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Brandon Admin Trots Out Program Where Citizens Can Sponsor Refugees

Funny, the Biden admin is fine with letting enormous amounts of illegals and “asylum” seekers into the nation, but, with (possibly) real refugees, they want sponsors. How about asking members of Congress, their staffs, and high ranking members of the Executive Branch to be the first ones to sponsor them? New program lets private citizens […]

Brandon Admin Argues For Forced Masking On Airplanes

I’m confused: mask mandates on airplanes in the U.S. are long gone, and even longer in other countries. So, what the heck is Biden trying to do? DOJ defending mask mandate on planes months after Biden said pandemic is ‘over’ The Biden administration is fighting to maintain a federal mask mandate for air travel and […]

Hot Takes: Biden Could Declassify, His House Wasn’t An Official Residence

The Credentialed News is working overtime to protect Brandon…well, when they actually have an article about what’s going on with the document issue. There are zero web front page pieces, even in opinion, on the documents issue. Nor at the Washington Post, for which the current POTUS’ name is mentioned zero times. Nor at the […]

Excitable Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Bill Making Criticizing People Of Color Illegal

Even with all the extreme wackos in the Democratic Party, this isn’t going anywhere. It wouldn’t go anywhere if Democrats still were in charge of the House, but, it does show that these extreme race baiters are not looking for racial healing, but, racial strife Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Bill Criminalizing ‘Conspiracy to Commit […]

Super Racist San Francisco To Give Blacks Up To $5 Million Each In “Reparations”

Have fun with those tax increases, residents of Democratic Party run San Francisco. But, you don’t mind paying, because you’re all super racist, right? San Fran’s reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness San Francisco’s reparations committee has proposed paying each Black longtime resident $5 million and granting total […]

NYC Mayor Visits Border, Says Federal Government Needs To Do More

See, Eric Adams, mayor of sanctuary city New York, is upset that illegal aliens are being sent to his city, whining at Texas gov Greg Abbott (R) and Colorado gov Jared Polis (D) for that Democrat NYC Mayor Adams calls on federal government to play more proactive role to secure border New York City Mayor […]

NY Times Wonders How Biden Got All Those Classified Documents

Of course, the NY Times is showing their extreme neutral journalism by…not having any article about Biden’s documents issue on their web front page as of Sunday evening, and only one article way, way down the page for Sunday morning. Not unsurprising, a lot of other Credentialed Media outlets are minimizing their coverage. Now, just […]

More Surprise: Search Finds More Documents Joe Should Not Have Had In His House

How many more will they find? More classified documents found at Biden’s home by lawyers Lawyers for President Joe Biden found more classified documents at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, than previously known, the White House acknowledged Saturday. White House lawyer Richard Sauber said in a statement that a total of six pages of classified […]

Missouri Democrats Livid Over Female Lawmakers Required To Follow “Sexist” Adult, Business Attire Dress Code

I’m not sure what they’re mad about, since Democrats cannot even tell what is and isn’t a woman anymore. I wonder if they will protest by having the men wear skirts one day? Missouri House tightens women’s dress code, requiring covering of arms The Missouri’s House of Representatives kicked off its new session by tightening […]

Did Kamala Harris Smoke Trees At Her Climate (scam) Sitdown?

Perhaps it was the fumes from her gas stove fossil fueled flight? KAMALA HARRIS on climate change: "I think of this moment as a moment that is about great momentum." — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 12, 2023 The hell? (Fox News) Vice President Kamala Harris gave a series of familiar word salads and comments […]

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