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ICE Blasts Wake County Sheriff For Releasing Illegal Convicted Of Sexual Assault On A Minor

Remember, the Open Borders advocates tell us that they only want the good illegals, not the bad ones. Yet, they keep refusing to comply with ICE detainers for the bad ones ICE blasts Wake sheriff over release of sex offender in US illegally Federal immigration authorities on Friday criticized the Wake County Sheriff’s Office over […]

NC Governor Bans Use Of State Money For Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors

I’m not totally against this North Carolina won’t fund conversion therapy, Gov. Roy Cooper says North Carolina’s state health department is barred from allowing public funds to pay for conversion therapy for minors, a controversial practice aimed at changing young LGBT people’s sexual orientations, under an order signed Friday by Gov. Roy Cooper. Advocacy groups […]

North Carolina House Passes Bill Allowing Sanctuary Jurisdictions To Be Sued

Allowing citizens to go after cities and counties that protect illegal aliens, though, there does seem to be something missing (WRAL) The House on Wednesday passed legislation that would allow people to sue cities or counties that have so-called “sanctuary” policies for people in the U.S. illegally. The 65-52 party-line House vote comes two days […]

NY Times Seems Pretty Upset That White People Are Buying Homes In Black Neighborhoods

Can you imagine them complaining about black people buying homes in white neighborhoods? Further, it is funny that they and their progressive SJW allies think that blacks cause deflated home prices The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White. In the African-American neighborhoods near downtown Raleigh, the playfully painted doors signal what’s […]

Here We Go Again: Winston-Salem Wants To Change Name Of Its Big Yearly Fair

The city of Winston-Salem, NC, has apparently become all sorts of Woke, despite almost no one having an issue with a certain name After 130-plus years, NC fair will change a name some call a reminder of slavery After more than 130 years, a popular fair in North Carolina will change its name to avoid […]

NC Republicans Offer Bill Forcing Sheriff’s To Cooperate With ICE

While many cities, counties, and states are passing legislation stopping cooperation with ICE, North Carolina is going a different way NC Republicans file bill to force county sheriffs to work with ICE North Carolina House Bill 370 has a number of sponsors, but most importantly, it has the backing of House Speaker Tim Moore. It was filed […]

Bummer: Fear Of ICE Causing School Kids To Live In Fear

They should be living in fear. They are breaking federal law by being unlawfully present in the United States ICE raids put undocumented students in ‘fear,’ activists say. They’re asking Wake schools for help. Community activists, including some teachers, are urging the Wake County school system to do more to reassure families of undocumented students […]

Next On The SJW Hit List: White Female Teachers

WRAL is just one “local” station in a season of local stations. Yet, it is also the main station for the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, with a pretty wide reach, especially since most of the protests are here in the capital. Don’t think that the SJWs won’t notice this, especially as you can bet […]

Inevitable: SJW Group Sues Over Voter ID

In North Carolina, we voted on a constitutional amendment enshrining voter ID this November, which passed 55.49% to 44.51%. Hence, the NC General Assembly passed a law, which was utterly reasonable in what IDs were required, and the governor vetoed it, which was then over-ridden by the Senate. And now Annnnnd the first lawsuit against […]

One Of The Illegals Released By Wake County Sheriff Assaulted Woman, Causing Her To Drop Baby

It’s not like we didn’t know this was going to happen: Gerald Baker pretty much said he was going to make sure that the Wake County Sheriff’s office would refuse to enforce laws Baker didn’t like. And we know from yesterday that he let 16 illegals go, with the potential to release more. Here’s one […]

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