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You Ate A Burger, Causing 500,000 Californians To Go Without Power

I bet you had a big sugary drink with your burger, too, right? For shame California’s Climate Crisis Is Deepening as 500,000 Go Dark In a matter of weeks, California has been hit with two record-breaking heat waves, hundreds of blazes, freak lightning storms and dangerously poor air quality. Now, unusually strong winds are threatening […]

Bummer: California May Allow Gas Power Plants To Continue

I’m shocked. I thought that solar and wind could provide all they needed The lights went out. Now California might let these gas plants stay open State officials are poised to decide whether four gas-fired power plants along the Southern California coast should keep running past 2020, in the first major energy decision for Gov. […]

California’s Lack Of Power And Blackouts Are Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

California has a wee bit of a problem as of late, eh? (Breitbart) This week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) told his state — and his party — that they needed to “sober up” about the potential of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power to manage the needs of an advanced economy. Newsom explained that […]

Surprise: “Green” Technologies Are Far From Being Ready For Primetime

Many skeptics, including myself, have said for a long time that there needs to be more research and development rather than just slapping up projects, along with demand that Things Get Done. Most of us may not believe that ‘climate change’ is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, and particularly CO2, but, we do agree with clean […]

Surprise: Germany’s Green Power Is Quickly Becoming Unaffordable

Well, it became rather unaffordable years ago, especially in the winter, when German citizens started purchasing wood pellets imported from the U.S. and Brazil for heating and cooking, like they did hundreds of years ago. Now it is how this “green” energy is financed Germany’s Green Power Finance Is Becoming Unaffordable The German program that’s […]

San Diego Residents To See A $21.11 Rebate On Energy Bills From California’s Carbon Scheme

Well, hey, maybe all us skeptics were wrong about losing money from carbon schemes SDG&E customers to get $21.11 climate credit on April bill San Diego Gas & Electric customers will see a credit on their April bill due to California’s fight against climate change. SDG&E says a $21.11 California Climate Credit will appear on […]

Oil Is Making Guyana Wealthy Which Ticks Warmists Off

Of course, it doesn’t tick climate cultists off enough that they give up their own use of fossil fuels and 1st World lifestyle. They just want developing nations to not have the same privileges. And, yes, this would be an actual privilege, not mentioned in the NY Times screed ‘It Changed So Fast’: Oil Is […]

Queen Beats Greens On Lawsuit To Build Hydroelectric Dam

You know how Greenie Weenie’s want us to build lots of solar, wind, and hydro power to replace Evil coal and fossil fuels? That mostly seems to be in theory, because when you actually try and build them the greenies try and stop them Queen wins battle with environmental protestors to build hydroelectric turbine on […]

Australia Looks To Solve ‘Climate Change’ With Technology Instead Of Taxation

This has seemed to make the Cult of Climastrology rather upset Government to take ‘technology over taxation’ approach to climate change Scott Morrison has described a report he may adopt a technology investment target to avoid signing up to a commitment of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as speculation, but confirmed his government will […]

Progressive Minded Washington City May Ban Use Of Natural Gas To Solve Hotcoldwetdry

Looking forward to the resulting freakout when their energy bills skyrocket thanks to their own beliefs To Fight Climate Change, One City May Ban Heating Homes With Natural Gas As a progressive-minded city nestled where the Cascade mountains reach the sea, Bellingham, Wash., has long been looking to scale back its contribution to climate change. […]

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