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Kamala Harris Slammed For Essentially Calling Rural People Tech Illiterate Hicks On Voting ID

It seems like a small thing. Kamala thought she was making a good point, especially when almost no rural whites would be tuning in to BET to see the interview. But, deep down, it shows the contempt Democrats have for rural folks Harris slammed for saying voter-ID laws wouldn’t work for rural voters Vice President […]

Good News: Jan 6th Investigations Will Resurrect Democracy!

My goodness, these people just don’t give up, eh? They’re utterly fine with BLM/Antifa firebombing buildings, including federal justice centers, assaulting people, including federal employees and law enforcement, looting, property destruction, creating their own little “autonomous zones”, and so forth. But, a few people became a bit crazy and mostly wandered around the Capital Building […]

Toyota Wimps Out, Will No Longer Donate To Certain GOP Officials

Toyota was put in a lose-lose situation Toyota changes stand, halts donations to election objectors Toyota has reversed itself and now says its political action committee will no longer contribute to the Republican legislators who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. The move by the Japanese automaker comes after a social media backlash […]

Happy Independence Day: NY Times Says American Flag No Longer Unites

How many of you are surprised at all that the Paper Of Record would find a way to crap on the flag and the nation on Independence Day?  Many news outlets are finding ways to get a bit moonbat for July 4th, because they are leftist America haters, such as the Washington Post, which trots […]

Hot Take: AOC Blames Olympics Marijuana Ban On “Racism And Colonialism”

Sha’Carri Richardson has taken full responsibility for her use of marijuana, knowing full well that it was against the international rules. It is actually a refreshing attitude these days, where people Blame Someone Else for their own actions. And, is it dumb for someone to be banned for use of marijuana? IMO, yes. She could […]

Excitable Jen Psaki: We Totally Need 500K Charging Stations In Rural And Disadvantaged Areas

Just wondering if any White House correspondent had the cajones to ask her what she drives, and if it is an EV? Jen Psaki: 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations are needed for "rural and disadvantaged communities." — (@townhallcom) June 28, 2021 Because all those disadvantaged people can easily afford a $31000 (starting) EV, […]

Liberals Who Drive Fossil Fueled Vehicles Mad At Toyota

Toyota dared defend themselves in the face of all the “Democracy” loving, unhinged moonbats upset Toyota gave money to Republicans Boycott Toyota Calls After Company Defends Donations to Election Objectors Toyota is facing boycott calls following reports that the company defended its donations to Republicans who objected to certifying the 2020 election. Axios reported that […]

USA Today: To Fight Toxic Polarization, We Need All Sorts Of National Service

Nothing says coming together like everyone doing service for the government, right? Toxic polarization threatens our democracy. Here’s how national service can save us. Trust is the backbone of American democracy. But trust in the media, the federal government and our neighbors is hard to come by, and our democracy continues to face growing threats from […]

Warmist Snowflakes Getting Upset With China Joe Over Lack Of Climate Scam Action

They could practice what they preach if they’re so concerned, right? Sunrise Movement Getting ‘More And More Angry’ At Biden Over Lack Of Climate Progress The Sunrise Movement is growing frustrated with President Joe Biden’s lack of progress on his climate policies — and the fact that oil and gas executives seem to have his […]

State Of Washington Offers A Free Joint To Get The COVID Vaccine

This is getting kind of crazy, the way so many states are attempting to bribe people to get the COVID vaccine. What about hooking up those of us who got the vaccine before the bribes started? Of course, really, the bribes are, at best, wooing a few who are on the fence. Most had already […]

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