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California DOJ Sued Over Failed Gun Registration Website

Create a situation where you will penalize lawful gun owners if they do not comply, then make it darned impossible to comply Gun Rights Advocates File Lawsuit Against the DOJ for ‘Bullet Button’ Policy Gun rights advocates are blaming the state Attorney General and the state Justice Department for a malfunctioning website that caused assault […]

Landmark Settlement Is A Nightmare For Gun Grabbers, Especially On “Assault Rifles”

This is bad news for the anti-gun crowd (who often have firearms themselves (see Alyssa Milano’s husband) and/or armed protection, at times weapons that the average American is banned from having), but not as bad as being portrayed, except for one thing A LANDMARK LEGAL SHIFT OPENS PANDORA’S BOX FOR DIY GUNS FIVE YEARS AGO, 25-year-old […]

Gun Not Locked Up In Seattle? You Could Face A $10,000 Fine

Remember, they aren’t trying to take your guns and aren’t trying to put restrictions on law abiding citizens (Seattle Times) Seattle will require gun owners to lock up their firearms, after the City Council voted unanimously Monday to pass legislation proposed by Mayor Jenny Durkan. Starting 180 days after Durkan signs the legislation, it will […]

Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh For Supreme Court

And liberals explode. There are entirely too many hottest of hot takes to even link. Here’s a fun one Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Is Probably the End of Abortion Rights and Same-Sex Marriage Uh huh. How about Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court’s drastic shift to the right, cartoonsplained There was zero problem […]

We Need To Revamp The 2nd Amendment To Stop Gun Violence Or Something

Remember, they’re not trying to take away our guns, they just want some common sense reforms. And along comes “Alan L. Moss, former wage-hour chief economist and congressional fellow to the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, is the author of six books, including “Selling Out America’s Democracy”” to blow that little thing […]

Gun Grabbers Look To Shut Down Major Chicago Road Saturday Morning

They want more gun control, because Chicago doesn’t have enough regulations on law abiding citizens owning guns (Fox32) Father Michael Pfleger is set to lead anti-violence protesters on a march that will shut down a mile-long stretch of the Dan Ryan Saturday morning. The march is scheduled start at 10 am at 79th Street and […]

Suddenly, Democrats Are Worried About Sanctuary Jurisdictions When It Comes To Gun Control

Did you know that the number of counties in Illinois that have declared themselves sanctuaries from gun grabbing laws has hit 26? And that suddenly the Credentialed Media is wondering if it’s legal 26 Illinois counties have passed ‘gun sanctuary’ resolutions. Are they constitutional? A “gun sanctuary” trend spreading across Illinois counties in support of […]

Excitable Nancy Pelosi Pushes Gun Control In Wake Of Newspaper Shooting

Perhaps Nancy could have told us exactly what measures would have stopped the murder at Capital Gazette? Reacting to newspaper shooting, Pelosi decries lack of gun control as ‘stain on our country’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi decried the lack of legislative action on gun control Thursday after multiple people were gunned down at the […]

California Supreme Court Upholds Gun Control Law That’s Impossible To Comply With

Remember, gun grabbers are not coming for your guns, they just want to something something mumble mumble and this type of law helps (Breitbart) The Supreme Court of California upheld a micro-stamping requirement for semiautomatic handguns Thursday — even though the technology does not exist to allow manufacturers to comply. The Associated Press summed up […]

In Face Of Threats From Democrats, Trump Admin Officials Urged To Get Concealed Carry Permits

Liberals are increasingly advocating for violence against people who work in the Trump administration (as well as those who work for ICE, and, heck, anyone who is a Republican). This was especially true from Rep Maxine Waters. If even CNN is saying this is a problem (though they softened what she has been saying), it’s […]

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