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Hot Take: The Electoral College Is A National Security Threat Or Something

Usually, the saying is “never go full Salon.” Today it’s “never go full Politico”, as Matthew Olsen and Benjamin Hass (both Hillary supporters) lose their minds The Electoral College Is a National Security Threat In Federalist No. 68, his pseudonymous essay on “The Mode of Electing the President,” Alexander Hamilton wrote that the Electoral College […]

College Snowflakes Are OK With Physical Violence To Shut Down Free Speech

All these college students are in for a very rude awakening when they finally graduate (with tens of thousands in student loans debt) and attempt to enter the work force. Here’s the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell discussing a new study A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech Here’s the problem […]

Crazy Today: “hegemonic masculinity and reconceptualizing competition”

This is real Why are sports so focused on winning? A feminist scholar has found the answer — New Real Peer Review (@RealPeerReview) September 13, 2017 No, really. This comes from the Journal Of Philosophy In Sports. Yes, that’s a real thing, too Toward sport reform: hegemonic masculinity and reconceptualizing competition Hegemonic masculinity, […]

Comrade Bernie Explains Why We Need Government Run Health Care

Bernie Sanders is getting ready to submit legislation for a Medicare for all scheme, which has zero chance of even making it out of committee, much less a vote on the Senate and House floors (even with all the squishy Republicans in Congress, still zero). The NY Times gives him a platform to sorta describe […]

Play Politics With Irma: People Want Trump To Open Mar-A-Lago As Storm Shelter

No matter what happens, Democrats are required by rule to make it political. It’s what they do. And, as you read this, remember that the publication date shows two hours before the posting of this post, as the hurricane has already been lashing Florida Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter […]

NY Times Goes Moonbat Category 5 On DACA Cancellation

This is nothing you wouldn’t expect. Illegal alien supporters were bound to lose their minds when the un-Constitutional DACA was finally cancelled. Remember, even Obama said the executive amnesty program was illegal and unconstitutional. Lower courts have so far ruled that DACA (and DAPA), where extra-legal usurpations of Congressional power. Anyhow, before we head to […]

Washington Post: Since Impeachment Is A Long Shot, There’s Something Else Unhinged That Can Be Done

The unhinged fantasies of Democratic Party voters, and, yes, some Republicans, that Trump will be impeached are not good for their mental well being. This constant bleating that something will show up, that he’s committed some sort of crime, that they can invoked the 25th Amendment, and, further, somehow get impeach VP Mike Pence at […]

Good Grief: Cancelling DACA Would Be “Evil”

Well, leave it up to the Washington Post’s resident wackadoodle “Republican” Jennifer Rubin to go wonkers Ending DACA would be Trump’s most evil act Following the law as written is now evil, you guys. Some in the media take seriously the notion that he is “conflicted” or “wrestling” with the decision, as though Trump were […]

Surprise: Trump Resistance Groups Are Taking North Korea’s Side

As you’re certainly aware, North Korea has become rather bellicose as of late, because that’s what they do. They just reportedly set off a hydrogen bomb, and they are reported to be readying another missile launch. Just the other day we saw this (Breitbart) This week in an interview with the Los Angeles Times editorial […]

Kellyanne Conway Obliterates Chris Cuomo On ‘Climate Change’

I’d actually decided late yesterday to ignore most of the Harvey=Hotcoldwetdry stuff, because it is pretty much more of the same again and again. Unless there was something really juicy. Like this (The Hill) White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in a prime-time interview Wednesday slammed CNN’s Chris Cuomo for asking about climate change as rescue […]

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