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FBI Launches New “Hate Crimes” Snitching Program

The FBI apparently has nothing better to do than to turn American against American, and missed that whole pesky Freedom of Speech part of the Bill Of Rights, which is also present in every single U.S. state constitution. And that being mean to someone is not something that crosses state borders. Here’s the Pittsburgh Post […]

Good News: The Taliban Are Doing Biden’s Job In Getting Americans Out Of Kabul

The media has mostly moved on from Afghanistan, because it doesn’t help Joe’s approval rating, yet, hundreds remain trapped in Afghanistan after all the days, including at least 41 children from the San Juan Unified School District in California. Why are we relying on elementary-school principals to help get American citizens out of a country […]

It Begins: UK Guardian Calls For The U.S. To Abandon Taiwan To China

China has become rather frisky with Taiwan since Surrender Joe was installed in office. Right now China-Taiwan military tensions ‘worst in 40 years’ Tensions with China are at their worst in 40 years, Taiwan’s defence minister has said, warning of the risk of an accidental strike between the two. Chiu Kuo-cheng’s comments came after China […]

Biden Admin Says Drone Strike That Killed 10 Was A “Mistake”

Just a mistake, y’all! Pentagon Admits Killing as Many as 10 Civilians, Including Up to Seven Children in Kabul Drone Strike Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted the United States military may have killed up to 10 civilians, including up to seven children, in a drone strike in Kabul on August 29 that was intended to […]

Ilhan Omar Blasts Judge For Blocking Ballot Measure On Defunding The Police

Oh, it’s not really defunding, it’s just fundamentally changing the police department from police doing things police do to deal with crime to some sort of social justice organization. But, get this, I agree with her. Sure, she’s a left wing loon, a Progressive (nice Fascist), an Islamist supremacist, an Israel and Jew hater, but, […]

Marco Rubio Calls For Biden To Fire General Milley: He’s 100% Wrong

Now, just imagine this had occurred in the latter days of the Obama administration: how would the media react? You’re barely finding the issue in most news outlets Sen. Marco Rubio Urges President Joe Biden to Fire Gen. Mark Milley Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has called for the resignation of General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint […]

Hot Take: Texas Abortion Law Sets The Blueprint For Stopping Free Speech And Gun Ownership

There have been plenty of hot takes regarding the Texas abortion law, because the insane left loves killing the unborn, which they can’t truly explain. They just know that abortion is a good thing. Here’s a scorching one by David Mastio (you can read it at Yahoo if USA Today blocks you with the paywall) […]

Say, What’s It Like For Women In Afghanistan Now?

What’s the result of Biden’s disastrous pullout? ‘We must continue’: In Kabul, Afghans adjust to a new and uncertain fate “Why are you travelling without a mahram?” the Taliban guard asks a young Afghan woman about her missing male escort. She sits on her own in the back of a beat-up Kabul yellow taxi as […]

A Woke College Group Is In Charge Of Our Foreign Policy

The Taliban needs to meet its commitments and obligations in Afghanistan on freedom of travel, respecting basic rights of the people, upholding its commitments on counterterrorism, not carrying out reprisal violence against those who stayed, and forming an inclusive government. — Ned Price (@StateDeptSpox) August 31, 2021 Mr. Chamberlain, I mean, Ned, is living in […]

British Question Biden’s Mental Health, Warned Joe Hold’s Grudges

Joe’s doing a heck of a job in his first 8 months British Warned Biden ‘Holds Grudges’ After UK Govt Sources Say He’s Gone ‘Gaga’ Boris Johnson has been warned that Joe Biden “holds grudges” after members of the British government questioned his mental fitness following “completely mad” press briefings on Afghanistan. The warning follows […]

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