People’s Republik Of New York Spying On Citizens To Stop “Hate Speech”

It’s rather shocking that the ACLU, especially the ACLU of NY, hasn’t jumped in to protect the citizens of NY from this un-constitutional attempt by government to monitor free speech. And protections are for speech you do not like, because the next person who could be on the hit list for “mean speech” could be you

Hochul Says NY Is Conducting Social Media ‘Surveillance Efforts’ To Monitor ‘Hate Speech’

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Monday that the state is “very focused” on collecting data from social media platforms as part of an effort to counter online “negativity” and “hate speech” after a rise in antisemitic attacks.

Following a meeting with the state’s Jewish leaders, local law enforcement and federal authorities, Hochul spoke to the media to discuss the state’s efforts to combat hate crimes.

“It’s painful to me as the governor of this great state — that has been known for its diversity, and how we celebrate different cultures, different religions, different viewpoints — it’s painful to see the cruelty with which New Yorkers are treating each other. Everywhere from college campuses, to our streets, to schools, to playgrounds; even as they’re entering their houses of worship,” Hochul said, noting that she “immediately deployed the State Police to protect our synagogues and yeshivas and mosques and any other place that could be susceptible to hate crimes or violence.”

It’s great that she’s protecting Jews from her Democratic party voters, but, calling for death to Jews isn’t, and hasn’t ever been, free speech. Nor is attacking them or places like synagogues

The New York governor went on to detail the state’s plan “to catch incitement to violence” and “direct threats to others” by monitoring social media activity.

“We’re very focused on the data we’re collecting from surveillance efforts – what’s being said on social media platforms. And we have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms,” Hochul said, insisting that no New Yorker “should feel they have to hide any indications of what their religious beliefs are.”

Will NY go after all those on social media who are Hamas supporters? Who are Islamists and Islamist supporters calling for the destruction of Israel? That is a very dangerous path when the government starts surveilling citizens online. We’ve seen this happen in England. But, they do not have a 1st Amendment. And you know that the NY government will use this all as an excuse to go after citizens who are against the Democrat government. Article 1 Section 8 of the NY Constitution is pretty darned clear about government interfering with freedom of speech and the press.

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19 Responses to “People’s Republik Of New York Spying On Citizens To Stop “Hate Speech””

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Well of course the government can legally ‘monitor’ speech. It’s how plots, conspiracies and threats are uncovered. It’s how a plot to murder Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue could have been prevented. It’s how the government might prevent Islamist terrorist plots. “I hope Brandon dies in office” IS protected speech! “Biden diddled his daughter” IS protected speech.

    Adolf ‘Chaos’ Drumpf just urged his minions to conduct citizen’s arrests on NY Judge Engoron and NY prosecutor Letitia James. Should the government pay attention to these threats?


    Chaos Drumpf WANTS to be jailed. He would love to see his slaves attack the Judge and Prosecutor. Disruption is part of his ongoing reality show.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      As usual you little commie you’re either not listening or lying. Trump never stated ” He would love to see his slaves attack the Judge and Prosecutor”, you typed that.

      Do you believe either the prosecutor or the judge in this case are conducting themselves correctly? I’m sure you’re gonna say yes but would you still say yes if you were the defendant? Do you believe he’s being treated fairly? Would you be treated fairly if you were in his place?

      You left the seven unbelievable ability to turn everything that we do into an attack or an insurrection whereas when you do the same things or even worse it’s all OK with you. That’s why you make such good commies. Everything with you is one way, your way.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        If you were in NY would you conduct a citizen’s arrest on James or Engoron? Physically, how would you do it?

        Do you think the common MAGAt understands the nuances of the citizen’s arrest process? After all, their messianic leader told them the felonious judge and prosecutor need to be arrested and the police, being part of the problem, won’t do it. Maybe they’d do it the way the Michigan militia boogaloos planned to kidnap the MI governor.

        Do you believe it appropriate for Drumpf to suggest his followers “arrest” the officials?

        Yes, Drumpf and his company cheated, that’s already been determined. This civil proceeding is to determine how much Drumpf Inc owes. The ex-prezzy is using it as a campaign side-show.

  2. Dana says:

    If you publish something in public, it becomes part of the public, whether on The First Street Journal, The Pirate’s Cove, Facebook, or Twitter, which I refuse to call ‘X’. The government is not breaking the law to monitor that.

