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Climate Cult Demands To Spend $266 Trillion To Solve Climate Scam

Sadly, the paywall for Bloomberg is pretty strong, much like that at the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg rarely gets picked up by Yahoo News, so, can only see a little bit of the screed $266 Trillion in Climate Spending Is a No-Brainer Without the investment, the alternative is $2.3 quadrillion in accumulated damage by […]

If All You See…

…is horrible McMansion contributing vastly to climate doom, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on heat pumps being too noisy.

Washington Post Notes Restaurants Are Having Big Problems Amongst Crime In D.C.

This is our nation’s capital. The seat of our federal government. The place schoolkids and others go to visit to see the history. To see the museums and monuments. Where foreign dignitaries come to meet with elected officials. And now a place where you have a 1 in 24 chance of being the victim of […]

Why Are You Dancing

What is this? Former Dawg Lawrence Cager scores! pic.twitter.com/JE1R4k9tpY — ???????????? (@chxnluh) November 12, 2023 The Giants were down 28-0 at this point. They are 2-8 on the season. They had been pathetic up to this point in the game. I didn’t see this live, because I had switched over to watch a horror movie […]

St. Greta Attempts To Assimilate Israel-Hamas War, Gets Interrupted

I’m not surprised in the least. The climate cult will always attempt to put any and every issue under their cult banner Greta Thunberg interrupted at climate protest after changing the topic to the Israel-Hamas war Climate activist Greta Thunberg was interrupted by a man who grabbed the microphone from her on stage after she […]

Palestinians Believe Rashida Tlaib Spoke The Truth Or Something

This is what happens when you let in and bring in large numbers of people who have very, very different points of view, some Islamic extremist, and I’d bet most hate Jews and Israel. And these people not only refuse to assimilate, but, demand that America (and other Western nations) change to accommodate them Opinion: […]

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