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Democrats Continue To Look For Ways To Regulate Free Speech

Politico gives a platform to Steven Brill, CEO of fact check site Newsguard, one of the main people who failed to take the Hunter Biden laptop story seriously, calling it a “hoax“, hence, refusing to do the job of the news media, which is investigate. They’d rather just suppress information they do not like and […]

Moonbat Justice Jackson Upset 1st Amendment Could “Hamstring Government”

Seriously, that’s the point of the 1st Amendment on all points. That’s the point of the first 10 amendments. That’s the point of the Constitution. It says what government may do, and restricts them on the rest. In comes diversity hire Ketanji Brown Jackson KBJ doubles down: “My biggest concern is that your view has […]

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Government Censorship Of Online Opinions They Don’t Like

I love the way the AP terms this in their headline Supreme Court weighs how far federal officials can go to combat controversial posts on hot topics Realistically, it should be “none”. If the government wants to attempt to provide counter information, feel free, though, that would be pretty disturbing if they are replying to […]

People’s Republik Of New York Spying On Citizens To Stop “Hate Speech”

It’s rather shocking that the ACLU, especially the ACLU of NY, hasn’t jumped in to protect the citizens of NY from this un-constitutional attempt by government to monitor free speech. And protections are for speech you do not like, because the next person who could be on the hit list for “mean speech” could be […]

Obligatory Trump Booked With Mugshot Post

Democrats have been working on arresting Republicans since the George W Bush administration, and were all in on Trump even before Trump won in 2016 — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 25, 2023 I was hoping more for a “Queen Of Chaos” type mugshot, but, I’m sure there was a reason for him […]

Obligatory “Trump Indicted In Georgia” Post

The leftists and Trump haters just can’t help themselves. Are the trying to make sure that Trump is the GOP representative for the 2024 election? Most of these charges are pretty shaky, and shady, and will most likely end up being dropped or lost. They will be great at jamming up Trump’s time and money, […]

Biden Regime Appeals Court Ruling Blocking Them From Censoring People On Social Media

Yet, Democrats call Republicans Fascist (Daily Caller) The Biden administration appealed a preliminary injunction Wednesday issued to prevent federal officials from communicating with social media platforms to censor content containing protected speech. Western District of Louisiana Judge Terry A. Doughty issued the injunction Tuesday after finding plaintiffs in the free speech lawsuit Missouri v. Biden, […]

Unhinged Arizona AG Tells Supreme Court To Shove It Over Free Speech Ruling

I’ve been reliably told that this is how Democracy ends. Hot Air’s David Strom says the 303 Creative ruling is far more important than the affirmative action one, since the former affects way more people than the latter, and, he’s right, because it is about free speech and individual freedom, as determined by the US […]

UK Guardian: Social Media Needs Massive Moderation To Save Democracy Or Something

Nothing says freedom and democracy like advocating to shut down those you accuse of Wrongthink. This is utterly unsurprising from the UK Guardian, and Progressives (nice Fascists) in general, as it’s always about massive, controlling government and refusing to allow people with different opinions from speaking. They only care about the 1st Amendment as it […]

Is Montana Banning TikTok A Violation Of Free Speech?

And interesting debate Critics Say Montana’s TikTok Ban Is a Violation of Free Speech. Here’s What to Know On Wednesday, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed a first-of-its kind law to ban the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok in the state. The law, which is set to go into effect in January 2024, quickly came under fire for […]

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