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SacBee: Californians Should Have To Choose Between Basic Needs And Utility Bills

Sticking in the People’s Republik Of California, we see this piece in the Sacramento Bee by California state senator Shannon Grove, which also fails to identify the reasons power bills and basic needs costs have skyrocketed Californians shouldn’t have to choose between basic needs and paying their utility bills | Opinion Utility bills in California […]

Citizens Of The PRC Are Willing To Pay $1 More A Gallon To Save The Planet From A Fever, Right?

Right now, per AAA, Hawaii is the most expensive at $4.701, with the People’s Republik Of California coming in second at $4.637. The comrades who voted for all this climate doom legislation and action will be perfectly fine paying more, wouldn’t you say? California says this climate program could hike gas prices 50 cents a […]

PRC Went All In On Climate Crisis (scam) Action. Now The Power Bills Have Hit

It’s very easy to say “we need to do something” when it comes to the scam. And then vote for politicians who will enact legislation without consideration of the outcomes. It’s hard when those outcomes are less than optimal Democrats pushed climate action. Then utility bills skyrocketed. California Democrats proudly authored nation-leading clean energy goals […]

Citizens Of PRC Shocked By Energy Bills

I’m unsure why they’re shocked: they keep voting for the conditions that mean skyrocketing energy bills Californians shocked by electric bills after rate hike: ‘Like you’re getting punished’ Some California residents are “stunned” by the high cost of their latest electric and gas bill, after a major utility company raised prices for millions of customers […]

PRC Sues Oil Companies For “Lying” Or Something

Once again, I’d like to see the oil companies at least put out statements that say “if the government of the People’s Republik Of California thinks fossil fuels are so bad, why are they using so much of it? Why is the governor, his staff, the appointed agency heads, and the elected lawmakers constantly traveling […]

Surprise: Giant Offshore Wind Project Killed Off

At least they didn’t get a massive “loan” from Los Federales which will never be paid back Giant offshore wind project axed in blow to Biden’s green goals Global energy developers Equinor and BP on Wednesday announced they are canceling the contract for a massive wind project slated for construction off the coast of New […]

Even With Massive Subsidies Sales Of Heat Pumps Not Doing So Well In UK

The UK government really, really, really, really is attempting to force the citizens to switch over to heat pumps. Using the taxpayer’s money, of course. Without showing that government is switching over at government buildings nor elected politicians and bureaucrats are switching at their own homes (via Dana Pico of The First Street Journal) Another […]

Climate Cult Fascists Demands End To Natural Gas

After taking long fossil fueled trips to Dubai, the little dictators have demands Green groups at COP28 demand U.S. halt support for LNG More than 250 environmental and community groups on Thursday called on the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden to halt its support for liquefied natural gas (LNG) due to the super-cooled fuel’s […]

Biden Regime Waived Development Fees For Wind Power

Now, why would they do this? I’ve been reliably informed that all sorts of companies are rushing to get involved with building tons of wind turbines, because they’re going to make a lot of money, er, save the planet Internal docs show Biden admin waived taxpayer safeguards to boost offshore wind project The Biden administration […]

Surprise: Green Energy To Skyrocket Cost Of NY Energy

Obviously, no one saw this coming, right? NYers face skyrocketing costs to switch to electric heat under new ‘green’ policies: study New York residents could face skyrocketing heating bills under the state’s new “green” policies — which may not even have a significant impact on greenhouse-gas emissions, a new study warns. A review by the […]

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