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Brandon Decides That Threatening Law Abiding Gun Owners Is A Great Idea

Hey, remember when Democrats and their pet media complained about Mean Tweets? Does anyone remember him threatening pretty the entire segment of those who vote for the other guy? Biden Says The Military Can Obliterate The Second Amendment President Joe Biden said Tuesday while in Pennsylvania that “brave right wing Americans” who claim the Second […]

House Democrats Pass Scary Looking Rifle Ban Bill

It’s simply an exercise in how to waste time and please your unhinged base House passes assault weapons ban that’s doomed in the Senate The House passed legislation Friday that would ban assault weapons for the first time since 2004, in a sign that Democrats intend to pursue more aggressive gun violence prevention measures after […]

Florida Paper Recommends Banning All Semi-Automatic Firearms

This is one of the reasons that supporters of citizens owning firearms for protection, hunting, and sport won’t give in even on policies they agree with: because we know that the gun grabbers will want even more. That their “common sense gun reform” is just a stepping stone to even more and more restrictions, more […]

Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Case Causing A War On California Gun Laws Or Something

The LA Times seems pretty upset that law abiding citizens would get their Constitutional rights back, and starts out with a story that shows the exact problem with red flag and overly-permissive gun seizure laws (Yahoo News version here) War on California gun laws revs up after Supreme Court’s ‘right to carry’ decision For years, […]

Apparently, Americans Can’t Handle Their Guns, So We Need To Repeal The 2nd

The elites, and those who think they are elites, like the USA Today’s Carli Pierson, a member of their editorial board, really think that law abiding citizens can’t handle their guns (you can also read at Yahoo News, not behind a paywall) Americans can’t handle their guns. Time to repeal the 2nd Amendment. We must […]

Lady Gets Lucky In Highland Park, Calls For Gun Control (That Already Exists)

Of course Lilli Martini is making this all about herself, but, I think we can allow it this time. To a point Look at My Face and Tell Me We Don’t Need Gun Control I’d been to the July 4 parade in Highland Park so many times. This time, I went with my cousin and her boyfriend, […]

NY Daily News Admits New NY Gun Law Is Designed To Make It “Fairly Difficult To Arm Oneself Legally”

I’m expecting that the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, the group that sued New York which generated the recent Supreme Court decision, is paying attention for their next lawsuit, as the NY Daily News editorial board says the quiet part outloud (you can read it not behind a paywall here) Gun sense: New […]

New York Quickly Passes Law Banning Concealed Carry From “Sensitive Location”

They probably think their being passively aggressive towards the Supreme Court decision NYC’s iconic Times Square among ‘sensitive locations’ where guns to be banned in New York The Crossroads of the World is among the “sensitive places” where guns could be banned as lawmakers seek to strengthen New York’s gun laws in response to a […]

Democrats Already Looking To Push Scary Looking Rifle Ban

A bunch of interesting gun news. First, the Supreme Court did their thing NY Times is not taking the ruling well at all — William Teach2 #refuseresist (@WTeach2) June 23, 2022 If you scroll around the news outlets, most are not taking it well, failing to understand that the 2nd Amendment is a national […]

Liberal Gun Grabbing Groups Are Fine With Modest Gun Package, As It’s A “Step Forward”

And you know that “a step forward” means “we get this through, then something else, then something else, and pretty soon we have made it really, really difficult for law abiding citizen to own and carry firearms” Liberal gun control groups back bipartisan Senate bill despite modest provisions The bipartisan gun bill on track to pass […]

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