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AOC, 34 Other Dems Want To Keep Illegal Alien Felons, Calling Legal System Discriminatory

Remember Mollie Tibbetts? Prosecutor says trial in Iowa student’s death won’t be easy A prosecutor warned prospective jurors Monday that the trial of a Mexican national charged in the 2018 fatal stabbing of a University of Iowa student will include graphic evidence that will be emotionally difficult to see and hear. Prosecutor Scott Brown said the first-degree […]

Sciencey: Fauci Claims COVID Exposed Raaaaacism In Society

Does this apply in other 1st World nations around the world where “People Of Color” had higher contagion and death rates? Or, is this really about Virtue Signalining to mushy headed college kids? Dr Fauci says COVID has exposed the ‘undeniable effects of racism’ and shone ‘a bright light on our own society’s failings’ after […]

TDS: Ellen Degeneres Blames Trump For Her Show Ending

It certainly couldn’t be the utterly toxic environment reported to be on her show, right? Nor how so many have said she is just really awful? I don’t know how many articles I saw the headlines for last year while scrolling Yahoo News and other outlets that had people coming out of the woodwork slamming […]

NY Times: Hey, The U.S. Can Control Israel With Our Tax Dollar Support

This is normal for Liberals: some sort of Palestinian group launches attacks on Israeli civilians, intentionally trying to kill them, and, if Israel responds (usually in a very measured way, working hard to reduce civilian deaths), they are blamed. Why? Because Leftists hate Israel and Jews. Say it for what it is. The NY Times […]

Woman Accuses Six Flags Oklahoma Of Body Shaming And Being Mean

Why is Six Flags so mean to a mom just trying to have a good day at the park? COP ALLEGEDLY CONFRONTS WOMAN OVER HER SHORTS IN TIKTOK VIDEO A woman is claiming that a cop at Six Flags confronted her over the length of her shorts in front of her 11-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, public […]

A Bunch Of Unhinged, TDS Infused “Republicans” Demand Party Moderate Or They’ll Split

Let’s see: when Democrats criticize Democrats, and even threaten to split off, it’s because they want to move their party further into Modern Socialism. When Republicans criticize Republicans, it’s because they want the GOP to….move more towards Modern Socialism? How else can we deem “moderate”? Trump surely may have been Mr. Mean Tweets and could […]

White And Jew Hating Black Hammer Group “Liberates” Property In Colorado Mountains

Nothing like liberating property back which is incompatible for raising your own food, eh? And by liberating, they mean purchasing scrubland of little value for $65,000. Lots of people are making fun of them for this stuff, but, the Black Hammer hatred for whites and Jews is rather insane ‘Jonestown 2.0, racism edition’: Radical anti-Semites […]

Cancel Culture: Isaac Newton And George Floyd Murals

Turning science class into social (justice warrior) studies Isaac Newton Latest Historical Figure Swept Up in ‘Decolonisation’ Drive Sir Isaac Newton has been labelled as a potential beneficiary of “colonial-era activity” in draft plans to “decolonise” the engineering curriculum at Sheffield University. Students learning about the mathematician and scientist’s three laws of motion, the core of modern […]

Climate Cult Says Abolishing Police Part Of Green New Deal

Exactly what does getting rid of the police have to do with reducing “carbon pollution” in order to reduce the planet’s temperature? Well, it’s a cult, so, there’s always a reason, especially since this whole thing has little to do with science, as I’ve been pointing out for over 15 years There’s No Green New […]

#NeverTrumpers Plan To Grade Republicans With A “Democracy Report Card”

Fake Conservative Grifters gonna grift, you know Anti-Trump conservative group to grade GOP lawmakers on whether they uphold (or undermine) democracy An anti-Trump conservative group is launching an effort to track and evaluate whether Republicans in Congress, in the group’s view, have acted to either undermine or uphold democracy and democratic values and what role, […]

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