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Taliban Looks To Dupe Climate Cultists By Vowing To Fight Climate Crisis

It’s probably working. It’s worked in the case of China, where Warmists keep believing China’s BS on the nation fighting ‘climate change’ even though they keep doing things like building more and more coal fired power plants Seeking World Recognition, Taliban Vows to Help Fight Terror and Climate Change In comments shared exclusively with Newsweek, […]

Uh Oh: California’s Push For EVs Could Be Bad For The Environment

We’ve seen this before: as climate cultists push to solve a tiny increase in the world’s global temperature, something entirely expected during a Holocene warm period, their solutions create actual environmental issues. The push for biofuels leads to clearcutting jungles in Asia, with animals like orangutans intentionally hunted. Solar panel manufacturing leads to environmental messes, […]

Green On Green: Cult Group Says EU’s Green Deal Is Climate Colonialism

It just goes to show that no matter what one does, it’s never enough, and the nutters will always complain. Oh, and that this isn’t about the climate (via Watts Up With That?) Green Group Accuses Europe of Climate Change Colonialism … Meanwhile, the push for greener sources of energy, particularly in the Global North, […]

Climate Today: Guardian Pushes Nuclear Power, Sunrise Arrested At Ted Cruz’s House

There are certainly a few high ranking poobahs in the climate cult who think nuclear power is a great thing, such as Michael “Robust Debate” Mann. Most Warmists, though, are dead set against nuclear energy, especially those who are also extreme environmentalists. So, this makes the UK Guardian allowing a piece rather important If we […]

Bummer: The Rush To Force People To Buy Electric Vehicles Leads To Destructive Mining

The UK Guardian, as you might know, is one of the world’s biggest news outlets that supports the Cult of Climastrology. They make no attempt to hide their belief in Doing Something about ‘climate change’ before it destroys the world. And they’ve been big cheerleaders for EVs. However The rush to ‘go electric’ comes with […]

Manatees Dying/At Risk From ‘Climate Change’, Water Pollution, Mankind, But Mostly Water Pollution And Mankind

Did you know that manatees love warm water? They do, they do! That’s why they tend to be found in warm water. It’s why they head up to warm springs when even Florida cools down in the winter. But, doom Climate Crisis and Negligent Policymakers Blamed for ‘Record Sickening Levels’ of Manatee Deaths in Florida […]

The Earth Is Dying Faster Than We Thought Or Something

We can solve this with a tax, you know The planet is dying faster than we thought Humanity is barreling toward a “ghastly future” of mass extinctions, health crises and constant climate-induced disruptions to society — one that can only be prevented if world leaders start taking environmental threats seriously, scientists warn in a new […]

Up To 1.5 Billion Masks Could End Up In The Sea This Year

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know I may not be a believer that climate change is mostly/solely caused by Mankind (and, heck, even if it is, it’s being used as an excuse to institute Statism around the world), but, I do believe in the environment. It’s bad enough have masks (and […]

Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Could Maybe Possibly Raise The Risk From Failing Sewage Systems

The Washington Post was nice enough to change the headline to Battling America’s Dirty secret Climate Change Raises The Risk From Failing Sewage Systems To Catherine Coleman Flowers, this is “holy ground”: the place where her ancestors were enslaved and her parents fought for civil rights and she came of age. Here, amid the rich, […]

Good News: Environment Loving Solar Industry Trying To Kill Joshua Trees

This isn’t really about the environment or the climate, is it The Fight to Save the Joshua Tree Has a Surprising Foe—the Solar Industry It’s difficult to describe how beautiful Joshua trees are, but when you drive into Joshua Tree National Park and see vast canyons filled with gangly arms, raised in haphazard directions, it […]

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