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Durham, NC, Sees Mostly Peaceful Protest Over Latest Police Shootings Of People The “Protesters” Didn’t Know In The Least

Per the US and North Carolina Constitutions, once you engage in arson and graffiti it is no longer peaceable. It wasn’t a riot, but, it wasn’t peaceful Flag burning, graffiti in Durham as protests surge through the Triangle in response to recent police shootings Protests took place Friday night in many locations around the Triangle […]

Liberals Are Super Excited For Police To No Longer Make Traffic Stops

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong if police no longer make traffic stops? USA Today thinks they’re making a point What would happen if cops didn’t make certain traffic stops? This North Carolina city offers a case study Before dawn one morning in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a Black woman in her late 60s was pulled over by a police […]

North Carolina Looks To Ban Trans Males In Sport, Stop Transition Procedures For Those Under 21

Many states have done the same, especially in banning the gender confused from playing in sports of the opposite sex, mostly to protect women from having to compete with biological males, which destroys women’s sports. North Carolina is giving it a shot, and uber-Progressive NC Policy Watch is livid HB 2 redux? NC lawmakers again […]

Crimes Against Cooking: Barveque Plans To Expand Production Footprint

Isn’t this against the law in most Southern states, including North Carolina? New ‘Carolina Smokehouse’ putting a different spin on barbecue – it’s plant based Plant-based barbecue producer Barveque will expand its footprint and employee base in Cornelius, in the Lake Norman region near Charlotte, with what it’s calling “the world’s largest plant-based smokehouse.” How’s that for […]

NC Gov Vetoes School Reopening Bill, Could Be Overriden

Schools in many states, mostly Republican run ones, are open and have been open, and there have been no reports of COVID incidents. You can bet the ranch that if there had been a big spread it would be top-line news. I’m guessing the gov is responding more to the teacher’s unions than the citizens […]

Raleigh Joins List Of Cities Preparing For Protests, Fencing Goes Up

So, wait, fences work? Huh — WilliamTeach2 (Parler – Wteach) (@WTeach2) January 13, 2021 From the link Local law enforcement agencies said Tuesday that they’re prepared for any protests in downtown Raleigh in the next week or so as President Donald Trump leaves office. After last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol stoked by […]

North Carolina Joins Those Who Think COVID Is Most Dangerous At Night

Nighttime Bat Soup Virus lockdowns are the hot thing. You have all sorts of cities, like Chicago, El Paso, and Newark. Spain gave it a whirl. Israel is giving it a try (and, mind you, doing it correctly with a vote that sends it to their Parliament for approval). And California was doing it. How’d […]

North Carolina Tightens Mask Mandate, Gov Forgets To Wear Mask

Rather than roll back existing re-opening, Gov Cooper decided to tighten mask mandates, because wearing a mask has certainly limited the spread of COVID, right? Cooper tightens mask mandate as one-fifth of NC counties now coronavirus hotspots Gov. Roy Cooper reinforced statewide coronavirus restrictions on Monday as a growing number of North Carolina counties are considered hotspots […]

Next Fake Hate Hoax? Threatening Flyers Found In Apex, NC

If this is another in a long line of hate hoax’s, the person could be in some serious, serious trouble ‘Day one, get ready:’ Flyers depicting Holocaust found in Apex, threaten consequences if Biden is elected Apex police are investigating after a woman found packets of notes and photos, which appear to warn of deadly […]

Masks Work: NC Extends Phase 3 As Cases Rise

Remember how masks were supposed to solve this? Gov. Roy Cooper extends Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions as metrics continue trending in wrong direction Gov. Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that Phase 3 of his COVID-19 restrictions would remain in place for the next three weeks. The state has been in Phase 3 since October 2. That allowed movie theatres, […]

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