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LA Times Wonders How China Joe’s And Trump’s First 100 Days Compare

Obviously, the LA Times is coming down on the side of Biden, but, the column barely gets into specifics Column: How do Biden’s first 100 days in office compare with Trump’s? A president’s first 100 days are an arbitrary benchmark, a point of measurement journalists are fond of because it allows us to draw comparisons […]

Trump Acquitted Again: What Comes Next?

As you know by now, Donald J Trump was acquitted yet again for shampeachment. The result was never in doubt. We all knew there was zero chance the Democrats would get enough Republicans to cross over to get the necessary 67 votes. Seven did cross over, and the Louisiana Republican party has already voted unanimously […]

Trump Is About To Be Acquitted Yet Again In The Dems Trial Of Feelings

Have you watched Shampeachment Theater? I haven’t. It’s a waste of time. It’s silly. Trump is out. He lost (whether real or fraud). Move. But, Democrats are truly deranged. Trump will be living rent free in their heads for years. And their silly impeachment will end exactly the way we thought “We Lost the Line”: […]

Democrats Throw Hissy Fit, Want To Punish Trump For Refusing To Testify At Shampeachment

Constitution? What’s that? Due Process? MIA. Democrats? Still unable to Move On, in complete Trump Derangement Syndrome. The “trial” starts today at 1pm Democrats Threaten to Punish Trump for Not Testifying at Impeachment Trial Democrats reiterated Monday a threat to punish former President Donald Trump for not testifying at the impeachment trial in the Senate, […]

Palestinians Set To Reap Rewards Of Trump’s Israel-UAE Peace Deal

The Democrats and the Credentialed Media looked to downplay all the peace deals they brokered between Israel and Muslim nations, but, they keep reaping better and better things Palestinians are signing up to UAE peace deal, claims Israel’s first ambassador in the Gulf Palestinians stand to reap major benefits from Israel’s peace agreements with the […]

CNN: Congress Is In Total War, And It’s All Trump’s Fault

This “analysis” piece, as in, it’s total opinion, is the top story on CNN at the moment, so, not actual news is #1. Surprise? It also looks like CNN just can’t give up on Trump Derangement Syndrome, but, then, that’s a lot easier than explaining why Joe is blowing off wearing a mask and, oh, […]

WRAL Demands People Accept That China Joe Won

The ownership corporation of local Raleigh news outlet WRAL is very upset that people are denying that China Joe won the election Editorial: Biden won. Time for the deniers to declare it, too It is time, well past time really, that our members of Congress – particularly those representing North Carolina who have been arguing […]

Shampeachment: 45 Republicans Vote That Trump Impeachment Is Unconstitutional

This is dead on arrival Forty-five Republicans vote against proceeding with Senate impeachment trial Senators were sworn in as jurors to President Trump’s impeachment trial Tuesday as the Senate voted 55-45 to end debate on Sen. Rand Paul’s point of order arguing that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is out of office. […]

Impeachment Farce: Senator Leahy (D) Will Preside Rather Than Chief Justice Roberts

Do these people even Constitution? Republicans object after Sen. Leahy announces he, not Chief Justice Roberts, will preside over impeachment trial As the Senate prepares to conduct an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump, Republicans are criticizing the procedural development — that Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside over the trial. Instead, Senate […]

New Democrat Idea: China Joe Sending The DOJ After Trump

Excitable Alan Hunt says this will be “politically polarizing.” How about “driving a stake into the calls for unity”? Or “you want civil war? This is how you get it”? Biden’s new challenge: Holding Trump accountable The moves to hold Donald Trump accountable for trying to subvert the presidential election are proceeding with stunning speed, […]

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