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Insane: 20% Of Young Americans Think The Holocaust Is A Myth

Our public education system is a disaster One in five young Americans believes the Holocaust is a myth, poll finds One in five young Americans thinks that the Holocaust is a myth and only half are convinced that it definitely happened, according to a new poll. Older Americans were far more likely to believe the […]

NY Times Seems Upset That Jews Find Refuge At Fox News

I can’t understand why Jews would want to avoid such revered news outlets like the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS News. Nor MSNBC, LA Times, CNN, BBC, etc Why does ‘The New York Times’ incessantly attack Israel? NY Times apologizes for anti-Semetic cartoon featuring Netanyahu and Trump Bari Weiss slams NY Times […]

Wacko Democrats Want To Import 1 Million Hamas Supporters, Er, Palestinian Refugees

I have a great idea: let’s send them to the home cities of the Progressives and the District Of Columbia Progressives call for US to take in some of the expected 1 million Gaza refugees Experts predict a million refugees might flee the Gaza Strip amid the war between Israel and Hamas, and socialists and far-left […]

NPR Plans To Spend A Week On Global Boiling Solutions

They’re going full cult, full activist Climate solutions are necessary. So we’re dedicating a week to highlight them Climate change is here. And this week, NPR is doing something new. We’re dedicating an entire week to focus on the search for climate solutions, with stories across our network. Why we’re focusing on climate solutions We’ve […]

Reuters Trying To Force European Citizens To Get A Heat Pump

First, if heat pumps are so great than why isn’t government using them? Second, why doesn’t screed writer Pamela Barbaglia tell us about the one she bought for her own home? Third, this is not news. This is a cult attempting to force people to comply with their beliefs. It’s advocacy. And, heck, maybe an […]

Sacramento Bee Seems Upset Over GOP Calling Out California Dems For Voting Against Protecting Children

There’s hot-takes, and then there’s this insanity Simplistic, fear-based messaging helped the GOP get a rare win. — Capitol Alert (@CapitolAlert) July 17, 2023 There’s a big time paywall, so, you can read it in full at Yahoo News California Democrats spent the final few days before summer recess in an unusual spot: embroiled […]

ABC News: Trump’s Case Is Totally Different From Biden And Hillary’s Or Something

We’re totally in the spin phase with the Credentialed Media, where what Trump did was Bad and what Biden and Hillary did was not so bad No, Donald Trump’s classified documents case is not like Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton cases Almost immediately after the Justice Department on Friday unsealed its indictment against Donald Trump, the former […]

NY Times Says Drivers Will Catch A Break This Memorial Day Weekend Or Something

The Times wants you down on your knees thanking Biden and the Democrats (available at Yahoo without paywall) Gasoline Prices, a Source of Pain Last Year, Have Come Way Down Americans who fill up their cars this Memorial Day weekend will catch a break — at least compared with a year ago, when gasoline prices […]

Good News: The Debt And Border Are Totally Not Biden’s Fault

I mean, they must not be, nor be important, since Brandon blew out for Delaware yet again today On Debt Ceiling and Title 42’s End, Biden Boxed In by Outside Forces Joe Biden is in the midst of an incredibly consequential stretch of his presidency and remarkably little of it will be under his sole […]

NY Times: Chinese Censorship On COVID-19 Is Huge, But, Definitely Not About The Origins Or Something

The NY Times seems very upset over all the censorship surrounding Wuhan Flu from the Chinese government (forgetting all the censorship from social media companies, the US government, and the NY Times) Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the COVID-19 Story Early in 2020, on the same day that a frightening new illness officially got the […]

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