearms unlawfully along with implementing laws that make it even harder for criminals to not be able to purchase firearms, and putting big, big penalties on criminals who possess them and use them, NJ Dems are considering assaulting the 1st Amendment […]

Can You Guess Why Congress Won’t Pass Universal Background Checks?

This one is a doozy, which is more in the category of “Unhinged Tools”, or at least “Barking Moonbats”, rather than under the “Constitution” and “2nd Amendment” categories. Here’s Rep. John Delaney, Democrat of Maryland’s 6th district Congressman: 97% of Americans Want One Kind of Gun Control. Here’s Why Congress Hasn’t Acted As the nation […]

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