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Democrats Hot To Kill Off Filibuster, Which Is Raaaaacist, Despite Using It Constantly

Democrats keep using the filibuster to stop GOP legislation in the Senate, because they love the notion of the minority party having some power in the system, because we are not a democracy, we are a federal republic. It’s not just voting for president. But, they want to kill it if they’re in power. They […]

After Shooting Of LASD Officers, Handsy Joe Biden Pushes Assault Weapon And Large Magazine Ban

How about this: if anyone expresses support of Antifa, they should have their gun permit denied, because they are mentally unstable and potentially violent. You know, lots and lots of Joe Biden supporters Joe Biden Counters Evidence, Claims ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Would Save Lives Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden claimed on Sunday that a ban […]

Ben Sasse Calls For Abolishing The 17th Amendment

This is a push I hope he makes hard, and convinces enough states to do, since elected senators would see their national power diminish along with all that fun campaign cash, hob-knobbing with celebs, and all the perks Ben Sasse Calls For Repealing The 17th Amendment Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse called for the repeal […]

NY Times: The Electoral College Will Destroy America (or something)

Who’s surprised that the NY Times is running this opinion piece by editorial board member Jesse Wegman? You’ll love the subhead The Electoral College Will Destroy America And no, New York and California would not dominate a popular vote. In other words, the populous states/cities will dominate the popular vote, making it about mob rule, […]

Say, Why Aren’t We Talking ABout Guns After Kenosha And Portland Or Something

In the wake of the George Floyd shooting, the point was supposed to be about policing reform, right? It didn’t last long before all the Leftists started mixing in all their pet peeves/causes, like LGBT, ‘climate change’, mail in ballots, and more. Not to mention the riots, looting, plundering, assault, etc. Now it seems to […]

If (Hardcore Marxist) BLM Really Matters, We Need To Do Away With Stand Your Ground Or Something

And now the gun grabbers are using uber-Marxist Black Lives Matter to reduce gun rights and the right to self protection If Black Lives Truly Matter, Stand Your Ground Laws Must Go Now that pointing firearms at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters is the magic ticket to a speaking slot at the GOP convention, and we […]

Surprise: First Time Gun Buyers Surge Over Lockdown Fears, Riots In Democratic Party Run Cities

The one thing I cannot seem to find is data that shows exactly where these 1st time buyers live, as in which city. I would suspect, though, that a goodly chunk are in Democratic Party run cities seeing lots of violence First-time gun buyers are fueled by fears over the pandemic, the economy, and nationwide […]

Hyper-Leftist Vox Unintentionally Makes Case To Vote For Trump Over Court

Federal courts and the Supreme Court are one of the huge issues in voting these days, unfortunately. It shouldn’t be an issue, as courts should vote along the lines of the law and the Constitutions of the States and Nation. We all know that Democratic Party appointed judges so often fail at that. One of […]

Michigan Appeals Court Backs Gov. Whitmer Over Actual Law On Emergency Powers

How do you get authoritarian government? This is how Michigan appeals court backs Whitmer’s use of emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic A Michigan appeals court on Friday ruled in favor of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, finding that her emergency declarations and orders in response to the coronavirus were legal. Whitmer implemented strict lockdown measures during the […]

DNC Launches Attack On 2nd Amendment Rights

Alternate headline: People protected by armed security want to disarm law abiding citizens Day 3 of Democrat Convention Launches with Assault on Guns Day three of the Democrat National Convention launched on Wednesday with a full-blown assault on guns in America. The night began with a video collage of speakers who lost family members to […]

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