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Raleigh Joins List Of Cities Preparing For Protests, Fencing Goes Up

So, wait, fences work? Huh — WilliamTeach2 (Parler – Wteach) (@WTeach2) January 13, 2021 From the link Local law enforcement agencies said Tuesday that they’re prepared for any protests in downtown Raleigh in the next week or so as President Donald Trump leaves office. After last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol stoked by […]

North Carolina Joins Those Who Think COVID Is Most Dangerous At Night

Nighttime Bat Soup Virus lockdowns are the hot thing. You have all sorts of cities, like Chicago, El Paso, and Newark. Spain gave it a whirl. Israel is giving it a try (and, mind you, doing it correctly with a vote that sends it to their Parliament for approval). And California was doing it. How’d […]

North Carolina Tightens Mask Mandate, Gov Forgets To Wear Mask

Rather than roll back existing re-opening, Gov Cooper decided to tighten mask mandates, because wearing a mask has certainly limited the spread of COVID, right? Cooper tightens mask mandate as one-fifth of NC counties now coronavirus hotspots Gov. Roy Cooper reinforced statewide coronavirus restrictions on Monday as a growing number of North Carolina counties are considered hotspots […]

Next Fake Hate Hoax? Threatening Flyers Found In Apex, NC

If this is another in a long line of hate hoax’s, the person could be in some serious, serious trouble ‘Day one, get ready:’ Flyers depicting Holocaust found in Apex, threaten consequences if Biden is elected Apex police are investigating after a woman found packets of notes and photos, which appear to warn of deadly […]

Masks Work: NC Extends Phase 3 As Cases Rise

Remember how masks were supposed to solve this? Gov. Roy Cooper extends Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions as metrics continue trending in wrong direction Gov. Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that Phase 3 of his COVID-19 restrictions would remain in place for the next three weeks. The state has been in Phase 3 since October 2. That allowed movie theatres, […]

Judge Strikes Down NC Change Eliminating Need For Mail Ballot Witnesses

Say, I wonder why Democrats wouldn’t want witnesses for mail in ballots? I can’t think of anything, can you? Federal judge strikes down change to NC absentee ballot witness requirement A federal judge on Wednesday warned the State Board of Elections that recent changes to requirements for absentee mail-in voting in North Carolina do not […]

NC State Court Of Appeals Overturns Lower Court, Allowing Voter ID And Tax Restriction Constitutional Amendments

The People of North Carolina voted and approved of a constitutional amendment in 2018 requiring identification to vote, 55.49% for/44.51% against. But, see, Modern Socialists do not accept the will of the people when they lose, so, they sued. In a very interesting way NC appeals court upholds voter ID, tax cap amendments The state […]

Raleigh “Anti-Raaaaacism” Protest Turns Violent

Seriously, who saw this coming? Well, pretty much everyone, since the mayor of Raleigh declared a 10pm curfew for Friday and Saturday nights, interfering with the rights of law abiding citizens who weren’t going to be involved 14 protesters arrested in downtown Raleigh overnight after memorial, Wake Co. building was vandalized Protesters gathered in downtown […]

Durham, NC To Open Public Schools As Private Schools Because Public Schools Are Unsafe Or Something

This WRAL article not only gives information about this event, but, also shows that the news media is lazy and incompetent, since the writer, who doesn’t even get a byline, failed to ask any questions. I’m actually wondering if the article was written by the Durham Public School System Durham Public Schools will provide ‘learning […]

FYI: Open And Concealed Carry Allowed In North Carolina While Wearing COVID19 Mask

Quite a few people are concerned about this, even going so far as to say that mask rules are being implemented to stifled 2nd Amendment Rights. Many states are making sure that there are no legal issues. I ran across a story at WRAL on this, but, it left out some relevant information, so, going […]

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