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Raleigh Downtown “Scary For Visitors And Workers”

I actually did not realize that the Raleigh downtown area, really, the center part if you look at a map, was slowly getting dangerous like so many other Democrat run cities. I rarely go down that way, and, if I do, it’s specifically to someplace during the day. I do not go there to eat […]

People Who Called For Defunding The Police Now Want Police To Do Something About Shootings

In fairness, the George Floyd protests in Goldsboro, NC, did not become “fiery but mostly peaceful”, and the calls for defunding the police were not as strident as other cities, nor did they continue loudly. In fact, the police department received a 5% raise because too many were leaving for surrounding cities who paid more. […]

UNC Youts Demand Politicians Do Something After Shooting

It’s an interesting dynamic. After the kid went crazy and killed 5 people and wounded a few others in my neighborhood (several were shot/killed on a greenway about 100 yards away from my casa) there were few calls to change the law, because murder is illegal, he mostly used a knife and a hunting rifle, […]

Shooting At UNC Chapel Hill: Police Not Identifying Suspect, Can’t Find Gun

I have yet to run across any article that notes one very important piece of information. And possibly a second (CNN) A suspect is in custody but police still are looking for the weapon and the motive behind the fatal shooting of a faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Monday afternoon. […]

NC General Assembly Overrides Cooper Vetoes, Including On Parental Rights And Banning Trans Surgeries For Kids

Obviously, this has made the moonbats very upset. How dare the GOP have that kind of majority! The voters must be horrible (but, it’s fine in places like California, which has a a super-majority of Democrats who can do whatever they want) NC Legislature overrides 6 governor vetoes, putting measures into law The North Carolina […]

NC Senate Passes Bill Restricting Gender Confused Males From Playing Women’s Sports

This has made the unhinged Democrats very upset, but, even if Governor Cooper vetoes it (he will) the veto will be over-ridden NC Senate votes to ban trans girls from playing on school sports teams aligning with gender identity Transgender rights took center stage Tuesday in North Carolina as the GOP-controlled General Assembly advanced legislation […]

North Carolina Democrats Have Hissy Fit Over Party Switching, Demand Election Changes

The bill they’re offering will go exactly nowhere, since they do not control either the House or Senate in the general assembly, and probably won’t even get a vote but, they had to figure out a way for sore losers to sore lose North Carolina Democrats seek election, campaign changes after lawmaker switches to GOP […]

NC Gov, Who Sent His Kids To Private School, Declares State Of Emergency Over School Choice Bill

Isn’t it funny how this kind of stuff works? Lots of moonbat Dems call for defunding the police, then hire private security or call for more police to protect themselves. Governors who sent their kids to expensive private schools are against the peasants having school choice North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declares ‘state of emergency’ […]

Constitutional Carry Moves Forward In NC House

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I agree with this, at least in terms of not requiring a training class Concealed carry permit bill advances in NC House committee House lawmakers in the Judiciary 2 committee debated House Bill 189, otherwise known as the NC Constitutional Carry Act on Tuesday morning. The proposed bill […]

NC Supreme Court Says Drawing Election Maps, Passing Voter ID Up To General Assembly, Not Judges

This has made Democrats Very Upset, because they aren’t in charge of drawing the maps. If they were, they’d gerrymander like mad. They are also upset over requiring that voters show who they are to vote, and, remember, Democrats are so racist that they claim that black people cannot get ID NC Supreme Court says […]

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