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Senator Chris Coons (D) Is Rather Shaky On This Whole American Justice System Thing

  Much like Kamala Harris (who was the DA of the People’s Republik Of California) and so many other Democrats (and, tons of politicians in both parties), Senator Chris Coons of Delaware is a lawyer. Also like Kamala Harris and tons of Democrats, he doesn’t seem to understand the Constitution (via Twitchy) How does someone […]

Governor Moonbeam On Trump: “Something’s got to happen to this guy…”

This sounds kinda like a) a threat and b) Jerry Brown advocating that someone should do something about Trump (Fox News) California Gov. Jerry Brown ramped up his criticism of President Trump in an interview that aired Monday – calling the president a “saboteur” in the fight to combat climate change and saying that “something’s […]

Sore Loser Party Threaten To Investigate Kavanaugh If They Take Back House/Senate

One would think that Democrats would say “hey, perhaps we shouldn’t set yet another precedent that could backfire on us”, such as Harry Reid invoking the nuclear option as well as ramming through legislation in shady manners, but, this might just be throwing red meat to their unhinged base. Which could also backfire in terms […]

Teen Vogue: Having An Abortion Is Best, Most Mature Decision Or Something

This is the kind of garbage that teen girls are being taught “It was the best, most mature decision I made in my life, because I got to determine my future." 👏 — Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue) September 16, 2018 You know I prefer to avoid getting into a discussion of abortion on demand, but […]

Leftist Psychos Send Senator Collins Giant Inappropriate Cutout

Remember, these are supposed to be the adults in the room Susan Collins Was Sent A ‘Three-Foot-Long Cardboard Cutout Of Male Genitalia’ Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ Washington office received a “three-foot-long cardboard cutout of male genitalia” as liberal activists attempt to sway and even scare her away from supporting the confirmation of Judge Brett […]

National Guardsman Explains The Reality Of The 9/11 Trump Double Fist Pump

You may have seen things like this flying around in the Leftist news media and the unhinged coalitions While on his way to the memorial service, the mentally deteriorating sociopathic president bizarrely tweeted, “17 years since September 11th!” #25thAmendment #911anniversary — Democratic Coalition (@TheDemCoalition) September 11, 2018 Perhaps we should ask someone who was […]

Kavanaugh Pressed For More Details On The Super Important Nationals Ticketsgate

Seriously, this is back. Why? Because some people are deranged. And these same people showed little to no interest in investigating things like Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, and other things that occured under the previous POTUS Kavanaugh offers details on purchases of Nationals tickets that led to thousands in debt Supreme Court nominee Brett […]

Hot Take: Washington Post Claims Trump Is Complicit For Hurricane Florence

Why? Because he refuses to believe in anthropogenic climate change Opinion: Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit. — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) September 12, 2018 This is so deranged I’m not even going to give them a direct link (Fox News) The editorial board of the Washington Post has declared […]

Roll Call Drops Really Bad Take On 9/11 And Russian Meddling

There are lots and lots of bad takes from people, ones which your mom and dad would have advised to really think deeply about before going there. There are, of course, tons of Truthers. I would have thought by this time they would have given up. Then there’s psychos like @JoeNBC just needs to leave […]

Annoyingly Woke Burger Employees Sent Home For Wearing Abolish ICE Buttons

In Woke World, everything must be made political and this must be shown constantly (hence one of the reasons the NFL is having a problem). We can’t just go get a burger anymore without a side of Wokeness Oregon burger chain changes policy after employees wear ‘Abolish ICE’ buttons Employees at a Pacific Northwest burger […]

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