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Here We Go Again: Winston-Salem Wants To Change Name Of Its Big Yearly Fair

The city of Winston-Salem, NC, has apparently become all sorts of Woke, despite almost no one having an issue with a certain name After 130-plus years, NC fair will change a name some call a reminder of slavery After more than 130 years, a popular fair in North Carolina will change its name to avoid […]

Liz Warren Releases Crazy Idea To Abolish Student Loan Debt

Hey, why stop here? We could do away with similar debt for home loans, car loans, medical bills, credit card debt, and business loans, among others, right? Why not? If we’re going to use treasury money, ie, Other People’s money to take care of people who legally signed up to assume a legal debt, we […]

Hot Take: Should A White Man Be The Face Of The Democratic Party?

The obvious result of Identity Politics. Now, imagine how a headline asking if a black man or bisexual biracial woman should be the face of the Democratic Party would go down with the SJWs Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020? As Peter Johnson and Emily Neal waited for […]

Goal Posts: It’s Not The Collusion, It’s The Corruption Or Something

Hot takes abound post-Mueller report release. Democrats are not taking it well at all. If they were smart, they’d just move on. The only people who are believing that Something Bad Happened are the hardcore Democratic Party base. Much like with Fitzmas, Muellermas was a big dud. That hasn’t stopped Democrats, and their pet media, […]

Democrats Who Can’t Get Over Losing 2016 Formally Demand Trump’s Tax Returns, Part Two

The late Robin Williams had a joke about British bobbies having no weapons other than a nightstick, in which he would mimic them saying “Stop! Or I’ll tell say stop again.” Having failed to obtain all of Trump’s tax returns, personal and business, with all sorts of explanations, by April 10th, Democrats are yelling “stop […]

Trump Doubles Down On Dropping Illegals Off In Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Whether it was originally a serious proposal, a joke, or just throwing ideas against the wall, it matters nary because Democrat Open Borders advocates are twisting their own panties into massive knots in High Dudgeon. So, of course, Trump will further tweak their noses, because this is a hill Dems apparently want to die on […]

Democrats Meltdown Over Barr Spying Claims

AG Bill Barr lit up the Democrats during a hearing Wednesday Barr says he believes Trump's 2016 campaign was spied on. @brianschatz: "Do you wanna rephrase … I think the word 'spying' could cause people in the cable news ecosystem to freak out." Barr: "Unauthorized surveillance … is that more appropriate in your eyes?" […]

Excitable Adam Schiff: Mueller Couldn’t Prove Collusion, But There’s Lots Of Evidence Or Something

The Russia Russia Russia collusion meme has mostly disappeared from most mainstream news outlets at this point. Nothing in the NY Times or Washington Post, the LA Times in Hollywood #Resistland is bereft of mentions, ABC, CBS, and NBC News all ignore it. Because it’s dead, Jim, just move on. But, this tiny little thing […]

Hot Take: White People’s Diets Are Killing The Environment Or Something

Yup, this is all your fault, and if you’re not actually white, you’ll be deemed something like “White Hispanic” or “White Asian” (via Twitchy) White people's diets are killing the environment: study — New York Post (@nypost) March 28, 2019 Yum, burger and fries. Makes me think of going to Steak N Shake […]

Now That They Lost On Collusion, Democrats Will Pretend It Never Happened (Or Something)

Democrats have been openly saying that Trump and his team colluded with Russia, that he’s a Russian asset of Putin, that Russia is running the White House since the day he was elected. They’ve been yammering about impeaching him, about investigating him and everyone associated with him since day 1. Now that they’ve lost Democrats […]

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