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Judge, Lawyer Face Multiple Charges For Releasing Illegal Alien Criminal

Remember, the talking point is that supporters of Open Borders don’t support illegal alien criminals, just the “good ones”. They apparently feel that the good ones are criminals (via Hot AirHot Air) Newton judge, court officer charged with obstruction of justice The indictment in the case states Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and Court Officer […]

Democrats Are Charging Ahead On Passing Some Sort Of Un-named Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This will be right after they tilt some windmills on something else Dems charge ahead on immigration Hispanic Democrats are charging ahead with plans to move a comprehensive immigration reform bill this year, bolstered by recently secured support from some of the party’s top brass. Leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) are drafting a […]

Senate Democrats To Create Environmental Justice Caucus Or Something

It’s, unsurprisingly, focused on raaaaacism, and, who knew that the current environmental movement was so racist? ‘We have a nation which has stunning injustices’: Senate Democrats start new environmental push The U.S. Senate will soon have an Environmental Justice Caucus, to be chaired by three Democrats: Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Tom Carper of Delaware and […]

New York City Mayor Wants To Ban Buildings With Glass And Steel

I’ve mentioned before that NYC was looking to pass their own version of the Green New Deal (which AOC won’t demand be voted on in the House, and she, co-sponsor Senator Ed Markey, and most Democrats had hissy fits over voting for it in the Senate), and passed it. Now De Blasio says New York […]

Liz Warren Releases Crazy Idea To Abolish Student Loan Debt

Hey, why stop here? We could do away with similar debt for home loans, car loans, medical bills, credit card debt, and business loans, among others, right? Why not? If we’re going to use treasury money, ie, Other People’s money to take care of people who legally signed up to assume a legal debt, we […]

Adam “Ample Evidence” Schiff Not So Sure About Impeachment

Excitable Adam Schiff (D-Ca) has been one of the leading unhinged in making the claim that there is tons and tons of evidence. He’s just refused to show it after well over two years of caterwauling. He even made the claim again Schiff: ‘Ample evidence of collusion in plain sight’ Responding to attacks by White […]

Hot Take: Should A White Man Be The Face Of The Democratic Party?

The obvious result of Identity Politics. Now, imagine how a headline asking if a black man or bisexual biracial woman should be the face of the Democratic Party would go down with the SJWs Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020? As Peter Johnson and Emily Neal waited for […]

Top Dems Refuse To View Less Redacted Version Of Mueller Report

If the law actually allowed it, Attorney General Barr should give them the full unredacted version, but make it so the resulting leaks could be easily traced, then file charges. This is just more of Democrats being sore losers Democrats Decline to View Less Redacted Mueller Report Top Democrats responded to a proposal from Attorney […]

NC Gov Roy Cooper Vetoes “Born Alive” Bill

One would think this would be easy: if a baby is born alive, including during an abortion, attempts would have to be made to save the child. But, the abortion on demand sect is so deranged that they cannot even approve of something so simple. Here’s NC blogger Sister Toldjah on the subject Democrat Governor […]

Goal Posts: It’s Not The Collusion, It’s The Corruption Or Something

Hot takes abound post-Mueller report release. Democrats are not taking it well at all. If they were smart, they’d just move on. The only people who are believing that Something Bad Happened are the hardcore Democratic Party base. Much like with Fitzmas, Muellermas was a big dud. That hasn’t stopped Democrats, and their pet media, […]

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