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Big Companies Call On China Joe To Do Something On Climate Crisis (scam)

Most companies, especially really big ones, rarely do something without seeing a benefit to their bottom line. What benefit do they see here? Why not just change the behavior of the companies, practice what they preach? Major Companies Call on Biden to Act on Climate Change Some major companies are angling to line up with […]

NY State Senator Looks To Control Food Because Of Climate Crisis (scam)

In Political Theory 101, Socialism is part of the Democracy model, the left side of it (classical Liberalism is dead in the middle, and to the left means less Government power, to the Right more). There are three cores in the model, the Political, Moral, and Economic. In the Political, there is a lot of […]

Cult of Climastrology Looks To Go After Advertising Industry

Well, this is new. I haven’t seen the Cult of Climastrology go after advertising yet Black Friday: How can the ad industry help tackle climate change? (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – As shoppers scramble for deals on Black Friday, spurred on by frenzied marketing campaigns, critics have called on advertisers to consider how the industry impacts climate […]

Who’s Up For A Climate First Foreign Policy?

I’m looking forward to China Joe voters saying “I just hated Trump. I didn’t realize I was voting for America last!” A Climate-First Foreign Policy President Donald Trump will hand the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden a daunting set of foreign policy challenges, including controlling the raging COVID-19 pandemic, stabilizing the global economy, and […]

Reduction In “Carbon Emissions” During Lockdown Had Little Effect, Part 947

Remember how they said we had to all reduce our carbon footprint (meaning you, not the people saying it), and that government should basically force people to do so. Well, that pretty much happened. Yet, atmospheric CO2 continued to rise, so, we’re still in the Making Excuses phase Climate change: Covid pandemic has little impact […]

Canada’s Prime Minister Submits Legislation Pushing Towards 2050 Net Zero

Of course, there’s one little problem with these five year plans (Progressives (nice Fascists)/Modern Socialists really love their 5 year plans) Canada sets out to enshrine 2050 net zero emissions goal in law Justin Trudeau presented a bill to the Canadian parliament to set five-yearly carbon targets from 2030 to 2050, but was criticised for […]

Cities Full Of Warmists Who Are Hypocrites Must Lead The Way Or Something

Big cities tend to lean heavily Left, which means they are chock full of climate cultists, always yammering for Someone Else to be burdened with taxes, fees, and restrictions. Yet, so few of these cultists want anything done to their own lives. Perhaps it’s time for them to be forced to practice what they preach, […]

AOC And Progressive Allies Tell Biden He Best Keep His Word On Climate Crisis (scam) Action

Yes, this would be the same Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who introduced the Green New Deal almost 2 years ago come February, and has never demanded it be considered in committee, much less voted on. Also present was Senator Ed Markey, the sponsor in the Senate, who voted “present”. AOC, Lawmakers Call on Biden Administration to […]

Climate Cult Upset That People Can Make Their Own Choices In Western Democracies On Coronavirus

See, you darned people have too much freedom that you are not willing to give up Democracies that failed the Covid test will struggle on climate change Efforts to address both issues are hampered by externalities and behavioural biases The second wave of the pandemic continues to gather pace in Europe and the United States, […]

Warmists Wants China Joe To Turn Military Into Arm Of Climate Cult

Why is it necessary for Democrats to make our military into testing beds of hardcore Modern Socialism? Obama wanted to stock it full of the gender confused. Will China Joe make the U.S. military all about the climate crisis (scam)? Most likely. Ray Mabus, who was Secretary of the Navy under Obama Under President Biden […]

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