    But I do wonder what Reichsstatthalter Hochul and her Reichssicherheitshauptamt will do with the Hassreden they uncover. How will Hassreden be defined? The Reichsstatthalter would probably define refusing to refer to the ‘transgendered’ by their preferred pronouns and names as Hassreden, as well as advocating deportation of the illegal immigrants ‘migrants,’ as well as any number of other things which do not fall within the far-left agenda. So far she seems to be on the right side when it comes to protesting anti-Semitism, but that leaves open the obvious reverse: wouldn’t “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” be considered Hassreden; I certainly consider it that!

    From the River to the Sea, Israel shall be Free, on the other hand, is something I strongly support!

    • Brother John says:

      Since in all but the most obvious cases of direct and specific threats the government has no power to do anything about any of these “public” utterances, what’s the point in “monitoring?”

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Is Mr Dana saying that threatening utterances, even public comments on blogs, can be criminal??

      • Dana says:

        The distinguished Mr Dowd asked:

        Is Mr Dana saying that threatening utterances, even public comments on blogs, can be criminal??

        The obvious answer is: it depends upon who gets to define criminal! We’ve already seen officers of His Majesty’s Government criminalize standing and silently praying across the street from a prenatal infanticide center. New York City has ordinances which can fine, to the effect of a quarter million dollars, businesses which ‘misgender’ or ‘deadname’ the ‘transgendered’. Reichsstatthalter Hochul let us know that this is to fight anti-Semitism, but who knows what the next Governor of the Empire State will decree to be ‘hate speech?’

        The website Stop AntiSemitism is very public in its attempts to identify the antiSemites caught on tape doing stupid stuff, and bring it to the attention of their organizations, schools, and employers; will the Governess try to define that as criminal?

  3. h says:

    Trump has been calling those who oppose him “vermin” and calling for them to be eradicated. The ultra orthodox Haredi Jews in NYC have long called for the end of the Israeli state, They claim their holy books say no state for the Jews until after the Messiah returns. I am strongly in favor of them continuing to have the right to both say and believe that. I do not consider that to be hate speech. I do NOT approving of them in NYYC harassing women on our public streets because of immodest dress. They hate boobies.
    Most of the most ardent muslim countries are also strongly anti LGBQT and super anti abortion, maybe that is part of the reason they have been tolerated by the rightwing of American politics.

    Most American Jews are liberals and vote Dem. Are these the vermin that Trump will eradicate if elected?
    In the 1930s another man with Trumps ancestral ethnicity also called people vermin. He did his best to eradicate them.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Are these the vermin that Trump will eradicate if elected?
      In the 1930s another man with Trumps ancestral ethnicity also called people vermin. He did his best to eradicate them.

      Do you left us all get emails with the same crap on it every morning? Could you sound more and more like Elwood everyday. Whoever said that trump is going to eradicate anybody? You sound just like Elwood when he claimed that trump wants to genocide people. Nobody’s ever said any of that stuff except you. And that you was plural.

      You guys have a fixation for calling people on the right Hitler and you all know that Hitler was a socialist which puts him firmly on your side. Republicans, conservatives, and trump supporters or anything but socialists. And we support Israel even when it’s not fashionable to do so. The only reason any of you right now are faking that you support Israel is because you’re afraid to be called out on it. We all know that you’re a bunch of anti Semitic fascists and communists who keep projecting that onto everybody else.

      None of us understands why you do that. Is it because you can’t call us racist anymore because the term has been overused? Are you just trying to deflect your own tendencies toward fascism on to other people?

  4. Jl says:

    “Hate speech”-is simply free speech that libtards don’t approve of.

  5. Jl says:

    Johnny “logic” on display, again. “Muslim anti-alphabet people and anti abortion..that’s why they’re tolerated by the right wing…”.
    Thanks, Johnny, that must be why it’s usually those on the right who are accused of Islamophobia, because we allegedly tolerate those things. You need to pick a lane and try and stay in it…

  6. Jl says:

    Kathy Hochul-New York’s Big Brother in a pants suit..

  7. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    most ardent muslim countries are also strongly anti LGBQT and super anti abortion, maybe that is part of the reason they have been tolerated by the rightwing of American politics.

    Are you trying to claim that all those left wing radical lunatics, college students and Democrats in the streets of our major cities waving Palestinian flags and ripping down American flags are the right wing American politics?

    They’re on your team boss. They are following in the footsteps of today’s squad and obeying the brainwashing that the left wing has expose them to and left wing colleges all over the country. They’re like you! You should love the little bastards. But calling them the right wing of American politics? We think not douche bag.

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