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Climate Cult: Huge Drop In CO2 From Bat Soup Virus, But We Still Need Massive Policy Changes

Haven’t the members of the Cult of Climastrology been screaming and screeching for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint for 25+ years? Covid-19: Biggest drop in CO2 emissions since WWII but little impact on climate change Though scientists expect carbon emissions to fall by 5% in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic is having very little impact […]

‘Climate Change’ Can Totally Decimate The Economy Just Like Bat Soup Virus Or Something

This is a doozy of an attempt to fear-monger while linking Coronavirus If The Virus Can Decimate Global Economies So Can Climate Change When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union ultimately collapsed in 1991, the world changed. The end to the Cold War corresponded with prosperity, balanced budgets and the rise […]

UK Government Unveils Sweeping Vision Of Future Travel To Tackle Hotcoldwetdry

Of course, this vision only applies to you little people, not the government officials and big time Warmists Government unveils ‘unprecedented’ vision of future travel in bid to tackle climate crisis The government has quietly published an ambitious plan for how it will revolutionise UK transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight the climate […]

This Is Totally The Time To Talk About Hotcoldwetdry, You Guys

You know, I totally agree with Warmist Joel Makower This is exactly the time to be talking about climate change I rarely get exasperated from reading environmental business media, but a quote last week in a Bloomberg article about sustainability and the U.S. economic crisis got me headed in that direction. The quote came from Ted Nordhaus, […]

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Part Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

I’ve pretty much given up on digging deep to find Hotcoldwetdry pieces that have nothing to do with Bat Soup Virus at this point, because the Cult of Climastrology has to link their cult to everything that happens, so, let’s just run with it The coronavirus outbreak is part of the climate change crisis … […]

Coronavirus Is A Dress Rehearsal For ‘Climate Change’ Doom Or Something

I actually agree a bit with this climate cultist: it is a dress rehearsal. It shows exactly what a world with all the Hotcoldwetdry policies of the Cult of Climastrology would look like. Would it be this bad? Not in my opinion. Perhaps about half what we’re experiencing with job loss, people staying home, economic […]

Climate Cultists Whine About The Stimulus Not Being “Green”

Well, see, the thing is, it’s not supposed to be a stimulus, it’s meant to simply give people and companies money so they will still be around to offer jobs when this is finally over (though, again, I think lawmakers of both parties missed the point, because $1,200 won’t mean much, and some people who […]

Climate Cultists Plan Big Earth Day Livestream

On one hand, this is great, since it means Warmists won’t be taking fossil fueled trips to demonstrations and leave their garbage all over the place, which is the norm with leftist gatherings. But, consider that all this livestreaming uses a lot of energy, and there has been a push by Warmists over streaming shows, […]

What’s Next For Climate Cult? Human Rights Lawsuits

It’s almost like this has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with politics INSIGHT: Human Rights Laws Could Be Next Frontier for Climate Court Actions Courtrooms across the globe have become a battleground for climate activists, nongovernmental organizations, and ordinary citizens to compel governments to combat climate change. Climate claims raise complex […]

And More Warmists Demand That Coronavirus Relief Plans Include “Green” Initiatives

Green on the outside, red on the inside Covid-19 economic rescue plans must be green, say environmentalists The economic rescue packages to deal with the impact of the coronavirus must also be green, a growing chorus of environmental campaigners have urged, concerned that hasty measures will lock the world into a high-carbon future. “Governments need to put […]

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