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Biden Unveils American Climate Cult Corps

This is supposedly about training for jobs, but, it will end up being cult indoctrination, creating a whole bunch of new “activists” hell bent on telling Other People how to live their lives, and agitating for government to force those Other People to live the cult life Biden is unveiling the American Climate Corps, a […]

Climate Cultists (and climahypocrites) Hate Free Speech

So, you have a ton of Elites taking long, fossil fueled trips to NYC for the UN meeting, and yammering about the climate crisis scam. How many took private jets and then were ferried around in low MPG limos/SUVs, with big retinues. And there’s former New Zealand Comrade Prime Minister Jacinda Ardean. I’m not sure […]

Climate Cult To Continue Demonstrating In NYC Today

Without fossil fuels NYC would be nothing. The amount of goods that flow through NYC. The vast amounts of fossil fueled vehicles, from buses to private cars to taxis to garbage trucks to police cars to the mayor’s limo. Airports. The vast majority of the energy for NYC is from fossil fuels. Climate change protesters […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Ravaged Failed State Of Libya With Flooding

All because you refuse to live in a tiny house, take the train, and only eat plants Libya’s floods are result of climate crisis meeting a failed state When the climate crisis meets a failed state, the outcome is the kind of disaster that Libya is witnessing in Derna. Any city would have struggled with […]

20% Of Climate Cranks Fear They Will Have To Move

This is what happens when all the various members of the climate cult, especially the media, politicians, and Elites, persistently beat the drum of doom USA TODAY, Ipsos poll: 20% of Americans fear climate change could force them to move An exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos poll finds a gaping American divide over climate change. Polling data shows an […]

Burning Man Fiasco Is All About Global Boiling, You Know

You had to know this was coming eventually, right? What Burning Man’s rain debacle tells us about climate change Burning Man is supposed to arrive and disappear like the desert breeze. Near the end of every summer, attendees of the multiday mega-festival venture to the Nevada wilderness. Their motto: “Leave no trace.” Except for the […]

Oh Noes: Hotcoldwetdry Boosts Wildfires 25% Or Something

That and all the arson/unintentional setting of fires Climate change boosts risk of explosive wildfire growth in California by 25%, study says Climate change has ratcheted up the risk of explosive wildfire growth in California by 25% and will continue to drive extreme fire behavior for decades to come, even if planet-warming emissions are reduced, […]

People Are Retreating From Florida Over Global Boiling Or Something

I’ve avoided the “ZOMG, Hurricane Idalia is Proof of climate crisis doom” articles, because, quite frankly, it’s tedious. It’s been done before. It’s complete mule fritters. You know how it goes. But, this is silly shite from three Warmists at CNN Opinion: The Sunbelt was the retirement destination of choice. That was before climate change […]

Green Groups Are Divided Over Hydroelectric Power

This is a typical refrain from the greenies: they Demand clean, renewable energy to replace the Evil fossil fuels. But, it’s in theory, because, when it comes time to actually build it, they, at best, waffle Green Groups Are Divided Over a Proposal to Boost the Nation’s Hydropower. Here’s Why America’s hydropower industry is hoping […]

Warmist Wonders If It’s OK To Have A Kid At The End Of The World

Does this constant fear-mongering work? Is it attracting people outside of the climate cult, the basic Warmist? Having a Kid at the End of the World From the moment I had a sense of the world, I had a sense that it was finite and we were destroying it. I learned about acid rain sometime […]

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