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Say, Whatever Happened To The Bribery Narrative In Democrats Impeachment Document?

The document itself is pretty darned pathetic, and worth the read for some laughs Adam Schiff’s Report Cites No ‘Bribery’ or ‘High Crimes’; Only Tweets The House Intelligence Committee report released by chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Tuesday cites no constitutionally permissible grounds for impeachment against President Donald Trump — other than tweets. Article […]

Democrats Quietly Discuss Including Russia Russia Russia In Impeachment

Despite the Mueller report being a big dud after all that moonbattery-mongering from the Democrats (hey, we’re still waiting for all that evidence from Schiff and Nadler and Swalwell they said they have), and it essentially exhonerating Trump from all the “charges”, they’re thinking of including it Democrats quietly debate expanding impeachment articles beyond Ukraine […]

We Need Net Neutrality Why? Internet Is Used As Tool Of Oppression In Iran, Other Nations

It’s a really, really good idea to turn the Internet here in the U.S. into a public utility with massive federal (and some states are trying to pass their own) control via Net Neutrality, right? Also, somehow Trump is being blamed ‘Tool of repression’: Iran and regimes from Ethiopia to Venezuela limit Internet, go dark […]

Narrative Fail: Majority Do Not Want Trump Removed

After all these years of crying Russia Russia Russia and now Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine the Democrats have blown their narrative. They’re out there freaking out over a phone call which was simply normal, one looking to solve the corruption of the Russia investigation, running a sorta impeachment theater, they have the media covering for them, […]

AOC Explains That Impeachment Is About Defeating Trump In 2020

This isn’t really surprising, though, as we all know that this whole thing is the Democrats Trump Derangement Syndrome going back to when they were calling for Trump to be impeached as soon as he won the election. It’s just an extension of Russia Russia Russia. AOC: Impeachment ‘About Preventing a Potentially Disastrous Outcome from […]

Climate Cultists Vow Hunger Strikes Unless Pelosi Does Something Or Something

Good, more bacon, steak, pork, chicken, chocolate, and all the other foods Warmists claim are bad for ‘climate change’ for the rest of us Protesters vow hunger strike to push U.S. on climate change Climate change opponents plan to stage a hunger strike to demand a meeting with U.S. Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi, they said […]

IIhan Omar Accused Of Anti-Semitism In Michael Bloomberg Tweet (Or Something?)

There’s no doubt that Representative Ilhan Omar is anti-Jew and anti-Israel. She’s demonstrated it time and time again, and, if you’re palling around with CAIR, that notion just gets reinforced. If you were hanging with KKK members, speaking at their events, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a racist and bigot, right? But, what of […]

People Of The Future Will Be Shocked That Trump Wasn’t Impeached Over The Climate Crisis Or Something

This is a scorching Hotcold Take, where Esquire manages to combine two Leftist moonbat things Someday, They’ll Be Amazed We Didn’t Impeach Trump Over the Climate Crisis Yeah, Ukraine. But actively undermining our efforts to combat an existential threat to human civilization as we know it surely qualifies as a high crime. You almost do […]

NJ Looks To Revoke Liquor License For Trump Golf Club

If this golf club wasn’t owned by Trump, would they be doing this? N.J. seeks to revoke liquor license at Trump’s golf club New Jersey is seeking to revoke the liquor license of President Donald Trump’s Colts Neck golf club after the facility allegedly served an intoxicated customer who later drove drunk and and got […]

Hot Take: Mom’s Demand Action Is Not Anti-Gun

And they’re grassroots! Yeah, grassroots, except for that whole Mike Bloomberg money — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) October 18, 2019 From the article Moms Demand Action is a grassroots organization advocating for stronger gun control measures, founded as a Facebook group the day after the that took the lives of 26 people, 20 of whom were […]

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