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Latest Fearmongering: DOJ Wants To Suspend All Sorts Of Constitutional Rights

The Coronavirus fearmongering has obviously been flying around for weeks. We keep getting all the “Trump’s shutting down the nation for (X) long!!!!!!!”. No one ever actually has a named source, but, they keep having to knock this down, like People with too much time on their hands were spreading unfounded rumors, looking for their […]

Comrades In People’s Republik Of California Keep Calling 911 To Report Other People’s Coughs

This is not the way to do this, folks California residents keep calling 911 on coughing neighbors during coronavirus pandemic California residents are calling the police on neighbors they hear coughing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Riverside County police officers have seen their 15th instance of people reporting coughing neighbors to authorities, according to the Desert Sun. The […]

Trump Calls Out NY Times For Missing Half A Quote

The NY Times still hasn’t updated the article to reflect the entire quote Trump calls the New York Times a ‘disgrace to journalism’ for misrepresentation of his coronavirus quote Media pundits criticized President Donald Trump based on an incomplete quote from a recording of the president’s conference call with state governors about the crisis from […]

After Years Of Calling Trump Authoritarian, Media Upset Trump’s Not Being Authoritarian On Coronavirus

Trump has been called all sorts of things. such as Nazi, Fascist, Putin’s buddy, till the Democrats and the Credentialed Media settled on “authoritarian”. They can’t actually show any proof of Trump doing things authoritarian, but, that doesn’t stop them. Now that he’s not telling people what to do with the force of government, they […]

Net Neutrality: LA Times Wants To Regulate Internet Like Any Other Utility

It’s been two years since the FCC killed of the latest version of Net Neutrality, which was never about neutrality, but giving the federal government massive new powers over the Internet, Internet companies, and what you see on the Internet. We were all supposed to die from the ending of NN, but, we’re still here, […]

Scottish Government Votes To Patronize Women By Giving Them Free Feminine Products

Obviously, the Scottish government thinks women are not capable of earning enough money to buy pads and tampons. Rather a sexist opinion, right? Scotland’s parliament just voted to make pads and tampons ‘free.’ CBS News reported ‘the US could be next.’ Scottish parliament voted almost unanimously on Wednesday to provide “free” feminine hygiene products to […]

Washington Post: Well, Yeah, The Economy Is Great, But, Is It Really Great?

The Washington Post editorial board is vexed. See, the economy is doing pretty darned good under President Trump, and they just can’t have that, because that’s bad for Democrats The economy is strong, as Trump says. But at what cost? AS CONGRESS gathered for the annual State of the Union address Tuesday, there was no […]

Hot Take: GOP Negotiating Witnesses Is Now “Part Of The Cover Up”

The GOP Senate may be pulling that kill switch sooner than later Out: Not allowing witnesses is a cover-up In: Negotiating witnesses is a cover-up I can't keep up — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) January 19, 2020 Oh, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), one of the House impeachment managers in […]

NY Times Wants Senators To Do The Right Thing On Impeachment Or Something

Of course, the editorial board of the NY Times has already convicted Trump, so, of course they want the Senate to be serious Take Impeachment Seriously, Senators It would be nice to have faith that, as the Senate prepares to receive the articles of impeachment against President Trump and gears up for its role in this rare […]

Good News: Liz Warren’s Campaign Is Super Alive Due To Selfies

Apparently, selfies are more important than poll numbers Elizabeth Warren Defends Flagging Poll Numbers by Touting ‘100,000 Selfies’ Benchmark Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) defended her declining poll numbers on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Wednesday, by claiming that she’s taken over 100,000 selfies. After being asked by Morning Joe co-anchor Willie Geist about her “slipped” support in […]

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