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New “Landmark” Climate Report Recommends $240 Per Gallon Carbon Tax

As you know, there was a big climate change (scam) report released Monday that many media outlets are super enthused over Fewer than half of the top 50 U.S. newspapers featured the new landmark IPCC climate report on their homepages this morning. Was your hometown paper one of them? Find out. Analysis by @theodorejay: […]

Christine Todd Whitman: A Carbon Tax is Totally The Free Market Or Something

Christine Todd Whitman, formally governor of New Jersey totally convinces me that man-caused climate change is real, and that mankind is mostly/solely responsible! The original headline was something about Republicans reclaiming our tradition Gov. Whitman: I’m glad to see Republicans recognizing climate change. Now they must do something During my time as both governor of […]

World Bank Chief Totally Enthused To Push Carbon Taxes

It’s always wonderful when a rich person who takes lots of fossil fueled trips and wouldn’t really be affected by carbon taxes pushes carbon taxes, which is kinda letting the cat out of the bag as to what this is all really about Carbon taxes necessary in climate fight: World Bank chief MONTREAL (AFP) – […]

Climatruther: Let’s Put A Price On Other People’s Carbon Output

This is one of those small things, but, when you have lots of small things they add up to a big thing. Kinda like that change jar with pennies, nickles, and dimes, which suddenly has $100 in. And this small thing is a Warmist wanting to put his beliefs on Other People Letter: Put a […]

Bummer: Judge Tosses Kids’ Lawsuit On ‘Climate Change’ In Washington State

Cue the sad face Judge Dismisses Youth Climate Change Lawsuit in Washington State A group of young climate advocates who sued the state of Washington to force it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lost their case on Tuesday when a judge sided with the state and agreed to dismiss it. The judge urged them to […]

Surprise: Warmists Admit Carbon Taxes Are Jobs Killers

This won’t get any airplay here in the U.S., nor most other countries, because it’s inconvenient The Liberals have now admitted the carbon tax is a job-killer — Blazing CatFur (@Blazingcatfur) August 8, 2018 The Blazing Cat Fur post leads to this piece in the Toronto Sun (for those not familiar, that’s Canadian […]

The Conservative, Millennial Approach To Solving ‘Climate Change’ Looks A Lot Like The Warmist Approach

I’ve covered this kind of thing again and again and again: so-called Republicans/Conservatives advocating for Doing Something about anthropogenic climate change in a manner than is the same as the Warmists but uses different language. Here we have Jacob Abel, a youngster attending Seton Hall in NJ but sorta from the Charlotte, NC area, publishing […]

Even If You Don’t Believe In ‘Climate Change’, You Should Totally Be Up For A Carbon Tax Or Something

It’s funny how the Warmists are always finding new and exciting ways to push one of their main “solutions”, a carbon tax. Here we have Elen Van Velsor, group leader of the Greensboro chapter and North Carolina’s state coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby, being funny Ellen Van Velsor: This climate-change plan could work This news […]

If Carbon Taxes Were So Awesome, You’d Think Supporters Would Be For Transparency

Here’s a fun one from the land of maple syrup and Tim Horton’s, from the Toronto Sun editorial board, not exactly paragons of ‘climate change’ skepticism EDITORIAL: The carbon tax cover up continues It’s not rocket science. At least it shouldn’t be. Although the way the Liberals are acting you’d think it’s a superhuman feat […]

Climate Change Is Biblical And Playing Out On The News Nightly Or Something

The lengths that Cult of Climastrology members won’t go to in order to implement taxes/fees on citizens "“Climate change used to be an abstraction. It used to be a graph. Now we’re seeing biblical events play out on the 6 o’clock evening news.” — NYT Climate (@nytclimate) March 1, 2018 From the link This […]

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