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Kamala Turns Monterey Park Memorial Into Gun Grabbing Rally

She didn’t quite explain what laws would have stopped the unhinged, wacko shooter Harris visits Monterey Park to meet with victims’ families Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Monterey Park, California, on Wednesday to meet with victims’ families days after a mass shooter there killed 11 and wounded at least nine others at a Lunar New Year […]

GOP Approves Resolution To Probe Weaponization Of Government

This makes the people who weaponized the federal government to go after Republicans and average American citizens very unhappy House GOP approves resolution to create panel to probe ‘weaponization’ of federal government Republican lawmakers on Tuesday gave their approval to a new House subcommittee designed to probe the “weaponization” of the federal government, giving the panel […]

House GOP Passes New Rules Package, Especially Ending Proxy Voting

This is going to upset many of the Democrats who are still voting by proxy while off doing other things other than the job they ran for (Time) Some members have capitalized on their ability to vote by proxy to hit the campaign trail. Democrat Karen Bass voted by proxy this year while engaged in […]

Good News: Half Of States Have Permitless Carry

I’m assuming these gun grabbers are referring to concealed carry permits, since “permitless carry” sounds oh so much worse for gun haters The start of 2023 means carrying a gun without a license is now legal in half of US states: ‘Lipstick, an iPhone, maybe a little Smith & Wesson .38’ With the start of […]

Hot Take: The Electoral College Is A Threat To Democracy

In Liberal World, everything that thwarts Democrats is A Threat To Democracy. Anything other than one party rule and dominant government is a threat to democracy The Electoral College is hazardous to democracy, Raskin says Rep. Jamie Raskin said Sunday the Electoral College “has become a danger” to American democracy. Speaking on CBS’ “Face the […]

California Sees Their Gun Law Modeled After Texas’ Abortion Law Shot Down By Judge

If the pro-2nd Amendment groups were smart, they’d try to get a ballot initiative that restricts the type of firearms that employees of the state can carry. No “assault rifles”, no magazines above 10 rounds, safe secure, all sorts of this nonsense. This would definitely apply to all law enforcement who provide protection to elected […]

NJ Passes Major Gun Legislation

Of course, this only effects the law abiding, rather than the criminal element who doesn’t care about the vast amount of laws on guns New Jersey lawmakers pass gun carry legislation after ruling New Jersey lawmakers gave final approval Monday to legislation overhauling rules to get a firearm carry permit after this summer’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling […]

Illinois Looks To Pass Assault Weapons Ban, Taking Them From People Who Already Possess

This will absolutely nothing to stop the “gun violence” in Democratic Party run cities like Chicago. It will just disarm law abiding citizens. And force law abiding citizens to give up their legally purchased “assault rifles” Illinois Democrats want to act with ‘urgency’ on proposal banning assault weapons Illinois lawmakers are considering legislation that would […]

70 Dems Do Not Understand Their Job, Tell Biden To Give Rail Workers 7 Sick Days

There once was a time when members of Congress jealously guarded their Constitutionally granted power, namely, the ones who make the laws, and it is up to the Executive Branch to enforce those laws. Not make them. Not interpret them how they want. Now they just want to be celebrities and avoid doing their job. […]

Supreme Court To Hear Case On Freedom Of Speech

The Supreme Court already ruled back in 2018 that there is religious freedom in the People’s Republic Of Colorado, when they ruled in favor of a religious baker who did not agree with gay marriage. Colorado apparently did not listen Supreme Court to Hear Case of Web Designer Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage The Supreme Court […]

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