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ACB Confirmed To Supreme Court, Many Democrats Are Not Taking It Well

Of course, Democrats not taking it well is nothing that should surprise anyone, right? Democrats warn GOP will regret Barrett confirmation Democratic senators are warning that Republicans will regret confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court as the Democrats face pressure from the left to nix the filibuster and expand the court if they […]

CFACT Challenges Handsy Joe To Spend A Month Without Fossil Fuels

This should be a challenge to all those Warmists yammering about getting rid of fossil fuels. Let’s start here Report: Biden Touts Climate Change Agenda While Making Huge Carbon Footprint on Campaign Trail Former Vice President Joe Biden has made fighting so-called manmade climate change a pillar of his 2020 presidential platform, but reports show […]

Americans Are Worried About Leftist Election Violence, Buying Guns And TP

It’s not Republican voters who will commit violence: if Biden wins, Trump voters will just shrug. If Trump wins, leftists will burn their own cities (makes total sense, right?) even worse than what they’ve been doing Americans worried about Election Day violence and chaos are buying guns and toilet paper Tabitha Converse is quietly preparing […]

Young Progressives Aren’t Just Settling For Biden, They’re Settling For Biden

All these young, dumb, Progressive (nice Fascism) voters (who never really show up like expected) are super enthused to settle for Biden Young and progressive voters aren’t just ‘settling for Biden’ anymore. They’re going all in. At first glance, it looks like a typical Joe Biden campaign sign. But written in lettering that mimics Biden’s […]

We Only Have 8 Years To Save The World From The Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

At least the UK Guardian is honest in their far left Progressive/Marxist/Modern Socialist leanings, unlike most Credentialed Media outlets Humanity has eight years to get climate crisis under control – and Trump’s plan won’t fix it In Donald Trump’s world – laid bare during Thursday night’s final presidential debate with his Democratic rival Joe Biden […]

Career Politician Advocates $15 Minimum Wage And Bailing Them Out

Joe Biden hasn’t worked an honest day since the early 70’s. He graduated from law school, did a couple years in the private sector, and then got elected a senator. That’s what he’s done, so, it’s no wonder he has no idea how business works. Donald Trump has had his ups and downs, successess and […]

California’s Governor, Ruling Elites Come Up With Crazy Restrictions For Thanksgiving And Christmas

Hey, this is what you crazy Modern Socialist moonbats voted for, so, don’t complain. And don’t leave the state, bringing your crazy with you, trying to spread it after escaping it. Live under the crazy you created California Just Declared War On Thanksgiving With Kafka-Level Regulations Gov. Gavin Newsom just gave Californians more regulations for […]

Trump Should Avoid Hunter Biden, Talk About Economy And Keeping Citizens Safe

In case you missed it, these are the subjects for the next and final debate, rather than the original foreign policy focus Coronavirus National Security Race Leadership American Families Climate Change Karl Rove says With less than two weeks left before the 2020 presidential election, former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove said […]

Want Your Taxes Raised? Vote Biden

The pledge from Harris/Biden is that no one making under $400,000 will see their taxes raised is a cute one, but, like all Democrat plans, once you dig in you see something different Yes, Joe Biden will raise taxes on those earning less than $400,000 Joe Biden’s tax proposals have gone through a variety of […]

Democrats Introduce Legislation To Tackle Climate Crisis (scam) On The Seashore

We need urgent action, you guys! House Introduces Sweeping Legislation to Tackle Climate Change on Our Coasts Today, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raúl Grijalva and Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Chairwoman Kathy Castor introduced the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act. This sweeping, 300-page bill calls for immediate climate action to protect the communities, economies, and […]

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