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Climate Cult Groups Want Kennedy To Drop To “Honor Our Planet”

The wackadoodles think that Kennedy staying in will help Trump win, which is Bad For The Planet Environmentalist ex-colleagues demand RFK Jr. drop out of 2024 race to ‘honor our planet’ — fear he’ll help Trump win Dozens of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s former colleagues at an environmental advocacy group have demanded he drop […]

Might Brandon Declare A Climate (scam) Emergency For The Election?

It would be a shady, patronizing attempt by the Biden regime to placate their weak minded voters and entice them to get out and vote REPORT: Biden’s Latest Reelection Gambit May Be Declaring National Climate Emergency White House officials are weighing whether to declare a national climate emergency several months out from the 2024 election, […]

Who’s Up For “Green Islam”?

Hmm, looks like Islam is also being corrupted by the Cult of Climastrology What Can ‘Green Islam’ Achieve in the World’s Largest Muslim Country? The faithful gathered in an imposing modernist building, thousands of men in skullcaps and women in veils sitting shoulder to shoulder. Their leader took to his perch and delivered a stark […]

Climate Crazy: Sunny Hostin Links Earthquakes, Eclipses, and Cicadas To Hotcoldwetdry

When a doomsday cult constantly pushes insane doomsday propaganda you get this Sunny Hostin suggests that the solar eclipse, the earthquake, and the fact that cicadas are coming are a sign of climate change. — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) April 8, 2024 You have to know that a lot of climate cultists were totally […]

NBC News Cultist Wonders If NJ Earthquake Is Linked To ‘Climate Change’

Linda Guadino, who is an “Emmy winning reporter”, has perhaps the dumbest tweets of the day Can climate change play a role in the frequency of earthquakes? The quake in New Jersey today was magnitude 4.8. So far, there have only been 13 quakes in the area that were deemed "damaging" by the National Earthquake […]

Miami Herald Super Bummed ‘Climate Change’ To Make Florida Boil

Another day, another bit of cult freakout propaganda As climate change makes Florida boil, DeSantis might respond with the ‘delete’ button If there is a magic way to stop climate change from wreaking havoc on Florida, reverse sea-level rise and lower the kind of scalding summer temperatures Miami saw last year, lawmakers may have figured […]

Unhinged Climate Crazies Disrupt Easter Services At St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The Father wasn’t having any of this. And, yup, another protest post You know that your nation is in decline when you can no longer celebrate Easter services at St. Patrick's Cathedral because of eco-cult — I Meme Therefore I Am ???????? (@ImMeme0) March 31, 2024 Extinction Rebellion wackos at it again (UPI) Extinction […]

Who’s For A Green Sabbath?

It’s always cute when the people who tend to denigrate religion…well, mostly Judaism and Christianity, never Islam…try to use it for their nefarious purposes with their doomsday cult Breakpoint: Remember the Sabbath … to stop global warming? Why should people exercise, eat better or cut back on caffeine consumption? In the not-so-distant past, the answer […]

Climate Cult Gets AC Cancelled For Paris Olympics

The average daily high in Paris for both July and August is 78. Of course, once you are inside it might get a bit toasty with all those other people and the lights. If they really cared they would restrict people from coming to Paris on fossil fueled airplanes and in FF vehicles 2024 Paris […]

Some Youts Forgoing Having Kids Because Of Climate Doom

This is a good thing, because there will be fewer kids of climate cult disciples to brainwash and turn into neurotic messes Some young people planning fewer or no kids because of climate change Collin Pearsall has friends who have started having children. But he has chosen a different path — due, in large part, […]

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