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Europe Turning Off Street Lights To Save Energy

Wait, are they not getting enough energy from wind turbines and solar panels? Europe’s streets go dark to save energy Pushed by a looming energy crisis, cities across Europe are switching off the lights. While Spain has made such measures mandatory, ordering shops to turn their lights off at night, in other places local authorities are voluntarily […]

Good News: Inflation To Stay High Even As Gas Prices Fall

Well, yeah, because gas is still much higher than when Biden took office, and so much of today’s prices have that price increase built in. Plus, there are many other factors US inflation will likely stay high even as gas prices fall Americans may finally be catching a break from relentlessly surging prices — if […]

NY Times: Consumers Will Totally Save Money From IRA

I love that Democrats are referring to the Inflation Reduction Act as the IRA (when they aren’t referring to it as pretty much anything besides an inflation reduction measure), because it’s going to blow a lot of things up (not paywalled version here) Consumers Will Benefit From Lower Utility Bills and Cheaper Home Upgrades, Energy […]

Associated Press Seems Surprised That High Diesel Costs Increases The Cost Of Most Goods

Well, hey, this is what the Cult of Climastrology wants, right? What Biden and all his Comrades want, right? It won’t really effect the rich folks, but, it will hose the middle and lower classes, and should be a big warning that all this green agenda stuff is bad for their lives High diesel prices […]

Biden Official Super Happy Gas Prices Down Below $4 At 10K Stations

The Biden administration has done almost nothing to bring prices down, it’s simply market corrections and the much lower use of gasoline. They’ll still take credit while doing some gaslighting Gas prices: ‘Prices are coming down,’ says Biden official Despite the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate surging 9.1% in June, White House officials expect sticker prices, […]

With Energy And Inflation Running Rampant, Dems To Focus Taxes And Climate Crisis (scam)

What are people worried about? The price of food and goods going up, high gas and energy prices, rising interest rates, lack of goods, basically, economic issues. The stuff they talk about at the kitchen table. And Democrats? Dems’ climate and tax agenda to consume Congress in July Democrats are taking tangible steps towards a […]

Without Federal Intervention Green Energy Will Whither Or Something

It’s funny how everything surrounding Hotcoldwetdry requires Government, particularly the Central Government, eh? Feds must step in or renewable energy will have nowhere to go, says MIT report Building wind and solar farms is an important part of building a new green grid, but a calm night stops their energy generation cold. It’s just as […]

Climate Cult Sees A Big Upside In High Gas Prices

Of course the Associated Press’ hyper-Warmist Seth Borenstein and Tom Krishner (not familiar with him) see it this way. They don’t see the escalating cost of food, goods, and services, Americans having to stretch their budget and do without, retailers making smaller profit and seeing non-necessary goods just sitting on shelves. The climate cult doesn’t […]

NY Court Upholds Block Of Natural Gas Power Plant

Well, New Yorkers, you kinda voted for this when you voted in Democrats as the majority, with 106 Dems to 43 Republicans and 1 Independent. When you vote Democrat for Governor, and they appoint people who make sure “dirty” energy (which is reliable, dependable, and affordable) is killed off. Don’t be surprised when your power […]

Brandon Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices Or Something

Unfortunately, independently owned gas stations cannot afford to operate at a loss, unlike the federal government. Still wondering why the elected Republicans do not offer legislation requiring Biden to give up his fossil fueled travel, especially for his weekends off, as well as for his staff and appointed officials, till 87 gas goes below $3.00 […]

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