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Mitch McConnell Implements Impeachment Theater Kill Switch

Cocaine Mitch is making sure that the typical Democrat games will be limited The Impeachment ‘Kill Switch’: McConnell Dismissal Rule Corners Democrats, Blocks Antics as Trial Commences Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is as of now including in the U.S. Senate impeachment trial rules a “kill switch” that effectively allows for the president’s legal team […]

Team Trump Asserts Impeachment Theater Constitutionally And Legally Invalid

They NY Times doesn’t spend a of time on the actual documents from Team Trump, but on the Democrats #TDS point of view Trump’s Defense Team Calls Impeachment Charges ‘Brazen’ as Democrats Make Legal Case President Trump’s legal defense team strenuously denied on Saturday that he had committed impeachable acts, denouncing the charges against him […]

GOP Is Threatening To Weaponize Impeachment Witnesses Or Something

How dare they play politics with a completely political process that was designed to overturn the 2016 elections because Democrats have much Butthurt? GOP threatens to weaponize impeachment witnesses amid standoff Republicans are threatening to weaponize a fight on Senate impeachment witnesses amid growing concerns that moderates within their caucus could help Democrats call former […]

NY Times Wants Senators To Do The Right Thing On Impeachment Or Something

Of course, the editorial board of the NY Times has already convicted Trump, so, of course they want the Senate to be serious Take Impeachment Seriously, Senators It would be nice to have faith that, as the Senate prepares to receive the articles of impeachment against President Trump and gears up for its role in this rare […]

The Hill Seems Rather Upset That Trump Said It Didn’t Matter If Iranian Attacks Were Imminent

The Hill fableists Morgan Chalfant and Brett Samuels think they are on to Something Big Trump says it doesn’t matter if Soleimani posed an imminent threat President Trump on Monday downplayed the significance of any imminent threat to the U.S. before he ordered the strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, raising new questions about […]

Say, How Bad Can The Climate Crisis (scam) Get If Trump Is Re-elected?

President Trump should come out in favor of the Cult of Climastrology: most Warmists will suddenly find themselves “deniers” due to their kneejerk reaction to being opposed to anything Trump believes How bad can the climate crisis get if Trump wins again? Climate pollution in the US is up under Donald Trump and threatens to […]

NY Times: ZOMG, Trump Was Against Forever Wars, What If He Starts A New One?

It’s amazing the lengths that Democrats will go to oppose President Trump ordering the drone strike that took out a stone cold terrorist, a guy with the blood of thousands of American soldiers killed and wounded, because Democrats are infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Had it been President Hillary Clinton, they would be lauding her […]

Excitable House Passes Concurrent Resolution Demanding Trump Get Approval For Any Iran Attacks

Remember how they did this with all of Obama’s strikes on jihadis in countries throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia? How about his Big Libyan Adventure? This is just TDS, with no force of actual law House passes measure seeking to limit Trump on Iran The House on Thursday approved a measure aimed at […]

Washington Post: Proclaiming Trump Victorious On Iran Is Shortsighted Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board is just continuing the media policy of slamming Trump and not slamming Iran, because Orange Man Bad Proclaiming Trump victorious in Iran is shortsighted and premature THE ESCALATING confrontation between the United States and Iran paused on Wednesday, which, as President Trump put it, “is a good thing for all parties […]

Iran Launches Missiles Towards American Assets In Iraq, Kills No One, Calls It A “Slap In The Face”

Iran wants to get frisky after President Trump whacked Suleimani (a murderer, terrorist, guy who likes to torture children, among others), and launched some missiles to save face. No one was hurt, no one killed. Iran wants to beat its chest and play the tough guy, though How Iran is responding after the missile attack […]

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