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Sore Losers: DNC Files Lawsuit Against Russia, Wikileaks, Trump For 2016 Election Loss

This is the Sore Loser Party being the embodiment of sore losers. They should just stand up and accept that they ran a bad candidate who wasn’t capable of running a campaign to beat Donald Trump, a guy who had never actually run a successful political campaign Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump […]

Bummer: American’s Interest In Gun Grabbing Policies Drops Bigly

There was a momentary spike in the importance of gun grabbing, but, that has faded (VOA News) In the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, many Americans said gun control was the most important issue facing the country. That has changed, despite high profile events […]

Kiddies Plan Walkouts Friday, Wake County Group Wants To Ban All Semi-Automatic Weapons

It’s great when they they tell us their actual agenda by accident (Raleigh News and Observer) Students across the nation plan to keep up the pressure for tougher gun laws with school walkouts and rallies Friday, including an event that’s expected to bring hundreds of people to downtown Raleigh. Students are planning to walk out […]

Surprise: NJ Wants To Go After NRA And Gun Friendly States

Once again, Democrats show their true colors. Instead of going after people who use firearms unlawfully along with implementing laws that make it even harder for criminals to not be able to purchase firearms, and putting big, big penalties on criminals who possess them and use them, NJ Dems are considering assaulting the 1st Amendment […]

Gun Grabber Groups Mailing Voting Registration Forms To 18 Year Olds

Let me ask, did a certain thought just pop in your head, especially after the previous post? Anyway, let’s let people who eat Tide pods and escape to their safe spaces over Words decide the Second Amendment Gun Control Groups Mailing Birthday Voting Forms to 18-Year-Olds A coalition of gun control and progressive millennial outreach […]

Senate Democrats Proclaim Love Of 1st Amendment While Actually Threatening It

So, just a little reminder of what’s going on (Baltimore Sun) Facing a firestorm of criticism, Sinclair Broadcast Group spent last week defending a controversial on-air promotion in which its TV anchors across the country read identical scripts decrying “fake” news. A video montage produced by website Deadspin, which shows anchors at local news stations […]

Vox Notices That A Certain Type Of Shooting Happens Every Day In America

I wonder if Leftists will run out and call Vox, and article writer German Lopez, racists? This kind of shooting happens every day in America — and we usually ignore it Kimson Green, 17, was a month away from being inducted into the National Honor Society. But on Sunday afternoon, he and three others were […]

Ron Paul: You Know, The Left’s Push For Gun Control Is Pretty Racist

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Ron Paul. On a lot of things, he’s a Libertarian crank, and hanging with 9/11 Truthers certainly doesn’t help. Though, really, it was the hardcore Ron Paul supporters in all their wackiness that turned a lot of people, including myself, off from Ron. Regardless, he makes a […]

Even In GOP Country, Democrats Are Going Gun Grabber Extremist

Of course, none of them are really pushing any sort of solutions to punish actual criminals who use guns. This is about punishing the law abiding citizens, and even turning them into criminals, as pushed by people who often have armed security protecting themselves, including taxpayer funded security Democrats even in GOP country shift toward […]

Washington Post Starts The Blame Game Against Trump For Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons

You had to know that the Leftist media would start attacking Trump over this. We won’t blame this as full on TDS, but it is close The latest Syria chemical attack reveals the bankruptcy of Trump’s policies toward Assad On April 7, 2017, the U.S. armed forces fired 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase to punish […]

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