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Weird: Colorado’s Legal Pot Market Is Crashing

I’ll not again that I am not against legalized marijuana. I don’t do it, but, if others want to, have at it. It’s certainly not as bad a drug as alcohol, though people do seem to be using it in some form or fashion way more throughout the day, kinda like an alcoholic sneaking sips. […]

WWIII Watch: Ukraine Uses US Weapons To Strike In Russian Territory

In fairness, as I’ve said, this is war. If one nation is striking in the territory of another, well, that country should strike back in the other nation’s territory. Of course, since Ukraine is using US weapons to strike a nation that has nuclear weapons with a nutjob in charge who has threatened to use […]

WWIII Watch: Biden Secretly Authorized Ukraine To Strike Targets In Russia

It’s not like Putin didn’t just say that doing so could widen the war or anything BREAKING: While the verdict to Trump's trial was being read, Joe Biden authorized the Ukrainian use of US military equipment for strikes directly inside Russia. — Catch Up (@CatchUpFeed) May 30, 2024 The Washington Post tries to soft […]

Biden’s $320 Million Gaza Pier May Well Be Dead

This has give The New Republic, a hyper-left outlet which has always had a hate-on for Israel, a big sad Pentagon Admits Biden’s Pathetic Gaza Pier Is Dead Less than two weeks after its installation, the pier constructed by the United States to facilitate aid into Gaza has been completely removed after it broke apart […]

New Yorker Arrested After Trying To Run Down Jewish Students, Rabbi

It could possibly be random, but, most likely, this is the result of all the protests against Israel and Jews, especially since he tried to do it twice New York man arrested after allegedly attempting to run down students, rabbi near Brooklyn school with car A New York man is in police custody after a […]

WWIII Watch: France, Germany, NATO Assembly Urge For Ukraine To Use Weapons Inside Russia

How well would this go over, since most of the weapons Ukraine is using these days come from NATO member nations? France and Germany say Ukraine should be able to use their weapons to strike inside Russia France and Germany said Tuesday that Ukraine should be allowed to use their weapons against targets inside Russia […]

WWIII Watch: Biden May Allow Ukraine To Use American Weapons To Strike Russian Territory

Well, let’s just hope Biden and his people aren’t that stupid Mike Johnson-Backed Plan to Allow Ukraine to Strike Russia with U.S.-Provided Weapons Gains Support in Biden Admin The Biden administration is now weighing adopting a plan backed by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) that would allow Ukraine to strike Russia with U.S.-provided weapons. The New York […]

Biden Regime Give Condolences To Iran On Death Of “Butcher Of Tehran”

I remember when Obama picked Biden for his “vast foreign policy experience.” I also remember when all the Leftists in the news media said Biden would bring sanity back the foreign policy of the United States. Here’s the latest example of how bad it is Biden Admin Expresses ‘Official Condolences’ For Death Of Iranian President […]

Wackjob International Criminal Court Seeks Arrest Warrant For Netanyahu

It’s utterly insane that the ICC would equate Netanyahu with the leader of Hamas, which is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., U.N., and E.U. ICC requests arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas leaders over ‘war crimes’ An International Criminal Court prosecutor announced Monday that he has filed applications for arrest warrants against Israel Prime […]

House Passes Bill Slamming Biden For Withholding Israeli Weapons

Biden started out mostly strong on Israel, but, has slowly inched his way towards the pro-Hamas/anti-Israel beliefs of his unhinged, Jew hating base, to the point of withholding arms House passes bill forcing Biden to arm Israel, catches Democrats in political crossfire House Republicans tried to drive a wedge between Democrats and President Biden on […]

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