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Good News: Dementia Joe Finally Has A Plan For Food Inflation

Biden and his people have spent several years telling us that inflation is not big deal, so, what is this? Is he going to remove biofuel mandates? Stop dumping money into Ukraine which inflates the cost of fertilizer? Do anything of substance? Grocery costs are too high for families across the country. We have a […]

If All You See…

…are approaching horrible Bad Weather clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is GeeeZ….., with a post wondering who Trump is putting in jail.

For Some Reason, US Taxpayers Will Pay To Deport Migrants From Panama

Biden will barely allow most illegals/migrants to be deported from the United States U.S. will fund deportations from Panama, expanding migrant crackdown The Biden administration will begin paying for Panama to detain and deport more of the migrants streaming through Central America en route to the United States, the latest White House effort to curb […]

Guy Who Takes Lots Of Fossil Fueled Trips Calls Manmade Climate Change Denial “Dumb”

This same guy took two trips in a large, fossil fueled, low MPG limo, surrounded by lots of fossil fueled vehicles for protection Tuesday. On Monday he took many fossil fueled trips. On Saturday many fossil fueled flights in a jumbo jet, trailed by a backup jumbo jet and fighter jets, and the same on […]

Jews Attacked At Asheville Bookfest That Included Hardcore Terrorist Supporters

Asheville, NC has long been a hotbed of far left wackadoodle, so, no one should be surprised that they have also adopted a Jew hating and Islamist loving viewpoint Asheville police investigate reported assault where 3 victims report minor injuries The Asheville Police Department is continuing to investigate an assault that occurred at ‘Another Carolina […]

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