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NC Democrats Pimping Gun Laws That Would Not Have Stopped Mass Shooter

Obviously, the local news outlet, WRAL and their reporter Chelsea Donovan, failed to ask any of the Democrats how these laws would have stopped the little wackjob ‘My life forever changed’: FiancĂ© of Raleigh mass shooting victim advocates for gun safety bills The fiancĂ© of a Raleigh mass shooting victim spoke Tuesday with state Democratic […]

NC DOT Wants Your Input On A Plan To Push EVs

I’m interested to see what the responses are, especially since we know that the bureaucrats will just do whatever they want if you darned peasants do not agree NCDOT has a plan to cut pollution, promote electric vehicles. It wants your feedback. The N.C. Department of Transportation should form a dedicated team to help the […]

Raleigh Shooter In Critical Condition, Timeline Of Shooting Details Being Released

The slightly more official timeline seems to confirm some of the way I’ve seen it, based on the things I’ve read and seen Raleigh mass shooting leaves 5 dead, 2 injured; 15-year-old suspect in critical condition Raleigh Police Department said a 15-year-old was responsible for the mass shooting that killed five people and injured two […]

Raleigh Police Searching House After Shooting

There are still a bunch of police cars on my road, I guess securing part of the scene? I still haven’t heard an explanation of why my road is so involved, when it happened on a road a couple hundred yards away. Perhaps because of the access point to the Neuse River Greenway? It’s all […]

Holy Cow, That Active Shooting Was Just A Couple Hundred Yards Away

I don’t want to give up where I live, but, it’s damned close. Many of the helicopter shots showed my home (I really need to powerwash the parking space) A gunman shot and killed 5 people along a walking trail in Raleigh, North Carolina Thursday, before leading police on an hours-long manhunt that forced people […]

Here We Go: NC City’s Police Force Resigning Blamed On Raaaaacism

What was really a little story from a little town along I-95, halfway between Smithfield and Wilson (probably take about 45 minutes to get there from Raleigh, with the roads you’d have to take), has now gone up a notch A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned. […]

NC AG Josh Stein Refuses To Enforce NC Law On 20 Week Abortion Ban

If Stein doesn’t feel like enforcing a law passed by the duly elected General Assembly and signed into law by the duly elected governor, then he should resign. But, Democrat always seem to think they do not have to enforce laws they do not like NC attorney general won’t move to enforce state’s 20-week abortion […]

NC GOP Leaders Unwilling To Discuss Red Flag Laws

Mostly, red flag laws have not been working, except in Florida. Most other states seem to ignore most complaints that would take guns away from citizens, because most of those states with red flag laws are run by Democrats, and they aren’t exactly into that whole law and order thing Although NC senators support recent […]

Abortion Will Still Be Legal In NC, But, There Will Be A Change

Even if the Republican dominated general assembly wanted to put in big restrictions or and abortion on demand, anything they pass will require the Democratic Party governor to approve it, which won’t happen, and the GOP doesn’t quite have enough seats for a super majority. They could attempt to get it on the ballot as […]

GoTriangle Looks To Spend Up To $3.2 Billion For Rail Line

Back during the Bush years, the Triangle area leaders were looking to build a light rail system that would run from the east side of Raleigh way up Capital Blvd, down through downtown, over to Cary, then up deep into Durham. That was killed off, primarily because they realized how few would actually ride it. […]

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