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Witch Hunt: Mueller Expands Investigation, Subpoenas Trump Deutsche Bank Records

It’s been a year since Trump won the election. Democrats have been yammering about Russian interference even longer. Mueller has been investigating for the majority of 2017. So far, no proof of Russian collusion. People said this investigation would go off the rails in investigating everything, rather than “any links and/or coordination between the Russian […]

U.S. Ditches U.N. Migrant And Refugee Pact

Apparently, Team Trump has had enough of the U.N.’s silly policies. It hasn’t actually cut down on bringing in refugees from 3rd world hell holes who do not speak the language, hold vastly different values, often have few modern work skills, and don’t seem to want to integrate, but, the Trump admin plans on doing […]

Journalism: Trump Tells Confidants That Government Shutdown Would Be Good For Him Or Something

Every day there seems to be a negative story on President Trump that offers nothing but unknown, unnamed, anonymous sources. In an age where the media is part and parcel of the #Resistance, where they are even more unhinged and opposed to a sitting Republican president, how can we take the media seriously? How can […]

Trump Pumps Up The Christmas At The White House

The Washington Post seems almost shocked that Trump would be going with “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”, as we saw with the previous president. Trump vowed to end the ‘war on Christmas.’ Here’s how the White House is decorated this season. The sparkle of the holiday season comes to the White House every year, […]

Silly Person Sues President Trump To Block Interim Appointment To Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Someone had a major snit fit, and is going to look silly at the end (Fox News) A federal official filed a lawsuit on Sunday challenging President Trump’s decision to appoint his budget director as interim director of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, claiming Trump has no authority to make the appointment. Leandra English, the […]

Is Trump Actually Planning To Pull Out Of The Paris Climate (scam) Agreement?

Food for thought, which should probably make Warmists happy It Looks Like The U.S. May Never Leave The Paris Climate Accord Donald Trump may have vowed to take the United States out of the Paris climate accord, but you wouldn’t have known it based on the words of the negotiators he sent to the summit […]

Media Freaks Over Trump Dumping Koi Food, Claims International Incident

It’s a good thing we have a totally unbiased and impartial media, eh? (Daily Caller)  A number of journalists on Twitter lambasted President Donald Trump for pouring an entire box of food into a pond of precious Japanese koi, some even suspecting that amount of food could damage the fish. As the meme spread through […]

NY Times: Say, This Trump Guy Has Done A Good Job In Decimating ISIS, Eh?

Well, no, of course they did not write that. But, reading between the lines in this Editorial Board piece we can see that Obama was a failure while Trump has done a good job in knocking down ISIS. Of course, they attempt to put the burden on Trump, while, if we look back to 2009-2012, […]

Trump Is Expanding The Government’s Secret Deportation Weapon Or Something

Did you know there’s a secret weapon for deporting those who are unlawfully present in the United States? It’s so secret that they even have a name for the process How Trump is expanding the government’s secret deportation weapon Under President Donald Trump, immigration arrests have jumped by nearly 35 percent. They’re happening at courthouses, […]

Trump Declares Opioids A Public Health Crisis

CNN’s Dan Merica, usually one to go all sorts of #Resistance when it comes to Trump, provides a mostly balanced article on what Trump’s announcement means President Donald Trump declared a nationwide public health emergency to combat the opioid crisis Thursday at a White House event, rather than issuing a national disaster declaration. Both are forms of […]

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