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Even CNN Is Not Enamoured With Comrade Bernie’s Medicare For All Plan

Has anyone told CNN that pretty much every Democrat’s Medicare for All (government run health insurance) scheme is similar? Of course, Comrade Bernie iw the leader in all this, and his plan is putting the comrade in Comrade Here’s what Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ proposal actually says Sen. Bernie Sanders has been pushing a single-payer health […]

Comrade Bernie Release New Explanation On How He’ll Pay For His Plans, Control Citizen’s Lives

Look, we all know that Comrade Bernie is Comrade Bernie, and he’s trying to win the Democrat nomination during the primaries, but, you have to wonder how well this will play with the primary voters who are not unhinged Big Government Dems, as well as during the general election Bernie Sanders reveals ‘major plans’ to […]

Washington Post: Trump And Comrade Sanders Are Ignoring Reality Of Hotcoldwetdry

According to Wikipedia, “Frederick Samuel “Fred” Hiatt (born April 30, 1955) is the editorial page editor of The Washington Post. He also writes fake news for the page, as well as a biweekly column that appears on Mondays.” Huh, someone stealth edited the Wiki. Anyhow, Fred is rather vexed How Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders […]

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