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House To Vote On The “Destroying Women’s Sports” And Limiting Religious Freedom Act

Well, not just sports. But, their safety and security in locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms, along with taking away scholarships and so much more. And blowing up the 1st Amendment on religious freedom. Because Democrats priorities do not include getting America back on it’s feet from the pandemic House To Vote On Equality Act: Here’s […]

Hot Take: Excitable Ro Khanna Wants No Small Businesses That Can’t Afford $15 Minimum Wage

It’s always something with these nutters. On the bright side, Ro actually worked in the private sector for many years. Of course, that was mostly as a lawyer for other people’s firms along with teaching, so, he really has no idea what it takes to actually run a small business (video at the link) Dem […]

Next Up For Democrats? A Long, Long 9/11 Commission Style Investigation Into The Mostly Peaceful Capitol Protest

It would be just another bit of theater for Democrats to express their Feelings about Trump, letting their Trump Derangement Syndrome out, but, it would not be cathartic for them like most group sessions. And, really, consider that 45% of Democrat voters felt that George Bush either let 9/11 happen or made it happen even […]

Trump Acquitted Again: What Comes Next?

As you know by now, Donald J Trump was acquitted yet again for shampeachment. The result was never in doubt. We all knew there was zero chance the Democrats would get enough Republicans to cross over to get the necessary 67 votes. Seven did cross over, and the Louisiana Republican party has already voted unanimously […]

Mississippi Senate Votes To Restrict Women’s Sports To Actual Women

We’re probably going to see a lot more stuff like this with China Joe in office, as he and his folks respond to the unhinged Woke pushing to allow the gender confused to destroy women’s sports Mississippi Senate votes to ban transgender athletes from women’s sports The Mississippi Senate voted Thursday to ban transgender athletes […]

COVID Crazy: You Should Wear A Mask While Walking Your Dog

Pretty much every single state and city that has a mask mandate requires you to wear it if you are going to be in proximity with other people. But, you can stay away from people outside, right, so you don’t need to be masked up all the time, right? Au Contraire Wearing a mask to […]

WRAL Demands People Accept That China Joe Won

The ownership corporation of local Raleigh news outlet WRAL is very upset that people are denying that China Joe won the election Editorial: Biden won. Time for the deniers to declare it, too It is time, well past time really, that our members of Congress – particularly those representing North Carolina who have been arguing […]

China Joe Wants People To Stop Shouting And Turn The Temperature Down

Who’s he asking? At a muted inauguration, Biden asks Americans to ‘stop the shouting and lower the temperature’ Forty years ago, I watched awestruck as Ronald Reagan moved into the White House amid pageantry that was 180 degrees different from Joe Biden’s subdued arrival. California’s former governor, an upbeat dreamer, always envisioned America as a […]

Squad Member Jaypal Tests Positive For COVID, Blames Republicans

Update: I’ve removed the original Jaypal tweet below, and replaced it with her tweet and a reply to it, showing her maskless (via Twitchy) See, originally, we were told that only those who were sick should wear masks. Then, around the end of May, we were told that we should all wear masks to keep […]

San Francisco Activists Happy To See Their Tax Base Leave The City

It’s all fun and games till you no longer have Other People’s money to agitate for your pet priorities ‘Good riddance’: Tech’s flight from San Francisco is a relief to some advocates When Chirag Bhakta saw a headline recently that said tech workers were fleeing San Francisco, he had a quick reaction: “Good riddance.” Bhakta, […]

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