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LGB Regime To Close So-Called “Gun Show Loophole”

As Bearing Arms notes, almost no criminal is getting their gun via private sellers at gun shows. There really aren’t that many at gun shows (I’ve been to a few at the State Fairgrounds), and many times they are selling older stuff. But, could there be something more nefarious at play? Biden Administration to close […]

Trump Releases Sensible, Constitutional Abortion Position

This goes hand in hand with what the Supreme Court ruled in the Dobbs case: that it is not a federal issue, it’s a 10th Amendment issue Trump says abortion is up to the states, declines to endorse national limit Former President Donald Trump on Monday said abortion should be left to the states in […]

Excitable Kamala To Announce Red Flag Funding In Trip To Parkland, Florida

Interestingly, there were more than enough red flags for the Parkland shooting wackjob for the police to take away the guns he shouldn’t have had in the first place, to even detain him Harris to announce gun control measures on visit to Parkland, Fla. Vice President Harris will make two announcements on gun violence prevention […]

NY Times Seems Upset That States Have A Say, Especially Over Illegal Immigration

Of course, it’s easy for the NY Times to say, since Sanctuary State NY is not a border state Fight Over Texas Law Underscores a Battle of America vs. Its States The face-off between Texas and the federal government over whether the state can enforce its own immigration policy reflects a broader and recurring feature […]

Wake School Board Votes To Nag Parents Over Safe Storage

Let’s be honest: parents with firearms do need to store them in a manner that keeps them away from children. They have to balance being able to easily grab the gun in case of home invasion versus their child finding it and playing around with it, and something potentially bad happening. However, is it the […]

Moonbat Justice Jackson Upset 1st Amendment Could “Hamstring Government”

Seriously, that’s the point of the 1st Amendment on all points. That’s the point of the first 10 amendments. That’s the point of the Constitution. It says what government may do, and restricts them on the rest. In comes diversity hire Ketanji Brown Jackson KBJ doubles down: “My biggest concern is that your view has […]

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Government Censorship Of Online Opinions They Don’t Like

I love the way the AP terms this in their headline Supreme Court weighs how far federal officials can go to combat controversial posts on hot topics Realistically, it should be “none”. If the government wants to attempt to provide counter information, feel free, though, that would be pretty disturbing if they are replying to […]

DOJ Tells Immigration Judges To Keep Quiet

Looks like the Biden regime DOJ are not big fans of the 1st Amendment. Also, aren’t the judges part of the Judicial Branch, not the Executive? Immigration judges ‘muzzled’ from speaking publicly by DOJ amid historic 3 million-case backlog Immigration judges have been put under a gag order by the Department of Justice (DOJ), stopping […]

Brandon Admin Arrests Journalist For Reporting On J6

Have we hit banana republic status yet? If Biden wants to give Trump and Republicans ammunition, this is large caliber Blaze Media Investigative Journalist @TPC4USA has now been taken into FBI custody for his J6 reporting Watch: — TheBlaze (@theblaze) March 1, 2024 From The Blaze Baker — who for years has been searching for […]

Judge Rules Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Vote Is Not Discriminatory

The Biden administration will now provide identification that makes it appear as if illegals are citizens Arizona’s new voting laws that require proof of citizenship are not discriminatory, a US judge rules A federal judge is upholding provisions of new Arizona laws that would require counties to verify the status of registered voters who haven’t […]

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