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Media Seems Pretty Upset That Trump Is Done With All The Investigations From Partisan Democrats

The entire Russia Russia Russia probe was based on fake documents and irrational hatred, followed by Hillary losing fair and square to Donald, because she was a terrible candidate, insulted tens of millions of Americans, failed to go to needed states, and passed out on 9/11. On video.  That loss prompted Sore Loser Syndrome from […]

Supposedly, Mueller Report Will Be Lightly Redacted

If so, it won’t make a difference, because Democrats are still going to lose their minds and claim there’s a coverup and conspiracy and stuff, because they still can’t get over Hillary losing to Donald, and they still feel that he totes colluded and obstructed in the same manner a fan of a football team […]

NY Times Questions Whether Trump Is Man Of The People Or Of His People

Yet another reason why the news media is not trusted and dying: running an “analysis”, ie, opinion piece, on the front page which is supposed to be news, which is all about taking shots at Orange Man Bad. But really, really forgets to mention a few things A President of the People or a President […]

Brave Sir Booker Says Illegal Aliens Make Sanctuary Cities Less Safe

It really is hilarious how Trump can send a tweet or two, maybe make a quick announcement, and Democrats rush to tell us how sanctuary jurisdictions are bad things and that they don’t actually want a ton of illegal aliens in them But you guys keep telling us that mass uncontrolled immigration makes cities safer […]

Democrats Who Can’t Get Over Losing 2016 Formally Demand Trump’s Tax Returns, Part Two

The late Robin Williams had a joke about British bobbies having no weapons other than a nightstick, in which he would mimic them saying “Stop! Or I’ll tell say stop again.” Having failed to obtain all of Trump’s tax returns, personal and business, with all sorts of explanations, by April 10th, Democrats are yelling “stop […]

Might Deport Later

LOL @realDonaldTrump — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) April 12, 2019

Trump Doubles Down On Dropping Illegals Off In Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Whether it was originally a serious proposal, a joke, or just throwing ideas against the wall, it matters nary because Democrat Open Borders advocates are twisting their own panties into massive knots in High Dudgeon. So, of course, Trump will further tweak their noses, because this is a hill Dems apparently want to die on […]

Washington Post Editorial Board Has A Plan For Dealing With Border Crisis They Said Didn’t Exist

On February 15th of this year, the Washington Post Editorial Board said that “Trump’s make-believe crisis is untethered from truth and reality.” This was to go with the many, many articles and op-eds saying there was no border crisis. And that has mostly continued till yesterday, when they ran a thinly veiled opinion hit-job on […]

Trump Declares Iranian IRGC Terrorist Group, Resistance Upset

Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, particularly against Israel (which Democrats hate) and America (which Democrats hate). Democrats have to back Iran, after Obama did the horrendous Iran deal, and because they have a kneejerk reaction to oppose everything Trump Trump designates elite Iranian military force as a terrorist organization President Donald […]

NY Times: Trump And Republicans Pounce In Post-Mueller Washington!

Interestingly, many in the media had Democrats pouncing yesterday, which is usually only a Republican thing. And the NY Times did have a very funny headline HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA […]

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