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Awesome: Female Virginia Rep Openly Carries Her Firearm On House Floor

She says it is her version of the ERA and a way to protect herself from the crazy protesting and threatening liberals FEMALE VA STATE SENATOR OPEN CARRIES ON HOUSE FLOOR — CALLS GUN HER ‘ERA’ A Virginia state senator utilized the state’s open-carry law in a unique way on Tuesday by carrying her .38 […]

Proposed Oregon Gun Laws Are Worse Than You Thought

I noted the other day that a bill submitted by Oregon State Senator Rob Wagner (D) would limit people to magazines that hold no more than 5 rounds, and that people would be restricted from purchasing more than 20 rounds per month. It gets even worse, which means other Democrat run states will give this […]

Virginia Governor Looks Towards Banning And Confiscation Of “Assault Firearms”

You know all the Democrat talking points about not wanting to take away your guns? About that Virginia Democrats don't just want to ban future sales of "assault firearms" as a few states have done, they want to outright ban possession which means confiscation. And their vauge definition of "assault firearms" applies to most currently […]

Oregon Democrats Look To Limit Magazines To Five Rounds, Limit Purchases To 20 Rounds Per Month

Remember, the Democrat talking point on firearms is that they do not want to take away anyone’s 2nd Amendment Rights, they just want to make it harder to use a firearm for a crime by bad people and for them to get them. They totally aren’t trying to interfere with the rights of the law […]

Feinstein Introduces “Assault Weapons” Ban That Will Never Pass

Since the GOP controls the Senate, this will most likely not even make it out of committee. But, then, this is what Senators do, propose legislation. Which helps identify what they really want to do Senators Introduce Assault Weapons Ban Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) today led a group […]

Democrats Prepare Rollout Of Universal Background Checks Bill

And it is totally bipartisan, because there is one Republican co-sponsor! House lawmakers prepare rollout of gun control proposal House lawmakers are planning to roll out a measure on Tuesday that would require universal background checks for nearly all firearms purchases, as House Democrats attempt to make good on their pledge to address gun control […]

Rep Steve Cohen (D-Tn) Introduces Constitutional Amendment To Eliminate Electoral College Or Something

Various Democrats have already called for eliminating the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Office, all because they lost to Trump in 2016. The Washington Post editorial board is yammering on about the House Democrats wanting to “restore Democracy”, but, this is about making sure that a lot of people’s votes do not count […]

More Than Four Million Schoolkids Subjected To Lockdowns Because They’re Gun Free Zones

This is all about the anti-gun narrative More than 4 million students participated in lockdowns over 2017-18 school year: report More than 4 million school students in the United States participated in lockdowns during the 2017-2018 school year, according to a new Washington Post analysis on school safety. According to the analysis, 4.1 million students had […]

Baltimore Women Does Gun Buy Back, Plans To Get Bigger Gun

Government at work, folks (via Twitchy) BALTIMORE GUN BUYBACK | One woman said she's trading in a 9-mm gun in hopes of getting…a bigger weapon! MORE: — FOX Baltimore (@FOXBaltimore) December 18, 2018 Twenty-five dollars for rifle magazines that carry more than 10 rounds, one-hundred dollars for revolvers, pump and bolt action weapons, […]

Nancy Pelosi, Surrounded By Armed Security, Promises Swift Action On Restricting Gun Rights Of Lawful Citizens

What makes her think any of this will pass the Senate, or even be signed by President Trump? ‘Boldly and Decisively’: Pelosi Promises Swift Action on ‘Commonsense’ Gun Control Democrats will act “boldly” to bring “commonsense” gun control reforms to the table, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “The new Democratic majority […]

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