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Democrats Articles Of Impeachment May Not Include Bribery Or Quid Pro Quo

As Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia (R) said about this “They can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, and they don’t have a candidate that can beat him.” They’ve been working towards this since Trump won the election, and now we get Dems expected to announce at […]

Trump Signs Two Bills For Hong Kong Democracy, Angering China Or Something

The bills he signed are a good thing. Somehow, the NY Times almost makes it out, it’s very subtle, like this is a bad thing, and that Trump didn’t really want to do it Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Legislation, Angering China President Trump on Wednesday signed tough legislation that authorizes sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong […]

Fail: Americans Lose Interest In Impeachment Theater

Perhaps if the Democrats had had any sort of actual evidence of serious wrongdoing, other than what is simple Politics 101 along with a parade of witnesses who had feelings and thoughts but didn’t actually witness the phone call American public loses enthusiasm for impeachment despite blockbuster hearings Democrats hoped it would be the week […]

Associated Press Seems Surprised That GOP Isn’t Abandoning Trump Over Impeachment Theater

Despite the news media attempting to spin the hearings yesterday (Anand is Time’s editor in chief) I don’t think you watched the same inquiry as everyone else did. — Ex-GOP Greg (@Flying59Vette) November 20, 2019 along with most other days, because yesterday ended up hurting the Democrat Narrative (all he had was his own thoughts), […]

GOP Rep Mike Turner Says Volker’s Testimony Essentially Destroyed Democrats Ukraine Narrative

What is the Democrats narrative these days, anyhow? They had run with quid pro quo, but, after poll testing it in focus groups, they switched to bribery. Especially since Americans will surely learn, if they don’t already know, that quid pro quos are the way politics, especially international ones, are done. And then they might […]

Devin Nunes Demands Adam Schiff Testify In Place of “Whistleblower”

Hey, why not? Schiff has as much firsthand knowledge of the Ukraine phone call as the so-called whistleblower (Breitbart) House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Friday sent a letter to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) requesting that the House Intelligence Committee chairman testify as part of the impeachment inquiry. In the letter, Nunes […]

Trump Admin Considers Adding More Nations To So-Called Travel Ban

Good grief, it’s simply horrible that they want to attempt to keep people who hate the United States and would like to do the nation harm out, right? But, wait, do I see some quid pro quo here? Trump officials weigh adding more countries to travel ban list: report The Trump administration is considering adding […]

NY Times Continues Impeachment Fantasy, Now With A Way To Block A Second Term

This has fired up the unhinged #Resistance and #NeverTrumpers 67 votes in the Senate could remove President Trump from office. But it would take 2nd, simple-majority vote based on a lesser-known clause of the Constitution to stop him from running again, @Hillhulse writes. — The New York Times (@nytimes) October 27, 2019 Hey, if […]

Impeachment Is Not Popular In Swing States

Bad news for Democrats. It must have hurt CNN right in the gonads to publish this Impeachment isn’t popular in Wisconsin and these 5 other key swing states Poll of the week: A new Marquette University poll from the state of Wisconsin finds that 44% of voters want President Donald Trump impeached and removed from office, while 51% […]

NY Times: People Around The World Are Protesting Over Pocketbook Issues

People, mostly young ones, are protesting in the streets over pocketbook issues, and there are a couple interesting parts with this From Chile to Lebanon, Protests Flare Over Wallet Issues In Chile, the spark was an increase in subway fares. In Lebanon, it was a tax on WhatsApp calls. The government of Saudi Arabia moved […]

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