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Dems To Give Framing Gun Grabbing As A Public Health Issue

People who are surrounded by armed security all during their working hours, and some afterwards, look to make it harder for citizens to protect themselves Dems to reframe gun violence as public health issue House Democrats are planning to vote next year on bills that address gun violence as a public health concern, marking the […]

Democrats May Push To Block Lawmakers From Carrying Firearms At Capitol

Normally, articles like this should be taken with a grain of salt, as there has been no actual legislation or anything else offered at this time, however, since these are Democrats involved, it could well happen Dems Might Challenge Rule Allowing Lawmakers to Have Guns at Capitol For five decades, members of Congress have been […]

Surprise: Gun Grabber California Sees Firearm Homicides Up 18%

California, as we all know, is one of the most restrictive states for firearms in the nation, and basically has every bit of gun control Democrats call for and way more. So… Gun Control Fail: California Firearm Homicides Up 18 Percent California, a state with every gun control imaginable, witnessed an 18 percent rise in […]

House Democrats Look To Pass Bill Requiring Background Check On All Private Firearm Transfers

On one hand, would it be such a bad thing to have a background check before all purchases and transfers? I’ve stated that I would have no problem requiring a background check on a new gun purchase even though someone had one the previous month, because things can change. But, you know that Democrats will […]

California Democrats Super Excited To Tax The Purchase Of All Semi-Automatic Firearms

It’s just a little thing, but, it’s adding a specific penalty tax to a product that is already subject to a sales tax that is part of the Bill Of Rights. Would they consider adding a sur-tax whenever someone hired a lawyer? Here We Go: Gun Control Advocates In California Now Want to Tax Semi-Automatic […]

Surprise: Heavy Gun Control Has No Impact On Suicide Nor Homicide Rates

What better state to use as your petri dish than California? Study: Gun Control Laws Have No Impact on Suicide, Homicide The Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted a study about the impact California’s gun control laws have had on homicide and suicide rates over the last […]

Trump To Soon Announce Ban On Bump Stocks, Which Is Now Considered “Meaningless”

Remember when the nutjob shot up a music crowd in Las Vegas while using a bump stock, and ever gun grabber out there immediately called for their abolition? Well, here’s this Trump to Announce Bump Stock Ban, A Largely Meaningless Gesture The Trump administration will soon ban bump stocks, the aftermarket devices allowing semi-automatic weapons […]

Washington’s Newest Gun Control Initiative Is Just A Step Towards Getting Rid Of Privately Owned Firearms

Washington’s Initiative 1639 is all about strongarming citizens into giving up their 2nd Amendment Right Using gun safes under Washington’s newest gun control regulation When Initiative 1639 goes into effect, gun owners can be charged with a crime if their firearms end up in the wrong hands. That has a lot of gun owners asking […]

Hot Take: Lettuce Is Too Dangerous To Sell In Stores, Guns Aren’t

Think Progress’ Ryan Koronowski thinks he’s on to something Romaine lettuce is too dangerous to be in stores, but guns are still available 24 hours per day On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Americans couldn’t buy romaine lettuce because of a CDC recall linked to an E. Coli outbreak. But even though gun violence is so mundane […]

More Detail On NY’s Proposal For Social Media And Internet Searches For Gun Ownership

You remember the reports of the State of New York considering searching social media and Internet searches for gun permits? Well, here’s a bit more New legislation calls for social media search before pistol permit in NY New legislation submitted in the State Senate would require social media checks before someone could get their pistol […]

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