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After Getting Senate Dems To Block Bipartisan Bill, Pelosi Offers Pork Laden Modern Socialist House Bill

It’s easy for Nancy Pelosi to be cavalier when offer legislation that is supposed to help struggling and scared Americans, since she has made some serious money during her decades in Congress, and has no concerns with losing her house, her car, feeding her family, and so forth, not too mention that she draws a […]

Democrats Scuttle Senate Coronavirus Relief Bill, Playing Typical Politics

If they think their polling is correct that this will help them come November, they are sorely wrong. The American people will remember them playing games while average citizens are worried about their jobs, their money, keeping their homes, cars, finding food, etc Senate Fails To Pass Cloture Vote On Coronavirus Stimulus Bill The Senate […]

Democrats Attempt To Push Their “For The People Act” To Reclaim Democracy

Yeah, yeah, getting beyond that we are not a pure democracy, but, hey, at least they didn’t mention Coronavirus. Just kind of implied it. Here’s Democrat Sensators Jeff Merkley and Tom Udall What our democracy needs now: Legislation that returns power to the American people What do prescription drug pricing, gun safety and the climate […]

Republicans Oppose Parts Of Democrat “Coronavirus” Bill, Which Includes Abortion Funding

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? Republicans oppose Pelosi’s coronavirus legislation, flagging ‘major’ problems The White House and congressional Republicans have poured cold water on the House Democrats’ coronavirus legislation to provide economic relief to Americans, signaling there won’t be immediate broad bipartisan support for the pending bill unless it undergoes changes. […]

Californian’s Vote Down A Whole Bunch Of New Taxes

Seriously, how dare they! Aren’t they super progressive and want to help the less fortunate and save the planet? Oh, right, right, they’re good with Other People getting taxed out the wahoo Had enough? Californians turn down higher taxes, debt Everyone knows that living in California comes with a price: Its residents pay some of […]

Crazy Joe Biden Thumps Comrade Bernie

The Bern has burned out, and the Crazy is closer to being the Democrat nominee Biden’s ‘Joe-mentum’ grows as Dem front-runner sweeps Midwest contests, eyes Sanders knockout History didn’t repeat itself in Michigan for Bernie Sanders. And because of that, the populist U.S. senator from Vermont had an extremely disappointing evening on “Super Tuesday II” […]

Capitol Broadcasting: Coronavirus Means We Should Expand Medicaid, You Know

Remember, we keep being told that this is not political, but, then, groups like Capitol Broadcasting Corporation, which runs several properties here in NC, including TV stations WRAL, WRAZ, WILM, along with 5 radio stations, keep proving themselves wrong Editorial: State should make sure ALL in need are tested for coronavirus In the emergency $8.3 billion […]

Totally Moderate Joe Biden Receives Endorsement From Biggest Gun Grabber Group

They keep telling us that Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat. Compared to Comrade Bernie, perhaps. But, it’s like comparing Castro to Stalin. Major gun safety group endorses Joe Biden’s presidential bid Joe Biden has received the endorsement of one of the nation’s largest gun control advocacy groups, Everytown for Gun Safety, in the latest […]

Why Aren’t Young Folks Voting? Voter Suppression Or Something

Every election cycle we are treated to all sorts of young folks who want Stuff Done and say they’ll vote this time and we know that they tend to vote Democrat because life hasn’t smacked them around yet, but, their votes tend to disappear come election day. Why? Young People Aren’t Turning Out to Vote […]

NY Times: With Liz Warren Dropping Out, The Democrat Party Is Rather Sexist

You knew this was coming, right? That Liz Warren dropping you would be blamed on sexism, right? Strangely, few Liberal pundits mention where said sexism is coming from So you're saying that Democrats are sexist? Because they were the ones voting in the primaries, Paul — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) March 5, 2020 I mean, sure, some […]

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