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Surprise: Eco-Fascists Are Now Far Right

This is some Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil spin here, folks How Far-Right Extremists Are Using the Climate Crisis to Go Mainstream Oregon has been a hot bed of far-right activity for years, but the wildfires have cast the militias in a new light. Misinformation has been rampant as unprecedented fires lit up the state. False rumors […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Beethoven And Classical Music

Cancel culture will always find something else to complain about, you know Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is one of classical music’s most famous works. But to many, it’s also a symbol of elitism and exclusion. Listen to @SwitchedOnPop and @nyphil explain why: — Vox (@voxdotcom) September 15, 2020 Let’s get this moonbattery going Beethoven’s Fifth […]

Trevor Noah And Comedy Central Think Flipping Tables On People Is Great, As Long As You Are Polite

Of course, super Progressive (nice Fascist) HuffPost has nary a word of condemnation Trevor Noah Nails What’s Being Forgotten Amid Black Lives Matter Restaurant Clashes Trevor Noah offered food for thought Tuesday to those condemning Black Lives Matter protesters for interrupting restaurant patrons. (Fast forward to 4:10 in the video at the link.) “The Daily […]

Bummer: Majority In Idaho Against Letting Gender Confused Men Compete Against Women

I’ll take this survey with a slight grain of salt, as it does seem a bit biased, but, really, even without that bias, most people are probably against letting “trans-women” compete against biological women in sports Poll: Majority of Idaho Voters Approve Law to Protect Female Athletes from Transgender Competitors A poll conducted by Spry […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has long been a favorite of Leftists, especially those who are anti-religion, which has long been hated by Leftists (technically, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism, etc, are far to the right in the Authoritarian and Dictatorship models per Political Theory 101, but, let’s not quibble) who want to make The State the official religion. […]

Say, Has The Chance For Police Reform Already Closed?

Yahoo News’ Mike Bebernes is asking the question, and, while he gives some interesting reasons why there has been little reform, he misses the biggest one Has the opportunity for police reform already closed? The police killing of George Floyd in late May ignited a nationwide protest movement that saw thousands fill the streets in […]

Unhinged In Bidenland: Woman Attacks 12 Year Old Over Pro-Trump Sign

Let me ask: how often do you see a report regarding a Trump supporting attacking a Biden supporter over a sign? Trump supporters know it can be unsafe to wear Trump apparel or have Trump signs because Democrats are unhinged Colorado police seek woman who reportedly attacked a 12-year-old boy over his pro-Trump sign Police […]

Good News: Openly Antifa Member Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor

Hey, you know how Democrats and their pet media say that Antifa doesn’t exist, that it’s a figment of Conservative’s imaginations, despite all the flags and symbols and groups and such? ‘I Am Antifa’: Antifa Supporter Sarah Iannarone Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor Portland’s next mayor could be an open supporter of Antifa, the violent, […]

Cancel Culture Comes For D.C. Monuments And Statues

Hey, remember when Modern Socialists were telling people who objected to bad things on television that if they didn’t like it they should just change the channel? If the SJW cancel culture nuts don’t like these statues and monuments they can just not look. Or leave the country, since they seem to hate it so […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Sir Walter Raleigh

I won’t bore you with the history of Sir Walter Raleigh, you can look that up on your own. Most old world explores and such have things that were bad in their past, it was just the way of the world (though some, like Fransisco Pizarro are really, really bad). But, hey, cancel culture doesn’t […]

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