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Biden Admin Quietly Releases Al Qaeda Terrorist From Gitmo During Spy Balloon Incident

I won’t say the Credentialed Media didn’t cover this, they just did it quietly, in stories that were buried deep in the paper/web editions, that people probably didn’t notice Biden quietly releases al Qaeda terrorist Majid Khan to Belize after 16 years in CIA custody in Guantanamo Bay as US was focused on Chinese spy […]

NY Times Analyzes Spy Balloon Incident, Calls It Pure Gall (And Forgets To Mention Biden)

It’s amazing: a web top of the front page analysis, and the word “Biden” appears nowhere in the piece. It’s like there’s no president (you can see the piece reproduced here, to avoid the paywall) Balloon Incident Reveals More Than Spying as Competition With China Intensifies It may be months before American intelligence agencies can […]

Good News: CIA Director Says China Prepared To Invade Taiwan By 2027

And China is certainly thrilled that Biden did absolutely nothing to stop the spy balloon China’s Xi has ordered military to be ready for Taiwan invasion by 2027, CIA Director Burns says CIA Director William Burns has revealed that Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed his country’s army “to be ready by 2027 to conduct […]

Let’s Go Brandon Finally Allows Military To Shoot Down Chinese Spy Balloon

You know, once it got done gathering data across the United States United States Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon The U.S. military has shot down the suspected Chinese spy balloon that has been in the sky above the continental United States this week. The suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down on Saturday morning while […]

China’s Not Shot Down Spy Balloon To Pass Over NC Saturday

No one really agrees where it will pass over Tracking Chinese Balloon over North Carolina soon. @WRAL — Mark Boyle (@MarkBoyleTV) February 3, 2023 CBS17 has it passing through the Charlotte area into South Carolina. The Raleigh News And Observer includes this

China Sends Spy Balloon Over U.S., Biden Admin Doesn’t Shoot It Down

I do have one question that hasn’t been addressed in any of the stories: just when did the U.S. military notice the balloon? U.S. Military Monitoring Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon The U.S. military is currently monitoring a suspected Chinese spy balloon that has been hovering for several days over the northern United States. Pentagon Press […]

California Looks To Pass New Gun Laws That Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

The state with the most gun control laws, that mostly affect law abiding citizens looking to protect themselves from criminals, wants to do more California Introduces New Gun Legislation Following Mass Shootings California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other state officials announced new gun safety legislation Wednesday, days after the state was rocked by a string of deadly mass […]

Democrats Vote Against Federal Employees Returning To Work

Nothing better than paying federal employees to sit around at home and “work” rather than having them come back to the office and be supervised to sort of work, right? 205 Democrats vote against bill forcing federal workers to return to the office as COVID winds down Nearly every House Democrat on Wednesday voted against a Republican […]

LOL: GOP House To Investigate Biden Right After State Of The Union

This should be fun Republicans Are Set to Launch Biden Probe Hours After State of the Union Hours after Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union Address to Congress, House Republicans will launch their promised investigation into alleged Biden family “influence peddling,” effectively nullifying any message of unity the president may deliver. Wait, the […]

Climahypocrite POC Lawmakers Want Businesses To Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are (By Force)

If these businesses had any cajones, they’d be asking what the lawmakers in the People’s Republik of California are doing in their own lives California lawmakers want corporations to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ on climate change Some California state lawmakers want corporations to be held accountable when it comes to the state’s […]

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