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Oregon County Looks To Become Sanctuary From Gun Grabber Laws

Might there be a movement afoot? There are several counties in Illinois who have declared themselves “sanctuaries” from gun grabber laws. Jefferson County, Ill. has also declared itself a sanctuary. Now this spreads to Oregon (Oregon Live) Some residents of an Oregon county are asking voters to support a proposed ballot measure that would bar […]

The Hill: We Need Gun Grabbing Policies Because Of Raaaaacism

Over at The Hill, Frederick Staidum Jr., Ph.D has been given a platform to complain about gun ownership, and he sees everything in terms of raaaaacism and sex, because he’s a scholar of race and sexuality in 19th-century American culture and literature at Loyola University Chicago Gun control is all about gun violence — we […]

Students Walked Out Of Class For Gun Grabbing, Learned All About Democracy Or Something

You can find stories from all over the country on the planned student walkout on Friday, which called for….restrictions on the Constitutional Rights of law abiding citizens, an amendment which was partially meant to protect the other Constitutional Rights as written in the other Amendments. Here’s an interesting article from San Antonio (MySA) For half […]

Big Win? North Korea Announces End To Nuclear And Missile Tests Ahead Of Summit

Peace through strength? All the elitist pundits stated we would be looking at nuclear war if Trump continued to argue and bloviate at North Korea and lead Kim Jong-un (and it was pretty interesting watching Kim respond on Twitter). Now (UK Guardian) North Korea has said it will end its tests of nuclear weapons and […]

Bummer: American’s Interest In Gun Grabbing Policies Drops Bigly

There was a momentary spike in the importance of gun grabbing, but, that has faded (VOA News) In the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, many Americans said gun control was the most important issue facing the country. That has changed, despite high profile events […]

Gay Rights Lawyer Sets Self On Fire To Protest Fossil Fuels

This is a direct result of the unhinged conspiracies of doom emanating from the Cult of Climastrology. Twenty five plus years of spreading apocalyptic doom. Clamoring about the Earth burning itself to a crisp. Of all the supposed coming next mass extinction. And so forth. The responsibility rests on all the Warmists crying about fossil […]

NY Times Offers Mostly Reasonable Editorial Supporting Trump’s Syria Strikes

By this time, you surely know of the airstrikes on Syria. I shan’t regurgitate them. I’ll direct you to this link for the full 411 if you want it. As for opinion, the NY Times Editorial Board mostly drops their Trump Derangement Syndrome for a few minutes, though you have to wonder how it would […]

Surprise: Washington Post, NY Times Editorial Boards Decide To Slam Trump On Syria

In all fairness, some of their complaints are warranted, but, neither condemned nor slammed Obama’s fecklessness when it came to Syria and establishing red lines at the time, and it’s a little late to offer criticism now. Both were super excited to proclaim the diplomacy of Obama and Sec of State John Kerry awesome when […]

Washington Post Starts The Blame Game Against Trump For Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons

You had to know that the Leftist media would start attacking Trump over this. We won’t blame this as full on TDS, but it is close The latest Syria chemical attack reveals the bankruptcy of Trump’s policies toward Assad On April 7, 2017, the U.S. armed forces fired 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase to punish […]

Hot Take: We Haven’t Solved “Gun Violence” 50 Years After MLK Jr’s Death

Well, I guess it’s at least good that The Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and co-convenor of Bishops United Against Gun Violence, didn’t rush to use an event to push his agenda, but it does show that the gun grabbers will latch on to anything to push their agenda […]

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