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Surprise: California’s Cap And Trade Program Becomes A Slush Fund

Who could have possibly seen this coming? (via Watts Up With That?) California lawmakers are turning cap-and-trade into the slush fund critics long feared For years, critics of California’s cap-and-trade program have lambasted it as a government slush fund. They say that politicians are able to dip into it to fund their pet projects or […]

Canada Needs To Boost Its Carbon Tax To Meet Paris Climate Agreement Target Or Something

Funny how they always want more money, eh? Ottawa needs to boost carbon tax by $50 a tonne to meet emissions reduction targets: budget officer The federal government would have to levy an additional carbon tax worth as much as $50 a tonne on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to achieve Canada’s emissions reduction targets, the […]

Oregon Carbon Tax Proposal Clears Final Committee, Full Vote Next

They should put this up for a referendum instead of a general assembly vote, and see how that goes. Usually, the carbon tax legislation loses. But, hey, this is vastly left leaning Oregon, so, let them suffer under the policies they push Oregon’s Major Climate Change Proposal Clears Final Committee A sweeping proposal for sharply […]

Surprise: Canadian Carbon Tax Rebates Lagging

See, members of the of the Cult of Climastrology make grandiose promises about people getting all sorts of money back from the carbon taxes passed into law by Warmists to offset the artificially increased cost of living from those taxes, and then Average carbon-tax rebates are lagging federal estimates, data suggests The federal government has […]

Washington Post Has A Sad That None Of The Democrats Are Pushing A Carbon Tax

Writing in the opinion section, Catherine Rampell is rather bummed that the 2020 Democratic candidates, all 453 of them, are forgetting to put forth a carbon tax. She should be careful what she wishes for, because what do you think will happen to a company that relies on the use of lots and lots of […]

Attention Warmists: A Carbon Tax Scheme Doesn’t Really Work To Reduce Fossil Fuels Usage

Canadian Terence Corcoran makes the case that a carbon tax doesn’t really reduce the use of fossil fuels, particularly in discussing the Canadian carbon tax schemes (via Watts Up With That?) Carbon tax smackdown: Terence Corcoran says higher prices at the pump don’t mean fewer emissions According to the oracles of carbon economics, a carbon […]

Who’s Up For A 1% Surcharge At Restaurants To Pay For ‘Climate Change’?

I actually love this idea for Warmists What’s behind a new surcharge coming to your restaurant bill in California Some California restaurants will put another surcharge on their bills later this year — but this time, it won’t be for service or employee benefits. It will be to fight climate change. The initiative, announced Wednesday, […]

NY Times: Carbon Taxes Are The Original Green New Deal Or Something

If that’s what carbon taxes are, then they have also been shot down in much the same way, because virtually every carbon tax proposal in the U.S. has been shot down. Here you have Steven Rattner, who served as counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration (which had such awesome economic policies, eh?) […]

Bummer: Maine Becomes Latest State To Reject A Carbon Tax

With the election of new governor, Warmist Janet Mills, Maine seemed poised to make all sorts of ‘climate change’ laws. One got shot down hard Maine Becomes The Most Recent Blue State To Reject A Carbon Tax The beginning of March brings bad news for carbon tax supporters, who have been successful in getting legislation […]

House Supposedly Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax Bill Is A Trillion Dollar Tax Hike

Just like when you read about Warmists saying a carbon tax is “free market”, be beyond skeptical when they say it is “revenue neutral” A NEW ‘CARBON FEE’ PROPOSAL COULD HIKE TAXES BY MORE THAN $1 TRILLION The bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus claims it is pushing a “revenue-neutral” carbon tax, but legislation proposed Thursday […]

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