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Senator Josh Hawley Explains His Lone Vote Against Asian Hate Crimes Bill

This rather is what I was saying yesterday, and if only more Republicans had stood up for Free Speech Hawley explains lone ‘no’ vote on bipartisan Asian hate crimes bill Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said he couldn’t join with the rest of the Senate in approving an Asian hate crimes bill on Thursday because the […]

Senate COVID19 Asian Hate Crime Bill Violates The 1st Amendment

It really is not unusual for lawmakers to say “hey, let’s deal with this issue”, craft a bill, then just keep adding to it. For instance, here in NC years ago the police wanted those license plate covers that make them hard to read, especially at night, banned. They were, and the legislature added lots […]

CNN: The COVID Pandemic is “not an ideal moment to parse the fine points of individual rights”

Actually, it’s exactly the right time to be concerned with individual rights. Well, all the time is the right time. But, it does show what Liberals really think, per this Peter Baldwin piece Vaccine passports — A technical, not an ideological issue Forgive me for thinking that the midst of a global pandemic that cost […]

Oregon Looks To Make Firearms For Law Abiding Citizens Worthless For Home Defense

The very same people who are protected by armed police officers, some all the time, look to take away the ability to defend your home and and loved ones. Think criminals won’t be looking at this law gleefully? (via Dana Pico) Oregon gun storage law would be among the toughest in the US A proposed […]

Nutter In FedEx Shooting Purchased Rifles Legally

China Joe says that universal background checks will stop this stuff or something Suspect in FedEx shooting used two assault rifles he bought legally: police The suspect in a mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Ind., used two assault rifles during the attack that he purchased legally, police said Saturday. Brandon Scott Hole, […]

China Joe Wonders Just Who Needs A 20 Round Magazine

I know a few people Joe can ask Joe Biden: ‘Who in God’s Name’ Needs a Weapon that Can Hold 20 Rounds? President Joe Biden defended his record on gun control despite spending his energy on infrastructure spending, angrily condemning gun owners for owning weapons with the capacity of holding 20 rounds “Who in God’s […]

Fascist Party To Unveil Bill To Pack The Supreme Court

How many times have you seen a Democrat yammer on about protecting our democracy? That voting matters? That every vote should count? Well, since they can’t get their own way on the Supreme Court, they’ve moved one step closer to implementing their Progressice (nice Fascism) agenda Democrats to propose legislation expanding the Supreme Court Several […]

Brooklyn Center Mayor, City Council Decide Due Process Is Unnecessary, Fire City Manager

As violence, looting, arson, assault, attacking police officers, the whole gamut, occurred in the streets of Brooklyn Center (how many people lost their businesses, people who had zero to do with the shooting?), and the streets of other cities, the mayor and city council decided to bow to the mob Daunte Wright shooting: Brooklyn Center […]

Washington Post Editorial Board, Protected By Lots Of National Guard Members With Guns, Super Excited For China Joe’s Gun Restrictions

They forget to ask one little, but important, question Opinion: Finally, a president takes on America’s epidemic of gun violence ON MONDAY night in Brooklyn, a man went to his daughter’s 9th birthday party and shot and killed the girl’s mother and two sisters before going outside and killing himself. On Tuesday morning in Frederick, two Navy sailors […]

China Joe To Rollout Gun Measures Thursday Which Will Do Pretty Much Nothing

The China Joe-Harris administration (because that’s the way they are referring to themselves, the Biden-Harris admin, because, apparently, Joe isn’t up to doing the job he campaigned for) has failed to note what difference any of this will make, but, it’s a chance to Virtue Signal to his base who are too stupid to understand […]

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