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Shut It Down: Mueller Team Going After Trump Family Business

It really is long past time to shut down the Russia Russia Russia “investigation” Done With Michael Cohen, Federal Prosecutors Shift Focus to Trump Family Business When federal prosecutors recommended a substantial prison term for President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, they linked Mr. Trump to the crimes Mr. Cohen had committed in connection […]

Big Earthquake In Alaska

Been away from the stuff for a bit, this is shocking #Video of a cracked road after an #earthquake hit in — Gen. Love Goddess®︻デ═一 (@LoveGoddessNY) November 30, 2018 Just scrolling through the photos and videos of the event, which has been measured at 7.0, which can feel stronger in someplace like Alaska with […]

Republic, Washington Declares Itself Sanctuary City For Law Abiding Gun Owners

We’ve already seen plenty of jurisdictions, primarily in Illinois, declare themselves sanctuaries against abusive state and federal gun control regulations, though a lot of that was in terms of potential gun laws, as started by Effingham County. Now in Deep Blue Washington WASHINGTON POLICE CHIEF SAYS NO TO STATE’S NEW GUN LAWS A Washington state […]

NY Times: California Wildfires Mostly Not Due To ‘Climate Change’

California is a state long known for wildfires. But, why? The NY Times’ Kendra Pierre-louis gives it a whirl in explaining the four key ingredients Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires? A pregnant woman went into labor while being evacuated. Videos showed dozens of harrowing drives through fiery landscapes. Pleas appeared on social media […]

Surprise: California Has A Gun Control Law That Wasn’t Used That Could Have Stopped Thousand Oaks Shooting

In the wake of the Thousand Oaks shooting, the gun grabbers were out there calling for more gun control. California is, of course, one of the most restrictive states for private ownership of firearms. They literally have everything that Democrats have been calling for, and more. Yet, even the hyper-left Huffington Post noticed something California […]

“It’s OK To Be White” Fliers Found At NJ College, People Lose It

I’ll be honest, when I see stuff like this I really do consider whether it’s really a false flag. It’s not like Leftists haven’t been responsible for creating all sorts of fake “hate” crimes. And then use the fake but real excuse when caught ‘It’s okay to be white’ fliers at N.J. college called ‘abhorrent […]

Washington Post Asks When Murders Matter

Like so many media outlets, the Washington Post is in high dudgeon over the murder if a journalist. But, only one specific journalist, and puts an editorial in the straight news section Analysis: The world has a question for the White House: When do murders matter? For nearly three weeks, the world has watched President […]

Woman Who Accused Man Of Sexual Assault With Zero Proof Nominated For “Distinguished Alumni” Award

This makes about as much sense as Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. (WRAL) Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has been nominated for a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Distinguished Alumna and Alumnus award. (snip) Ford was a psychology major at UNC and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988. A nomination […]

Congratulations Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh – the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court! — GOP (@GOP) October 6, 2018 And for all the Democrats Just move on, folks. It’s over. You tried. The GOP isn’t going to just roll over like in the past, not with Donald Trump as President.

NY Times: Kavanaugh Wouldn’t Represent The Will Of The Majority Or Something

There are plenty of other hot takes at the NY Times alone, such as the editorial board finding that Kavanaugh should not be voted to the Court because he got mad and upset during the hearings where he defended himself from scurrilous, false allegations. This is the same editorial board which hired a confirmed racist […]

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