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Democrats Face Tough Choice On DACA

CNN, in between doing stupid stories, and having their reporters focus on the stupid, decides to run something interesting and deep, noting that Democrats have a tough choice on DACA With just two weeks until Congress is expected to leave town, the fate of roughly 700,000 young immigrants still hangs in the balance. And, it […]

Jerry Brown: California Wildfires Set To Become The “New Normal” Or Something

The fires burning in California are horrific, so, of course, a leading member of the Cult of Climastrology has to rush in and inject the Cult’s dogma (Washington Examiner) California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, warned Saturday that climate change could bring more wildfires to the state as firefighters continue battling at least six blazes […]

Four Takeaways From Gathering Of Mayors Who Took Fossil Fueled Trips To Discuss Hotcoldwetdry

Nothing says “I care” like being a complete hypocrite (NY Times) CHICAGO — Mayors came here by the dozens (45 in total) on Tuesday to voice their support for the international Paris climate accord and their displeasure with President Trump’s plan to withdraw the United States from that agreement. Their solution? They announced their own climate […]

Who’s Up For A Hillary Clinton Tree Topper?

Obviously, this is for all those Leftists who complain about the Christian religion on display in public, people saying Merry Christmas, so forth Celebrate ‘Resistmas’ this year with these badass women on top of your Christmas tree — Metro (@MetroUK) December 3, 2017 “Resistmas”. From the link Could you imagine a more fitting angel […]

Suddenly, NY Times Is Interested In The Line Between Sexual Assault And A Mistake

The NY Times has (mostly) long been on the Everything Is Sexual Assault bandwagon, and that the accuser is always right, should always believed, proof is not necessary, and the accused should have their life destroyed. Unless it was Bill Clinton (with Hillary as his enabler). Or Ted Kennedy. Or virtually any Democrat. Which is […]

Washington Post: Al Franken Is Just The Tip Of The Congressional Harassment Iceberg

One has to wonder if this is a serious concern for the Washington Post Editorial Board, or a bit of Whataboutism designed to protect Franken from calls to resign. Which is ridiculous, because, if he resigns, there’s a good chance another Democrat will replace him, so, it’s not like the Democrats would lose ultimately Al […]

When Will Democrats Call For Al Franken To Resign Over Sexual Assault?

Yes, Roy Moore should drop out. The allegations are just too much. Oh, and then there’s this (via Twitchy) I’ve decided it’s time to tell my story. #MeToo — Leeann Tweeden (@LeeannTweeden) November 16, 2017 That’s a photo of him groping her while she’s asleep, apparently for shits and giggles. And, he apparently forced a […]

Wendy Davis Attempts To Rebrand Gun Control As A Female Issue

You remember Wendy Davis, right? She’s the one who attempted to filibuster an abortion law in Texas, lost, but was celebrated by the Left for yammering on in pink shoes in order to protect infanticide. She then parlayed that into a run for Texas, in which she again lost. Got smoked! And now she tries […]

Are Gun Grabbers Attempting To Rebrand Gun Control To Gun Safety?

For a long time now, the gun grabbers (who often refuse to give up their own firearms and/or armed security) have used the phrase “gun control.” They’ve worked in the gun safety here and there, but, it looks like they could be making a concerted effort to rebrand, much in the way they changed global […]

Boston Globe: “Hand Over Your Weapons”

It’s great how liberals are always saying “nobody is talking about taking your guns” right before they talk about taking your guns With no end in sight for America's gun epidemic, it may be time to consider a radical approach: seizing millions of weapons from law abiding citizens. My latest in @GlobeIdeas: — David […]

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