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Friday Laugh: Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Charge Cops With Garbage Can Shields

Let’s start off the day with some light fare, shall we? This has all the hallmarks of either a couple people coming up with with they think is a really cool idea, but, still being too immature to realize “this is truly stupid”, or someone giving them a triple dog dare Wild video shows Portland […]

Wake School Board Votes To Nag Parents Over Safe Storage

Let’s be honest: parents with firearms do need to store them in a manner that keeps them away from children. They have to balance being able to easily grab the gun in case of home invasion versus their child finding it and playing around with it, and something potentially bad happening. However, is it the […]

Obligatory: SCOTUS Says States Cannot Remove Trump From Ballot

This has made the liberals with Trump Derangement Syndrome very upset, because allowing citizens to vote for someone they don’t like is destroying Democracy or something. Oh, and it took the AP a lot of paragraphs to note that this was a unanimous 9-0 vote Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot, rejecting state attempts to […]

Here We Go Again: Illinois Judge Declares Trump Can’t Be On Ballot

Democrats love Democracy so much that they’re going to make sure that Trump can’t be on the ballot Illinois judge rules Trump ineligible for Republican primary ballot over Jan. 6 riot An Illinois judge ruled Wednesday that former President Donald Trump should be taken off the ballot for the state’s primary election, citing the Jan. […]

USA Today Goes Full Islamist, Suggest Biden Dumps Support Of Israel To Get Muslim S=Election Support

Why, exactly, do Progressives support Islamic extremist groups of Israel? It’s nothing new Wake up, Mr. President: Your support for Israel over Gaza may well cost you the election President Joe Biden’s decision to unilaterally veto yet another United Nations cease-fire resolution on Gaza, just a week before Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday, shows just how out of […]

It Starts: The Atlantic Suggests Not Certifying Results If Trump Wins

Remember how Democrats freaked about the whole not certifying an election thing? That people should go to jail over it? That’s so 2021 BAD LOSERS Election deniers are a threat to democracy. The midterms could be the last chance to stop them. And now How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump If the Supreme Court Doesn’t Near […]

Democrats Introduce Hip-Hop Task Force

This isn’t real. It can’t be real, right? It’s AI generated? ????Democrats Launch Hip Hop Task Force to Fight Racial Inequity Democratic representatives introduced the Congressional Hip-Hop Task Force in a press conference on Wednesday 'We know that Hip-Hop builds bridges across our communities' Led by Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.), the… — Unlimited L's […]

Unsurprisingly, Biden Will Not Take A Cognitive Test With Annual Physical

Now, let’s play the “if Trump was president and having seriously cognitive issues, how would the Credentialed Media treat this?” Biden’s upcoming physical exam will not include a cognitive test, White House says President Biden will not take a cognitive test as part of his upcoming physical exam, the White House confirmed Monday. White House […]

Excitable Chuck Schumer Super Concerned Over Zyn Nicotine Pouches

Having solved all the big issues facing America, Chuck has Ideas Schumer’s call for federal crackdown on Zyn nicotine pouches faces backlash: ‘Nanny state alive and well’ Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has called for a federal crackdown on Zyn nicotine pouches, eliciting strong backlash in return. The Democrat lawmaker recently issued a “warning […]

FAA’s Diversity Push Includes Hiring People With Mental Issues Who Should Be Nowhere Near Airplanes

DEI can often be annoying and stupid. This version is downright dangerous FAA’s diversity push includes focus on hiring people with ‘severe intellectual’ and ‘psychiatric’ disabilities The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is actively recruiting workers who suffer “severe intellectual” disabilities, psychiatric problems and other mental and physical conditions under a diversity and inclusion hiring initiative […]

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