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Surprise? After Trump Delays Deportations Operation Pelosi Calls For Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

President Trump reportedly spent twelve minutes talking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the planned operation to pick up roughly 2,000 illegal aliens who are under final deportation orders as signed by federal judges. He supposedly wanted to give Congress time to get something done on funding to deal with the current crisis at the […]

Trump Delays Plan To Deport Illegal Aliens Under Final Orders

This really does make one wonder what the real idea is behind this. Is he really attempting to play nice with Democrats? Or is he setting them up? Or, it could be that ICE wasn’t ready, or that the delay will make it easier to get the illegals in a week or two Trump Says […]

Democrat Primary Voters Totally Prefer AOC’s Green New Deal Over Biden’s Hotcoldwetdry Plan Or Something

Would this be the plan that she refuses to demand it get a vote on in the House, that House isn’t even considering, and that Democrats, including AOC, had a hissy fit over when a vote was held on it in the Senate, where almost every single Democrat voted “present”? Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly prefer […]

Person With Zero Evidence Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault, Refuses To File Charges

I think she got her timeline wrong: she was supposed to wait till  the Democratic primaries are over, perhaps till September 2020, in order to hurt Trump at the ballot box Columnist accuses Trump of sexual assault more than two decades ago, an allegation he denies E. Jean Carroll, a New York-based writer and longtime […]

NY Times Excited To Get Congress Involved For Any Military Action Against Iran

While much of this is really just a measured, non-insane Trump Derangement Syndrome, the NY Times Editorial Board does have a point Attacking Iran Is Congress’s Call From the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898 to the U.S.S. Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, maritime incidents, shrouded in the fog of uncertainty, […]

Democrat Gun Grabbers Upset That Dem Presidential Gun Grabbers Not Gun Grabby Enough

It just goes to show that “comprehensive gun control”, or as they are terming it lately, “gun safety laws”, aren’t actually about safety, they’re about disarming law abiding citizens while doing virtually nothing about criminals who use firearms in the act of committing a crime The 2020 Democrats Still Fall Miserably Short on Guns Gun […]

House Democrats Have Reportedly Agreed To Vote On Supplemental Border Bill

Democrats have been in an uproar about all the illegal aliens being held in detention centers – what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls “concentrations camps”, for which she says she will never apologize despite being taken to task by Jewish and Holocaust remembrance groups – in a way they never did while Obama was president and doing […]

Poop And Hypo Laden San Francisco Looks To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes

Sure, why not San Francisco Set To Become First Major City To Ban E-Cigarettes — 106.1 FM WTKK (@1061fmWTKK) June 19, 2019 OK San Francisco is on the verge of outlawing the sale, manufacture, and distribution of e-cigarettes within the city. City supervisors voted unanimously to approve the ordinance to update the city’s health code. The […]

Va. Gov (And Racist) Northam’s Gun Grabbing Round Table Didn’t Go As Planned

What happens when the gun grabbers put together a meeting that is for listening, rather than lecturing citizens? Community opposes Governor Northam’s call for gun control at a gun violence roundtable in Abingdon Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will call a special session of the general assembly to deal with gun violence in the commonwealth next […]

Surprise: Democrats Flip On Calling Border Crisis “Manufactured”

Perhaps they realized that a porous border through which a lot of people are streaming through doesn’t play well with middle ground voters, and even plain old moderate Democrats Dems make U-turn on calling border a ‘manufactured crisis’ Democrats have done a U-turn on their claim from earlier this year that President Trump’s concern about […]

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