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FYI: Open And Concealed Carry Allowed In North Carolina While Wearing COVID19 Mask

Quite a few people are concerned about this, even going so far as to say that mask rules are being implemented to stifled 2nd Amendment Rights. Many states are making sure that there are no legal issues. I ran across a story at WRAL on this, but, it left out some relevant information, so, going […]

Mob Rule: Police Told To Stand Down As “Protesters” Tore Down Statues

I wonder if the Capital Police would be so easy going if the mob was going after the Governor’s Mansion, State House, or something else owned by the citizens of the State of North Carolina Police told to stand down before protesters toppled monuments, officials explain why One of the main questions about Friday’s protest […]

NC Racetrack Labels Race As Peaceful Protest

I wish my gym would do something like this “This Event is held in Peaceful Protest of Injustice and Inequality Everywhere. — Ace Speedway.” — Durham Herald-Sun (@TheHerald_Sun) June 7, 2020 From the incredibly leftist Durham Herald Sun, which doesn’t seem happy Racing took place on Saturday night at Ace Speedway in Alamance County, […]

Raleigh Protest Leaders Demand To “Defund The Police”

And the demands are “non-negotiable” (WRAL) Faisal Khan, the organizer of last Saturday’s protest in Raleigh and founder of Carolina Peace Center, spoke at a press conference on Friday. He discussed the life of George Floyd, his tragic death and the demands his organization and others have in the wake of the protests, riots and […]

Looting Continues Well Beyond Downtown Raleigh Overnight

The term “mostly peaceful” is probably the best one for the protest prior to darkfall. They were knocking down barriers around the governor’s mansion Of course, when it came to protecting the Governor's Mansion, @NC_Governor was all for that. Bet Chief Deck-Brown would deploy officers to protect her own home — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) June 1, […]

Protests Rage: “Fayetteville Street Is Destroyed”

This means that lockdown is over, right? I failed to hear any in the media decrying the failure to social distance at the protests, like they did with ReOpen ones (for clarity, Fayetteville Street is downtown Raleigh, separate from Fayetteville, NC) ‘Fayetteville Street is just destroyed:’ Looters set fires, break windows and steal from stores […]

North Carolina Gym Owners To File Suit Over COVID-19 Restrictions

I said this would probably happen this week, and now it is ‘We’re smart people’: Gym owners to file lawsuit against Phase 2 restrictions Local gym owners plan to file a lawsuit against Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday. When Cooper laid out a three-phase plan last month to resume business and social activities statewide amid […]

Does Scientific Data Undermine North Carolina Governor’s Slow Reopening?

There’s a minor brouhaha going on over Trump and Pence threatening to move the RNC convention from Charlotte, NC, over NC’s slow reopening. Breitbart attempts to make the case that the state really should be fully open per the data Scientific Data Undermine North Carolina Democrat Governor’s Slow Rolled Reopening North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, […]

Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of NC Churches, Saying “There Is No Pandemic Exception To The Constitution”

We already know that multiple North Carolina Sheriff’s departments have said they would not enforce the governor’s restrictions against inside worship, because they don’t see much difference between some worshipers meeting from hundreds of people going to Home Depot. Or all the people in the grocery store. People get way too close while riding their […]

Many North Carolina Sheriff’s Refuse To Stop Indoor Church Services

Many Sheriff’s Offices across the country are slowly starting to say they will no longer enforce many of the Bat Soup Virus restrictions. Especially when it comes to church services More sheriffs plan to stand down and allow indoor religious services Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said his deputies won’t “interfere or prevent churchgoers to […]

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