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Leftists Push To Rename Thanksgiving “Truthsgiving”

Every Thanksgiving it’s something with these people. It hasn’t been as bad as usual, since the Credentialed Media has been focusing on the defending Hamas and smearing Jews and Israel, but, the stories are there Liberal columnists call for Americans to ‘decolonize Thanksgiving,’ promote ‘Truthsgiving’ Several online publications and social media users are urging Americans […]

Here We Go: How To Talk Politics At Thanksgiving

I’m sure many more will follow, along with all the “how to talk climate doom with your Republican uncle” ones How to avoid talking politics at Thanksgiving? Consider a ‘NO MAGA ALLOWED’ sign. It’s almost Thanksgiving, that special day of the year when most Americans are forced to spend time with relatives they don’t like […]

Washington Post Surrenders To Pro-Hamas Forces, Removes Ramirez Cartoon

Apparently, the cartoon which showed exactly how Hamas operates was raaaaacist, per the always race-baiting The Root Washington Post Apologizes for Racist Hamas Cartoon That Shouldn’t Have Been Published in the First Place On Wednesday, The Washington Post finally removed a racist editorial cartoon that showed a Hamas leader using civilians as human shields. It […]

Idiot Law Students Losing Positions Is Now Raaaaacist

While the article doesn’t really dive in making a case for raaaaacism, how else can we read a headline like this from the outlet Blavity, which is all about black folks and likes to play the race card? Black NYU Law Student Speaks Out After Job Offer Rescinded Following Pro-Palestine Letter One Black law student […]

If You Use Ice, You’re Privileged Or Something

Well, I really didn’t have this on the bingo card Ice is appearing everywhere, from iced drinks to ice sculptures, all at once. While this ice trend is mostly about harmless fun, the growing prevalence of drought and water insecurity point to a future where ice will be at an ever-greater premium. — Axios […]

Bud Light Boycott Sees AB Stock Drop 10% In Second Quarter

This should be a lesson: don’t play stupid games when your base consists of right leaning folks. Will AB learn? Will other companies learn? Bud Light sales plunge following boycott over campaign with transgender influencer Anheuser-Busch Inbev reported a drop in U.S. revenue in the second quarter as Bud Light sales plunged amid a conservative backlash over […]

NBC News: It’s Impossible To Change Your Race

The heck you say Inside the online world of people who think they can change their race Since before she hit double digits, Alisa, 15, said she has felt a special connection with Japan. The high school student, who asked to be anonymous for fear of being doxxed online, was born in Ukraine and lives […]

Large Portion Of Millennials Think People Should Be Charged Criminally For Misgendering

How often do you actually use pronouns when interacting with someone? Do you call them by their name instead? It is a very, very silly time in history Poll: Millennials Say ‘Misgendering’ Should Be a Crime, Gen Z Disagrees A strong percentage of millennial Americans (ages 25-34) are in favor of catering to the whims […]

Huhwhat? Brandon Regime To Send Doug Emhoff To Visit Samoa

I’m sure we’ve all missed times when the spouse of the vice president was sent solo to an important nation to forge ties or strengthen ties, right? Because I cannot remember a time when this has happened. This person is not an official. They are not elected and not appointed, and are not there to […]

Unilever Stocks Falls On Calls To Boycott Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

It’s really nothing unusual for Ben & Jerry’s to put out some sort of massively loony and/or left statement. They’ve very much been on the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian bandwagon to the point of being anti-Jew for quite some time, and went all in on the BLM scam (and riots) Ben & Jerry’s Owner’s Stock Falls After Boycott […]

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