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Tiny Homes Won’t Save Us From Climate Doom, But Taxes Will Or Something

Tom Nelson likes to tweet a lot that “we can solve this with a tax.” The best type of sarcasm is that which is completely true Elon Musk’s tiny home won’t help save the world. Paying more taxes would Elon Musk has an enormous rocket and a tiny house. Last year the multibillionaire (who is the second-richest […]

States Learning Democrats “Infrastructure” Bill Seriously Restricts Ability To Build Roads

The people pushing to pass the bill want all the states to focus on building trains and getting people to ride the bus rather than fossil fueled vehicles. You know, those buses and trains Democrats won’t use themselves Democrats look to crush states’ highway habit House Democrats are trying to use a massive climate and […]

NYC Residents Leaving In Droves Over Tax Hikes

Why? Isn’t this what they want? Aren’t high taxes preferable for Democrats, who are the predominant voters in New York City? This is what they vote for. This is what the politicians they vote for want. Why are they leaving when they’re getting what they want? New York City facing exodus after officials hike taxes […]

China Joe’s “No Tax Pledge” Could Sink His Climate Scam Initiative Or Something

Hmm, what would be his “no tax pledge”? That he wouldn’t raise taxes on people making less than $400k a year. Which has morphed into families at $400k, individuals at $200k. And Warmists think this is a problem, as they want Everyone Else but themselves taxed How Biden’s No-Tax Pledge Could Sink His Climate Change […]

Unlike “Stimulus”, Biden Will Have A Tougher Time Selling Tax Hikes Or Something

CNN’s John Harwood is rather squeeing over China Joe being able to get his COVID “stimulus” through Congress. It was so easy that Democrats had to pass it using reconciliation, because Joe couldn’t get any Republican votes, because House and Senate Democrats, along with Dementia Joe, didn’t bother trying to craft a bipartisan bill, didn’t […]

Old And Busted: Not Raising Taxes On People Making Less Than $400K A Year

What was that old saying about Obama, something about every promise having an expiration date? Who was in the Executive Office with him? You idiots fell for it — The Dank Knight 🦇 (@capeandcowell) March 17, 2021 And here we go Psaki said at her daily press briefing that the proposed $400,000 threshold […]

Bummer: Biden Will Have A Tough Time Raising Taxes Due To Trump Tax Law

Joe Biden wants to raise taxes? Huh. Oh, right, only on “the rich”. Which is what Democrats always say, and then raise the taxes on the middle class, because why would they raise taxes on the rich people who sustain the Democratic Party? Biden Wants to Raise Taxes, Yet Many Trump Tax Cuts Are Here […]

Key Biscayne, Denver Approve Climate Crisis (scam) Referendums

Both cities approved restricting residents from driving fossil fueled vehicles in the city limits and that every homeowner would put dozens of solar panels on their homes….oh, wait Key Biscayne voters approve $100M bond tied to climate change Key Biscayne residents voted to pass a referendum that would allow the village to issue $100 million […]

Want Your Taxes Raised? Vote Biden

The pledge from Harris/Biden is that no one making under $400,000 will see their taxes raised is a cute one, but, like all Democrat plans, once you dig in you see something different Yes, Joe Biden will raise taxes on those earning less than $400,000 Joe Biden’s tax proposals have gone through a variety of […]

Denver Has A Climate Tax On The Ballot

Will the climate cultists of Denver vote in favor of the tax? Denver climate tax hike aims to fund pollution reduction efforts Denver voters will be among those casting ballots in a handful of major U.S. cities on measures tackling climate change, and prospects of a measure passing locally look good, organizers say. Denver ballot […]

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