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Unhinged #Resisters Call AG Barr’s Speech “Authoritarian”, Want Him Impeached

The people who want an authoritarian government and are doing all they can to overturn the results of the 2016 election, despite a way of doing this, known as voting in 2020, existing, are rather upset about being called out, and the word “triggers” is perfect for the headline from the unhinged HuffPost William Barr’s […]

Suddenly, Democrats Are “Concerned” With Stonewalling And Executive Privilege

Over at the NY Times, Excitable Neal K. Katyal, a former acting solicitor general and a law professor, is Concerned, mirroring what many in the opinion and straight news sections are yammering about What Trump Is Hiding From the Impeachment Hearings The public impeachment hearings this week will be at least as important for what is not […]

Say, When Will Republicans Ever Stand Against President Trump?

Tribune News Service’s Scott Martelle continues with the Trump Derangement Syndrome, wondering if Republicans will ever stand against him Will Republicans ever take a stand against Trump? | Opinion Republicans have been engaging in some interesting contortions in conjuring a defense for President Donald Trump’s attempt to get Ukrainian officials to investigate the family of […]

Esquire: Matt Bevins Refuses To Concede, Which Is Authoritarian, Just Like Trump Or Something

Democrats love throwing around the word “authoritarian” in the Age Of Trump, just like they enjoy throwing around the words racist and racism. They love calling him an authoritarian, because Trump is utterly involving himself in their lives, right? And it means every Republican is an authoritarian, per Esquire’s Charles Pierce The Authoritarian Rot That […]

Whistleblower” Lawyer Wrote About “Coup Has Started” In 2017, Trump Blasts

This is rather important, right? Gosh, this seems sort of important… Mark is the whistleblower’s attorney FYI. — The🐰FOO (@PolitiBunny) November 6, 2019 Well, not important enough to be covered by NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, ABC New, NBC News, CBS News, or CNN, among others Trump, at Louisiana rally, hits ‘disgraceful’ whistleblower’s […]

Say, When You Purchase Underwear Are You Supporting Trump?

Remember last week when Barack Obama was calling out cancel culture, about people being too Woke? The Star Ledger Editorial Board doesn’t Are you supporting Trump with that underwear purchase? | Editorial What is Netflix doing with its money – covertly supporting Donald Trump? We have the same question about the other companies we all […]

For Some Reason, British Mom Has To Defend Spending Money At Beauty Salon For Her And Daughters

Welcome to the Age Of Offended Mom defends spending over $1G a month at beauty salon with 3 daughters: ‘We are fabulous’ Look good, feel good. One glamorous mom in the U.K. doesn’t mind spending big at the beauty salon each month to ensure that she and her three daughters can feel like their most […]

Museums Are Now Sexist Or Something

Some people really need to dig deep to be Offended about stuff. It really is always something ‘Sexist’ Natural History Museums Biased Towards Dead Males Researchers have accused the world’s leading Natural History Museums – in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris and London – of sexist bias. They discovered this after counting the number […]

Eco Anxiety Is Causing “Mums To Cry All Day”

They should try giving up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral, see how they feel then. Or just pay lots and lots of taxes to the government The mums with eco-anxiety: ‘I could cry all the time’ Like many new parents, Heather Sarno takes her son Jack along to […]

NY Times: If You Support Trump On Impeachment, You’re A Raaaaacist

The only thing that’s truly surprising about this op-ed by Darlena Cuhna is that it took so long. You would have thought it would have come sooner, because devolving to throwing down the raaaaacism card is a default position of the Democratic Party (which works hard to keep minorities, particularly blacks, down in urban area […]

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