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“Advocates” Say California Is Focused On The Wrong Solution For Citizens Using Too Much Water

The climate crisis (scam) caused drought has the authoritarians out in force California is in a water crisis, yet usage is way up. Officials are focused on the wrong problem, advocates say California is facing a crisis. Not only are its reservoirs already at critically low levels due to unrelenting drought, residents and businesses across the state are […]

Pelosi Wants To Use Buffalo Shooting To Reign In Free Speech

Of course the Democrats are calling for new gun control Pelosi says Senate remains hurdle in passing gun bill after Buffalo shooting Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday said the Senate remains a hurdle in passing gun legislation after a gunman opened fire in New York one day earlier, killing 10 people and injuring three […]

Performance Art: Dems To Vote On Bill Cracking Down On “Exploitative” Cost Hikes

Oh, I’m sure there are some who are overcharging. I know it’s happening at car dealerships, above what you could call a seller’s market. But, this is not the car manufacturers doing it, but, dealers. Are gas stations overcharging? If some are, that’s not on the gas companies, but, the individual station owners. Heck, the […]

It Took Six Months For Biden To Get To His “Ultra-MAGA” Line

Seriously, this is what Biden and his Democrat Comrades are concerned with, while Americans suffer under high inflation, high gas prices, and a shortage of goods. Remember when Brandon said he wasn’t going to be divisive, that he’d be the president for all? Report: Liberals Spent Six Months Coming Up with ‘Ultra MAGA’ Attack Line […]

White House Ensures That They’re Totally On Top Of The Baby Formula Shortage

So much so that they’ve failed to call anyone, have meetings, but, they plan to! White House Advises Parents Worried About Starving Babies to ‘Call Their Doctor’ White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said parents who are worried about their baby’s immediate needs for formula amid a nationwide shortage should “call their doctor” in a […]

LGB Admin Cancels Massive Oil Lease Sale

Would the sale help gas prices right now? It might, since it would show positive movement in the commodities market. Or, it might not make any difference for a while. Regardless, this shows that the Let’s Go Brandon admin couldn’t care less about the pain at the pump American citizens are experiencing. What’s the highest […]

After Helping Push Putin To Invade Ukraine, Brandon Is Now Worried Putin Has No Way Out Of Ukraine

Biden’s weakness and appeasement helped enable Putin to invade Ukraine, something that didn’t happen while Trump was president. Putin saw the same weakness and appeasement while Joe was VP under Obama, taking Crimea. Joe and his EU comrades have slapped on sanction after sanction, with no real effect, and now Biden says he is worried […]

Bummer: Pelosi’s House Targeted By Pro-Abortion Advocates

Nancy was probably ecstatic when the baby killing advocates targeted Supreme Court justices. Not so much now Nancy Pelosi’s house targeted by pro-choice protesters demanding she investigate Supreme Court justices Pro-abortion activists that have been protesting at churches and the homes of Supreme Court justices over the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade have a […]

White House Doom Mongers On Fall/Winter Chinese Coronavirus Infections

They could be right, they could be wrong. I know of a bunch of people right now who’ve gotten COVID, possibly the latest variant going around, which also seems to evade boosters. The question now becomes “does the Let’s Go Brandon admin attempt to use this for their benefit, and will they attempt to reinstall […]

People Who Understand Foreign Policy Say The Brandon Admin Needs To Shut Up Over Ukraine Operations

Remember back when Obama picked Brandon to be his vice president, thanks in part to Joe supposedly being a foreign policy expert? That didn’t work out so well, especially with Russia taking Crimea. Now that Brandon is president, well, now we have Russia trying to take Ukraine, as you well know, and the admin is […]

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