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Cobolt Mining Looks Super Green!

So, we’re replacing strip mining for coal and spills here and there with fossil fuels for this? Bleak photos show the reality of the cobalt mining industry responsible for the batteries in your phone, computer, and car Cobalt is the new blood diamond. It’s highly valuable and dangerous to extract. The Democratic Republic of Congo […]

Could Ending Fossil Fuels Actually Hurt The Environment?

I’m skeptical of studies like this, just as I am with pro-climate cult ones. I’ve said many times that I am not a big fan of fossil fuels, which do damage the environment as pollutants, air, sea, and land. That said, a big thing to remember is that the environment is different from the climate […]

Good News: Greenie Weenies Look To Shut Down Mohave Solar, Bullet Train Projects

These are the same people who scream for green energy and forcing Everyone Else to take the train Can bighorns, a bullet train and a huge solar farm coexist in the Mojave Desert? To most travelers on Interstate 15 between Barstow and Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert’s jagged Soda Mountains rise above a seemingly lifeless […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Groups Having Lots Of Problems With Unions

What’s the point of a union? Well, one thing is to protect the employees from bad business practices from management and ownership, right? ‘Hypocritical’: environmental groups blocking union efforts, US workers say Workers at some of the top environmental organizations in the US are calling out their managers as “incredibly hypocritical” as they argue the […]

Enviro Group Wants Wind Turbine Construction Halted Over Whale Deaths

The same people who Demand renewables replace fossil fuels also demand the projects be stopped Groups seek probe of NY-NJ whale deaths amid wind power prep Environmental groups and opponents of offshore wind energy want a federal investigation into the deaths of six whales that have washed ashore in New Jersey and New York in […]

Surprise: Eco-Weenies Try And Stop Lithium Mine Needed For Biden’s EV Push

I told you this would happen, namely that the same people who were super excited about Biden trying to force everyone into EVs would also work hard to stop mining necessary to build the EVs (via Greenie Watch) Biden Agenda Collides with Liberal Sacred Cows Over Nevada Lithium Mine Opponents of the largest lithium mine […]

Farmers Are Not Happy With Biden’s Waters Of USA Overreach

Here’s the extreme environuts in the Biden admin continuing the work of the extreme environuts of the Obama admin, not caring how much this will cause problems for regular Americans Farmers slam Biden over latest eco regulation targeting businesses: ‘Federal overreach’ Organizations representing American farmers slammed a recent Biden administration regulation repeals a Trump-era action regarding how […]

PRC To Now Ban Plastic Bags Used To Protect Produce And Meat

It’s always something with these loons in the People’s Republik Of California California banning another popular plastic bag from all grocery stores California is phasing out the single-use plastic bags commonly used to protect produce and meats from being damaged or contaminating other foods in a shopper’s cart. “It helps consumers be a lot more […]

Bummer: Washington Post Says Climate Cultists Will Have To Give Up Their Hatred Energy Projects

I think all these Warmists should have the “green” energy projects built near where they live and work To fight climate change, environmentalists may have to give up a core belief For decades, environmentalists have made their mark by stopping things. Petroleum facilities that spew toxic air pollution. Pipelines that cut across Indigenous lands. Drilling for oil […]

Good News: Myanmar Bears Cost For Elites Green Agenda

I’m rather surprised that the big wigs at the Associated Press allowed this to be published ‘The Sacrifice Zone’: Myanmar bears cost of green energy The birds no longer sing. The fish no longer swim in rivers that have turned a murky brown. The animals do not roam, and the cows are sometimes found dead. […]

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