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Climate Cult Fascists Demands End To Natural Gas

After taking long fossil fueled trips to Dubai, the little dictators have demands Green groups at COP28 demand U.S. halt support for LNG More than 250 environmental and community groups on Thursday called on the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden to halt its support for liquefied natural gas (LNG) due to the super-cooled fuel’s […]

Biden Regime Waived Development Fees For Wind Power

Now, why would they do this? I’ve been reliably informed that all sorts of companies are rushing to get involved with building tons of wind turbines, because they’re going to make a lot of money, er, save the planet Internal docs show Biden admin waived taxpayer safeguards to boost offshore wind project The Biden administration […]

Surprise: Green Energy To Skyrocket Cost Of NY Energy

Obviously, no one saw this coming, right? NYers face skyrocketing costs to switch to electric heat under new ‘green’ policies: study New York residents could face skyrocketing heating bills under the state’s new “green” policies — which may not even have a significant impact on greenhouse-gas emissions, a new study warns. A review by the […]

Small Nuclear Power Plants Can Help Solve The Climate Crisis (scam)

Hey, if calling small Gen5 and Gen6 nuclear power plants a solution for global boiling, I’ll go with it, as long as they get built U.S. Bets on Small Nuclear Reactors to Help Fix a Huge Climate Problem Towering over the Savannah River in Georgia, the first nuclear reactors built from scratch in the United […]

Good News: Biden Regime Cancels Drilling Leases In Alaska

It’s amazing that a guy who uses an incredibly huge amount of fossil fuels to travel to Delaware or somewhere else virtually every weekend in office wants to limit your use of fossil fuels and skyrocket your fuel costs. He doesn’t pay for the fuel for helicopters, SUVs, and jumbo jets Biden Administration Cancels Remaining […]

Green Groups Are Divided Over Hydroelectric Power

This is a typical refrain from the greenies: they Demand clean, renewable energy to replace the Evil fossil fuels. But, it’s in theory, because, when it comes time to actually build it, they, at best, waffle Green Groups Are Divided Over a Proposal to Boost the Nation’s Hydropower. Here’s Why America’s hydropower industry is hoping […]

What If They Held An Offshore Windfarm Permit Auction And No One Came?

We keep being told that companies are super excited to invest in “renewables”. So then why First offshore wind auction in Gulf of Mexico attracts one winning bid The Biden administration’s first-ever auction of offshore wind development rights in the Gulf of Mexico ended with a single $5.6-million winning bid on Tuesday, reflecting meager demand […]

Brandon Admin Now Coming After Ceiling Fans

It’s all about “energy efficiency” to stop global boiling, you know, as Joe takes huge fossil fueled trips and stays in giant, energy sucking McMansions Biden admin’s latest home appliance crackdown: ceiling fans Ceiling fans are now the latest target in the Biden administration’s green agenda, sparking pushback from Republicans and manufacturers. The Department of […]

Politico: Say, You Know All That Green Energy? Someone Has To Pay For It

Again, I’m not against “green” energy: I’m all for it, as long as it is affordable, dependable, and reliable. Oh, and that it doesn’t create an environmental (meaning, not climate scam) mess States have big hopes for renewable energy. Get ready to pay for it. A generational push to tackle climate change in New York […]

Enviroweenies: We Want Renewable Energy. Also Enviroweenies: But, Not There

How many times have we seen this: the enviroweenies/Warmists demand more and more “green” energy, but, the minute either the government or private sector tries to do it they try to stop it. Remember the Cape Wind Project, and how long they tried to stop it, along with grand high poobahs in the climate cult […]

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