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Washington Post: Be Scared That Congress Won’t Do Anything About Guns

First they tell us that the problem is only the scary looking assault rifles, so we have to Do Something. But, then they expose their true agenda. Here’s the Washington Post Editorial Board exposing the true agenda Don’t be scared by NRA hysteria. Be scared Congress will do nothing. IT WAS a stunning moment: The […]

The System To Stop The Parkland Shooter Completely Broke Down, But Let’s Blame The NRA

The Washington Post points out just how badly the system broke down. They note all the red flags and warnings How a system built to stop the Parkland school shooter repeatedly broke down The Broward County Sheriff’s Office received a call in November with an ominous warning: Nikolas Cruz, a troubled 19-year-old, was collecting guns […]

Armed Officer Never Went In During Parkland Shooting, Now Getting More Protection Than Schoolkids

Did you hear about this one? (Miami Herald) Eight days after mass shooter Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward’s top cop on Thursday revealed a stunning series of failures by the sheriff’s department. A school campus cop heard the gunfire, rushed to the building but never went inside — […]

Surprise: Host Family Warned Police About Nikolas Cruz Months Before Massacre

As things like this happened Marco Rubio and N.R.A. Jeered on Gun Stance Students are walking out in protest: Live updates CNN’s Tapper Sits Back as Student Equates Rubio to School Shooter Father of Parkland victim presses Rubio on assault weapons at town hall Trump vows tougher background checks, mental health screens for gun buyers […]

Shameless: NY Times Trots Out A “Won’t Someone Think Of The Children” Meme On Guns

Just because some nutjob went nutjob doesn’t mean you get to take away my Constitutional Rights. That’s the whole purpose of the Bill of Rights: it’s about restricting what the Federal government cannot do, not saying what We The Citizens can do. And because the government dropped the ball doesn’t mean you can take away […]

Dan Rather Network Gives “5 Things More Difficult To Buy Than Guns” The Old Pre-School Try

The network that brought you fabricated documents that weren’t verified in the least due to political bias is doing stupid things yet again. I wonder if they plan to give up the armed security at all their properties, as well as stop using guns in their TV shows? Anyhow, this is about as click-baity as […]

CNN: The Gun Violence Debate And Election 2016 Are Totally Similar!

First off, liberals, like those at the failing, click-baity, #resist CNN, just can’t MoveOn from losing the 2016 election fair and square, after having nominated an unpopular, shady, un-charismatic woman who failed to campaign in several states, which meant she was beaten fair and square by a political neophyte who did the things required to […]

CNN Decides To Scaremonger On Florida Gun Laws

In some areas, such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, California, New Jersey, New York, there are are massive gun restrictions. Heavily burdensome. Yet, interestingly, there are a lot of crimes that occur which involve the use of a gun. But, hey, CNN You don’t need a permit or license to buy a gun in Florida. (And […]

So, Of Course The Washington Post Is Calling For The Ban Of “Weapons Of War”

This is all they know how to do. This is what they want to do. Ban “assault weapons”, then move on to banning other weapons and ownership. Because it works well in California and Chicago Ban these weapons of war …. That the suspected 19-year-old gunman in the Florida shooting was able to legally purchase an […]

In Wake Of Florida School Shooting, Gun Grabbers Immediately Call For Grabbing Guns

The bodies of the the kids and adults murdered (murder is illegal) at a school in Parkland, Florida weren’t even cool when the Usual Suspects started clamoring for gun control. NBA coach Steve Kerr (who is protected by armed security) had a meltdown. Chelsea Handler (also protected by armed security on-set) railed against the NRA. […]

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