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Biden Regime Now Coming For Your Dishwasher Due To Climate Crisis (scam)

Just another initiative that will drastically increase the cost of dishwashers, which will hurt the working and middle classes Biden Energy Department Starts Crackdown On Dishwashers Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced new efficiency regulations for dishwashers, beverage vending machines, and electric motors on Friday, the latest of several actions from the Biden administration to decrease […]

Surprise: Study Shows EVs Only Really Benefit The Rich

This comes from that vastly right wing outlet (sic), the San Francisco Examiner, so, it must be disinformation Study: EVs do help air pollution, but really only benefit the wealthy A new study shows that electric vehicles are helping make the air cleaner in California. But it’s only benefiting the wealthy. From a purely real environmental POV, […]

LA Times Is Very Upset Over Dumping Bolt For SUV EVs

Interestingly, the LA Times editorial board fails to mention if they have replaced their own fossil fueled vehicles with EVs. Also, a pretty big admission Editorial: Replacing the Chevy Bolt with electric SUVs would be a climate tragedy Can we pour one out for the Chevy Bolt? When the small electric hatchback came onto the […]

Biden’s Latest Idea Is A Climate (scam) Tax On Cryptocurrency

Well, surely not his idea, but, the people who tell him everything Biden proposes 30% climate change tax on cryptocurrency mining The White House is trying to persuade Congress to pass a 30% tax on the electricity used in cryptocurrency mining in the next federal budget in order to minimize the nascent industry’s impact on […]

Power Starved California Could Require Bidirectional EV Charging

First, the People’s Republik Of California implements lots of restrictions on affordable, dependable energy. Then they require all Comrades to purchase electric vehicles, which means way more power being consumed, rather than being pumped separate from the grid. And then Bi-Directional EV Charging May Become a Requirement in California Officials are starting to realize the […]

NJ Star Ledger Editorial Board Demands NJ Force Residents Into EVs

I have to wonder if the SLEB understands how many people who live in NJ drive quite a bit for commuting, heading into the city, going down to Atlantic City, heading down to the Shore. I also wonder if the members of the SLEB have switched over to EVs themselves. Further, when they are going […]

Hey, We Should Treat Reversing ‘Climate Change’ As A Global Public Good Or Something

What’s that old saying about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions? Communist countries also talked a lot about the public good Reversing climate change should be treated as a global public good Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who was in Washington last week for the annual Spring Meetings of the World Bank and […]

NYC Mayor Excited To Reduce Meat Consumption For The Peasants

Having solved all the problems in NYC, like, with all the rats, Mayor Adams has set his sights on something Important NYC Mayor Adams vows to take a bite out of meat consumption with new carbon reduction plan Mayor Adams promised to take a bite out of New York City’s greenhouse footprint Monday by reducing […]

CNN: ‘Climate Change’ Is Making Disaster Recovery Worse For People Of Color Or Something

No one should be surprised by CNN making this all about raaaaacism, are they? They shouldn’t, as this is not about science, but, implementing more and bigger government Racial disparities are working against disaster recovery for people of color. Climate change could make it worse People of color in the US face heightened risks of […]

Washington Post Totally Knows What’s The Biggest Impediment To Everyone Driving An EV

See, it’s not the exorbitant cost Here’s the biggest hurdle facing America’s EV revolution The Biden administration just unveiled some of the most aggressive auto climate rules in the world – the latest step for an administration that has gone all-in on EVs. But America’s EV transition could soon stumble: not because of high car […]

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