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Obviously, The Washington Post Editorial Board Is Unhappy With Trump’s Message To New Zealand

Jump back in time to 2006, when George W. Bush was president. The Washington Post ran an article entitled The Left, Online and Outraged. It was all about how leftist bloggers (remember, blogging was really getting going not long before this) were Outraged at Bush, how they would wake up, grab a non-alcoholic beer and […]

49 Dead In Mosque Shooting In New Zealand, CNN Links Trump

This is pretty bad (Fox News) One person has been charged in connection with a “well-planned” terrorist attack that killed 49 people and injured dozens more in two New Zealand mosques on Friday, authorities said. The New Zealand police said four people — three men and one woman — were in custody in connection with […]

Latest Thing To Be Offended Over: Being Told You Look Younger Than You Are

Seriously, I’m having trouble keeping track of all the things we should be Offended over Remember when stupid thoughts were simply said to our friends instead of the world? — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) March 1, 2019 From the link She showed up with someone I didn’t recognize. They looked effortlessly chic and fresh in crisp […]

Washington Post Declares This The Worst Black History Month Ever Or Something

Washington Post opinion writer Christine Emba is rather upset by the way this year’s Black History Month went, and guess who’s to blame? The worst-ever Black History Month has come to a close. I hope. The worst-ever Black History Month has finally come to a close. I think. I hope. Our annual February observance is meant […]

Democrat On The Job For Almost Two Months Is “Making A List” Of Moderate Democrats

Democrats have long been fans of Democracy, as long as people vote the Proper Way. AOC wants to take it back to a new level, because she’s Offended. Like with everything else. Perhaps we should call it Millennial Socialism Ocasio-Cortez warns of ‘list’ for moderate Dems who vote with Republicans: report After more than two […]

Snowflakes Want John Wayne’s Name Taken Off Airport Over 1971 Interview

This is seriously where the Perpetually Offended Left is going. There was already a freakout over the 1971 interview, and now Michael Hiltzik is melting down in the LA Times It’s time to take John Wayne’s name off the Orange County airport Most people familiar with the life story of John Wayne are aware that […]

Excitable Adam Schiff Wants Republicans To Speak Out Against Trump

Adam Schiff is one of the main leaders of Trump Derangement Syndrome, being utterly unable to accept Trump winning the 2016 election fair and square by the rules. He’s been yammering about collusion and Orange Man Bad ever since, without that pesky evidence stuff. He now goes a step further Schiff urges GOP colleagues to […]

Trump Admin Looks To Stop Criminalization Of Homosexuality Worldwide

Here’s the thing: while many Conservatives have an issue with the gay lifestyle, and certainly with forcing gay marriage on everyone, 99.9% of us do not want them harmed nor jailed. So there’s this Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) February 19, 2019 How soon […]

Snowflake College Calls Cops On Cartoon

Someone was heavily involved in Wrongthink EXCLUSIVE: Calif. college calls the POLICE…over a cartoon frog via @the_katie_joy — Campus Reform (@campusreform) February 20, 2019 From the link Folsom Lake College notified the local police after finding a poster of a cartoon frog, stating that “hate has no home on our campus.” An FLC faculty […]

TDS: Unhinged Sex Doctor Blames Trump For Liberals Not Wanting To Have Sex

We’re into full blown Category 5 Barking Moonbat Syndrome with this one Not feeling the love? Blame Trump, racism and war says self-described sex doc Just in time for Valentime’s day, a sex therapist has some warm thoughts and a kooky theory for what may putting people out of the mood for love: It’s mostly […]

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