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NY Times: Why, Yes, The Supreme Court’s Decision Does Put The First Amendment First

Let’s not forget, the Constitution is really laying out what the specific duties of  the federal government are, and why lines they may not cross. The 1st Amendment lays out more of what the Government may not do. There was no exception because people were eating bats in a wet market in China (or, more […]

Say, How Many Guns Have Americans Bought During Year Of Unrest?

Would 17 million shock you, when we’ve been dealing with Bat Soup Virus lockdown and lots of restrictions, coming mostly from Democratic Party governors and mayors, along with violence and threats in Democratic Party run cities across the country, for which the Democratic Party mayors and governors mostly did nothing? Americans have bought record 17m […]

Democrats Are Still Pretty Upset About The Whole Way This Supreme Court Appointments Thing Works

Democrats love them some Constitution except when it gets in the way of their agenda Trump Packs the Court His Way WASHINGTON, DC – Following the US elections on November 3 – although its final resolution may take longer – the partisan arrangements of almost the entire US federal government are subject to change. Only […]

ACB Confirmed To Supreme Court, Many Democrats Are Not Taking It Well

Of course, Democrats not taking it well is nothing that should surprise anyone, right? Democrats warn GOP will regret Barrett confirmation Democratic senators are warning that Republicans will regret confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court as the Democrats face pressure from the left to nix the filibuster and expand the court if they […]

Excitable Cultist Bill McKibben: 9 Justices Isn’t Sacred, But A Livable Climate Is

This doesn’t sound too much like a cult, does it? There’s Nothing Sacred about Nine Justices; a Livable Planet, on the Other Hand . . . The Republican-controlled Senate, by any measure, is acting dishonorably as it moves to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the high court: having previously declared that Presidents in their […]

Say, Could A Shift To State’s Rights Benefit The Left?

Well, in practical terms, no, because the Democratic Party is about power, and wanting full federal control over everything, but, it is cute how Leftist are suddenly thrilled by the notion of actually following the 10th Amendment AS SCOTUS VEERS FURTHER RIGHT, COULD A STATES’ RIGHTS SHIFT BENEFIT THE LEFT? While the expected confirmation of […]

Doom: ACB Declined To Answer When ‘Climate Change’ Is Human Caused

If you’re thinking “did the climate cultist senators actually ask Amy Coney Barrett questions on the climate crisis (scam)”, well, yes, they did Barrett deflects senators’ questions on climate change Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett refused to say whether she accepts the science of climate change, saying she lacks the expertise to know for […]

Gun Grabbing Magazine For Teens Says What’s At Stake On Gun Grabbing For Election

Seventeen is a magazine for, shockingly, teenagers, which is nominally about fashion, celebs, fun stuff, you know, all the things teens care about. Of course, they also run articles on abortion because they push unsafe sex practices, anal sex, and hard left politics Seventeen, a magazine for teen girls, wants to do all they can […]

CNN Seems Rather Concerned That ACB Owns A Gun And Could Rule On Cases

They’re Concerned Amy Coney Barrett says she owns a gun, but could fairly judge a case on gun rights — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) October 13, 2020 The inference here is that you shouldn’t trust her if you are a lefty gun grabber with a case in front the Supreme Court. From the link […]

Biden Finally Sorta Answers On Court Packing

In order to increase the number of Supreme Court, and lower federal court judges, Congress would need to pass legislation, then President Harris, er, Biden, would have to sign it. Lefty groups are super excited to pack the courts, and aren’t shy at saying it. They even claim it is normal! Heck, history shows that […]

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