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Good News: Chocolate/Vanilla Ice Cream Causes Massive Case Of Offendinitis

Have you ever had Blue Bell ice cream? Delicious. It’s my preferred brand now. It’s real, tastes great, and you get a lot for your money. I like the Neapolitan the most, but, there’s another I’ve purchased when my WalMart is out. This type. Which apparently is raaaaacist and linked to the Civil War, and […]

UN Report On Poverty Blasting Trump Has One Big Problem

Much like so many reports of kids fenced in at illegal alien detention centers….oh, look, here’s a new one, saying they were handcuffed and beaten….that seem to have occurred during the time of the previous White House occupant, Trump gets blamed for things that he didn’t do. He wasn’t POTUS at the time. Here’s another […]

After Mass Shooting, NJ Governor Blames Guns, Not Gangbanger Released From Jail Early

Overnight Saturday, technically Sunday morning, fights broke out in Trenton at Art All Night, followed by a couple people pulling out their handguns and taking shots at each other and hitting citizens, including kids (what were they doing out at 3am?) So, of course (Fox News) Less than 24 hours after the gunfire, [New Jersey […]

Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak For America On ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

It’s actually surprising that we haven’t seen more of these “Dear World” type missives in the year and a half that Trump has been president Dear World: On Climate, Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak for the United States of America The American people believe in climate change—and are committed to doing something about it. We are? […]

Gun Grabbers Planning To Do A Die-In At Disney World

Nothing says “hey, we really want your support” like ruining the vacations that parents spent a long time planning and paying for Is next National Die-In planned for Disney World? The group National Die-In appears to be plotting their next visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando. The student-led group, which says the movement is […]

You Know That Raccoon Which Climbed A Building? It Has Deeper Meaning Or Something

Remember this guy? The "climbing raccoon" that became an internet sensation has now been safely released into the wild. 💛 — AJ+ (@ajplus) June 15, 2018 A good, cute story. Over to Ruth Ben-ghiat at CNN The Minnesota raccoon’s journey has a deeper resonance The small thin body slowly climbs the side of a 25-story skyscraper […]

Washington Post: 8 Million Might Starve In Yemen, And It’s Probably Trump’s Fault

Now, just remember how the headline from the WP Editorial Board reads 8 million teeter on the brink of famine. America is complicit. America is complicit WHILE THE world was focused on the U.S.-North Korea summit, two U.S. allies in the Middle East launched a reckless and potentially catastrophic military offensive in Yemen, a country already […]

New Hot Take: It Wasn’t Russian Collusion, It Was Israeli Collusion

Any time that Leftists start yammering on about Israel, it’s hard not to think that this has something to do with the Progressive (Marxist, Socialist, whatever) hatred of Israel and Jews. Because we’ve witnessed their hatred time and time again. Does this have something to do with that? Who knows. What we do know is […]

Hot Take: The Constitution Needs To Be Amended After Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision Or Something

The Supreme Court decision on whether a cake shop can refuse to make a cake for a same sex marriage was somewhat settled by the Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision. It was a very narrow decision, and came down more to Colorado being anti-religion and in violation of the 1st Amendment, but it really […]

Who’s Up For Some Nikki Derangement Syndrome?

There’s plenty of Trump Derangement Syndrome around, like this blue check nutball who actually linked Trump to the Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter hack. Then there’s Nikki Haley Derangement Syndrome (via Twitchy) Hey .@nikkihaley Who gave you this necklace? — Samar D Jarrah (@SamarDJarrah) June 1, 2018 #Hamas hummingbird @SamarDJarrah questioning @nikkihaley on the necklace […]

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