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Trump To Now End Ocare Cost-Sharing Subsidies, As Were Never Authorized By Congress

As you can imagine, this has sent Obamacare supporters (who mostly do not use Ocare themselves) into a tizzy. Moonbat Level 10. Given them the vapors (Politico) President Donald Trump plans to cut off subsidy payments to insurers selling Obamacare coverage in his most aggressive move yet to undermine the health care law, according to […]

Trump To Enable More People To Get Health Insurance With His Pen

This has made Obamacare supporters who have been saying that the whole point of Obamacare is to enable more people to obtain affordable healthcare very upset. These same people also had zero problem with Obama legislating with his pen Fed up with Congress, Trump whacks Obamacare with his pen An executive order is expected to […]

NY Times: Cancelling Clean Power Plan Serious Blow To Obama’s Hotcoldwetdry Legacy

The NY Times, like most of the media, has already moved on from gun grabbing rhetoric and back to attempting to bash Mr. Trump for doing things he promised to do, such as ending Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The front page subhead encapsulates this all perfectly Ending goals to cut emissions from coal-fired power plants […]

Trump Releases His Demands For A Deal On Dreamers

Democrats and illegal alien supporters have been increasing their calls for a “clean” Dreamer bill, one which pretty much provides amnesty without any give or take, without any security measures, basically one that gives them everything they want and gives up nothing. Mr. Trump lets the illegal alien supporters know that if they want something […]

No, Trump Didn’t Botch The Puerto Rico Response

There’s no doubt that President Trump did not help things out with all his tweeting and fighting back against people like the nutty and overly political mayor of San Juan. Playing golf was bad optics (though, the same media had to problem with Obama staying on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Or other things). But, the […]

The Numbers Show Just How Strong Trump Has Been On Illegal Aliens

Say what you will about some of Trump’s missteps, the illegal alien policies of his administration have been excellent, leading to this freakout from Mother Jones’ Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn These Numbers Show Just How Bad Trump Has Been for Immigrants Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal history skyrocketed by more than […]

Moonbattery: Library Considers Dr. Seuss To Be “Racist Propaganda” ‘Cause Trump

A library in Massachusetts had a moonbat meltdown over the gift over some Dr. Seuss books. Why? Because they were given by Melania Trump ‘Racist propaganda’: Library rejects Melania Trump’s gift of Dr. Seuss books One of Melania Trump‘s favorite books is Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,” which she read with her son, Barron, “over […]

Trump Offers Plan To Lower Taxes For All, Obviously Leads To Screeching About Tax Cuts For Rich

Realistically, Trump (or any Republican) could offer a plan that specifically raises taxes on corporations and The Rich, and it’d still be called tax cuts for the rich (Breitbart) President Donald Trump announced the framework of his tax plan Wednesday afternoon, boasting that it would restore the American dream for working families. “This is the […]

Did Trump Actually Win With All The Entitled Players Protesting?

Personally, I still think Trump was wrong to interject himself into the debate: it’s below the station of POTUS. Many have theories on why he did this, from Trump being Trump, to attempting to distract from Russia Russia Russia, to wanting people to talk about this for various reasons, and so forth. But, did Trump […]

Steph Curry Says Trump’s Comments Are Beneath The Office: He’s Right

President Donald Trump has decided to involve himself in sports (The Hill) Steph Curry fired back at President Trump for disinviting him from the White House earlier Saturday, saying it was “beneath” his position to publicly attack him. The Golden State Warriors star said it was “surreal” for him to wake up and see that […]

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