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House Democrats Pass “Equality Act” Or Something

This has the lunatic SJW Democrat base and #NeverTrumpers excited House passes bill to extend civil rights to LGBTQ community The Equality Act passed the U.S. House on Friday, with eight Republicans breaking rank to vote with Democratic colleagues for legislation supporters say will add needed federal protections in housing, employment and health care to […]

Gun Grabber Kamala Harris Plans To Ban Import Of Scary Looking Rifles

Every Democrat running has to pander heavily to the base, and pander she shall Kamala Harris wants ban on importing AR-15-style assault weapons Kamala Harris wants to ban the importation of AR-15-style assault weapons by executive action if elected president. On Wednesday, the Democratic senator from California is set to detail her proposal to stop […]

NY Times Says It’s Time To Stand Up To Guns Or Something

More people are killed by automobiles yearly. I guess we need to stand up to them? You knew this stuff was coming, so, here’s Excitable Nicholas Kristoff, who is protected by armed security at the NY Times building We Have 2 Dead Young Heroes. It’s Time to Stand Up to Guns. Politicians fearful of the […]

Gun Grabber Cory Booker Has Big Plans For Gun Restrictions

He’s throwing some big red meat to the unhinged Democrat base in an attempt to rise in the polls Cory Booker now has the most ambitious gun control proposal of any 2020 candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) sums up his ambitious new gun control plan in one sentence: “If you need a license to drive […]

Report: Excitable Eric Swalwell To Run For President On Gun Grabbing

Hey, why not? Jay Inslee is running on ‘climate change’, Julian Castro is running on Open Borders, Elizabeth Warren is running on taking everyone else’s money, Bernie is running on government controlling your health care Swalwell running for White House on gun control: report Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) will reportedly announce next week that he […]

Democrats Frustrated Over Losing To Offer Amendment To Kill Electoral College

Democrats are Very Upset over losing in 2016 to Donald Trump. It didn’t matter that they won the previous two presidential elections, losing one is The Worst, so, Things Must Change. The subhead of this NBC News story should tell you all you need to know, namely that this is red meat issue for their […]

Judge Rules California’s Ban On “Large Capacity Magazines” Un-Constitutional

See, according to gun grabbers, 10 round magazines are safe. 11 rounds are doom Prop. 63: Federal judge declares California’s ban on high-capacity gun magazines unconstitutional A federal judge on Friday declared unconstitutional a key provision of California’s Proposition 63 that banned possession of high-capacity gun magazines often used in mass shootings, ensuring that the […]

Surprise: Study Shows Gun Bans Have No Effect On Homicide Rate

Usually, hyper far-left outlets like the Pacific Standard are all for banning guns, even confiscating them. This is an interesting take (but there’s something missing) THE MOST EFFECTIVE GUN-CONTROL LAWS TARGET WHO BUYS GUNS—NOT WHICH GUNS THEY BUY Each time there is a mass shooting, activists call for stricter laws regulating firearms. But even legislatures amenable […]

Say, What Does It Take To Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles?

The gun grabbers keep exposing their true agenda on firearms. When you look at abortion, it isn’t about making them “safe and rare”, it’s about allowing them unfettered, no restrictions, right up birth to right after birth. With firearms, it’s not about making it more safe, it really is about disarmament It took New Zealand […]

When It Comes To Executive Power For Banning Firearms, NY Times Is Down With That

Here was the NY Times on the opinion pages and in the “news analysis” (still opinion) pages Have We Had Enough of the Imperial Presidency Yet? President Trump Thinks He Is a King Trump and His Lawyers Embrace a Vision of Vast Executive Power Just a few examples, and many, many more, which are often […]

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