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Connecticut Latest State To Dump Solar Subsidies

State after state is finding that this whole “green energy” and net metering thing aren’t working out too well for the consumer (Daily Caller) Connecticut is about to become the latest state to reform its expensive net metering program, saving money for the vast majority of electricity customers who do not own a solar installation. […]

Most Environmentally Friendly State In Nation Rolls Back Solar Subsidies

Because electricity costs are going up (Daily Caller) Following a growing number of states, Vermont has chosen to reduce compensation given to solar panel owners and allow a more fair rate for all electricity customers in the state. Vermont is scaling back the amount of money given to customers participating in the state’s net metering program. […]

Building A Home In California? You’ll Be Required To Have Solar Panels

As if home prices weren’t high in California as it is. Trulia rates the state 3rd in median home price behind Hawaii and D.C. (obviously, there are tons of factors that make home prices higher, so it can’t all be blamed on state and local rules and such). And CNBC ranked California 3rd highest for […]

Surprise: Enviro-Weenies Protest Clean Power Project

I’ve said it before and I’ll say…ok, write…it again: the greenie weenies are great with alternative energy in principle, but not in action (Daily Caller) Environmentalists in New England are voicing concern over a proposal that would provide an abundance of clean hydropower, hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue every year. Charlie […]

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap Why Are Energy Prices Rising?

Don’t misunderstand, I support the use and expansion of alternatives, and definitely more than lots of Warmists/enviroweenies, since they support them in theory, but, there’s always some reason they do not support when being deployed. But, they seem to be driving up the price of energy, as Michael Shellenberger points out If Solar And Wind […]

Colorado Counties Become Next Places Exxon, Suncor Should Refuse To Sell Their Products

Funny that all these governments that use vast amounts of fossil fuels which they refuse to give up are sue happy (US News) Boulder and San Miguel counties in Colorado are suing ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy for their effects on the environment and their negative contributions to climate change. Up until this point climate change […]

New Zealand Warmist Signals By Banning All New Oil Exploration Permits

This is like virtue signaling, but for Warmists Government aims to strike balance ending offshore oil exploration: PM Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “transitions have to start somewhere”, after announcing an end to offshore oil exploration. There are 27 fields in New Zealand currently producing oil and gas. The last of the permits ends in […]

Bummer II: Fuel Economy Rollback Could Mean Bigger Cars And Less Progress On Hotcoldwetdry

Say, I’m wondering when the LA Times will stop using fossil fuels to gather and distribute the news Rolling back fuel economy standards could mean bigger cars — and less progress on climate change Gas prices have been so low in recent years that more Americans are choosing to buy bigger vehicles, a trend that […]

Climate Consensus: Most Against Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Though, let’s be honest, it was predictable that people in Wyoming would not back it Climate change rule opponents in majority at Wyoming hearing Opponents of climate-change regulations that face repeal under President Donald Trump’s administration outnumbered supporters at a hearing in Wyoming’s coal country. Tuesday’s hearing in Gillette was the last of four held […]

Exxon Sues Conspiratorial Warmist

This is supposed to be very sinister (Bloomberg) As climate-change lawsuits against the oil industry mount, Exxon Mobil Corp. is taking a bare-knuckle approach rarely seen in legal disputes: It’s going after the lawyers who are suing it. The company has targeted at least 30 people and organizations, including the attorneys general of New York […]

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