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Democrat Governors To Push Lots Of ‘Climate Change’ Steps

Despite climate change measures, particularly some type of taxation, continuing to fail at the ballot box, Democrats are not going to give up on plans to take more money from citizens and take more control of their lives New governors plan aggressive climate steps New and recently re-elected Democratic governors plan a series of aggressive […]

Warmists Expose That Carbon Taxes Are Bad For Non-Rich, But Still Want Carbon Taxes

The NY Times notes the problem with carbon taxes, but just cannot give up on them ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Shake France. Here’s the Lesson for Climate Change. Vincent Picard describes himself as a “militant ecologist.” But when protesters took to the streets to express their rage over a planned increase in France’s fuel tax, Mr. […]

Urgency To Implement Lots Of Rules Is Main Theme Of ‘Climate Change’ Meeting In Poland

Good news! Our ‘climate change’ betters are gathering in Poland for the latest Conference On The Parties, looking to make you do the very things they themselves won’t Climate change: Urgency the main theme as COP24 opens The most critical meeting on climate change since the 2015 Paris agreement has opened in Katowice, Poland. The […]

Washington Post: Free Market Republicans Should Totally Want A Carbon Tax Or Something

There are obviously lots and lots of thinly veiled opinion pieces and stated opinion pieces running through the news with last Friday’s release of a ‘climate change’ study. It’s a yearly thing, as at least one Big Study is released shortly before the late November/early December UN IPCC Conference On the Parties meeting. The NY […]

Greenpeace Super Excited To Keep People From Learning The Cost Of Carbon Taxes

First, members of the Cult of Climastrology are super excited to agitate for carbon taxes/fess on Other People. Next, they’re super excited to make sure that citizens do not find out that those same taxes/fees are costing them GREENPEACE REPORTEDLY FIGHTING TO STOP DRIVERS FROM LEARNING ABOUT CARBON TAX COSTS Greenpeace is reportedly challenging the […]

Bummer: Voters Still Voting Against Stopping “Ecological Disaster”

I find it interesting that people who refuse to change their own lives to accord with their ‘climate change’ beliefs, and often have bigger carbon footprints than average, are always shocked that their attempts to require people to pay more in taxes, raise their cost of living, and control their lives fail OUR CLIMATE IS […]

Toronto Sun: A Carbon Tax Is A Tax On Pollution, Not People Or Something

Except for the fact carbon dioxide isn’t pollution, but a trace gas necessary for life on Earth. The Toronto Sun’s Jim Warren tells us that we need to stop our partisan discourse and just….give in to those who want to increase our cost of living Carbon tax is about punishing pollution, not people It’s time […]

Canada Passed A Carbon Tax Scheme That Will Give Canadians (More Of Their Own) Money Or Something

Funny how all this works Canada passed a carbon tax that will give most Canadians more money Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, Canada will implement a revenue-neutral carbon tax starting in 2019, fulfilling a campaign pledge he made in 2015. The federal carbon pollution price will start […]

Seattle Times Comes Out Against State Carbon Tax Initiative

It is rather surprising that a very leftist paper in a very leftist city would do this, but, they have Reasons Warmist Seattle Times editorial board says vote "no" on a proposed state CO2 scam tax: "expensive and unaccountable" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) October 23, 2018 From the editorial Climate change is a crisis […]

LA Times Loves The Notion Of A Carbon Tax On Other Companies

Democrats, and some squishy Progressive Republicans, keep trying to make a carbon tax happen. Funny that they never include themselves in the plan A carbon tax is a good idea — so long as it doesn’t come with industry handouts Exxon Mobil made a bit of a splash Tuesday when it announced a $1-million, two-year […]

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