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Climate Crisis (scam) Means Canada Needs Lots Of Immigrants To Work Agriculture

As usual, the Cult of Climastrology links it’s wackadoodle beliefs to a completely separate issue, immigration. But, there’s something really funny in all this Climate Change Is Creating a Northern Labor Crisis In many ways, Canada seems perfectly positioned to take advantage of climate change. The country sits on a vast wealth of natural resources […]

Climate Cult Gets Woke On Invasive Species

Putting even more loony tunes into the Cult of Climastrology. Of course this is Vox It’s time to stop demonizing “invasive” species Marine ecologist Piper Wallingford was doing fieldwork on the rocky shore of Laguna Beach, California, in 2016 when she noticed a dime-sized creature she’d never seen before. It was a dark unicorn snail, […]

Pastor: If You Don’t Believe In Anthropogenic Climate Change You’re The Devil

I’m slightly confused by this piece. Is Pastor Michael F. Chandler of Victory Valley Bible Church in California saying that ‘climate change’ is BS or something that the religious should fight? In fairness, that’s a sidebar to something he mentions Pastor column: What does the Bible say about climate change? In a previous article, we […]

Climate Cult Concerned Over What’s Replacing “Climate Denialism” On The Right

Of course, one thing is, the young and old Republicans who are going Warmist have entirely different ideas on how to Solve ‘climate change’, pretty much ignoring increasing the size of government, taking more more, and limiting freedom and choice. Except for some of the grifters, who want to have a carbon tax, calling it […]

Hotcoldwetdry Take: Climate Cult Says To Forget EVs, All Cars Must Go

Well, this was fast Electric vehicles won’t save us — we need to get rid of cars completely Climate change is happening now. Wildfires are getting worse, flooding more common, hurricanes more powerful, and heat waves more deadly. Yet when world leaders met in Glasgow earlier this month, their proposals still had the world on track […]

John Kerry Blows Off China’s Human Rights Violations To Push Climate Action

If you remember, the same thing happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, where she said that China’s human rights abuses shouldn’t interfere with other issues, including ‘climate change’ John Kerry sidesteps China’s human rights violations, says it’s ‘not my lane’ US special climate envoy John Kerry sidestepped a question about China’s use of […]

Thomas Friedman: Why Won’t You Peons Just Allow Government To Force You To Make Lifestyle Changes For ‘Climate Change’

The NY Times’ Thomas Friedman is very afraid, you know. But, has failed to note what lifestyle changes he’s made personally, along with what changes the NY Times has made at their corporate office The Climate Summit Has Me Very Energized, and Very Afraid I spent last week talking to all sorts of people gathered […]

Cult: Doctor Diagnoses Patient As Suffering From Climate Crisis (scam)

I’m not quite sure who is ultimately responsible for licensing physicians in Canada, as there seems to be a whole bunch of different ones, but, whoever is in charge should pull this doctor’s license for malpractice B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from 'climate change' — Times Colonist (@timescolonist) November 6, 2021 […]

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