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Good Grief: Climate Cult Links Fan Death At Taylor Swift Concert

How much of a ghoul do you have to be to do this? A fan died of heat at a Taylor Swift concert. It’s a rising risk with climate change Springtime is underway in the southern Hemisphere, but across much of South America it has felt like the depths of summer for months already. A […]

If All You See…

…is a perfect place for wind turbines, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Shot In The Dark, with a post on the gulag on the Hudson. Looks like the cat has had enough of the selfies.

Pressure On Congress To Find Ways To Reduce Debt And Deficit

It’s funny, we only see these types of articles when the GOP controls one or both houses of Congress Rising US debt stokes calls in Congress for special fiscal commission The U.S. Congress is facing growing calls to find a way to stem rising budget deficits and debt following this month’s warning by Moody’s that […]

Twenty EU Countries Want Government To Implement Stronger Action For On ‘Climate Change’ For “Health”

I’ve mentioned before that the Cult of Climastrology is really ramping up their scaremongering on health concerns from global boiling Twenty countries ask EU to prepare for climate change health hazards A large majority of European Union countries want stronger EU action to prepare for the health consequences of climate change and global warming’s potential […]

25% Of New Yorkers Think Israel And Jews Had It Coming

If they took a poll during the Nazi Germany era I wonder what that poll would look like Antisemitism and Islamophobia both surging in NY during Hamas-Israel war: poll A large majority of New Yorkers feel that antisemitism has increased during the Hamas-Israel war while a significant portion of the state believes Islamophobia is also on […]

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