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EU Looks To Create Climate Crisis (scam) Civilian Protection Force

You’d think with the history of central Europe less than a 100 years ago they’d be thinking pretty darned hard about this being a Bad Idea ‘Any Excuse to Grab More Power’: EU Wants a Centralised ‘Civil Protection Force’ to Fight Climate Change A senior Eurocrat has called for a “Civil Protection Force” directly under […]

Secretary Granholm Says Americans Can Save Money By Spending Lots

These people are truly deluded. Demented. Out of touch with most Americans Granholm Defends Inflation Bill By Explaining How Americans Can Spend More Money On Their Homes The Biden Administration’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm was schooled by CNN’s “State of the Union” host Brianna Keilar, Sunday, after making a series of comments regarding the Inflation […]

Young Climate Cultists Demand More After Passage Of “Historic” IRA Bill

It’s always interesting that any bill or executive order from Democrats is “historic”, eh? Is the Inflation Reduction Act historic because it has virtually nothing to do with inflation reduction, and, instead, is mostly about climate scam measures, increasing the size of the IRS, and taxes which will hit the working and middle classes? It […]

The Federal Government Won’t Save Us From Climate Doom Or Something

You know what would? All those who believe the minor 1.5F increase in global temperatures since 1850 has been caused by the actions of mankind to practice what they preach. Oh, wait, no, that’s not what this piece means The Federal Government Alone Won’t Save Us from Climate Change ON THE MORNING of June 30, the […]

Climate Cult Wants To Reduce Your Sugar Consumption Through Taxation

I think back to when I switched from believer (small b) in anthropogenic global warming to Skeptic, and I started saying this was all about higher taxation and fees, government control of the economy and energy sector, along with a loss of freedom, liberty, and life choices. Many skeptics said I was wrong that this […]

Hotcoldwetdry Is A Retirement Management Risk Or Something

Hmm, look, a new angle of attack from the Cult of Climastrology Climate Change Is Emerging As A Mainstream Retirement Issue You’d have to be Rip Van Winkle to be unaware of the suffering and costs from this summer’s heat waves, wildfires, and severe weather events. Fortunately, the financial and retirement industries are galvanizing to […]

Good News: The Climate Bill Won’t Stop ‘Climate Change’

It won’t fix inflation, either The climate bill won’t stop global warming. But it will clean the air. The higher temperatures observed today across the world, implicated in everything from extreme heat to drought and worsening wildfires, are the result of many decades of rising greenhouse gas emissions that trap heat and warm the globe. And […]

UK Companies Will Comply With Climate Cult Or “Face Action”

Let’s start here University of Idaho researchers studying insights on climate change skepticism Climate change and the human impact of that can be a divisive topic. Although the scientific community agrees overwhelmingly that human activity is impacting dangerous climate change, there will always be skeptics. University of Idaho researchers Dilshani Sarathchandra and Kristin Haltinner interviewed […]

“SUV Tires Fall Prey To Gen Z Eco-Activists” Or Something

Yeah, it’s like no big deal to the UK Guardian. Hey, it’s like public shaming! ‘Like a public shaming’: a night with the eco-activists deflating SUV tires On a searingly hot night in New York City, a group of mask-wearing activists grasping bags of lentils set out to stage the biggest blitzkrieg yet upon a […]

Balanced Coverage Of Climate Crisis (scam) Undermines Science Or Something

First of all, what balanced coverage? Second, where is this balanced coverage they’re talking about? Third of all, science doesn’t care about balance, it cares about facts. And what we’re seeing is not science False balance in news coverage of climate change makes it harder to address the crisis What does media coverage of climate […]

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