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Montana Appeals Yout Climate Lawsuit

If the appeal doesn’t include video of the youts taking fossil fueled trips the lawyers are missing a big opportunity Montana is appealing a landmark climate change ruling that favored youth plaintiffs The office of Montana’s Republican attorney general is appealing a landmark climate change ruling that said state agencies aren’t doing enough to protect 16 young […]

PRC Looking To Restrict Classic Fossil Fuels Vehicles

I swear, elected Republicans across the country are a bunch of weenies, who just do not get how Politics 101 works. None of them seem to be asking why Gavin Newsome, the other elected Democrats, and the unelected and unresponsive to the citizens group known as the California Air Resources Board are practicing what they […]

AP Notices The Debate On Governmental Force On Climate Crisis (scam) Goals

This article is rather surprising: it’s rare that the Credentialed Media rarely notices the authoritarianism inherent in the climate cult system. Of course, they do not seem too concerned with instituting Fascism Governments and individuals debate: Are mandates needed to reach climate change targets? Governments, organizations and businesses have set ambitious goals to combat climate […]

Climate Cultists (and climahypocrites) Hate Free Speech

So, you have a ton of Elites taking long, fossil fueled trips to NYC for the UN meeting, and yammering about the climate crisis scam. How many took private jets and then were ferried around in low MPG limos/SUVs, with big retinues. And there’s former New Zealand Comrade Prime Minister Jacinda Ardean. I’m not sure […]

People’s Republik Of California Sues Fossil Fuels Companies

Don’t expect Gavin Newsome, Attorney General Rob Bonta, the PRC elected officials, or state government employees to stop using fossil fuels themselves. This is more of a cash grab using ‘climate change’ as the backdrop California sues major oil companies, claiming they deceived on climate change for decades California sued some of the world’s largest […]

Brandon’s “Climate Law” Is Reshaping Private Investment Or Something

Was this the law that was supposed to be about inflation reduction, but, was all about other things? Biden’s Climate Law Is Reshaping Private Investment in the United States Private investment in clean energy projects such as solar panels, hydrogen power and electric vehicles surged after President Joe Biden signed an expansive climate bill into […]

PRC Pushing Strict Climate (scam) Reporting Rules For Business

Sure, it’s always a wise idea to pass more laws that drive more businesses out of the state, right? California lawmakers approve the nation’s most sweeping emissions disclosure rules for big business Major corporations from oil and gas companies to retail giants would have to disclose their direct greenhouse gas emissions as well as those that come […]

Small Island Nations Sue Over Global Boiling

They’re totally worried about the sea rise. And getting lots of sweet, sweet, climate cash from Other Countries with no strings attached Small island nations take high-emitting countries to court to protect the ocean In a landmark hearing, small island nations disproportionately affected by the climate crisis will take on high-emitting countries in a court […]

Reuters Demands Action At COP28 Or Something

You know what real action would look like? Well, for one, reporters not acting as activists, which is what is happening her. Also, not having tens of thousands take long fossil fueled travel, buying all sorts of fast fashion which lets them take all their cute selfies, all while demanding that Other People reduce their […]

UN Super Excited To Help Kids Sue Over Global Boiling

The United Nations, full of con artists, shady dictators, and authoritarians, wouldn’t have any sort of ulterior motive, would they? UN seeks to help children battling climate change in court A United Nations body on Monday updated a key treaty designed to protect children’s rights to strengthen their hand in fighting climate change, as they […]

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