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Washington Post Decides Supporting Trump On Iran Protests Is A Good Idea

The NY Times’ Philip Gordon argued the other day that Trump should stay out of the Iran protests. Obama luminaries such as John Kerry, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power have taken shots at Trump and/or said to stay out. The Washington Post’s Michael Singh recommends support for the protesters from Washington. And then […]

NY Times: Trump Shouldn’t Stand Up For The Iranian Protesters

Leave it to the NY Times, as written by Philip Gordon, to recommend that Trump keep quiet on the latest Iranian protests, because 1) the Times has Trump Derangement Syndrome, and 2) because Obama was a complete failure during the Iranian Green Uprising and the Arab Spring, and they don’t want Trump to make Obama […]

Report: Obama Let Hezbollah Run Drugs And Arms To Get The Bad Iran Deal

Yesterday, we found out that the Obama DOJ and high levels of the DEA spiked a DEA investigation into a big opioid maker. Now we find, via Politico (glad they can tell us this stuff now), that the Obama administration spiked another investigation involving the DEA, along with other agencies. Ed Morrissey writes Did the […]

Trump Has Charted A Perilous Course On Iran Or Something

Is anyone surprised that the American news media would seemingly take Iran’s side when it comes to Obama’s Iran deal? It shouldn’t, because they’re also taking Mr. Obama’s side along with being in full Trump Derangement Syndrome. The NY Times is super excited to slam Trump, rather than the extremists in Iran who are still […]

Report: Iran Using Secret Military Sites To Develop Nuclear Weapons

It would be great if the deal with Iran actually stopped Iran from developing nuclear weapons. But, the inspection methods are entirely too weak, and it will allow Iran to seek nuclear weapons in less than 10 years per the details of the deal. But, they were supposed to stop doing research and development now. […]

Good News: Obama’s Best Buddies Iran Are Arming Militants In Bahrain

It’s a good thing the Obama administration didn’t help craft an agreement that removed tons of restrictions and sanctions against Iran, and give them $1.7 billion (heck, one report states $33.6 billion) U.S. increasingly sees Iran’s hand in the arming of Bahraini militants … The report, a copy of which was shown to The Washington […]

Surprise: Obama Breaks Another Iran Deal Promise

You remember the Iran deal, right? The one Obama made all sorts of promises on, then broke them left and left? (NY Post) The Obama administration keeps on breaking its promises on the Iran deal — its promises to the American people, that is. The latest betrayal: The Treasury Department just lifted key restrictions on […]

Obama Has A Sad That Iran’s Not Following The “Spirit” Of The Nuclear Deal

Interestingly, he seems less upset over Iran than he does with fellow Americans who disagree with Obama politically (The Hill) President Obama on Friday criticized Iranian leaders for undermining the “spirit” of last year’s historic nuclear agreement, even as they stick to the “letter” of the pact. Of course, Iran has actually broken the “letter” […]

Iran To See $100 Billion Immediately As Implementation Day Hits

Just a few short days ago, Americans were treated to the view of American Navy members forced to kneel at gun point while their boats were boarded and seized by Iran, and the lone female member was forced to comply with Sharia and wear a hijab. Today, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism is […]

Surprise? Iran Violates UN Resolutions With New Missile Launch

But, hey, we can totally trust Iran to uphold the provisions of the deal Mr. Obama struck with them. Even though it has no force of law (Fox News) Iran has carried out a new medium range ballistic missile test in breach of two United Nations Security Council resolutions, a senior U.S. official told Fox News on […]

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