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Surprise: Host Family Warned Police About Nikolas Cruz Months Before Massacre

As things like this happened Marco Rubio and N.R.A. Jeered on Gun Stance Students are walking out in protest: Live updates CNN’s Tapper Sits Back as Student Equates Rubio to School Shooter Father of Parkland victim presses Rubio on assault weapons at town hall Trump vows tougher background checks, mental health screens for gun buyers […]

Plight Of DACA Recipient Parents Causing Issues With Immigration Discussions

This should be very simple: we’ve been told time and time again that the “Dreamers” who were brought to the U.S. as children shouldn’t be punished for the sins of the parents. If it’s being admitted that the parents “sinned”, ie, knowingly entering the United States in contradiction to the law, then the parents must […]

Citizenship Question Causes Uncertainty On Census Or Something

Some people are pretty upset that a question will ask if people are citizens (The Hill) Uncertainly is swirling over whether the Census Bureau will be able to get an accurate population count for the 2020 census, as the agency considers a Department of Justice (DOJ) request to add a controversial question about citizenship status […]

Imaginary FBI Employees Have Anger, Worry, And Fears Of Lasting Damage

The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett have written another fantasy story, chock full of anonymous sources and unnamed people, which is leading the Sunday edition on both the web and dead tree versions on the top of the front page Inside the FBI: Anger, worry, work — and fears of lasting damage In […]

Obligatory Nunes Memo Post

On the surface, the memo doesn’t seem all that bad. But, when you search across the progressive outlets, including the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBC, and so forth, (and blatant lies from MSNBC and blatant lies from CNN) and see the attempts to minimize the impact, you realize that it is worse than you […]

ZOMG, Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre Is Totally Happening Before Our Eyes!

I ran across a post at Sad And Useless yesterday about Modern Journalism. Go ahead and click the link first…..OK, now you have an idea of the over-the-top, unhinged, make everything beyond rationality journalism of today. Moving forward, we get this bit of insanity by Norman Eisen, Caroline Fredrickson, and Noah Bookbinder at Politico Trump’s […]

DOJ Demands Documents From Jurisdictions To See If They’re In Compliance With Federal Immigration Law

This has created much heartache and apoplexy in those who have been protecting illegal aliens Justice Department Demands Documents and Threatens to Subpoena 23 Jurisdictions As Part of 8 U.S.C. 1373 Compliance Review The Department of Justice today sent the attached letters to 23 jurisdictions, demanding the production of documents that could show whether each […]

Will Democrats Run On #MeToo In 2018?

Thomas B. Edsall wonders about the Democrats running on it in an opinion piece that is less opinion and probably more actually political news than most NT Times news stories. This also shows that Democrats will use anything to gain political advantage Can Democrats Follow #MeToo to Victory? Many think the issue of sexual harassment […]

It’s So Cold That Iguanas Are Falling From Trees In Florida (and can you guess the cause?)

So this is happening in Florida ‘Frozen’ iguanas are falling out of trees in Florida. Please don’t pick them up. One of the strongest winter storms on the East Coast in modern history has pummeled cities with snow and sleet, forcing schools and businesses to close while grounding thousands of flights. And in South Florida, it is “raining iguanas.” Green […]

Obama Legacy: Massive Sexual Harassment At The Department Of Justice

Remember the good old days when this type of thing was considered an “inherited problem” by a certain chief executive and his compliant media? Justice Department faulted for ‘systemic’ mishandling of sex harassment complaints The Justice Department has “systemic” problems in how it handles sexual harassment complaints, with those found to have acted improperly often […]

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