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U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Ct) Wants Tech Companies To Censor Speech He Doesn’t Like

This should disturb everyone. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you should be for free speech. And what is free speech? Look at the tag line for this little blog: “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” That was be uber-Leftist Noam Chomsky. He […]

Excitable Ed Markey (D) Pledges To Hold Up State Dept Nominee Till Trump Stops 3D Gun Plans

Ed apparently hates the 1st Amendment, and that, as an elected member of the Legislative Branch, he can actually propose legislation. Or, maybe he realizes that the actual text of the 1st Amendment reads “Congress shall pass no law…or abridging the freedom of speech” (Daily Caller) Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts announced his intention […]

As The Meltdown On 3D Printed (Garbage) Guns Continues, There’s Something Important To Remember

When it comes to 3D printed plastic firearms, many are completely losing it over something that is almost never going to be created. Why would someone spend thousands on a 3D printer to make an inferior copy that is a whole lot more expensive and just as likely to blow up in the users hands […]

3D Printing Of Firearms Means Carnage Is A Click Away Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board Is Very Concerned about this state of affairs 3-D-printed guns put carnage a click away PEOPLE WHO are barred from purchasing firearms or want to own a gun that is illegal in the jurisdiction where they live may soon have an easy way to get around the law. All they […]

Senate Democrats Proclaim Love Of 1st Amendment While Actually Threatening It

So, just a little reminder of what’s going on (Baltimore Sun) Facing a firestorm of criticism, Sinclair Broadcast Group spent last week defending a controversial on-air promotion in which its TV anchors across the country read identical scripts decrying “fake” news. A video montage produced by website Deadspin, which shows anchors at local news stations […]

Astroturfed Youngsters March For Doing Something On Guns, Really Don’t Say What

Obviously, there were marches and stuff across the nation and even in other countries, all to take some sort of action, action that they really don’t want to discuss. They just want to screech that Congress should do something, as we see across all sorts of articles, which are light on policy proposals and long […]

Obviously, Backpack Control Is A Step Too Far

So, in case you missed it, all sorts of kids (backed by all sorts of astroturfing Progressive gun grabbing groups) marched, using their 1st Amendment Rights to take away Other People’s 2nd Amendment Rights. Interestingly, they were all protected by people with firearms in the streets, yet, do not want to have the same protection […]

NY Times: The Economy Can’t Grow Without Free Birth Control For Women Or Something

See, on one hand, Democrats tell us that women are strong, that they can stand on their own two feet and compete, they’re enabled. Then they tell us that women are hothouse flowers in need of having Someone Else pay for all their things and give them stuff, and that the government should force businesses […]

Steph Curry Says Trump’s Comments Are Beneath The Office: He’s Right

President Donald Trump has decided to involve himself in sports (The Hill) Steph Curry fired back at President Trump for disinviting him from the White House earlier Saturday, saying it was “beneath” his position to publicly attack him. The Golden State Warriors star said it was “surreal” for him to wake up and see that […]

College Snowflakes Are OK With Physical Violence To Shut Down Free Speech

All these college students are in for a very rude awakening when they finally graduate (with tens of thousands in student loans debt) and attempt to enter the work force. Here’s the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell discussing a new study A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech Here’s the problem […]

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