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Overly Politicized And Biased DOJ Now Super Worried About Their Reputation Under Trump

Here’s the NY Times digging for Controversy in the Age Of Trump Fearful of Trump’s Attacks, Justice Dept. Lawyers Worry Barr Will Leave Them Exposed In an email a few days ago to the 270 lawyers he oversees, Nicola T. Hanna, the United States attorney in Los Angeles, offered a message of reassurance: I am proud […]

Alec Baldwin Hottake: GOP Fealty To Trump Is How Nazi Germany Started

Of course, anytime a Republican is in the White House Democrats say we’re one step away from Hitler Alec Baldwin Warns GOP’s ‘Sniveling Fealty’ To Donald Trump Is Straight Out Of Nazi Germany Alec Baldwin on Thursday took a swipe at Donald Trump and Senate Republicans with biting tweets referencing Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and […]

Heading Into The Elections, More Americans Say They Are Better Off

No matter how much Democrats and their media allies attempt to downplay the economy, it’s been pretty good. They try and dink and dunk around the edges, claiming it is only good for The Rich, but, people keep proving Democrats wrong More in U.S. Say They Are Better Off Than in Past Elections Sixty-one percent […]

Bummer: Planting Trees Won’t Save The World From Burning

This is the second opinion piece that’s been run in the NY Times in the last week over the Trillion Trees Initiative. Why? Because President Trump is in favor of it, so, the Trump hating Warmists have to poo-poo the idea Planting Trees Won’t Save the World One trillion trees. At the World Economic Forum […]

Trump’s Biggest Vulnerability Is His Climate Denial Or Something

Mother Jones thinks this is what will finally take Trump down, an issue that has, yet again, essentially been relegated to the back burner Trump’s Biggest Vulnerability Is His Climate Change Denial A little more than 10 years ago, Donald Trump and his children signed a letter that ran as a full-page ad in the New York Times. In it, they urged […]

NYT Dumps Cold Water On One Trillion Trees Initiative Because Trump’s In Favor Of It

This is Trump Derangement Syndrome at its finest: Trump is in favor of something, so Democrats are Against It. Kinda like, if you’ll remember, how George W. Bush came out with his amnesty plan after winning the 2004 election, and Democrats had a kneejerk reaction to be against it, even though it was what they […]

Trump Reaches Out To African Americans As Black Wages Rise

Did anyone watch the Oscars? Yeah, me neither. The apparently ramped up the Wokeness, yammering about climate change, #metoo, bashed Trump, praised Marx, lectured America, the normal stuff. They spent time talking about why blacks weren’t represented well in Hollywood and the awards. Interestingly, they didn’t talk about this NYT: Black Workers’ Wages ‘Are Finally […]

Trump’s Very Good Week Gets Better: Judge Throws Out Democrats Emoluments Case

President Trump has had a very good week, so good that even CNN’s Chris Cillizza noted the eight very good things. Those include acquittal from the Democrats made up impeachment theater, the State of the Union speech, Democrat disarray in Iowa, a 49% job approval rating, and a few others, including Trump Beats Congressional Democrats’ […]

Washington Post: Well, Yeah, The Economy Is Great, But, Is It Really Great?

The Washington Post editorial board is vexed. See, the economy is doing pretty darned good under President Trump, and they just can’t have that, because that’s bad for Democrats The economy is strong, as Trump says. But at what cost? AS CONGRESS gathered for the annual State of the Union address Tuesday, there was no […]

Democrats Vow To Continue Their Unhinged Trump Investigations

As if they haven’t given Team Trump and the GOP enough material for campaign commercials and converted enough voters over from voting Democrat/not voting Trump to voting Trump, they want more Democrats Vow Trump Probes to Go On After Impeachment Trial Ends President Donald Trump’s scrutiny by Congress won’t end with his expected acquittal in […]

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