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Senate Group To Discuss Immigration Reform

I’m not sure why anyone in the GOP would discuss any type of immigration reform when Biden is looking to make the border wide open, and you know that any deal will be just like the ones in the past: amnesty, oh, sorry, pathways to easy, free citizenship, messaging that entices people to stream into […]

Rep. Pete King (R-NY) Floats Really, Really, Really Bad “Compromise” Immigration Idea

This is how we end up with all these illegal immigration problems: instead of cracking down, squishy Republicans like Pete King, along with Democrat Tom Suozzi (NY), offer a plan that will entice more to come illegally A Grand Compromise on Immigration …. For more than 30 years, our government has failed to solve these […]

Excitable John Kasich Wants Free Market Solutions For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Remember, we’re supposed to take this guy seriously. As a big time member of #NeverTrump with massive amounts of #TrumpDerangementSyndrome, other Never Trumpers will listen to this nutter Kasich: Forget the Green New Deal. We need climate solutions from free-market moderates. There’s a lot of talk these days about the Green New Deal, a progressive […]

Christine Todd Whitman: A Carbon Tax is Totally The Free Market Or Something

Christine Todd Whitman, formally governor of New Jersey totally convinces me that man-caused climate change is real, and that mankind is mostly/solely responsible! The original headline was something about Republicans reclaiming our tradition Gov. Whitman: I’m glad to see Republicans recognizing climate change. Now they must do something During my time as both governor of […]

Idiot House Republicans Look To Force Vote On DACA

Why do we vote for these guys when they tend to do exactly what we do not want them to do? (The Hill) House Republican leaders are scrambling to stop an effort by rank-and-file members to force votes on immigration, with lawmakers openly defying their calls to stand down. Centrist Reps. Carlos Curbelo (Fla.), Jeff […]

Good Grief: Cancelling DACA Would Be “Evil”

Well, leave it up to the Washington Post’s resident wackadoodle “Republican” Jennifer Rubin to go wonkers Ending DACA would be Trump’s most evil act Following the law as written is now evil, you guys. Some in the media take seriously the notion that he is “conflicted” or “wrestling” with the decision, as though Trump were […]

GOP Controlled House Barely Passes Bill That Doesn’t Really Repeal Obamacare

“Give us control of the White House and Congress, and we’ll repeal and replace Obamacare” we were told since 2010. Well, Republicans have it, and yet House Republicans claim a major victory with passage of health-care overhaul House Republicans on Thursday narrowly passed a controversial bill to overhaul the nation’s health-care system, claiming a major […]

Squishy Republican: We Totally Need New Taxes To Solve ‘Climate Change’

Let’s never forget, when anthropogenic climate change is polled with other issues that Americans are concerned about, it typically comes in last or next to last. This even happens with international issues polls, as well. But, you know, according to some squishes who are aping Leftist talking points, if the GOP doesn’t jump on the […]

Fox News: “What’s Up With Donald Trump’s Extreme, Sick Obsession With Megyn Kelly?”

Donald Trump has been attacking Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for months, ever since that horrible debate for which she was a moderator. One would think Trump would move on. No. He’s continued on and on and on, and has, as of late, started to refer to her almost exclusively as “Crazy Megyn” in Tweets. This […]

Breitbart: Trump’s A Big Tent Guy Who’s Forcing GOP To Attack Itself

Breitbart writer Charles Hurt is Very Upset that anyone dares challenge Donald Trump The Nuclear Option: ‘Big Tent’ Trump Forcing Party to Attack Itself (A couple paragraphs on the Romney/Establishment loss, which led to that “autopsy” document, forgetting that the GOP regained the Senate, took even more House seats, and took even more governorships and […]

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