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WWIII Watch: Putin Sees His “Anti-US World Order Take Shape”

Will they blame this on Donald Trump? Biden has been president for two years and the world is turning to crap, and against the United States As Xi visits Russia, Putin sees his anti-U.S. world order taking shape For Vladimir Putin, the state visit to Russia by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which begins on Monday, […]

Wait, What: Russia, Ukraine Extend Grain Deal Despite Being At, You Know, War

I’ve mentioned before, here, in comments, social media, and real life, that there’s a possibility that this who Ukraine-Russia war is a scam. The nations are bleeding the US, UK, and other EU nations dry of money and war material. Russia isn’t going hardcore at Ukrainian cities and assets. The war has rather bogged down. […]

WWIII Watch: ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin

There’s no doubt Vladimir Putin is a bad guy. Did he commit war crimes? Probably. Is this going anywhere? No ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin over alleged war crime of ‘unlawful’ deportation of Ukrainian children The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and another Russian […]

DeSantis Is Correct On Ukraine, Especially As Lunatics Keep Trying To Start WWIII

Can we call them bipartisan warmongers? There’s certainly a smattering on all sides who are pushing to keep giving more and more to Ukraine Russia Wants a Long War The West Needs to Send Ukraine More Arms, More Quickly U.S. President Joe Biden’s historic visit to Kyiv days before the one-year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale […]

Good News: Putin Is Preparing For A Nuclear Showdown

For all the articles and missives saying Putin is sick, he’s got mental illness, etc, perhaps the people pushing to get even more involved with the Ukraine war should rethink their positions Putin is preparing for a nuclear showdown – we must be ready Russia downing a US drone yesterday was a deliberate provocation. It is a […]

Will This Be Bank Panic Monday?

This Breitbart piece went up around 6pm Sunday, hopefully it’s all for naught U.S. Scrambles to Prepare Financial Backstop to Stave Off Banking Panic The U.S. government is scrambling on Sunday night to prepare emergency measures to shore up banks and the U.S. economy as the nation braces for a potential bank run on Monday. […]

Tucker Carlson Releases Some J6 Video, Colluding Media Can’t Handle It

Most of the Credentialed Media has been in the pocket of the government in this whole thing, refusing to cover Americans who have been held in lockup for months and years, treated more harshly than murders Newly Unearthed Jan. 6 Footage ‘Demolishes’ Dems’ ‘Insurrection’ Claims, Tucker Carlson Says Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday […]

WWIII Watch: For Some Reason The U.S. Attorney General Showed Up In Ukraine

Who’s next, Mayor Pete? Susan Rice (director of domestic policy council)? John Kerry? Deb Haaland (Sec Of Interior)? Tom Vilisak (Sec Of Agriculture)? Doesn’t the AG have better things to do, what with all the fentanyl streaming across the border, people attacking Jewish and Christian centers, and more? Attorney General Merrick Garland makes unannounced trip […]

WWIII Watch: We Now Have The Recommended Menu For The Nuclear Apocalypse

Should we be concerned when a Credentialed Media outlet runs an article like this? To survive nuclear apocalypse, you may have to eat nothing but mushrooms, rats, and insects An asteroid plummeted through Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into the sea floor about 66 million years ago, causing an explosion over 6,500 times more powerful than the nuclear […]

House Republicans Question Pentagon On Ukraine Funding

Obviously, they didn’t get particularly satisfying or open answers, and, interestingly, some Democrats were also interested in protecting The People’s money and wondering just what’s going on Lawmakers Question Pentagon on Ukraine Funds, Signaling Fresh Doubts Republicans in Congress sharply questioned senior Pentagon officials on Tuesday about the tens of billions of dollars in military […]

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