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NY AG Sues Trump Over Rolling Back Obama Fuel Efficiency Standards

Excitable Eric Schneider, who loves investigating people for Wrongthink on Hotcoldwetdry, is unhappy (Daily Caller)  New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit Monday against President Donald Trump for rolling back his Democratic predecessor’s fuel efficiency standards. Eric Schneiderman, who many believe to be one of Trump’s most bitter critics, is suing the president for delaying […]

Oops: Washington Post Notes Problems With Solar As Part Of TDS

One would think that a Warmist outlet like the Washington Post would approve of solar power on Trump’s wall, if the wall has to be built. Alas, Trump Derangement Syndrome WaPo Points Out Flaws With Solar Power After Trump Suggests Putting Panels On The Border Wall The Washington Post is very skeptical of President Donald […]

Bummer: Vermont Wants To Limit Noise From Wind Turbines

One would think that uber-Warmist Vermont, with all their belief in ‘climate change’ and sustainability and all the other buzz-words surrounding the topic would be going gung-ho, especially when they have been yammering about going 100% renewable in the near future. But, apparently, the cold dead mackerel of reality has smacked them in the face […]

Talking To Your Air Conditioner Can Help Alleviate ‘Climate Change’

That is, if the Cult of Climastrology will let you have one, or at least one that works worth a damn How talking to air conditioners could help prevent blackouts For South Australia, it was a cruelly ironic one-two punch – a burst of the extreme heat conditions that are so much more likely because […]

Trump Is Supposedly Ready To Kill Off Obama ‘Climate” And Water Regulations

Trump made many promises on rolling back may Obama regulations regarding ‘climate change’ and that stymie domestic energy production. Washington Post writers Juliet Eilperin and Steve Mufson trot out a story based on discussions with, you got it, anonymous sources on what these roll-backs will be, which seem rather legit. Though, of course, painted with […]

Opinion Activism On News Page: GOP Hurries To Slash Oil And Gas Rules

Reason #45986758677984232 that the Credentialed Media has lost trust, as the NY Times publishes what is essentially an activist opinion piece by Eric Lipton on page A1 of the Sunday NY edition. This might as well have been written by the office of Nancy Pelosi G.O.P. Hurries to Slash Oil and Gas Rules, Ending Industries’ […]

Democrat AGs Really Want Trump To Keep Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Most of these Attorney Generals are also involved in harassing Exxon and lots of private organizations, demanding all their correspondence on a fishing trip to intimidate them and shut down their 1st Amendment Rights, such as NY AG Eric Schneiderman, who has had multiple suits thrown at him (NY1) State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is […]

Man Who Uses Massive Amounts Of Fossil Fuels Bans Drilling

Last time we checked, Mr. Obama and family had just taken a massive fossil fueled (and partially taxpayer funded) trip from D.C. to Hawaii for his annual (partially taxpayer funded) vacation. Just like all the rest of us are able to do. And while he’s enjoying the golf and 1%er accommodations, he did this (Washington […]

UK Could Face Blackouts For Christmas 2017

What happens when people practicing a pseudo-religion/political movement push to replace reliable old school power with different old school methods which have been made unreliable? (I’m shocked that this was allowed to be published in the far left Cult of Climastrology supporting UK Guardian) Risk of Christmas electricity blackouts next year, warn MPs Coal power […]

Liberal Cities Are The Only Hope For Climate Change Action Or Something

This is supposed to be in rebuke to soon-to-be-inaugurated President Trump, but, it really says something different America’s Cities Are the Only Hope for Climate Change Action Last week’s U.S. election makes clear that subnational actors—especially cities—are America’s only hope now in terms of climate action. Climate policy cannot take a sabbatical and wait another […]

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