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Manatees Dying/At Risk From ‘Climate Change’, Water Pollution, Mankind, But Mostly Water Pollution And Mankind

Did you know that manatees love warm water? They do, they do! That’s why they tend to be found in warm water. It’s why they head up to warm springs when even Florida cools down in the winter. But, doom Climate Crisis and Negligent Policymakers Blamed for ‘Record Sickening Levels’ of Manatee Deaths in Florida […]

The Earth Is Dying Faster Than We Thought Or Something

We can solve this with a tax, you know The planet is dying faster than we thought Humanity is barreling toward a “ghastly future” of mass extinctions, health crises and constant climate-induced disruptions to society — one that can only be prevented if world leaders start taking environmental threats seriously, scientists warn in a new […]

Up To 1.5 Billion Masks Could End Up In The Sea This Year

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know I may not be a believer that climate change is mostly/solely caused by Mankind (and, heck, even if it is, it’s being used as an excuse to institute Statism around the world), but, I do believe in the environment. It’s bad enough have masks (and […]

Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Could Maybe Possibly Raise The Risk From Failing Sewage Systems

The Washington Post was nice enough to change the headline to Battling America’s Dirty secret Climate Change Raises The Risk From Failing Sewage Systems To Catherine Coleman Flowers, this is “holy ground”: the place where her ancestors were enslaved and her parents fought for civil rights and she came of age. Here, amid the rich, […]

Good News: Environment Loving Solar Industry Trying To Kill Joshua Trees

This isn’t really about the environment or the climate, is it The Fight to Save the Joshua Tree Has a Surprising Foe—the Solar Industry It’s difficult to describe how beautiful Joshua trees are, but when you drive into Joshua Tree National Park and see vast canyons filled with gangly arms, raised in haphazard directions, it […]

Enviroweenies Look To Hijack “I Can’t Breathe”

Well, at least they mention a black woman, Heather McTeer Toney, in the article, because this stuff is usually only from uber-white enviroweenies and climate cultists. Of course, her group, Mom’s Air Force, only has two blacks out of 18 people on its national team For some environmentalists, ‘I can’t breathe’ is about more than […]

There’s A Worrisome Link Between Deforestation (Climate Change) And Viruses Or Something

You know I’m not a big fan of deforestation and clear cutting. But, of course, the Cult of Climastrology is trying to link it to viruses, because Wuhan Virus Bat Soup Virus is flowing around ‘Like Poking a Beehive’: The Worrisome Link Between Deforestation And Disease In 2013, an 18-month old boy got sick after […]

Who’s Up For Plastic Free Pints?

I’ll admit, when I first ran across this I was like “oh, goodness, these climanuts are ruining beer yet again,”, but, the environmentalist in me kinda agrees PLASTIC-FREE PINTS ARE THE SOCIALLY DISTANCED FUTURE OF BEER With pubs still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Brits have been getting their beer fix with takeaway pints […]

Queen Beats Greens On Lawsuit To Build Hydroelectric Dam

You know how Greenie Weenie’s want us to build lots of solar, wind, and hydro power to replace Evil coal and fossil fuels? That mostly seems to be in theory, because when you actually try and build them the greenies try and stop them Queen wins battle with environmental protestors to build hydroelectric turbine on […]

Climate Cultists Plan Big Earth Day Livestream

On one hand, this is great, since it means Warmists won’t be taking fossil fueled trips to demonstrations and leave their garbage all over the place, which is the norm with leftist gatherings. But, consider that all this livestreaming uses a lot of energy, and there has been a push by Warmists over streaming shows, […]

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