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Huff Post: Hey, Let’s Hold Disaster Money Hostage To Legalize The Dreamers

This missive comes way of Cesar Vargas, Esquire, the first illegal alien to be admitted to the NY Bar, and who has stumped for people to….continue breaking U.S. immigration laws. Let’s Make a Deal on Immigration: Dream Act with Money to Rebuild Houston, Puerto Rico, Mexico Realistically, everything you need to know is in the […]

NY Times Op-Ed: Government Shouldn’t Give Big Tax Breaks To Attract Companies

The NY Times has give former Delaware governor Jack Markell (Democrat), who served from 2009-2017, a platform to bash government giveaways to corporations, which is very interesting, considering what the NY Times itself received for their building Let’s Stop Government Giveaways to Corporations Amazon recently sent state and city officials across the country scrambling to […]

Nancy Pelosi Gets Shutdown By Angry DACA Recipients

Nancy Pelosi learned a valuable lesson: you reap what you sow ‘You’re a Liar’: Pro-Immigration Demonstrators Confront Pelosi Over DACA Talks With Trump Things got a little heated Monday when a group of young immigrants confronted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a pro-DACA press conference in San Francisco. Several dozen young immigrants shouted down […]

Dallas School System Considers Changing Schools Named After Jefferson, Franklin, Houston

This is exactly the type of thing that we were warning about: that Lefty Snowflakes who are Offended by everything won’t stop with just Confederate statues and such: they’d move on to considering everything else that Offends them (but shouldn’t) (Dallas Morning News) Dallas ISD is researching the histories of Ben Franklin, Sam Houston, Thomas […]

White House Explains What It Wants In Any DACA Deal

One does have to wonder how much Mr. Trump and the GOP will end up giving up to the Democrats to strike a deal on the Dreamers legal status, especially since many in the Republican Party are simpatico with the idea of providing amnesty to start with. Paul Ryan has talked about their being a […]

Pro-Illegal Alien Groups, Democrats, Upset Over Bill Allowing Immediate Deportation For Gang Members

Pro-illegal alien supporters keep telling us that they do not want the “bad ones”, only the good ones, and then, in the next breath, show their support for the bad ones REPUBLICAN BILL WOULD DEPORT IMMIGRANTS ON SUSPICION OF BEING IN A GANG—EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T COMMITTED A CRIME If you’re in a gang and […]

Who Better To Talk About Divisions Than VP Who Served Under An Extremely Divisive President?

The NY Times, with their perpetual #Resist foundation (which would have been around no matter which Republican won, of course), has given a platform to Joe Biden, who served as Vice President to Barack Obama, a president who worked hard to be as divisive as possible during his two terms, and the o-ed is a […]

Comrade Bernie Explains Why We Need Government Run Health Care

Bernie Sanders is getting ready to submit legislation for a Medicare for all scheme, which has zero chance of even making it out of committee, much less a vote on the Senate and House floors (even with all the squishy Republicans in Congress, still zero). The NY Times gives him a platform to sorta describe […]

Democrats Pushing Medicare For All Plan

If California couldn’t figure out how to pay for it, heck, if little Vermont couldn’t figure out how to pay for it, how will Los Federales pay for it? (Reason)  Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to unveil his long-awaited “Medicare for all” proposal for government-controlled, single-payer health care. His colleague, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), is all-in on the […]

Blue States Are Looking To Sue Trump To Continue Violations Of Federal Law

Well, this is a heck of a thing (CNN) Conservative states may have boxed President Donald Trump into announcing an end for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — but Democratic state attorneys general are already fighting back. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson will announce multi-state […]

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