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Bummer: Trump Just Got His 50th Judge Confirmed

How’s that impeachment theater going, Dems? In less than three years, President Trump has appointed and the Republican Senate has confirmed 50 circuit judges. That is already the most in any president’s whole first term since 1980. — Leader McConnell (@senatemajldr) December 11, 2019 Obama only got 55 appointed in 8 years. But, […]

Dem Fail: Majority Of Voters Do Not Want Trump Impeached Or Removed

After beating the bandwagon with Russia Russia Russia since the moment Trump was elected, after yammering about impeaching him and how Orange Man Bad all this time, saying how he is doing such bad things, after the hysteria over the Mueller report, even refusing to give up after it was a big dud, and now […]

Democrats Articles Of Impeachment May Not Include Bribery Or Quid Pro Quo

As Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia (R) said about this “They can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, and they don’t have a candidate that can beat him.” They’ve been working towards this since Trump won the election, and now we get Dems expected to announce at […]

We’re One Step Closer To A Space Force

But, not really worth it White House, Democrats strike tentative deal to create Space Force in exchange for federal parental-leave benefits: report The White House and House Democrats have reportedly reached a tentative deal to authorize the creation of the Space Force, a priority for the Trump administration first outlined in an executive order by […]

#TDS: House Report Says Trump Can Be Impeached For “Motives”

Democrats have been talking about impeaching Trump even before he was elected. That talk increased heavily the minute he was elected. And even more when he took office There’s Already a Campaign to Impeach President Donald Trump The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun Those are from inauguration day, and neither attempted to shoot […]

Washington Post Appears To Want To Blame Trump For Iranian Repression

This is one of those editorial pieces where one would say “how would they have written this about Barack Obama?” Iran’s repression of protests was an answer to the Trump administration THE TRUMP administration has been citing a massive wave of protests in Iran as evidence that its “maximum pressure” strategy against the Islamic republic […]

US Tax Burden Falls To 4th Lowest Among Advanced Economies

You’ll never guess why US taxes drop to 4th lowest following GOP tax cuts: study The U.S. tax burden fell to the fourth lowest among advanced economies following passage of the GOP tax law, according to data released Thursday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The report found that the share of the economy […]

White House Declines To Participate In House Witch-Hunt Hearings

The White House was given a very short time frame to decide if they want to participate in the latest moonbat impeachment hearings, and the witness list has yet to be disclosed (Breitbart) White House Counsel Pat Cipollone wrote a five-page letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) on Sunday, rejecting participation in what […]

USA Today: Swimming In Underwear Teaches You About Donald Trump And Getting Away With It Or Something

Trump Derangement Syndrome abounds. First we had the idiot Newsweek reporter and her story of how Trump was going to spend Thanksgiving golfing, tweeting, and more, which was clearly a huge bit of TDS. Then, of course, Trump went to Afghanistan to visit the troops. Not sure the reporter, or, is that, “reporter”, should have […]

Bummer: Recession (scam) Fears Recede, Which Is A Boon To Trump

Democrats and their pet media who all pushed the “coming recession” doom and gloom hit the hardest (oh, and Glenn Beck, who pushes this for his advertisers like Gold Line and prepper foods) Recession fears recede in boost to Trump After a summer dip, consumer spending has roared back to life heading into the holiday […]

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