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Tolerance: UNC Teaching Assistants To Withhold Grades Over Silent Sam Plan

Here’s a good idea: punish students who paid money in some manner to a North Carolina state funded university over politics UNC faculty seek voice in Silent Sam’s future as teaching assistants’ strike grows A faculty group called Friday for UNC leaders to drop a plan to keep the Silent Sam Confederate statue on campus […]

Rep. Mazie Hirono: Democrats Are Just Too Smart To Connect With Voters

This clip should be run ad nauseum by the GOP and every Republican candidate from June 2020 through election day Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono says Democrats have a hard time "connecting" with voters because of how "smart" they are and because they "know so much." — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) December 4, 2018 Not elitist in […]

Gender Equality Is The Solution To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Wait, did they just assume gender? Gender equity is the most overlooked solution for climate change The list of solutions to climate change usually focuses on technology: solar power, electric cars, devices that suck carbon out of the atmosphere. But one impactful solution is often overlooked. At TEDWomen, TED’s conference focused on women and girls, environmentalist Katharine […]

Trump To Soon Announce Ban On Bump Stocks, Which Is Now Considered “Meaningless”

Remember when the nutjob shot up a music crowd in Las Vegas while using a bump stock, and ever gun grabber out there immediately called for their abolition? Well, here’s this Trump to Announce Bump Stock Ban, A Largely Meaningless Gesture The Trump administration will soon ban bump stocks, the aftermarket devices allowing semi-automatic weapons […]

Who’s Ready To Gather ‘Round The Turkey And Argue ‘Climate Change’?

It’s finally here! A day for Warmists to argue with all their bestest of friends and relatives! Well, really, they argue every day (right before they use a ton of electricity and travel in fossil fueled vehicles), but, now they can do it to a relatively captive audience which just wants to watch parades, football, […]

TDS: When Even Pardoning A Turkey Drives Liberals Moonbat

If you think about it, the Washington Post’s Nelson Pressley went to his bosses and said “hey, I have this idea on Trump and the pardons and how utterly horrible it was” and they said “run with it.” In the lifestyle section. Not even in the opinion section. And we end up with Trump’s presidential […]

You Can Talk About ‘Climate Change’ At Thanksgiving And Not Ruin It Or Something

It’s that time of year where the media is giving all sorts of instructions on how to totally ruin the holidays by making it uber-political, which emanate primarily from liberal outlets, since Democrat voters need to be told what to say. And, because they’re pretty much the ones who ruin holidays. And what better than […]

The Republicans Are Dancing To Trump’s Autocracy Tune Or Something

There’s an old article from 2006 entitled The Left, Online And Outraged, which was about how George W. Bush and his administration were making lefty bloggers absolutely barking moonbat deranged. They were obsessed. It starts In the angry life of Maryscott O’Connor, the rage begins as soon as she opens her eyes and realizes that […]

Well, What If We Gave The Anti-Shark Shark’s Guns?

The gun grabbers might want to ignore this lunatic, but, then, most of the other gun grabbers are lunatics (via Twitchy) Imagine saying the only way to stop shark attacks is with more sharks. — David Hogg (@davidhogg111) November 14, 2018 If sharks are banned, only criminals will have sharks — Shoshana Weissmann, Regulatory […]

Peak 2018? Men Refuse To Give CPR Because Of #MeToo Movement

People talk a lot on social media and blogs and in comments about Peak 2018. And there always seems to be something the following week, day, or even hour that is more peak. We might have an actual contender for true Peak 2018, especially since we are closing in on the end of the year […]

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