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NY Times: If You Support Trump On Impeachment, You’re A Raaaaacist

The only thing that’s truly surprising about this op-ed by Darlena Cuhna is that it took so long. You would have thought it would have come sooner, because devolving to throwing down the raaaaacism card is a default position of the Democratic Party (which works hard to keep minorities, particularly blacks, down in urban area […]

CNN: Putin Now Owns Syrian Mess, And It’s All Trump’s Fault Or Something

Let’s face it: Syria is not an issue most Americans really care about. There are only about 2,000 U.S. military members in the nation, mostly as advisors. The issue of the Kurds is concerning, but, what would 2,000 military members actually do? The only thing that was a concern was when Obama set a red […]

Democrat Party Supporters Burn MAGA Hats, Throw Urine, Assault Trump Supporters

Obviously, this is something that the nations two leading newspapers failed to cover. The Washington Post has a way down the page article on kids protesting a speech by Trump Jr in Florida. The NY Times discusses Trump lashing out at Dems and launching a coarse insult at Biden. ABC and CBS News mention the […]

Trump Looks To Increase Government Transparency

Obviously, this is an impeachable offense Trump Moves to Increase Transparency in Government Regulations Kevin Lunny and his family ran Drakes Bay Oyster Company for about 50 years on the Northern California coastline before the federal government shut down the business over regulations he wasn’t aware of. “We produced nearly half of all the sustainable oysters in […]

Hot Take: Impeach Trump Repeatedly For Stonewalling

There are several really, really bad Hot Takes out there. There’s this one Let’s make sure history doesn’t repeat itself: daughter of Holocaust survivors which is quite possibly the worst article on the whole “caging illegal aliens is like the Nazis and the Holocaust” take you’ll ever read. The you have the NY Times publishing […]

A Plurality Of Americans Support Impeachment Or Something

This is one you’re going to see/hear a lot of from the Credentialed Media. I ran across it at The Hill, and there are a bunch of other Democrat leaning news outlets yammering about. Let’s go to the source, USA Today Perilous times for Trump: By 45%-38%, Americans support impeaching him over Ukraine allegations, poll […]

House Democrats Carefully Attempt To Sell Impeach In Their Home Districts Or Something

If this was such a slam dunk why would they have to be careful about it? They would just lay out the facts, right? No hyperbole, no soft-shoe Back Home, House Democrats Tread Carefully on Impeachment and 2020 Orange County was the epicenter of the 2018 House Democratic takeover, where Republicans lost four seats in […]

Bummer: Less Than Half Of Citizens Think Ukraine Issue As Serious Problem

Now, if this poll went the other way, it would be a featured article at the top of the webpage and page 1 in the dead tree edition. Since it is mostly good for Trump, it’s buried down in the politics section Most Americans are ‘not surprised’ Trump asked the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden […]

Washington Post: Even The Trump Deranged Are Skeptical Of Impeachment Push

Even while most of the Trump stories and opinion pieces are all about Orange Man Bad, one other by Marc Fisher, Jenna Portnoy, Tim Craig, and Scott Wilson dumps some cold water on the push (which will be ignored by the Trump Deranged) Across a divided nation, skepticism about impeachment They don’t ordinarily agree with […]

Media Is Focusing On The Whole “Favor” Thing, Which Can Backfire Spectacularly

Let’s be honest: except for hardcore Democrats who despise Trump and cannot get over the 2016 election, along with the #NeverTrumpers, who say they are still right leaning, but are just as unhinged as the Democrats, most people find the “transcript” to be a big nothingburger. Politics as usual. Move along, nothing to see here. […]

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