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PRC Has Wonderful New Idea On Nagging People On Speeding

And if this passes, the next step will be to require auto manufacturers to install devices that stop people from speeding New cars in California could alert drivers for breaking the speed limit California could eventually join the European Union in requiring all new cars to alert drivers when they break the speed limit, a […]

Majority Of Likely Voters Support Deporting Illegal Aliens

There’s a very interesting breakdown in the economic divisions of these likely voters Poll: Likely American Voters Prefer Deporting Illegal Aliens Over Amnesty Most Americans likely to vote in this year’s presidential election say they prefer deporting all illegal aliens from the United States rather than giving them amnesty, a new poll reveals. The Rasmussen […]

UK Guardian Says You Stupid Peasants Are Totally Wrong On the Bidenconomy

The media is rather foolish in pushing this so early. It would be better off in September, but, hey, never interrupt an enemy in the midst of a mistake "Nearly three in five Americans wrongly believe the US is in an economic recession, and the majority blame the Biden administration, according to a Harris poll […]

Sanctuary City Denver Launches Ambitious Plan For Illegal Aliens

Goodness, what could possibly go wrong with this? Denver launches ambitious migrant program, breaking from the short-term shelter approach  In a hotel conference room in Denver, Dallenis Martinez attended orientation with hundreds of other migrants Monday for the city’s new, ambitious migrant support program, which includes six-month apartment stays and intensive job preparation for those who […]

Good News: Aid Coming From Biden’s Gaza Pier Has Gone Nowhere

It seems they’re having a bit of trouble Pentagon says none of the aid unloaded from US pier off coast of Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population None of the aid that has been unloaded from the temporary pier the US constructed off the coast of Gaza has been delivered to the broader Palestinian population, […]

Biden Regime Give Condolences To Iran On Death Of “Butcher Of Tehran”

I remember when Obama picked Biden for his “vast foreign policy experience.” I also remember when all the Leftists in the news media said Biden would bring sanity back the foreign policy of the United States. Here’s the latest example of how bad it is Biden Admin Expresses ‘Official Condolences’ For Death Of Iranian President […]

Uber-Democrat Voting Norfolk, Mass, Mad About Illegal Aliens Coming To Their Town

It’s always amusing when Democrats, who advocate for unfettered illegal immigration, have to actually deal with illegal aliens themselves Democratic town furious over migrant shelter opening in neighborhood Residents in a New England town are fuming that they have not been consulted on plans to convert a former state prison into a tax-payer-funded migrant shelter […]

Yahoo Finance Seems Upset That You Peasants Have An Issue With Biden’s Great Economy

Seriously, you peons have to just ignore the prices you see at the gas station, grocery stores, restaurants, car dealerships, clothes stores, homes/renting, interest rates, etc and so on. It’s all fake, you know, and Biden has been hooking you up Why Americans are feeling bad about inflation despite a good economy Americans despise inflation. […]

House Passes Bill Slamming Biden For Withholding Israeli Weapons

Biden started out mostly strong on Israel, but, has slowly inched his way towards the pro-Hamas/anti-Israel beliefs of his unhinged, Jew hating base, to the point of withholding arms House passes bill forcing Biden to arm Israel, catches Democrats in political crossfire House Republicans tried to drive a wedge between Democrats and President Biden on […]

“Advocates” Whine About NC Anti-Mask Law

Where were they when the law was in force prior to the Chinese coronavirus? It was only on the books since 1953 NC anti-mask bill could violate federal law, disability rights and free speech advocates say An effort by North Carolina lawmakers that would prohibit people from wearing masks for health reasons would violate federal […]

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