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Having Solved All Their Problems, NYC Looks To Ban Detergent Pods

New York City is tackling the important issues NYC may ban detergent pods, some laundry sheets in latest ‘green’ crackdown — with fines up to $1,200 for selling them — New York Post (@nypost) February 12, 2024 From the link New York City could soon ban Tide PODS and other laundry-detergent packs under […]

Good News: PRC’s Plastic Bag Ban Failed, So, They’ll Try Again

As an environmentally conscience person (which is different from ‘climate change’) I do think humanity needs to be careful with plastic. I have a whole bunch of reusable bags for when I go to Lidl and Aldi. The plastic bags I get from WalMart, Food Lion, and sometimes others I reuse for a wide variety […]

Your Fault: Northeast Subsiding At “Alarming Rate”

This is your fault for eating food and drinking water East Coast cities are sinking at an alarming rate, new research warns: ‘Impacts are real’ New York City is reaching an all-time low — literally. New research reveals dramatic concern that the Big Apple, Long Island and many more Atlantic coastal regions face an inevitable […]

LA Times: Solving The Climate Crisis (scam) Will Hurt, So, Just Suck It Up, Warmist

LA Times writer and climate alarmist Sammy Roth has some words for his fellow unhinged cultists Column: Solving climate change will have side effects. Get over it When I wrote a column two weeks ago urging the Biden administration to approve a lot more solar and wind farms on Western public lands, I knew I would get […]

Halloween Is An Ecological Disaster Or Something

Sadly, this lunatic at Yahoo News, who’s a “senior White House correspondent” and somehow feels the need to write on the climate crisis scam, published it late on Halloween Why Halloween is an ecological disaster Every parent of young children has awoken on Nov. 1 to the aftermath of Halloween: piles of candy wrappers, discarded […]

Wind Farms In Brazil Endanger Big Cats

Nothing like fighting a (fake) environmental issue by creating another Brazil’s Big Cats Under Threat From Wind Farms Weighing more than 100 pounds, big cats have long reigned over this hot and semi-arid region of Brazil, developing tougher paws for the scorched earth and reaching speeds of 50 miles an hour to bring down wild […]

Earth Is Outside “Safe Operating Space For Humanity” Or Something

Strangely, humanity has never done so well as during warm periods, and there have been more advances during the current warm period than any other. But, the climate cult doesn’t care, because this is all about scary people into giving up their money and freedom Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’, scientists find […]

Environment Today: Synthetic Palm Oil, Bullet Train, NYC Clearing The Roads

If you weren’t aware, I’ve long had an issue with the production of palm oil. It has many uses, from foods to fuels, and, because of it’s growing uses, especially as a fossil fuels alternative (a type of ethanol), jungles are being clearcut and the wildlife killed, including intentionally hunting them down, much like they […]

We Need To Discuss Cocaine, Eels, And The Climate Crisis (scam)

This is what a cult looks like: a perfectly reasonable article on the issue of cocaine in the waters causing issues with wildlife, ala cocaine bear, and then they had to drag ‘climate change’ into it because it’s required these days Eels, Cocaine and Climate Change This summer many media outlets smelled blood in the […]

Eco-Nuts Push No-Wash/Low-Wash For Clothes

How soon till the eco-wackos start pushing for government to regulate This growing laundry trend will save you money and is better for your clothes — here’s why some people are resisting change Consumerism has many positive benefits for the economy, but it leads to a significant amount of waste. This has resulted in a […]

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