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Comrade Bernie, AOC Release Green New Deal For Public Housing

I’m not quite sure why they are bothering, as the people in public housing are already depending on Government, already under their thumb, and already vote Democrat AOC and Bernie’s Green New Deal Aims to Change Our Relationship With Public Housing Public housing is home to 2 million people in the U.S. and a $70 […]

Climate Cultists Vow Hunger Strikes Unless Pelosi Does Something Or Something

Good, more bacon, steak, pork, chicken, chocolate, and all the other foods Warmists claim are bad for ‘climate change’ for the rest of us Protesters vow hunger strike to push U.S. on climate change Climate change opponents plan to stage a hunger strike to demand a meeting with U.S. Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi, they said […]

Italy Plans Mandatory Indoctrination On ‘Climate Change’ In Schools

Could this possibly backfire? Italy plans mandatory climate change lessons for schools All children in Italy will have to study climate change at school starting from next year, becoming the first country in the world where this will be compulsory. Italy’s minister for education, Lorenzo Fioramonti, announced the decision on Wednesday. The decision will apply […]

Surprise: Scientists Declaring Climate Emergency Want Population Reduction, Wholesale Change Of Systems

Yesterday I wrote about these Cult of Climastrology scientists saying a tiny increase in CO2 would cause untold suffering. And now we learn more about what they’re pushing (HuffPost) In order to avoid a “hothouse Earth” where runaway temperature increases beget further warming, the scientists call for immediate action to overhaul the way we live […]

Do You Eat Alone? That’s Bad For ‘Climate Change’

The members of the Cult of Climastrology just can’t help themselves in getting involved in our business Solo dining is bad for our mental health—and for the planet Eating alone, once considered an oddity, has become commonplace for many across the Western world. Fast food chains are promoting eating on the go or “al desko.” […]

Democrats “Green” Plans Target Inequality Or Something

Remember, this is all about Science, about saving the Earth from having a fever. To attempt to stop a 1.5C increase in global temperatures. To stop the seas from rising. To stop the rain, dry, hot, and cold. To make sure kids do know what snow is. Right? 2020 Dems target inequality with green plans […]

St. Greta Demands Facebook Silence Her Critics, Else She’ll Quit The Site

She’s doing a great job in putting “tyrannical psycho”  on her resume, something we all know Climate cultists to be. They always talk about having discussions to change minds, but, are unwilling to listen and want dissenters shut down Climate activist Greta Thunberg has threatened to quit Facebook if the social media platform refuses to […]

Say, What Does The World Look Like In 2030 After Winning The War On Hotcoldwetdry?

You won’t feel a thing. It won’t affect you at all. Everything will be awesome and perfect! This is what 2030 could look like if we win the war on climate change By 2030, your CO2 emissions will be greatly reduced. Meat on your dinner table will be a rare sight. Water and the air […]

We Can’t Depend On Technology To Save Us From ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

But there is something that can save us all Technology will not save us from climate change, but imagining new forms of society will Citizen action on climate change has reached a new intensity: school children by the thousands regularly skip school to protest and Extinction Rebellion’s civil disobedience recently caused widespread disruption in cities […]

A Green New Deal Could Transform Our Lives Or Something

The co-founders of Green New Deal UK, Hannah Martin and Fatima Ibrahim, attempt to spin this as a good thing How a Green New Deal could transform our lives How do we move from moments to movements? In the midst of an environmental emergency, the co-founders of Green New Deal UK tell Dazed As an environmental […]

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