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The “Smart Solution” To Climate Crisis (scam)? A Multi-Nation Carbon Tax!

Climate cultists just refuse to give up on their taxation schemes, evolving them, massaging them, and now, expanding them Here’s a Smart Solution to Climate Change There’s a great way the U.S. and the European Union could together address two huge challenges in one policy sweep. It’s to create a transatlantic “carbon club,” which I’ll […]

Surprise: Canada To Raise Carbon Tax Prices

Interestingly, the same government applying the cultish taxation scheme isn’t really giving up its own use of fossil fuels and such, because it would be really difficult to run a government in the cold and snowy conditions of Canada without them. See how well your Tesla does next time Canada gets a big snowstorm Canada […]

Bummer: Carbon Taxes Failed To Lower Emissions In Canadian Provinces

Carbon taxes are really just another way for governments to take more money from citizens and private entities while doing nothing to reduce the government’s carbon footprint. Have you ever seen government cut back, especially since all their fossil fueled operations are paid for by forcibly taking money from citizens Report says carbon taxes in […]

Warmists Get Tiny Little Sales Tax On November Ballot In Denver

The best part will be when this gets shot down, as most climate scam taxes do. But, while I want it to be shot down in order to laugh at the climate cultists, I also want to see it pass, because we all know the sales tax will start increasing and increasing A sales tax […]

Bummer: Carbon Taxes Are Not So Popular Anymore

The one thing this article forgets is to mention what is popular with Alarmists Putting A Price On Carbon: It Was Hot, Now It’s Not “A carbon tax is the most straight-forward and efficient strategy for quickly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” That statement, from Bernie Sanders in 2014, was accepted as gospel in climate policy circles for […]

San Diego Residents To See A $21.11 Rebate On Energy Bills From California’s Carbon Scheme

Well, hey, maybe all us skeptics were wrong about losing money from carbon schemes SDG&E customers to get $21.11 climate credit on April bill San Diego Gas & Electric customers will see a credit on their April bill due to California’s fight against climate change. SDG&E says a $21.11 California Climate Credit will appear on […]

We Should Have Cash Payments For ‘Climate Change’ Just Like Bat Soup Virus Or Something

Why would we need cash payments to solve Hotcoldwetdry? Isn’t everything supposed to be hunky dory when climate policy is implemented? Cash payments during coronavirus, and in fighting climate change COVID-19 is foremost a public health crisis, but as it has unfolded, it has rippled out into an economic crisis, too. The stock market has […]

Oregon Republicans Walk Out On Passing Carbon Tax, Want Voters To Vote On It Directly

Why do Democrats not want to give the citizens of Oregon a direct vote on something this important? GOP lawmakers walk out after Oregon climate bill advances Republican senators slipped out of the Oregon State Capitol on Monday, preventing the state Senate from convening in an attempt to doom a bill aimed at stemming global […]

Washington Post: Trump And Comrade Sanders Are Ignoring Reality Of Hotcoldwetdry

According to Wikipedia, “Frederick Samuel “Fred” Hiatt (born April 30, 1955) is the editorial page editor of The Washington Post. He also writes fake news for the page, as well as a biweekly column that appears on Mondays.” Huh, someone stealth edited the Wiki. Anyhow, Fred is rather vexed How Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders […]

A Coalition Of Big Businesses Are Pushing A Carbon Tax: What’s In It For Them?

Time magazine’s resident Warmist, Justin Worland, notices another big company calling for a carbon tax, and wonders if this is the solution to solving ‘climate change’ (scam) A Group of Big Businesses is Backing a Carbon Tax. Could It Be a Solution to Climate Change? The long list of big companies backing a carbon tax […]

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