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Trump Releases “Platinum Plan” For African Americans

Republicans want to lift people out of poverty, including black people. Democrats want black people kept in poverty because this provides a solid voting block as they give them things and because Democrats are racists Trump pledges $500B to black communities; designates KKK, Antifa as ‘terrorist organizations’ President Donald Trump announced details of his “Platinum […]

Vernon Jones: Trump’s Done More For Blacks In 4 Years Than Biden Did In 40

Perhaps because Trump sees blacks as actual people, as individuals, as citizens and Americans, unlike Democrats, who see blacks as a voting block to be patronized when elections come around, and people to keep down in urban plantations between elections. They just switched their Jim Crow and segregationist beliefs around EXC – Democrat Vernon Jones: […]

Trump To Announce Supreme Court Pick Saturday, Ruining Democrats Weekend

Democrats will be raging all day Saturday, then Sunday as they come to grips, and will wake up Monday feeling more unhinged than normal Trump court announcement set for Saturday as Amy Coney Barrett emerges as a favorite President Donald Trump said Tuesday he plans to announce his new Supreme Court nominee at 5 p.m. […]

Trump Trolls Dems With Joke About Signing An EO To Ban Joe Biden

Remember the joke Ronald Reagan told about banning the Soviet Union, with bombing starting in 5 minutes, which caused Democrats to blow a gasket? This is just as fun. Inquisitr’s Kristine Lofgren is Not Amused Donald Trump Threatens To Sign Executive Order Disqualifying Joe Biden From Running For President Donald Trump spoke in Fayetteville, North Carolina, […]

Fake News: The Atlantic Trots Out Pre-Election Hit Piece, Saying Trump Slurred Dead American Soldiers

Doesn’t Jeffrey Goldberg know you’re supposed to bring out the hit pieces just a couple weeks before the election? Oh, right, see, Democrats are trying to get everyone to send in their ballots through the mail now, rather than after seeing the debates and having more information come out about their crazy, nutty, hair sniffing, […]

Unhinged In Bidenland: Woman Attacks 12 Year Old Over Pro-Trump Sign

Let me ask: how often do you see a report regarding a Trump supporting attacking a Biden supporter over a sign? Trump supporters know it can be unsafe to wear Trump apparel or have Trump signs because Democrats are unhinged Colorado police seek woman who reportedly attacked a 12-year-old boy over his pro-Trump sign Police […]

Hyper-Leftist Vox Unintentionally Makes Case To Vote For Trump Over Court

Federal courts and the Supreme Court are one of the huge issues in voting these days, unfortunately. It shouldn’t be an issue, as courts should vote along the lines of the law and the Constitutions of the States and Nation. We all know that Democratic Party appointed judges so often fail at that. One of […]

GOP Runs On Law And Order Strategy At Convention

Day one of the GOP convention had many themes, but, this is the one that has made Kevin Johnson and the USA Today upset As Trump hammers ‘law and order’ message at RNC, Barr’s DOJ takes ‘like it or not’ approach The front page of the dead tree edition, the main article, has the headline […]

Trump Releases 2nd Term Agenda Ahead Of GOP Convention

Weird. It doesn’t include things like bowing to China and Iran, defunding the police, reparations, calling everyone a racist, raising taxes, restricting people’s energy choices, and locking down the economy while making everyone wear a mask. Nor is it doom and gloom 💯Check out the first look at President @RealDonaldTrump's second term "Fighting For You" […]

Trump Has a Plan To Steal The Election Or Something

Remember, he stole the 2016 election by playing the game and campaigning in states he need to win, but, he has a dastardly plan for 2020! So says Jason Sattler at the USA Today Trump has a plan to steal the election and it’s not clear Democrats have a plan to stop him My only […]

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