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Climate Cult Wants To Calculate Emissions Into Military Operations

The exact same people are pretty much also supporting Ukraine, but, the idea here is to defang the U.S. military Climate Change & War: How U.S. Military Emissions Factor into Costs of War & Shape Military Policy AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman, as we continue our look at the […]

Climate Scam Today: Schools, Small Business, And Snow

“Experts” totally want your kids controlled even more in schools How can we shield children from the impacts of climate change? Investments in schools can help. As a pediatrician in California, Dr. Lisa Patel has seen firsthand how climate change is impacting children. She’s treated severely dehydrated newborns, children whose asthma was exacerbated by wildfires, […]

All That California Snow Is Your Fault, You Know

Please give your money and freedom to Government and we can stop this from happening in the future Earth is warming up. So why is California having a record-breaking winter? My anxiety is on high alert every time I’ve had to leave my house over the last couple of months,” Ben Lomond resident Cheryl Noon […]

Climahypocrite Senator Whitehouse Looks To Put Climate Crisis (scam) In Budget

Whitehouse has been banging his green drum for quite some time, and, in all that, he’s never mentioned what he’s done in his own life. He still lives in his big house, still drives fossil fueled vehicles, and still flies, including from Rhode Island to D.C. instead of taking the train. And now Same Message, […]

Climate Cult: California’s Snowy Weather Is Your Fault

It’s really a hallmark of cult’s that they just don’t consider how insane their ramblings sound like, and they’ll try and convince people that what they’re pushing is totally real How climate change is making California’s weather more extreme In the midst of a two-decades-long megadrought that climate scientists say has been made worse because […]

Your Fault: Snow Hits Southern California

Shame on you for your modern lifestyle! SNOW IN NAPA VALLEY ???? An unprecedented winter storm turned wineries into a winter wonderland. CADE Estate shared video of a winemaker snowboarding down the driveway Friday morning. ???? Ann Conover/CADE Estate ???? Mark & Laura Neal/Neal Family Vineyards — Betty Yu (@BettyKPIX) February 24, 2023 […]

Good News: Coast Guard To Prioritize Climate Crisis (scam) In Everything

On the Coast Guard’s website they say Since 1790, the Coast Guard has safeguarded the American people and promoted national security, border security, and economic prosperity in a complex and evolving maritime environment. The Coast Guard saves those in peril and protects the Nation from all maritime threats. That’s their job. Be ready to rescue […]

Bummer: College Students Were Not Asked To Be Born Onto A Planet About To Be Destroyed By ‘Climate Change’

This is a perfect example of why I refer to this whole “movement” as a doomsday cult Opinion: How NC State can battle climate change Recently, I was invited to speak at the TEDxNCState event, held in Tompson Hall on the North Carolina State University campus on February 22, 2023. And today’s post in my […]

Climate Doom Means People Can’t Fall In Love Or Something

This is a new one. Who says cults are moribund and can’t come up with new stuff. The sad part is that major news outlets, in this case, the LA Times, publish this cult crap When climate change looms, how are you supposed to fall in love? I asked a man to marry me once. […]

We Totally Need Bipartisan Climate Doom Solutions Or Something

Listen, I’m not necessarily against certain measures if done correctly. I’m not against solar, wind, geothermal, hydrothermal, as long as they are effective, reliable, and inexpensive, without destroying the landscape and waterways. I’m not against EVs, they do not need to be forced on citizens in a Free country. I’m dead set against measures that […]

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