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Surprise: Warmists Want Global Authority To Fight Climate Crisis (scam) By Taking Your Money

Remember, this is all about science, not government controlling people’s lives and taking their money Cop28: how to fight climate change when we don’t even have a commander? Whether we care about the battle against climate change, we are all going to have to help pay for it – either directly through higher taxes or indirectly […]

PRC Democrats Pass Bill That Looks To Stop Citizens From Making It Harder To Pass Tax Increases

Now, why would Democrats want to keep it easier to pass tax increases, and keep those stupid peasants out of it? California Democrats pass measure to thwart business effort to block tax increases The Democratic-led California Legislature voted to place on the ballot an amendment to the state Constitution that seeks to thwart a business-led […]

Good News: IRS To Go After Service Industry Tips

Remember, those 87,000 new IRS employees will only go after those rich folks Biden’s IRS plans to crack down on waiters’ tips The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed a revenue procedure this week to crack down on the service industry’s reporting of tips. The Service Industry Tip Compliance Agreement (SITCA) program would be a voluntary tip reporting […]

Small Online Sellers Should Get Ready For Biden’s Taxation

Those 87,000 new IRS employees won’t be doing anything, right? (non-paywalled Yahoo story here) Did You Sell an Old Desk Online? You May Receive a Tax Form. It’s not unusual for anyone with an old desk or bicycle that’s in decent condition but no longer needed to sell it online and make some extra cash. […]

Woke Pope Says Taxes Are A “Misunderstood Form Of Sharing”

The taxation situation of Vatican City is rather complicated. On one hand, there are no taxes for employees who work in Vatican City. On the other, they’ve owed a lot of money to Italy for tax agreements, and keep stiffing Israel over their taxes on religious properties. Regardless, it’s rather weird for the Pope to […]

IRS Administrator Fails To Specifically Say Those Making Under $400k Will Avoid The IRS

Current IRS Administrator Charles P. Rettig decided to write an opinion piece meant to soothe and convince those making under $400k that they will not be targets of the IRS expansion, but, can’t quite say that they won’t be targets. Don’t forget that in tax cases, you are guilty until proven innocent IRS sets the […]

Credentialed Media Seem Surprised That GOP Would Turn The IRS Into Boogeymen

Seriously, how dare Republicans practice the art of Politics, using something like doubling the funding of the IRS which would mean doubling the number of employees! Sure, they won’t all be “agents”, they’ll be plenty of support staff, who can go through everyone’s tax returns, looking for the tiniest mistake. Think they’re really going to […]

GOP Is Totally Misrepresenting The 87K New IRS Agents Or Something

The plan totally doesn’t exist, you know! Trump allies are attacking Biden for a plan to hire 87,000 new IRS agents that doesn't exist — TIME (@TIME) August 10, 2022 See? From the link “Do you make $75,000 or less?” tweeted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “Democrats’ new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for […]

Democrats Finally Pass Climate Bill Or Something

Media outlets aren’t even pretending this is about inflation reduction History’s Greatest Obstacle to Climate Progress Has Finally Fallen Democrats in the Senate passed a bill that would, for the first time ever, use Congress’s power to push the U.S. to decarbonize. …. But now, on a broiling August day 34 years after Hansen spoke, […]

Report: IRS Will Soon Require Facial Recognition For Certain Online Tax Activities

Sounds, cool, right? Giving the IRS a photo of yourself? But, don’t ask that a photo ID be required to cast a vote The IRS will soon make you use facial recognition to access your taxes online The Internal Revenue Service will require people who access and pay their taxes online to enroll in a […]

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