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White Guilt Is Shaping The Democratic Primaries Or Something

Of course, the unhinged notion of white guilt, which has been building among the crazy Democratic Party base for most of this decade, is somehow linked to Trump. And, let’s not forget, while Dems yap about it, they never really do anything about it. Because, at their heart, they’re still the party of the KKK, […]

House Dems Won’t MoveOn, Want Mueller Report Grand Jury Material

If your car has a bad transmission, tires are bald, starter is hinky, shocks are worn out, and radiator is leaking (so AC and heat do not work properly), it would be time to move on, right? Key House panel asks federal judge for grand-jury evidence underlying the Mueller report A federal judge will hear […]

Say, Those Extinction Rebellion Folks Seem Pretty White, Eh?

Let’s face it, the Cult of Climastrology is pretty darned Caucasian overall. Most of the leaders are white. St. Greta Thunberg, the newest face of the CoC, is beyond white. And now even the climahysteric UK Guardian has noticed this with Extinction Rebellion, and it’s a doozy Deep green is SOOOO white… — Ben […]

Hot Take: Exercising Can Make You A Right-Winger

No wonder so many Leftists are soft and weak I went for a run this morning. Now I feel the urge to invade Poland — Claire Lehmann (@clairlemon) October 1, 2019 Zoe WIlliams looks exactly like a typical leftist scold, eh? From the screed It’s not really talking, though, is it? It’s boasting. Fitness […]

Existential Crisis Or Something: House To Take Two Week Break After Announcing Impeachment Inquiry

Well, we already knew this whole Ukraine thing was super important, because Pelosi and the Dems are fundraising off of it This isn’t about politics. It isn’t about partisanship – Democrats versus Republicans. It’s about patriotism. It’s about the sanctity of the Constitution. And it’s about the future of our nation. Are you with me? […]

Obviously, Racial Politics Has To Be Dragged Into The Gun Grabbing Debate

Because in Liberal World, everything has to be about what racial boxes people are to be put in, and that everything is about race to them. They see the color of the skin, not the content of the character The racial politics of gun control When Americans talk about guns, what’s arguably most interesting isn’t […]

Hotcold Take: AOC Says Miami Won’t Exist In A Few Years

I’m sure AOC rode a bike or walked to took a non-fossil fueled bus to Baltimore for the complaint-fest, right? ‘We need to be realistic’: AOC predicts Miami won’t exist ‘in a few years’ without Green New Deal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez predicted that Miami will no longer exist in just a couple of years if […]

HotCold Take: 9/11 Took Focus Away From ‘Climate Change’, Other SJW Things

Over at the NY Times, which has almost no coverage of September 11th, despite being in one of 3 cities that saw specific damage from the attacks (not too mention where all the murdered people were from), Omer Aziz writes what you think might be one of those “Islamophobia” pieces, complaining about people being mean […]

Hot Idea: Tax Companies Which Replace Workers With Robots

So: Artificially increase payroll cost through unrealistic, SJW minimum wage raises Companies replace workers with automation to stay in business Tax those companies Is there anything that Democrats do not want to tax? As President, I would issue a robot tax for corporations displacing humans, and create a federal agency to oversee automation. — […]

Kamala Harris Has A Plan To Make The Lives Of Criminals Much Easier

When she was a prosecutor in California, and all the way up to California’s Attorney General, Kamala was actually rather hardcore on criminals. Now that she is an elected Democrat, and running for the Democratic nomination for president, she is patronizing the hardcores in the Democrat base Harris seeks end to executions, cash bail, private […]

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