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ClimaWord Salad: Socially Just Population Policies To Limit Hotcoldwetdry

This is 100% about science and not Progressive (nice Fascism) politics, you know Socially just population policies can mitigate climate change while advancing global equity Socially just policies aimed at limiting the Earth’s human population hold tremendous potential for advancing equity while simultaneously helping to mitigate the effects of climate change, Oregon State University researchers […]

Surprise: Farmers Believe In Climate Change, Just Not Anthropogenic

Hey, you know all the talking points that farmers are super concerned about climate change? About that Farmers Believe In Climate Change But Don’t Think Humans Are The Cause, New Poll Shows A new poll shows farmers overwhelmingly believe climate change is real and will create significant weather problems but do not think it’s caused by […]

Kids Will Face Wars Over Food And Water In Future From Climate Crisis (scam)

Wars have never happened before over those things, right? Remember things like the French Revolution, when they had trouble growing crops? Oh, right, that was during the Little Ice Age. But, this is not about rationality, it’s cultish scaremongering. And it’s about “We” needing to sacrifice, meaning “Other People need to be forced, not me, […]

France, Meaning The Elites, Vows To Change Everything To Solve Climate Emergency (scam)

And those same elites won’t change their own lives, you know that. Oh, they’ll throw a few bucks out to purchase carbon offsets, but, they aren’t giving up their own fossil fueled travel, and the massive rise in prices doesn’t hurt them much France vows to change its ‘way of life’ in climate struggle Countries […]

Climate Today: Forcing Everyone Into Megacities, Stop Complaining About Being Forced To Give Up Meat

Megacities. I think I’ve seen this in some movies. Logan’s Run, Judge Dredd, a few others. Things don’t look very good, eh? How megacities could lead the fight against climate change In 2050, 2.5 billion more people will live in cities than do today. As the world grows more urbanized, many cities are becoming more […]

Who’s Up For Redistributing Wealth For Climate Crisis (scam)?

It’s almost like this has nothing to do with science and everything to do with Progressive politics Poor communities will likely need to be compensated as a result of climate change policies, study says Lawmakers and scientists must come together to make sure policies aimed at mitigating climate change do not increase global poverty, according […]

Universities Should Totally Do More For The Climate Emergency (scam)

I agree. There are things they can do. I’ll get to them Universities Must Do More to Address the Climate Emergency Younger generations have been deeply impacted by the intersecting crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and systemic racism, yet their resolve to be agents of change on these issues remains steady. The commitment […]

High Flying John Kerry Says Even Going Net Zero Won’t Stop Climate Crisis (scam)

Because science, you know John Kerry Says U.S., China Could Go to Zero Emissions and Still Not Solve Climate Crisis John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s special envoy for climate, said Wednesday that one of the only ways to curb the climate crisis is an all-hands-on-deck global response when it comes to lowering emissions. “The United […]

China Joe Releases His Climate Apocalypse Targets For U.S.

Obviously, these only apply to you peons, not the Elites like Joe The U.S. Has a New Climate Goal. How Does It Stack Up Globally? The United States officially has a new goal for fighting climate change over the next decade. So how ambitious is it? President Biden announced Thursday that America would aim to […]

Green New Deal Reintroduced By AOC, Markey Or Something

Remember when they introduced it back in February, 2019? The GOP controlled Senate voted on it, and every single Democrat voted “present”, including sponsor Ed Markey (who takes lots and lots of fossil fueled trips from Massachusetts to D.C.). AOC raged about the Senate voting on her legislation, forgetting it was also sponsored by Senator […]

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