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Biden To Sign Another EO On Hotcoldwetdry, And Fight Like No Other President Has

That sound you hear is the “Trump has mean tweets so I’ll vote for Joe” folks groaning when they go to the gas pump Biden to sign executive order on climate change President Joe Biden is set to take a series of actions on climate change on his seventh full day in office, fulfilling campaign […]

Shampeachment: 45 Republicans Vote That Trump Impeachment Is Unconstitutional

This is dead on arrival Forty-five Republicans vote against proceeding with Senate impeachment trial Senators were sworn in as jurors to President Trump’s impeachment trial Tuesday as the Senate voted 55-45 to end debate on Sen. Rand Paul’s point of order arguing that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is out of office. […]

China Joe Signs EO Allowing Gender Confused In Military

The U.S. military is there to protect the nation, not be a hotbed of social justice Breaking News: President Biden reversed Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military. The move was expected, but its swiftness signaled a willingness by the new Biden administration to put its own stamp on Defense Department social issues. […]

Excitable Chuck Schumer Wants China Joe To Declare A “Climate Emergency”

Would this mean that Joe, Chuck, and the rest of the unhinged climate cultists in the US government would be forced to practice what they preach? Schumer calls for Biden to declare climate emergency Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Monday night that President Biden should consider declaring an emergency when it comes […]

Impeachment Farce: Senator Leahy (D) Will Preside Rather Than Chief Justice Roberts

Do these people even Constitution? Republicans object after Sen. Leahy announces he, not Chief Justice Roberts, will preside over impeachment trial As the Senate prepares to conduct an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump, Republicans are criticizing the procedural development — that Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside over the trial. Instead, Senate […]

Biden Plans More Climate Crisis (scam) Policies Or Something

And, supposedly, he will demand China toughen their targets Biden administration to unveil more climate policies, urges China to toughen emissions target U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration next week will release more policies it believes are needed to tackle climate change and is urging China to toughen one of its targets on greenhouse gas emissions, […]

Bat Soup Virus Today: COVID Passes And Dems Not To Blame For Job Losses

Have you noticed that most of the doom and gloom surrounding COVID deaths and positive tests has rather dried up since China Joe took office? Have you read any stories about there being 1,815 deaths across the US Sunday? Or, going back to inauguration day, 3322, 3734, 4142, 4370? For a total of 419k? Anyhow, […]

Biden Set To Sign Raaacist “Made In America” Plan

Remember when Donald Trump’s Buy American plan was deemed racist? Our history shows there’s a dark side to ‘Buy American’ “We will follow two simple rules,” President Trump promised in his inaugural address. “Buy American and hire American.” Trump’s program might sound appealing. But the Buy American exhortation follows a long history of similar campaigns […]

China Joe Voting New Mexico Now Super Concerned Over Drilling Moratorium

New Mexico voted 54-43 for China Joe. But, hey, mean Tweets, right? President Joe Biden's 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits is prompting widespread concerns in New Mexico, where spending on education and other government programs hinges on the industry's success. — The Associated Press (@AP) January 23, […]

Texas Sues Biden Over Deportations Halt

Day 4 of the China Joe administration, and he’s earned himself his first lawsuit for violations of the law and the Constitution Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Biden for ‘Unlawful’ Halt to Deportations Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration for what he says is an “unlawful” […]

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