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Principal Who Made Student Take Off Patriotic Trump Jersey Was Replaced

Remember the story on a high school kid in Harnett County, NC, who was told to remove his patriotic Trump jersey or leave by the principle? A father tells me his son was asked by the school principal to remove this jersey during a patriotic-themed football game after people complained. Dad, a registered Democrat, says […]

Woman Who Accused Man Of Sexual Assault With Zero Proof Nominated For “Distinguished Alumni” Award

This makes about as much sense as Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. (WRAL) Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has been nominated for a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Distinguished Alumna and Alumnus award. (snip) Ford was a psychology major at UNC and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988. A nomination […]

Hurricane Florence Is Not Fun

Of course, if you’ve ever been through one, you understand. The highest reported wind gust was 47 at Raleigh-Durham airport, and there is a constant wind of at least 15 mph, if not more. There have been periods of heavy, heavy rain. I have a 10 gallon fishtank sitting on the back deck, haven’t gotten […]

NC Dems Seem Pretty Upset That ICE Might Want To Know If Illegals Are Registered To Vote

On one hand, Democrats say they are Very Concerned about the integrity of our voting system. On the reality hand, they want people who aren’t legally allowed to vote to vote for them Democratic congressmen call for inquiry over DOJ, ICE voting subpoenas A pair of North Carolina congressmen called Thursday on the U.S. Department […]

Unbelievable: Chapel Hill Officer Suspended Over Tattoo

This is insane, as a follow up to the story earlier in the day (WRAL)  Some emails to Blue noted that one Chapel Hill officer at the scene of the protest had a tattoo on his arm for the Three Percenters, a militia group that pledges armed resistance to any effort to curtail constitutional rights. […]

Texts Show Chapel Hill Police Told To Stand Down On Silent Sam Protest

Once again, regardless of your opinion of the Silent Sam statue, its connotations, its creator, and so forth, it is against the law to damage and destroy state property. What happened was a criminal violation, and the police just stood down. And give very left leaning WRAL kudos for publishing this article, though they do […]

NC Democrats Look To Ban Lots Of Handguns

Remember, they aren’t trying to take anyone’s guns, and they just want common sense reform. They’re not going to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. They’re angels!!!! Can NC ensure ‘safe’ guns? Democrats want to ban handguns with dangerous design flaws A trio of Democrats want North Carolina to follow California’s footsteps in […]

Tales Of Raaaaacism: Woman Doctor Humiliated For Playing Music Too Loud

This is apparently just as bad as when those guys were kicked out of the Starbucks the other month. It’s horrible! Because no Caucasian has ever had the cops called for playing music too loud in their apartment. This is by Mary Branch, a resident at the University of North Carolina I’m a black doctor. […]

Ant Hill To Mountain: Simple Case Of Employees Being Fired Turned Into “Disturbing Trend”

This is the kind of idiocy we’re dealing with in today’s society of everyone being a Victim and having to have a National Conversation on everything A ‘disturbing trend’: Duke president issues statement following coffee shop firing Three days after two baristas were fired from a coffee shop on Duke University’s campus, President Vincent Price […]

Previously Deported Illegal Sexually Assaults Child In Raleigh

Will Nancy Pelosi be making another eight hour yammering on the House floor about how great illegal aliens are? (WNCN) A Mexican citizen living in Raleigh is facing multiple charges after breaking into a home and sexually assaulting a child, according to a Wake County Magistrate’s Order. Oscar Paez Uribe, 39, of the 4000 block […]

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