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WWIII Watch: ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin

There’s no doubt Vladimir Putin is a bad guy. Did he commit war crimes? Probably. Is this going anywhere? No ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin over alleged war crime of ‘unlawful’ deportation of Ukrainian children The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and another Russian […]

Hot Take: All That J6 Video Is A Weapon

The Democratic Party and their Credentialed Media Comrades, along with some of the unhinged Never Trumpers, are not taking it well that Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson all that J6 video, the video that the unhinged, ultra partisan committee did not want to let the public know about. And now, it’s apparently a weapon, according […]

California Democrat Has Solution To Prostitutes All Over All The Time: Legalize It

Remember this from Feb 9th? California cities rattled by prostitution, human trafficking in broad daylight as cops pin blame on new law Women wearing thongs in broad daylight on street corners, pimps following mothers taking their kids to school, and prostitutes twerking at traffic have become common scenes in California. Local leaders claim human trafficking […]

Gender Confused Man Charged With Indecent Exposure After Doing It In Front Of Children At YMCA

This should be the norm, not saying “sure, male with mental health issues, go ahead, you can use the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms of women” Trans woman faces indecent exposure charge for being naked in front of young girls at YMCA ladies’ locker room A transgender woman is facing complaints of indecent exposure after […]

Excitable Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Bill Making Criticizing People Of Color Illegal

Even with all the extreme wackos in the Democratic Party, this isn’t going anywhere. It wouldn’t go anywhere if Democrats still were in charge of the House, but, it does show that these extreme race baiters are not looking for racial healing, but, racial strife Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Bill Criminalizing ‘Conspiracy to Commit […]

California University Bans Use Of Word “Field” Over Raaaaacist Connotations

Seriously, these people are nuts. The meaning of the word goes back thousands of years, in meaning, and to the middle ages for the German and English words California University will no longer use the word ‘field’ over racist ‘connotations’ The University of Southern California’s School of Social Work will no longer use the word […]

CNN: Trump’s Taxes Are A Big Nothingburger

For all the caterwauling by Democrats over the release of Trump’s taxes, it ended up being a big, big letdown for them. They thought that this would finally be the thing that put Trump behind bars. Or, at least embarrass Trump (can he be embarrassed?) Opinion: Trump’s tax returns are much to do about nothings […]

Hot Take: The Electoral College Is A Threat To Democracy

In Liberal World, everything that thwarts Democrats is A Threat To Democracy. Anything other than one party rule and dominant government is a threat to democracy The Electoral College is hazardous to democracy, Raskin says Rep. Jamie Raskin said Sunday the Electoral College “has become a danger” to American democracy. Speaking on CBS’ “Face the […]

With Police Departments Shortstaffed, Activists See A Chance To Change Departments

Here’s the question: was the whole defund the police movement just something that blew up and it unintentionally led to this point? Or was it planned behind the scenes, knowing that officers would quit after all the vitriol thrown their way, after being denigrated, after being limited in their ability to do their jobs, after […]

Christian Group Denied Service At Restaurant, Media Seems OK With This

These are the same Credentialed Media outlets who get upset over bakers refusing to make cakes for gay marriages, biological men told they can’t be on women’s teams, that crossdressers shouldn’t be reading to children, and that drag shows should not allow kids to attend, and they want to get government to force people to […]

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