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House Climate Cultists Introduce Massive Legislation

Interestingly, every single one of the climate Fascists took a fossil fueled trip to the capitol to introduce this bill that controls your life and costs you money House Energy and Commerce leaders unveil sweeping climate change legislation Senior House Energy and Commerce Democrats unveiled a template of their plan to combat climate change this […]

LA Times ClimaEditorial Board Calls For Banning All Fossil Fueled Vehicles

This begs the question: will the LA Times give up their own use of fossil fueled vehicles to gather and disseminate the news? Will the members of the editorial board declare they have each given up their own fossil fueled vehicles? Perhaps the paper can mandate that employees do not own fossil fueled vehicles? It […]

Latest Warmist Idea: 250K Green Apprenticeships For COVID Recovery

Wait, aren’t apprenticeships typically unpaid positions? It’s 2021, not the Middle Ages Boost pandemic recovery with 250,000 green apprenticeships, Friends of the Earth urges A vast skills pipeline of 250,000 green apprenticeships leading to full-time jobs across the burgeoning low carbon economy could address both climate breakdown and the post-Covid crisis in youth unemployment, research […]

Bummer: Most Nations Failing To Abide By Paris Climate Agreement Is “Red Alert” For Earth

The funny thing is, the UN seems more concerned about nations having plans than actually implementing those plans UN chief calls new report a “red alert” for Earth A new report from the United Nations warns that global governments are “nowhere” near ambitious enough to adequately tackle climate change and meet the goals of the Paris Climate […]

NY Times Notices That All These Companies Proclaiming They’re Doing Something On ‘Climate Change’ Mostly Aren’t

Seriously, most companies who climavirtue signal don’t actually do much in practice, because it’s expensive and idiotic. It doesn’t cost that much to patronize climate cultists, right? Well, the NY Times digs behind the scenes, forgetting to mention what the NY Times corporation is actually doing themselves with their big old building. Will they move […]

What’s The Most Important Number For ‘Climate Change’? The Social Cost Of Carbon

Extreme Warmists are hot to trot to push the notion of the social cost of carbon. Why? The social cost of carbon might be the most important number on climate change Economists are urging the U.S. government to adopt a higher number for the social cost of carbon emissions. Why it matters: The social cost of […]

Philly’s Demolition Plans Are A Problem For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Yet another case that Warmists have to drag ‘climate change’ into everything, and everything into their scam Philly’s plan to fight climate change has a glaring absence on demolitions and cultural heritage Philadelphia released its citywide plan to tackle climate change in mid-January, but with a glaring absence: it doesn’t address the massive waste of materials and […]

Surprise: Bank Of America Says Going Green Could Hurt The Economy

But, see, they say it will totally lift the economy in the future! Well, the stock market. Not necessarily your pocketbook Going Green May Hurt at First — But Fighting Climate Change Will Boost the S&P 500 Here’s where stocks will benefit most from climate change policies under President Biden, according to Bank of America. […]

Mass. Climate Undersecretary Who Said “We Must Break The Will” Of Citizens Resigns

Several days ago I mentioned this guy David Ismay, the undersecretary for climate change under Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s (R) administration, explained during a Vermont Climate Council meeting last month the majority of the Bay State’s emissions come from average people and there is “no bad guy left … to point the finger at, to […]

China Joe Looks To Help “Climate Migrants” Or Something

Leftists (we really need to call them Rightists, since their Marxist/Socialist/Progressive/Stateists/Etc beliefs are way to the right of the political scale in the Authoritarian model, but, whatever) love using the notion of ‘climate change’ to push all their crazy political views. That’s one of the reasons why they like to blame the slight increase of […]

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