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CNN’s Excitable Don Lemon Wants To “Blow Up The Whole System”

For those of you who are old enough, remember when CNN was a good news station? Now it’s just grade A nutbar CNN’s Don Lemon suggests to ‘blow up the entire system’ CNN anchor Don Lemon suggested on Monday that radical change is necessary in order for the “majority” to have a bigger say in […]

RGB Citing Dying Wish Clause Trump’s Supreme Court Hypocrisy Or Something

One would expect Jessica A. Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School, who “studies the law of the political process, including election law and governance issues. Her work focuses on ethics, political corruption, voting rights, campaign finance, ballot initiatives, redistricting, term limits, and state budgets” to have a grasp on how the Constitution works, right? […]

Trump Trolls Dems With Joke About Signing An EO To Ban Joe Biden

Remember the joke Ronald Reagan told about banning the Soviet Union, with bombing starting in 5 minutes, which caused Democrats to blow a gasket? This is just as fun. Inquisitr’s Kristine Lofgren is Not Amused Donald Trump Threatens To Sign Executive Order Disqualifying Joe Biden From Running For President Donald Trump spoke in Fayetteville, North Carolina, […]

Minneapolis City Council Suddenly Wonders Where The Police Are As Crime Skyrockets

The article doesn’t say, but, I’d bet that a few city council members have had crime and/or threats committed against themselves, their friends, their neighbors, their businesses, or their neighborhoods, and are suddenly Concerned With violent crime on the rise in Mpls., City Council asks: Where are the police? The meeting was slated as a […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Beethoven And Classical Music

Cancel culture will always find something else to complain about, you know Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is one of classical music’s most famous works. But to many, it’s also a symbol of elitism and exclusion. Listen to @SwitchedOnPop and @nyphil explain why: — Vox (@voxdotcom) September 15, 2020 Let’s get this moonbattery going Beethoven’s Fifth […]

NY Times: The Electoral College Will Destroy America (or something)

Who’s surprised that the NY Times is running this opinion piece by editorial board member Jesse Wegman? You’ll love the subhead The Electoral College Will Destroy America And no, New York and California would not dominate a popular vote. In other words, the populous states/cities will dominate the popular vote, making it about mob rule, […]

St. Louis’ Mayor Ran Away From “Protesters” Causing Havoc In Her Neighborhood

Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw notes We’re starting to see something of a pattern developing among the Democratic mayors in large American cities where protests and riots have gripped the streets. It generally plays out the same way. The mayors are very supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and say or do whatever they can […]

Fake News: The Atlantic Trots Out Pre-Election Hit Piece, Saying Trump Slurred Dead American Soldiers

Doesn’t Jeffrey Goldberg know you’re supposed to bring out the hit pieces just a couple weeks before the election? Oh, right, see, Democrats are trying to get everyone to send in their ballots through the mail now, rather than after seeing the debates and having more information come out about their crazy, nutty, hair sniffing, […]

Raleigh “Anti-Raaaaacism” Protest Turns Violent

Seriously, who saw this coming? Well, pretty much everyone, since the mayor of Raleigh declared a 10pm curfew for Friday and Saturday nights, interfering with the rights of law abiding citizens who weren’t going to be involved 14 protesters arrested in downtown Raleigh overnight after memorial, Wake Co. building was vandalized Protesters gathered in downtown […]

Hot Take: Putin Will Be On The Ballot This Fall

Not only can Democrats not let the bad meme go, they are attempting to set the terms to Blamestorm if Trump wins, so they can caterwaul about Trump cheating for 4 more years When you mark your ballot this year, Vladimir Putin will be on it Vladimir Putin is on the ballot this November. You […]

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