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After Mass Shooting, NJ Governor Blames Guns, Not Gangbanger Released From Jail Early

Overnight Saturday, technically Sunday morning, fights broke out in Trenton at Art All Night, followed by a couple people pulling out their handguns and taking shots at each other and hitting citizens, including kids (what were they doing out at 3am?) So, of course (Fox News) Less than 24 hours after the gunfire, [New Jersey […]

Parkland Gun Grabbers Rally For Gun Grabbing In Gun Grabbing Chicago

Now that Obama is not president, are we allowed to write Chicago without it being considered raaaaacist? Anyhow Parkland students kick off bus tour in Chicago suburb Student survivors of February’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Friday kicked off their March for Our Lives: Road to Change national tour in Chicago. Hundreds gathered […]

Witches Unite In D.C. For Gun Control, Hurl Curses

No, this isn’t about Hollywood gun grabbers (like Alyssa Milano) and elected Democrats (Kamala Harris) going to D.C. to protest, wanting to make sure that Other People can’t have firearms to protect themselves and their families, while being surrounded by armed protection people, as well as hurling epithets. Nope D.C. Area Witches Unite for Gun […]

Gun Grabbers Planning To Do A Die-In At Disney World

Nothing says “hey, we really want your support” like ruining the vacations that parents spent a long time planning and paying for Is next National Die-In planned for Disney World? The group National Die-In appears to be plotting their next visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando. The student-led group, which says the movement is […]

Democrat Pepper Sprays Himself In The Face For Gun Grabbing

Well, this idea is better than the rape whistles Dem Rep Joe Salazar recommend. But, still doesn’t put the fear of being blasted in a criminal (Newsweek) A Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th congressional district on Denver’s east side recorded a video in which he blasted himself in the face with pepper spray to promote […]

Judge Shoots Down Deerfield’s Gun Banning Law

Somebody actually read Illinois law and their Constitution (Townhall) Zero hour was approaching for the law-abiding gun owners of Deerfield, Illinois. The village had banned the ownership of so-called assault weapons, which in reality meant AR-15 rifles and any other firearm that carried a detachable magazine capable of holding ten or more rounds. That’s how Deerfield defined a […]

Dems Latest Push: Licensing, Registration Of Semi-Automatic Firearms

What are Democrats running on in 2018? The Democrat platform: ➡️raise taxes ➡️kill cops➡️hate whites➡️defend criminals➡️bribe news media➡️censorship➡️open borders➡️kill babies➡️illegals can vote➡️hate heterosexuals➡️weaponize FBI➡️unfair trade➡️welfare for illegals — 𖤐South of Heaven𖤐 (@MaryMills32) June 11, 2018 Don’t forget about going after the firearms of law abiding citizens (Breitbart) Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing […]

Hey, You Guys Totally Don’t Neeeeeeed An Uzi, You Know

The Times of Trenton editorial board has an anti-gun hissy fit Hey NRA, people don’t need to own an Uzi, AK-47 or AR-15 “Nobody needs an Uzi. Nobody needs an AK-47.” With those words to the media nearly 30 years ago, former Gov. James Florio set New Jersey on course to adopt the country’s strongest […]

NJ Is Totally Not Coming For Our Guns

What happens when a state which is already one of the most restrictive when it comes to 2nd Amendment Rights decides it wants to Do Something? Big N.J. gun bills about to clear final hurdle, and Phil Murphy wants to make them law Gov. Phil Murphy will soon get his chance to sign tougher gun […]

Oregon Group Looks To Pass Gun Ban On November Ballot

Remember, they don’t want to ban guns or take away your rights, they just want to make it harder for criminals to get guns Group approves wording for proposed gun control measure in Oregon The group working to ban some semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines in Oregon is taking another step forward. The Lift Every […]

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