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FYI: Open And Concealed Carry Allowed In North Carolina While Wearing COVID19 Mask

Quite a few people are concerned about this, even going so far as to say that mask rules are being implemented to stifled 2nd Amendment Rights. Many states are making sure that there are no legal issues. I ran across a story at WRAL on this, but, it left out some relevant information, so, going […]

Using Bat Soup Virus, Liberals Aren’t Even Trying To Hide Their Anti-Freedom Beliefs

Of course, they want freedom for themselves, just not Other People Harvard Law Prof: Coronavirus Is an Excuse to Dump Free Speech, Property Rights from Constitution Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule suggests using the Chinese virus pandemic as an excuse to establish a new interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, implementing policies that do away with […]

“Armed Protesters” Protest Across The Country, Strangely, No Violence

Here’s from Raleigh (no, I didn’t go, had to help a friend at that time, and I wasn’t happy, as mentioned in posts, with bringing firearms, which mixes the message) Armed groups in downtown Raleigh protest virus-related restrictions A small group of demonstrators, some carrying guns, marched in downtown Raleigh Friday afternoon to protest coronavirus […]

Washington Post: Hey, We Need To Release The Violent Offenders From Prison Due To Bat Soup Virus

These people love their mission creep. They wanted to release prisoners because of bat soup virus, failing to realize that maybe the prisons should just be isolated. Some have released low level prisoners. But now they want violent criminals let go. While at the same time wanting to grab guns Freeing inmates won’t thwart the […]

Apparently, Marijuana Stores Are Considered “Essential” In California

What about the cookie stores that are next door to them? Anyhow, one doctor is rather upset over this, as she writes to the LA Times Letters to the Editor: Pot vaping was ruining lungs before COVID-19, and now cannabis is ‘essential’? As an emergency physician, I believe treating marijuana shops as essential businesses during the COVID-19 […]

Surprise: Lots Of Liberals Are Buying Guns During Bat Soup Virus Emergency

Well, this is a heck of a thing, gun grabbers putting aside their gun grabbing beliefs for their own protection Yes, Plenty Of Liberals Are Buying Guns Too The record number of firearms sold in March weren’t all purchased by Trump-loving Republicans in red states, despite claims by gun control activists that the surge in […]

Wake County Sheriff Told To Issue New Gun Permits

Of course, there is a very big caveat in this Wake sheriff to resume pistol permit applications halted by coronavirus concerns The Wake County sheriff will resume processing pistol purchase permits in “as timely a fashion as possible under the current conditions,” according to a court order filed Tuesday. Sheriff Gerald Baker said he was […]

Democrat Wake County Sheriff Joins Others In Suspending New Pistol And Concealed Carry Permits

Of course, the sheriff has Reasons Wake County sheriff suspends pistol, concealed-carry permit applications as demand surges The Wake County Sheriff’s Office will suspend pistol and concealed-carry permit applications until April 30 as demand surges amid the coronavirus outbreak, Sheriff Gerald Baker announced Tuesday. Applications that have already been submitted will continue to be processed, […]

Crazy Joe Biden Thumps Comrade Bernie

The Bern has burned out, and the Crazy is closer to being the Democrat nominee Biden’s ‘Joe-mentum’ grows as Dem front-runner sweeps Midwest contests, eyes Sanders knockout History didn’t repeat itself in Michigan for Bernie Sanders. And because of that, the populist U.S. senator from Vermont had an extremely disappointing evening on “Super Tuesday II” […]

Totally Moderate Joe Biden Receives Endorsement From Biggest Gun Grabber Group

They keep telling us that Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat. Compared to Comrade Bernie, perhaps. But, it’s like comparing Castro to Stalin. Major gun safety group endorses Joe Biden’s presidential bid Joe Biden has received the endorsement of one of the nation’s largest gun control advocacy groups, Everytown for Gun Safety, in the latest […]

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