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Surrender Joe Announces Plan To Combat Climate Scam, Unintentionally Exposes Reality Of UHI

This is fantastic. And then he took a fossil fueled flight to speak to the United Nations, mentioning Hotcoldwetdry to all the other world leaders who took fossil fueled flights (more on that later) Biden announces plan to combat extreme heat caused by climate change The Biden administration on Monday morning announced an interagency plan […]

COVID Today: Biden Admin Implementing International Travel Rules, Elites Are Exempt From Masking

The Dementia Joe admin has mostly released the new rules for traveling from other countries to the U.S. by air. This would be called racist and xenophobic if Trump was president, you know. And it includes something very, very interesting The new COVID rules for international flights to US don’t just impact foreign tourists: What […]

COVID Tyrants Want Biden To Require Vaccination For All Travelers

As keeps being said by so many, this isn’t about science, is it? It seems to be more about using political authority. Further, as so many keep saying, the people who are wanting to mandate vaccines for all are expressing that vaccines do not actually work to protect those who took them from COVID. I’m […]

Biden Admin Says Drone Strike That Killed 10 Was A “Mistake”

Just a mistake, y’all! Pentagon Admits Killing as Many as 10 Civilians, Including Up to Seven Children in Kabul Drone Strike Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted the United States military may have killed up to 10 civilians, including up to seven children, in a drone strike in Kabul on August 29 that was intended to […]

Federal Judge Refuses DOJ Request To Block Texas Abortion Law

Not that the abortion loving Biden DOJ will give up Judge rejects DOJ move to block Texas abortion law A federal judge denied a Department of Justice request to block enforcement of the controversial Texas abortion law. “[T]his case presents complex, important questions of law that merit a full opportunity for the parties to present […]

Pelosi Says Human Rights In China Secondary To Dealing With Climate Crisis (scam)

Forced slavery, government tyranny, repression in Tibet, abuses in Hong Kong, and so much more from China. Human Rights Watch notes TheĀ ChineseĀ government is committing crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in the northwest region of Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Chinese leadership is responsible for widespread […]

Good News: Fines Up To $5,000 For Vaccine Passport Violations Started In NYC

If you’re an actual criminal in NYC, you might be given a free pass if it’s not something major. If it is something major, you might be let out of jail with $0 bail. If you violate the passport mandate? Vaccine Passport Enforcement in NYC Began This Week, Violators Face Up to $5,000 Fines Enforcement […]

Ilhan Omar Blasts Judge For Blocking Ballot Measure On Defunding The Police

Oh, it’s not really defunding, it’s just fundamentally changing the police department from police doing things police do to deal with crime to some sort of social justice organization. But, get this, I agree with her. Sure, she’s a left wing loon, a Progressive (nice Fascist), an Islamist supremacist, an Israel and Jew hater, but, […]

New York Passes Law Banning Fossil Fueled Vehicles Sales By 2035

If this is meant to Save The Planet, why not do it now? Will the state, and, especially, the lawmakers and Governor’s office, be giving up their own use of fossil fuels? What of all the airports? New York passes law that will ban all gas-powered car sales by 2035 In 14 years’ time, no […]

Are COVID Politics Starting To Favor Democrat Politics In California?

This is a very weird article from Yahoo News, rather putting into stark relief that a goodly chunk of everything Chinese corornavirus is about politics, not science With Newsom poised to win California recall, another indication COVID politics may be starting to favor Democrats over Republicans With polls now showing Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom ahead […]

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