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Bummer: Biden Will Have A Tough Time Raising Taxes Due To Trump Tax Law

Joe Biden wants to raise taxes? Huh. Oh, right, only on “the rich”. Which is what Democrats always say, and then raise the taxes on the middle class, because why would they raise taxes on the rich people who sustain the Democratic Party? Biden Wants to Raise Taxes, Yet Many Trump Tax Cuts Are Here […]

Key Biscayne, Denver Approve Climate Crisis (scam) Referendums

Both cities approved restricting residents from driving fossil fueled vehicles in the city limits and that every homeowner would put dozens of solar panels on their homes….oh, wait Key Biscayne voters approve $100M bond tied to climate change Key Biscayne residents voted to pass a referendum that would allow the village to issue $100 million […]

Want Your Taxes Raised? Vote Biden

The pledge from Harris/Biden is that no one making under $400,000 will see their taxes raised is a cute one, but, like all Democrat plans, once you dig in you see something different Yes, Joe Biden will raise taxes on those earning less than $400,000 Joe Biden’s tax proposals have gone through a variety of […]

Denver Has A Climate Tax On The Ballot

Will the climate cultists of Denver vote in favor of the tax? Denver climate tax hike aims to fund pollution reduction efforts Denver voters will be among those casting ballots in a handful of major U.S. cities on measures tackling climate change, and prospects of a measure passing locally look good, organizers say. Denver ballot […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Threatens California’s Marijuana Industry Or Something

See, it used to be law enforcement that threatened people growing marijuana (BTW, it still does, if they aren’t growing it at a licensed facility/farm, or if Los Federales get wind, because it is still illegal under federal law). Remember the fun days of Cheech and Chong movies? Now, it’s under threat because you drove […]

Biden Plans To Tax The Rich Or Something

Going to the same well again and again Biden’s tax plan: Eyes on the 1% and corporations like Amazon … Trump’s press secretary opened by saying that “the first night of the Democratic convention left out the fact that Joe Biden would raise taxes on more than 80% of Americans by at least $4 trillion.” […]

Don’t Have Bank Account Info On Record With IRS? Mnuchin Has A Solution To Get Check Quicker

I’ve mentioned before about the concern that lots of people would have to wait months to receive their $1,200 because they do not have their bank account information on record with the IRS. Around 23.4 million owed the IRS for 2019, slightly less for 2018, which were the terms the “stimulus” bill required. Then there […]

Californian’s Vote Down A Whole Bunch Of New Taxes

Seriously, how dare they! Aren’t they super progressive and want to help the less fortunate and save the planet? Oh, right, right, they’re good with Other People getting taxed out the wahoo Had enough? Californians turn down higher taxes, debt Everyone knows that living in California comes with a price: Its residents pay some of […]

US Tax Burden Falls To 4th Lowest Among Advanced Economies

You’ll never guess why US taxes drop to 4th lowest following GOP tax cuts: study The U.S. tax burden fell to the fourth lowest among advanced economies following passage of the GOP tax law, according to data released Thursday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The report found that the share of the economy […]

We Can Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution 40% In 10 Years With A Tax Or Something

And it is totally bipartisan, you guys! How to Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution by Nearly 40 Percent in 10 Years In Washington, the immaculate solution to climate change has a name: a bipartisan, revenue-neutral carbon tax. The idea should have wide appeal. Under the plan, the government would charge companies for every ton of greenhouse […]

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