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Don’t Have Bank Account Info On Record With IRS? Mnuchin Has A Solution To Get Check Quicker

I’ve mentioned before about the concern that lots of people would have to wait months to receive their $1,200 because they do not have their bank account information on record with the IRS. Around 23.4 million owed the IRS for 2019, slightly less for 2018, which were the terms the “stimulus” bill required. Then there […]

Californian’s Vote Down A Whole Bunch Of New Taxes

Seriously, how dare they! Aren’t they super progressive and want to help the less fortunate and save the planet? Oh, right, right, they’re good with Other People getting taxed out the wahoo Had enough? Californians turn down higher taxes, debt Everyone knows that living in California comes with a price: Its residents pay some of […]

US Tax Burden Falls To 4th Lowest Among Advanced Economies

You’ll never guess why US taxes drop to 4th lowest following GOP tax cuts: study The U.S. tax burden fell to the fourth lowest among advanced economies following passage of the GOP tax law, according to data released Thursday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The report found that the share of the economy […]

We Can Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution 40% In 10 Years With A Tax Or Something

And it is totally bipartisan, you guys! How to Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution by Nearly 40 Percent in 10 Years In Washington, the immaculate solution to climate change has a name: a bipartisan, revenue-neutral carbon tax. The idea should have wide appeal. Under the plan, the government would charge companies for every ton of greenhouse […]

Who’s Up For A “Green Interest Rate”?

If you want authoritarian/socialism, this is authoritarian/socialism, whereby the federal government uses some sort of Scary Thing manufactured by government to inject itself even more heavily into the economy and the lives of citizens. It’s really what’s called Progressivism, otherwise known as Fascism A ‘green interest rate?’ Fed digs into climate change economics In their […]

Liz Warren Trots Out Her Medicare For All Plan

It’s a hoot Warren’s $52T ‘Medicare-for-all’ plan revealed: Campaign still claims no middle-class tax hikes needed Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s long-awaited “Medicare-for-all” funding plan projects the government-run health care system would cost a staggering sum of “just under $52 trillion” over the next decade, with the campaign proposing a host of new tax increases […]

California Gov. Gavin Newsome Wants Investigation Into California’s High Gas Prices

The national average across the country is $2.68 according to AAA. It’s $2.41 here in NC. Texas, with tons of refineries, is $2.28. California is the highest in the nation at $4.117 (all the west coast states are in the highest category, as well as Alaska and Hawaii). 1982 — 43 operable refineries – Population […]

Comrade Bernie Forgets Who Writes The Tax Code

Comrade Bernie, with his three houses with the money he’s made off book sales that wouldn’t have gone anywhere without being a U.S. Senator, really wants to jack up the corporate tax rate and stuff Sanders takes aim at corporate America with new tax plan Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is shining a light on the […]

Bloomberg News Advises Democrats That Americans Won’t Pay Their Carbon Taxes

This is an amusing piece by Ramesh Ponnuru, since it is in a news source owned by hyper-Warmist Michael Bloomberg, himself a believer in carbon taxes. Democrats: Americans Won’t Pay Your Carbon Taxes Much has been made of the willingness of Democratic presidential candidates to risk taking positions that aren’t popular with voters at large […]

NJ Star Ledger That Rich People Don’t Pay Property Taxes On Items They’ve Already Purchased

You can almost make a case that they are calling for the end of property taxes You pay taxes on your house. Why shouldn’t a rich guy pay them on his $8 million preserved shark? | Editorial Most Americans agree that the ultrarich should pay more in taxes. But this is often dismissed as self-interest: […]

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