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Bummer: Clean Energy Not Moving Fast Enough To Solve ‘Climate Change’

The NY Times’ Brad Plumer has a sad about how slow green energy is progressing, so he wrote a thinly veiled opinion piece, and, can you guess what his solution is? Clean Energy Is Surging, but Not Fast Enough to Solve Global Warming Over the next two decades, the world’s energy system will undergo a […]

Surprise: Threat Of ‘Climate Change’ Requires We Change The Way We Live

Funny how it always comes down to this, as pushed by people who refuse to do the same in their own lives Threat of climate change requires ‘revolution in how we live’, says Bruton If Ireland is to respond adequately to the threat of climate change it will require “a revolution in how we live”, […]

NY Attorney General Attempts To Shake Down Exxon With Climate Scam Lawsuit

I wonder when the NY Attorney General’s office will stop using fossil fuels for their activities, both professionally and personally? NY Sues Exxon For Allegedly Defrauding Shareholders On Climate Change Risks New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit Tuesday against ExxonMobil for allegedly downplaying for decades the risk the company’s oil products pose on the […]

To Stop ‘Climate Change’, Billionaires Need To Give Up Their Money Or Something

And, really, change the entire economic system for the world. Because this all about science, folks A scientist who predicted a ‘Hothouse Earth’ says the world’s billionaires need to give up their money to save us This week, one of authors of that bleak “hothouse” report has co-authored a new one that models how the world and […]

Strange: “Cities Account For Over 70% Of Carbon Emissions Globally”

CityLab is super excited to tell us about what local climate actions would have the greatest effect, which include several ideas from different Warmist Focus on transit and transportation (forcing people to take mass transit while regulating away fossil fueled vehicles (except for big wigs and celebs, of course)) Create ‘go zones’ (which is about […]

Trump Failing To Join The Cult Of Climastrology Is A Crime Against Humanity

Remember, folks, this is all about Science! Here we have CNN publishing Jeffrey Sachs, professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia Universit, losing his mind Trump’s failure to fight climate change is a crime against humanity President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and others who oppose […]

Bummer: Climate Is Totally Breaking Down, Hence, We Need Socialism

This time of year always brings the most dire of ‘climate change’ doomsaying, kicking it up to 15/10, as a Big Report always comes out a month or two prior to the next UN IPCC climate change meeting a great vacation spot where 10,000+ take fossil fueled trips. And we get stuff like Climate is […]

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