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Excitable Liz Cheney Says Trump “Inciting Violence” By Slamming FBI

Funny how The Respectable Republicans never seem to slam Democrats, eh? Did you see ones like Liz Cheney slam Biden for his Nazi like speech last week? Nope, she lauded him Jan. 6 committee members say Trump’s calling the FBI ‘vicious monsters’ at a rally may constitute incitement Members of the House January 6 committee […]

Hot Take: Going Maskless Is Racist

Yes, it is a cult. Democrats seem to love joining them Illinois professor says going maskless indoors a ‘manifestation’ of racism, will boot non-compliant students A professor at Northern Illinois University (NIU) outlined to students that they all must wear masks while in his class, arguing that not wearing face masks indoors “is a manifestation […]

White House Press Secretary Declares 73.6 Million Americans Enemies Of The State

They’re telling you what they really believe. Are you listening? And not 5 minutes later, Jean-Pierre says, without a hint of irony, "violence or threats of violence have absolutely no place in our society…It doesn't matter which side of the aisle that you're sitting on. We need to denounce that." — John Cooper (@thejcoop) August […]

Another Great Democrat Idea: Requiring Hotels To Give Unfilled Hotel Rooms To Homeless

It’s always some sort of Virtue Signaling idea which never takes into account the consequences, which are easy to figure out for the non-Woke, but, impossible for the Woke. Or, they really just do not give a flying shit LA City Council to vote on initiative that would require hotels to give up empty rooms […]

Bummer: Stupid Cat Videos Are Killing The Planet

The hyper-cultists are a bunch of miserable people. Who probably watch the same videos. Possibly to make themselves more upset, which makes them happy, which makes them mad Stop watching ‘stupid cat videos” right now if you want to save the planet Cat videos may not be the first thing that comes to mind when […]

NC Woman’s Soccer Player Forced To Sit Out Game On Pride Night, Because Respect An Inclusion Is A One Way Street

If you don’t toe the line you will removed NC Courage defender won’t play for team in Pride Night jersey NC Courage player Jaelene Daniels, who declined to play for the U.S. national team because it was wearing a gay pride jersey, will not play in Friday night’s Pride Night game. The Courage host the […]

Florida Paper Recommends Banning All Semi-Automatic Firearms

This is one of the reasons that supporters of citizens owning firearms for protection, hunting, and sport won’t give in even on policies they agree with: because we know that the gun grabbers will want even more. That their “common sense gun reform” is just a stepping stone to even more and more restrictions, more […]

Bummer: There’s A Brain Drain Of Abortion Lovers Leaving Red State

Hey, if they want to go, well, bye now. Take your baby killing ways with you (behind the paywall LA Times piece here) Column: As professionals flee antiabortion policies, red states face a brain drain A few days ago, a university headhunter reached out to Elizabeth T. Jacobs, a professor of epidemiology at the University […]

Surprise: RiseUp Abortion Group Seems To Be Front For Radical Communist Group

The hell you say! Prominent Pro-Abortion Group Appears To Be Front For Radical Revolutionary Communists A prominent pro-abortion activist group downplaying its association with the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) shares significant infrastructure and leadership with the radical outfit’s other offshoot groups, a Daily Caller analysis has found. Although RiseUp4AbortionRights seems like most other pro-abortion groups […]

Abortion Supporters Upset Indiana AG To Investigate Abortion Doctor

I’ve mentioned before, there’s an old axiom about reading newspapers: you have to get your point out in 3 paragraphs or 30 seconds, and this has carried through to the Internet. It might be less now, with them working to get their message in the headline and first two paragraphs Republican AG says he’ll investigate […]

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