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GOP Tax Reform Will Hurt Illegal Alien Children Or Something

This has upset the usual illegal alien supporting idiots 200+ Groups Say GOP Tax Plans Hurt Immigrant Children: Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Reject “anti-child and anti-immigrant proposals” More than 200 organizations Wednesday sent Members of Congress a joint letter opposing tax legislation advanced by Republican leadership of the United States Senate and the U.S. House […]

NY Times Offers Well Thought Out Plan To GOP Corporate Tax Cuts That Soaks Everyone

The NY Times Editorial Board actually provides a rational, well researched, well thought out plan, and offers some facts, figures, and likely outcome on corporate taxes. Is it workable, though? What it does do is get money grabby The Right Way to Cut Corporate Taxes Republicans are right about the corporate tax system being broken, […]

NY Times Seems Surprised That Apple, Others, Would Search For Places With Lowest Tax Rates

The NY Times’ Jesse Drucker and Simon Bowers have done some research on the Internet, and are rather incensed that Apple and other companies would dare to “swindle” governments out of money. Along the way, they rather make the point for Trump that the corporate tax rate drives business away After a Tax Crackdown, Apple […]

Trump Tax Plan Might Get Rid Of Electric Vehicle Tax Break

What is interesting in this is that so many outlets were reporting that the tax break might go away with the GOP tax plan. While they were all guessing, since they didn’t wait for the plan to be released (some were still guessing after it was released), few published anything that said “yeah, it’s going […]

Trump Offers Plan To Lower Taxes For All, Obviously Leads To Screeching About Tax Cuts For Rich

Realistically, Trump (or any Republican) could offer a plan that specifically raises taxes on corporations and The Rich, and it’d still be called tax cuts for the rich (Breitbart) President Donald Trump announced the framework of his tax plan Wednesday afternoon, boasting that it would restore the American dream for working families. “This is the […]

NY Times, Washington Post Are Thrilled That Trump Mentioned Raising Gas Tax

Polls on raising the gas tax are particularly negative, even among Democrats, but, when asked, Trump said “It’s something that I would certainly consider”. It didn’t mean he was serious: he and people in his administration typically say that or something similar when they are not prepared to really answer a question. But, this has […]

Trump’s Tax Plan Is, Unshockingly, Deemed A Tax Cut For The Rich By Media

Liberals are pretty much one trick ponies. Like the NY Times White House Proposes Slashing Tax Rates, Significantly Aiding Wealthy President Trump on Wednesday proposed sharp reductions in individual and business income tax rates and a radical reordering of the tax code that would significantly benefit the wealthy, but he offered no explanation of how […]

Trump Tax Reform Would Give Americans More Money To Spend

Is there anything wrong with a tax plan that would put more money in the pockets of Americans, money that citizens, and businesses, have earned? The NY Times has found a way Trump’s Tax Plan: Low Rate for Corporations, and for Companies Like His President Trump plans to unveil a tax cut blueprint on Wednesday […]

Surprise: Philly Soda Tax Causes Loss Of Sales, People To Be Laid Off

Remember when the city of Philadelphia, home to the odious Eagles and Flyers, enacted a tax on “sugary” drinks? How’s that working out? About as well as carbon taxes Soda companies, supermarkets report 30-50 pct. sales drop from soda tax The hell you say! Two months into the city’s sweetened-beverage tax, supermarkets and distributors are […]

NY Times: Shaming Delinquent Tax Payers Is An Awesome Idea

Over the last few years, we’ve heard lots of talk about not shaming people, especially when it comes to “body shaming” and “slut shaming”. But, hey, what about when it comes to taxes? The NY Times publishes an op-ed by Ricardo Perez-Truglia and Ugo Troiano Shaming Those Who Skip Out on Taxes IN 2006, according […]

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