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Trump Reportedly To Sign Spending Bill, Declare Border Emergency

There is virtually no way that any member of the Senate read the $333 billion budget bill prior to voting for it. At best they skimmed it. It’s a typical trainwreck, and provides little for border security. So, what’s Trump to do? Trump plans to allocate $8 billion to fund border wall, source says President […]

Lawmakers Agree On Border Deal That Will Probably Cause Trump To Declare Emergency

The deal includes money for barriers that might as well be speed bumps DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS REACH ‘AGREEMENT IN PRINCIPLE’ ON BORDER SECURITY Democrats and Republicans in Congress have reached an “agreement in principle” on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall funding, as the government is days away from a potential shutdown. The agreement reportedly includes $1.375 […]

Potential Border Fencing Deal Would Offer Way Less Than The $5 Billion Requested

This highlights just how un-serious Democrats are on border protection New border-security deal in Congress would likely offer Trump just a fraction of requested $5.7B for wall Details of a likely bipartisan border-security deal in Congress are being worked out after the White House indicated it will accept an agreement giving President Trump just a […]

CNN Wants You To Understand Late Term Infanticide Before You Judge It

They forget to mention the part about it being “killing babies for a profit”, for one things (via Twitchy) Before you judge "late-term abortion," doctors want you to really understand what it is: — CNN (@CNN) February 6, 2019 From the despicable link President Donald Trump has called on Congress “to pass legislation […]

NY Abortion Governor Upset That Trump Is Assaulting Murder Of The Unborn Rights Or Something

Let’s remember what the update NY abortion law is about Cuomo held a ceremony to celebrate the signing of “The Reproductive Health Act” which expands women’s access to abortions up to the points of fetal viability. It also says a woman can abort her child after 24 weeks of development when “there is an absence […]

Senate Democrats Cool With Allowing Born Alive Babies To Die

Some will say this is playing politics. Well, of course it is! This is what happens in politics Senate Democrats Block Bill to Protect Babies Surviving Abortion Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse introduced the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 130) to protect babies who have survived failed abortions. Sasse went to the floor of […]

With New Marijuana Market, California Gets A Lesson In Taxes And Economic Movement

The notion of whether government should allow the sale of a mind altering drug is a different argument, especially as government regulates the sale of alcohol. Then there’s the one of it being illegal under federal law. Regardless of that stuff, the government of California finds itself in a sticky situation, something the LA Times […]

Surprise: Many Democrats Break Ranks To Back Venezuela Strongman Maduro

The big question here is are they backing him because he’s a fellow socialist or due to a kneejerk reaction to be for anything Donald Trump is against? Or both? We saw this same type of thing from Democrats while George W Bush was president and Hugo Chavez was around PROGRESSIVES BREAK WITH DEMOCRATIC PARTY […]

Trump Signs Three Week Continuing Resolution, Vows Either To Get Money Or Do It On His Own

Democrats should think hard about calling this a cave, and running up their refusal to negotiate talking points. If they haven’t been watching Trump since he started running for President, they should know that Trump won’t give up, he won’t stop, he’ll keep pushing, and attacking him on it will make him dig in further […]

White House Willing To Go For Compromise On Shutdown, Democrats A Big “No”

One side is willing to negotiate. The other isn’t. One side thinks MS13 has a spark of divinity, while claiming a wall is immoral. White House: ‘Large down payment’ on wall could end government shutdown The White House on Thursday signaled that a “large down payment” on border wall funding — and potentially less than […]

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