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Bummer: Climate Cultists Admit Thinking It Will Matter In The 2024 Elections Is “Wishful Thinking”

A whole bunch of climate activist “journalists” gathered with some other Warmists, and it wasn’t pretty Election 2024: How Will Climate Change Matter Recently, I was invited to speak at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference on a panel entitled “Election 2024: How Will Climate Change Matter?” You can watch the full panel discussion here, but […]

Michigan AG Plans To Sue Fossil Fuels Companies

Perhaps the AG can explain who Michigan can survive without fossil fuels. All those automobiles produced. All the shipping across the Great Lakes. How will they clear all the snow? Nessel plans to sue oil and gas companies over Michigan’s changing climate Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Thursday her intention to sue the fossil […]

Vermont Passes Law Requiring Fossil Fuel Companies To Pay For Climate Doom

I mentioned back in early April that Vermont was looking to do this. Now, they have. And more Vermont passes bill to charge fossil fuel companies for damage from climate change Vermont lawmakers passed a bill this week that is designed to make big fossil fuel companies pay for damage from weather disasters fueled by […]

EPA Announces New Standards Which Will Raise Energy Prices

It doesn’t really matter to the Elites who makes these rules (do they have the statutory authority to do this?) because they tend to be rich so it doesn’t bother their pocketbooks. To the working and middle class? This will hurt in a time when energy is already high EPA to announce new energy standards […]

German Peasants Warned They Could Be Restricted From Driving On The Weekends To Meet Net Zero

Well, hey, this is the kind of insanity that German voters voted for, so, they shouldn’t be surprised or resistant (via Steve Milloy) German transport minister warns of weekend driving ban Germany’s transport minister has warned that driving will have to be banned at the weekends unless the country’s net zero laws are changed. Volker Wissing’s FDP […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Is Being Built Into Pay And Benefits

Well, gee wiz, this won’t cause the cost of goods and services to go up, right? How climate change is beginning to be built into employee pay and benefits More workers in today’s labor market want to take action on climate change in some way as part of their jobs, yet many encounter a major […]

ICJ Receives 91 Statements On Whether “Climate Polluting” Nations Must Pay

Obviously, these are pretty much all 2nd and 3rd World nations who are looking for some sweet, sweet, no strings attached moola International Court Receives 91 Written Statements In Climate Change Opinion The International Court of Justice has announced that a record high 91 member states and organizations have submitted written statements on its advisory opinion […]

Portuguese Youts, Swiss Boomers Await Climate (scam) Rulings Or Something

So, what we have here is a bunch of youts who have basically asked courts to restrict their freedom and life choices while increasing their cost of living, and a bunch of boomers who have already had their good lives looking to restrict that of the youts Portuguese Gen Z and Swiss boomers await pivotal […]

Vermont Looks To Pass Law Requiring Fossil Fuels Companies To Pay For Climate Doom

I wonder how the state will operate when the fossil fuels companies simply stop operating in the state? What happens with all the boats, planes, cars, trucks, tractors, and natural gas for heating? Or, that they simply pass the costs on to consumers and fuels costs start to look like California? Vermont advances bill requiring […]

Good News: Biden Cracks Down On Diesel Trucks To Save Us From Climate Doom

This totally won’t increase the cost of goods, including food, right? Pretty much everything that moves by truck. TVs, computers, smartphones, clothes, shoes, vehicles (car carriers), guitars, beds and sheets, couches, chairs, tables, appliances, etc and so on Biden cracks down on diesel trucks in bid to fight climate change, reduce emissions The Biden administration […]

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