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Islamists Chant “Death To America”. In Dearborn, Michigan

When you import the 3rd world practicing an antiquated, repressive, violent version of Islam, don’t be surprised when you get it Remember when liberals lost their minds over this WSJ opinion headline? Well, today in Dearborn: — Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) April 8, 2024 Every single person there and chanting should be rounded up […]

Good News: Biden Regime Running Stealth Geoengineering Program In San Francisco

What could go wrong? GLOBAL WARMING: Woke scientists in San Francisco began secretly spraying aerosolized sodium chloride into the atmosphere in an effort to reduce global warming. The Biden regime approved the weather modification plan that will continue through May. — @amuse (@amuse) April 6, 2024 I’m surprised Scientific American bothered to cover this, […]

PRC Looks To Pass “Right To Disconnect” Law For Workers

On the heels of their $20 minimum wage for restaurants law, which is seeing businesses raise prices, cut employees, and even close, the People’s Republik Of California is going to try something else to mess with the economy California could become first state to give workers a ‘right to disconnect’ California could become the first […]

US Braces For Iranian Retaliation After Israel Wacked A Bunch Of Iranian Terrorists

If we had a strong president that person would be warning Iran not to f*ck with the U.S., it’s military, its citizens, or our allies in Israel. Instead, we have Biden, who’s in Delaware yet again this weekend, and seems to be taking the side of Iranian backed Hamas, a US State Department designated terrorist […]

Open Borders Democrats “Lean” Into Yammering About Border Security

There’s very little in border security being offered, just Democrats attempting to patronize an element of the moderate Democrat Party and some Independents, maybe a few Never Trumpers. That’s the point of the talking points and the Credentialed Media article Democrats lean into border security as it shapes contest for control of Congress With immigration […]

Bidenconomy: 99 Cents Only To Close All Stores

It’s probably those greedy rich folks cashing out, right? 99 Cents Only to close all 371 stores and wind down its business 99 Cents Only Stores will close all 371 of its stores and wind down its business operations after more than four decades, the City of Commerce discount chain announced Thursday. “This was an […]

Biden Gives Ultimatum To Israel To Appease His Jew Hating Base

I’ve tried searching, but, can find no instance where Biden has given an ultimatum to Hamas. You know, the US State Department designated terrorist organization. You know, the terrorist group backed by the Palestinians in Gaza which attacked, raped, tortured, and murdered Israeli civilians. You know, the terrorist group which is still holding U.S. citizens […]

WWIII Watch: Sec Of State Says Ukraine Will Be A NATO Member

I wonder how this will go Blinken: ‘Ukraine will become a member of NATO’ Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed the U.S. commitment for Ukraine to eventually join NATO but held back commitments ahead of the alliance’s annual summit, which will take place in Washington in July. “Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at […]

Democrats Excited By Abortion And Marijuana On Florida Ballot, Driving Yout Voters

This is apparently what the youts care about, rather than things like limiting inflation, a good housing market, government staying out of their lives, illegals and visa holders taking their jobs, etc Democrats see abortion and marijuana juicing youth vote in Florida Abortion and marijuana will be on the ballot in Florida in November — […]

Sanctuary City Denver Closing All Illegal Alien Centers But One

It’s almost like a declared sanctuary city doesn’t want illegals in their city because they are problematic and cost a lot of money. I guess it’s all fun and games till you have to actually practice their beliefs Denver is closing all migrant hotel shelters but one, a signal that services are winding down After […]

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