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NY Times Says To Start With Your Air Conditioning To Solve Climate Emergency (scam)

Interestingly, Hope Jahren fails to mention that she’s given up her own use of air condition, nor that the NY Times building will turn theirs off. Weirdly, this is all in the book reviews section To Battle Climate Change, Begin With Your Air-Conditioner AFTER COOLING On Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Comfort […]

Weird: Why Is Sleepy Joe Supporting A Pipeline?

Joe was dead set against the Keystone XL pipeline, and essentially killed it off White House adviser Susan Rice divests from company building Midwest pipeline The director of President Joe Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice, has divested herself of millions of dollars’ worth of holdings in a company that’s leading a contentious pipeline project […]

Kerry Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Yammer With Russia On Climate Crisis (scam)

I’m pretty sure that there are many more pressing issues when it comes to Russia US and Russia pledge to ‘move together’ against climate change The US and Russia have agreed to forge “close co-operation” on climate change, in the first positive sign of a potential easing of tensions between the two countries since a […]

Only Government Can Save Us From The Climate Emergency (scam) Or Something

Funny how it always comes down to government authoritarianism, eh? First, though A ‘wobble’ in the moon’s orbit could result in record flooding in the 2030s, new study finds Climate change has already increased the frequency and severity of hurricanes and other extreme weather events around the world. — But there’s a smaller, less splashy threat […]

Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Looking For Ways To Change Infrastructure Bill, Skyrocket Your Energy Bills

And if you skyrocket your energy bills, you skyrocket your cost of living for food, housing, everything Biden climate advisor pushes clean energy standard for Democrats’ priority bill Gina McCarthy, a top advisor to President Biden on domestic climate policy, said administration officials and Democrats in Congress are still discussing how to include a clean-energy […]

“America’s leadership on climate change will define its global standing”

You’d think that a retired Marine general would remember that America saved the world multiple time, from WWI to WWI to the Cold War, to providing protection for European and other nations, to spreading Freedom. But, no, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, who has seemed to link himself to a hardcore leftist agenda and groups, has […]

To Stop Climate Crisis (scam), Americans Must Reduce Their Energy Use By 90%

Who’s going to make this happen? To Stop Climate Change Americans Must Cut Energy Use by 90 Percent, Live in 640 Square Feet, and Fly Only Once Every 3 Years, Says Study In order to save the planet from catastrophic climate change, Americans will have to cut their energy use by more than 90 percent […]

Top French Court Tells French Government It Has 9 Months To Do Something About Hotcoldwetdry

Most courts have generally avoided telling the administrative and legislative branches what to do about ‘climate change’, saying that it is the responsibility of those branches, usually the legislative, rather than court imposed solutions. Because they aren’t there to make policy. But, this top French court is demanding that France Do Something Top court gives […]

Time Magazine: AC Is Really Bad For ‘Climate Change’, Here’s How Government Can Take It Away

With it being summer and people using more air conditioning, Time Magazine is very upset. Not upset enough for them to give up their office AC, of course A/C Feels Great, But It’s Terrible for the Planet. Here’s How to Fix That For the past few days, a heatwave has glowered over the Pacific Northwest, forcing […]

Washington Post: Climate Apocalypse Could Cost Condo Boards Billions

I just got done deleting a bunch of articles about climate cultists Blaming the collapse of the Surfside building on anthropogenic climate change (and, yes, a quick peak sees moron cultists on Twitter still climablaming), and then I run across this insane bit of climate crazy while looking for climate change articles, which takes it […]

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