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Trump Admin Reinstitutes Clinton Immigration Law, Open Borders Advocates Melt Down

So, Trump did this JUST ANNOUNCED: President @realDonaldTrump will enforce a Clinton-era law to ensure that non-citizens do not abuse our public benefit programs and jeopardize the safety net needed by vulnerable Americans. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) August 12, 2019 Democrats then worked very hard to ignore the Bill Clinton part Trump admin […]

Hot Take: AOC Accuses Democrats Of Voter Suppression When Her Candidate Loses

Poor loser AOC’s preferred candidate, a fellow Socialist, lost a closely contested local primary. So AOC accuses Ds of voter suppression. The Ds are getting a taste of their own medicine. Racist! Suppression! Xenophobe! This revolution will eat its own. — Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) August 8, 2019 From the link New York is as […]

Here’s A Handy Dandy Guide To Fighting ‘Climate Change’, Starting With Getting Pissed Off

I think this article is several years too late A Step-by-Step Guide to Fighting Climate Change. Step One: Get Pissed Off When people ask what they can do personally to fight climate change, the advice they get is normally not all that great. Riding your bike, avoiding drinking straws, eating less meat, boiling water more efficiently or […]

In Which The Washington Post Realizes Democrat Candidates Ideas Don’t Work

Someone on the Washington Post Editorial Board has suddenly come to the realization that the ideas being offered by the current crop of Democratic Party contenders for the presidential nomination are devoid of reality, and could rather cause a problem. Which is interesting, because this is more of a panic response, since rarely has the […]

Biden Has A Plan To Jail Insurance Industry Executives Who Oppose His Obamacare Based Plan

So far, Obamacare is not doing particularly well during the debates, with the majority of the Love Democrat Island coming out against it, saying it was awful and did not work. But, then their is Joe Big F’ing Deal Biden. Remember his plan? Joe Biden’s health plan is here. What he’s calling for: protecting the […]

Dems Struggling To Figure Out Next Move After Mueller Fiasco

One would think they would just go with the “Mueller? Russia? Conspiracy? Obstruction? What’s that?” defense, basically pretending this never happened. Just move on. Get over it. Focus on winning the 2020 elections and getting some things done in the House. Of course, this would cause their unhinged base, and a couple dozen unhinged elected […]

Gay Parents Sue State Dept For Following The Law On Children Born Overseas

Obviously, everything is awful, and people should just be allowed to manufacture law from their feelings whenever they want Gay Dads Sue State Department Over Refusal To Recognize Daughter As US Citizen A same-sex couple in Georgia said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the U.S. State Department is unconstitutionally refusing to recognize their daughter’s […]

Bummer: Democrat Isn’t Interested In Getting Trump’s NY Tax Returns, Gets Primary Challenger

Not every Democrat is a Social Justice Warrior nor infused with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Some of them just want to go to Congress and do the business of Congress, even if from a Democrat point of view The one Democrat who can get Trump’s state tax returns doesn’t want to. That’s infuriated the left. New […]

Newest Democrat Pet Peeve: Dollar Stores, Which Are A “Problem For Poor Americans”

Democrats have helped created pockets of poverty within their big cities, and certainly foster them and keep them going, creating a pocket of guaranteed voters. Having stores which cater to them is now a Bad Thing Dollar stores are everywhere. That’s a problem for poor Americans As dollar stores sweep across America, they are facing growing […]

AOC Says Brat Squad Picking Up Where Civil Rights Movement Left Off Or Something

Though I was too young to really remember the civil rights movement in the 60’s through 70’s, everything I’ve read showed it to be about freedom, not government dominance AOC on the Squad: ‘We Are Picking Up Where the Civil Rights Movement Left Off’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke at a rally in suburban Maryland on Thursday […]

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