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Because Reagan Recognized Ozone Layer Issue Conservatives Should Acknowledge The Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

These are the same people who constantly and consistently hate on Ronald Reagan, you know Reagan recognized the threat to the ozone layer; conservatives today should respond the same way to climate change | Column As folks across Florida don bikinis or swim trunks and head to the pool or the beach this holiday weekend, […]

Democrats Pass Infrastructure Bill Which Is All About ‘Climate Change’

They know it won’t pass the Senate. They know it won’t even be brought up in the Senate. This is all about ClimaVirtue Signalling to their unhinged base while refusing to give up their own use of fossil fuels Passing infrastructure bill, Democrats go all-in on climate The $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill the House passed […]

‘Climate Change” Is The Social Justice Issue Of Our Lives Or Something

Hey, remember when this was about Science? Climate change is social justice issue of our time — Will Busse The national conversation about race has caused many Americans to examine their roles in maintaining systemic inequality. From today’s perspective, it’s easy to judge our nation’s history of slavery and wonder in disbelief how such a […]

House Democrats Release Their Climate Crisis (scam) Plan, Which Ends Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2050

Yeah, the plan is as stupid as you’d expect House Democrats climate plan would end greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a plan to address climate change that would set a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, while pushing renewable energy such as wind and solar power and addressing environmental contamination […]

Democrats Set To Reveal Their Climate Crisis (scam) Legislation

Serendipidously, we’re going right back to the well of the DNC and the UK Guardian. Mitch McConnell should immediately put their bill up for a vote, get the Senate Democrats to go on the record. Well, as much as voting “present” is on the record Democrats to unveil bold new climate plan to phase out […]

Majority Of Americans And Canadians Agree On Doing Something About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

And they’re even willing to pay more in taxes! Majority of Canadians and Americans agree on climate change issues, poll suggests The majority of Canadians and Americans agree that climate change is real, a major crisis and more needs to be done to combat its effects, suggests a new poll. In a survey of 1,000 adults […]

Climate Cultists Recommend Total Transformation Of Food System

You know the only way this happens, right? Government dictating it New report recommends transforming food systems under climate change The 70-page report, “Actions to Transform Food Systems Under Climate Change,”​ was developed under the guidance of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). It comes on the heels of a […]

How’s The Mass Experiment For Solving Climate Crisis (scam) Going?

One has to wonder how helpful these articles are in reminding people how miserable things were during full lockdown, and how they aren’t fulling working yet A ‘mass experiment’ for the climate Has the pandemic helped individuals and leaders get any closer to tackling the environmental crisis? “I was so worried about the dangers of […]

Democrat Big Wigs Battle It Out On Climate Policy

It’s rather like watching like watching two different Nazi groups debate. The first are just Nazi troops, the other are members of the SS. Both are hardcore, but one is more hardcore. The difference between Stalin and Mao: both are horrible, but 3 million to 20 million died under Stalin, and 20-46 million under Mao […]

French Climate Cultists Recommend Making “Ecocide” A Crime

These Warmists should be careful with this type of recommendation, because they might get it, and be hit with the criminal penalties themselves French Climate Council Urges Referendum On Making ‘Ecocide’ A Crime A citizens’ council set up by President Emmanuel Macron to explore measures for cutting carbon emissions urged the French leader on Sunday […]

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