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Obligatory OIG Report Post

I really don’t have much time today to delve deep into this whole thing, but, suffice to say, it doesn’t make James Comey, Loretta Lynch, or the FBI look very good “Several FBI employees Who played critical roles in the investigation sent political messages,” IG report says. It cites Lisa Page text to Peter Strzok: […]

Washington Post: ZOMG, Trump Didn’t Come Home With A Deal!

OK, OK, it’s actually not that bad, but, you just knew that the Credentialed Leftist media (and some #NeverTrumpers) would be losing their minds and attempting to put what was essentially a meet and greet in the worst possible light. Some are just bat guano insane, such as Excitable Kathleen Parker’s (since I’m at the […]

Trump And Kim Meet, Sign Statement On Denuclearizing North Korea

We must still remember that Kim Jong Un is a brutal, torturous, murderous, repressive dictator in a country that has been running the same for over 70 years. There’s no freedom, everyone Must Comply, and so forth. So, there’s a long way to go. Remember, China wasn’t exactly a paragon of virtue and freedom when […]

NY Times: North Korean Meeting Is A Test Of Trump’s Dealmaking Swagger

This is actually a rather even handed, positive look at the situation by writer Mark Landler (NY Times) When President Trump declared that he did not really need to prepare for his legacy-defining meeting with North Korea’s leader, he drew sighs or snickers from veterans of past negotiations. But he had a point: In his […]

Oregon Group Looks To Pass Gun Ban On November Ballot

Remember, they don’t want to ban guns or take away your rights, they just want to make it harder for criminals to get guns Group approves wording for proposed gun control measure in Oregon The group working to ban some semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines in Oregon is taking another step forward. The Lift Every […]

Ohio Is Using Actual Law To Go After Actual Criminals With Illegal Firearms

See, on one hand, you have Vox pimping yet again an article of the Australian solution, which is banning and forced confiscation, but, remember, no one wants to take away your guns Australia responded to its own gun violence problem with a straightforward and severe solution: It collected hundreds of thousands of privately held guns. […]

Bummer: Gun Control Not What Young People Care About Anymore

Remember how this younger generation was going to go to the polls and vote to wipe out guns in America? Never mind (Daily Caller) Six percent of Americans aged 15 to 34 consider gun control the top issue facing the country, according to a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and MTV poll […]

The Difference In Media Responses To Barr And Bee Is A Perfect Example Of The Bias

I don’t support Rosanne Barr. I did not watch her show when it first aired, and didn’t watch it now. First, I do not find her funny, I find her schtick annoying. Second, I generally did not care for most sitcoms. Third, I also do not care for most shows (and books) that are highly […]

Gun Control Today: Women Should Be At Forefront, And Gun Grabbers Have A Friend In Iran

Two articles of interest on the issue of gun grabbing. Let’s start with this one, where the gun grabbers have earned the backing of a high ranking Islamist and terrorist enabler Ayatollah Khamenei Calls for Gun Control—in the U.S. Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has released a statement calling […]

Good Guy With A Gun In Oklahoma: “I’m Here To Help”

It’s actually rather shocking that a national news outlet would publish a piece showing good guys with guns in a positive manner. Give it up for Christal Hayes at the USA Today, who might have slipped this through at 5:18pm Friday once all the big wigs went off to their Leftist cocktail parties Armed citizen […]

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