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With Laughter, ‘Climate Change’ Could Factor Into November Elections

Earlier we learned about Hotcoldwetdry support being inconsequential to the French elections. What about for the American? Will climate change factor in the November elections? Maybe if we laugh about it On a spring evening at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado, veteran comedian Chuck Nice welcomes several hundred people to the “Stand Up for […]

If All You See…

…are horrible fossil fueled vehicles creating hurricanes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on climate (cult) fatigue in Ireland.

Palestinians In Gaza Suddenly Rejecting Hamas And Iran, Want Peace

Oh, sure, now that they’ve seen areas of Gaza destroyed after losing a war Hamas started, with the majority having supported Hamas, they want peace. I bet most in Berlin also wanted peace after the Allies bombed it back to the stone age, too Gazan Palestinians rejecting Hamas and Iran, want peace, Abbas advisor says […]

Bummer: French Elections Ignore Climate Doom

I don’t know why the Warmist media is always surprised and dismayed at elections usually ignoring global boiling, because that’s the norm. Most citizens, even if they proclaim they are Believers, tend to put real concerns over Hotcoldwetdry In French snap elections, parties are overlooking the climate change nightmare As a French citizen, the outcome […]

TDS: Biden Blames Trump For Distracting Him During Debate

The Hill is watching what is meant to be “hard hitting”, unscripted interview of Joe Biden, which is not actually live and they were given time to clean it up, so I don’t have to Live updates: Biden dodges questions on his mental fitness in Stephanopoulos interview President Biden is sitting with ABC News for […]

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