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Liz Cheney Proves Again Why She Needed To Be Dumped From Leadership Position

Elise Stefanik may be a squishy NY Republican, but, I’d rather have her and her focus on pumping up and supporting Republicans and working to get Republicans elected, rather than Cheney who’s more focused on Orange Man Bad and giving ammunition to Democrats Liz Cheney says she regrets voting for Trump in 2020 Rep. Liz […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Darwin

Remember the days when Liberals revered Darwin and Darwinism? Think back to the Bush 43 years, when there were arguments over Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and Religion. Heck, we thought those debates could get heated. If only we knew what was coming, eh? Anyhow, Libs loved them some Darwin, and would protect his theory no matter […]

Woman Racks Up $20K In Tickets, Blames Other People

In normal times, this wouldn’t really even be a story, except perhaps in the crime blotter when she’s arrested for failure to pay them. But, this is the Woke World, where a person who is utterly irresponsible in her driving and following the rules of the road (really, they’re laws) can blame raaaaacism and Other […]

Olympics To Allow Biological Man To Take Weightlifting Wins Away From Real Women

The media is super thrilled over the notion that “Laurel Hubbard” could set records New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard on verge of becoming first transgender Olympian A revision in Olympic qualification standards has set the stage for New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, a transgender woman, to qualify for the Tokyo Games, the New Zealand Olympic […]

Washington Post Is Super Excited Over “Reporters” Harassing Politicians Who “Tried To Overturn An Election”

This would make the reporters partisan activists and mouthpieces of the Democratic Party. Also, the Washington Post, as they’re cheerleading this, seems unaware of what the Washington Post was pushing on the 2016 election even before Donald Trump won (the WP article is behind a big paywall, can’t even read it with Pocket, but, available […]

Next Great Liberal Idea: Police Needing Supervisor Approval To Chase Perps On Foot

Just another measure to handcuff the police from going after criminals Chicago Police May Soon Need Supervisor Permission to Chase Suspects on Foot “No one should die as the result of a foot chase,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said on Tuesday while announcing her consideration of a new policy requiring officers to obtain permission […]

AOC’s Latest Idea: Let The Post Office Also Be A Bank

Also, why is she not wearing a mask? .@RepAOC on postal banking: "What we're asking for is pretty simple. When you go to the bank to mail what you need to mail, to buy stamps, to take a photo or file for your passport, that you're just able to do a few more things." […]

Good News: Obama, Biden, All Sorts Of Celebs To Appear On NBC Sunday To Pimp Vaccines

Is this supposed to be aimed at all the conservatives they media keep telling us are refusing to get a vaccine? I have a question about this, but, I’ll get to that in a minute Biden and Obama to appear in TV special to promote Covid-19 vaccinations President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama […]

Maryland Becomes First State To End Law Enforcement Bill Of Rights

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong? Maryland to end police Bill of Rights after Democrats override GOP governor’s vetoes Maryland lawmakers passed legislation Saturday, becoming the first state to end its police Bill of Rights after the Democrat-controlled Legislature voted to override three of Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s vetoes. The sweeping reform bills remove protections […]

CDC Director Calls Racism A “Serious Public Health Crisis”

Is there a vaccine for this? Will we have to stay home and isolate? The CDC just lost it’s few remaining backers So COVID-19 is no longer working, time to pivot to racism so the Administration can cram more laws down our throats. This is all tiresome — Sire Elf the WereSquirrel and Pepe mount […]

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