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Media Seems Rather Shocked That A Temporary Program Would Be Deemed Temporary

Many outlets are running pieces which seemed surprised, even shocked that the Trump administration would finally end a program which is explained in the name U.S. to end temporary residence for nearly 60,000 Haitians The Trump administration has given nearly 60,000 Haitians with provisional legal residency in this country 18 months to leave, announcing Monday […]

Washington Post: Al Franken Is Just The Tip Of The Congressional Harassment Iceberg

One has to wonder if this is a serious concern for the Washington Post Editorial Board, or a bit of Whataboutism designed to protect Franken from calls to resign. Which is ridiculous, because, if he resigns, there’s a good chance another Democrat will replace him, so, it’s not like the Democrats would lose ultimately Al […]

Suddenly, Roy More Is Accused Of A Sexual Encounter – 38 Years Ago

Let’s get right to it Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32 Leigh Corfman says she was 14 years old when an older man approached her outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Ala. She was sitting on a wooden bench with her mother, they both recall, when the […]

In Wake Of Texas Massacre, Of Course Democrats Are Calling For Gun Control

  It’s kinda in their blood. Because we know that draconian gun laws have worked very well in places like California, New Jersey, and Chicago, right? (Daily Caller) Many Democratic U.S. senators called for stronger gun control hours after a shooter opened fire during a Sunday service at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, […]

NYC Terror Attack Hot Take: The Attack Was “Anti-Islamic

First, here’s what we know (NY Times) A driver plowed a pickup truck down a crowded bike path along the Hudson River in Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring 11 before being shot by a police officer in what officials are calling the deadliest terrorist attack on New York City since Sept. 11, 2001. The […]

10 Year Old Invents Girl Scouts Patch For Empowerment

When I first ran across this opinion piece via Memorandum, I figured it would be just another 3rd Wave (nutty) Feminism piece proclaiming Victimhood, which was surely written by the child’s mother. Reading it, perhaps this could be the start of a 4th wave, or a return to original feminism, as written by Alice Paul […]

Washington Post: Trump Fumed Over Mueller Indictments Or Something

I’ll be honest, these Mueller indictments are something I really do not care about all that much. For one thing, what do they have to do with Russia Russia Russia? These allegations are all from before campaign season, and really have nothing to do with the narrative that “Russia changed the whole election!” Did the […]

Trump Declares Opioids A Public Health Crisis

CNN’s Dan Merica, usually one to go all sorts of #Resistance when it comes to Trump, provides a mostly balanced article on what Trump’s announcement means President Donald Trump declared a nationwide public health emergency to combat the opioid crisis Thursday at a White House event, rather than issuing a national disaster declaration. Both are forms of […]

Washington Post: Trump Shouldn’t Make A Mess Of Iraq And Syria Like Obama Did

This is a very interesting notion from the Washington Post Editorial Board, in that they are finally letting its readership know that Obama made a real mess of Syria and Iraq. Now that he’s out of office, of course. But, there is certainly an ulterior motive, in that they want to establish a way to […]

Say, Who Controls Athletes Opinions?

NPR’s Karen Gigsby Bates thinks she’s on to something Very Important in the National Discussion On Race When It Comes To Race And Sports, Who Owns An Athlete’s Opinions? The NFL’s players are 70 percent black; its fans are 83 percent white and 64 percent male, according to online sports site The Real GM. And when […]

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