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AOC’s Latest Idea: Let The Post Office Also Be A Bank

Also, why is she not wearing a mask? .@RepAOC on postal banking: "What we're asking for is pretty simple. When you go to the bank to mail what you need to mail, to buy stamps, to take a photo or file for your passport, that you're just able to do a few more things." […]

China Joe To Soon Reveal How To Spend Your Money Solving The Climate Crisis (scam)

Oh, and not just your money, but how the U.S. government will further control your life Joe Biden to reveal US emissions pledge in key climate crisis moment Joe Biden faces a key test of his commitment to climate action this week, when he sets out his core plans for tackling the climate crisis and […]

Nutter In FedEx Shooting Purchased Rifles Legally

China Joe says that universal background checks will stop this stuff or something Suspect in FedEx shooting used two assault rifles he bought legally: police The suspect in a mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Ind., used two assault rifles during the attack that he purchased legally, police said Saturday. Brandon Scott Hole, […]

China Joe Takes Long Fossil Fueled Helicopter Flight Home To Delaware

This is nice And not one reporter called the guy pushing all sorts of 'climate change' stuff for taking a fossil fueled helicopter instead of the train — WilliamTeach2 (Gab – WilliamTeach) (@WTeach2) April 17, 2021 The train runs from D.C. to Delaware. Remember how they used to tell us that China Joe rode the […]

China Joe Wonders Just Who Needs A 20 Round Magazine

I know a few people Joe can ask Joe Biden: ‘Who in God’s Name’ Needs a Weapon that Can Hold 20 Rounds? President Joe Biden defended his record on gun control despite spending his energy on infrastructure spending, angrily condemning gun owners for owning weapons with the capacity of holding 20 rounds “Who in God’s […]

Iran Claims It Has Enriched Uranium To 60% Purity

Real, or just a way to attempt to demand more stuff from China Joe-Kamala? Iran says it has enriched uranium with 60% purity Iran started enriching uranium up to 60% purity on Friday after an attack targeted its Natanz nuclear plant, Tehran’s parliament speaker said. Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf tweeted: “I am proud to announce that at 00:40 last […]

Fascist Party To Unveil Bill To Pack The Supreme Court

How many times have you seen a Democrat yammer on about protecting our democracy? That voting matters? That every vote should count? Well, since they can’t get their own way on the Supreme Court, they’ve moved one step closer to implementing their Progressice (nice Fascism) agenda Democrats to propose legislation expanding the Supreme Court Several […]

Brooklyn Center Mayor, City Council Decide Due Process Is Unnecessary, Fire City Manager

As violence, looting, arson, assault, attacking police officers, the whole gamut, occurred in the streets of Brooklyn Center (how many people lost their businesses, people who had zero to do with the shooting?), and the streets of other cities, the mayor and city council decided to bow to the mob Daunte Wright shooting: Brooklyn Center […]

Vox: Say, Will China Joe’s Climate Targets Be Enough To Save Us From Doom?

Here’s a better question: why don’t climate cultists practice what they preach if they believe in coming doom? What a fair climate target looks like for the US, the largest historical carbon emitter Biden is about to announce a new 2030 climate target. Will it go far enough? On April 22, President Biden will convene […]

NYC Residents Leaving In Droves Over Tax Hikes

Why? Isn’t this what they want? Aren’t high taxes preferable for Democrats, who are the predominant voters in New York City? This is what they vote for. This is what the politicians they vote for want. Why are they leaving when they’re getting what they want? New York City facing exodus after officials hike taxes […]

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