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Democrats Unveil Details Of Their Climate Crisis (scam) Bill

Interestingly, nothing in the plan requires the elected Democrats and their staffs to stop using fossil fueled travel and make their operations Net Zero Democrats Unveil Details of Sweeping Climate Change Spending Plan The coming weeks on Capitol Hill will be crucial to President Biden’s climate agenda, including whether the president can credibly make the […]

Good News: California To Make Homes More Expensive With ‘Climate Change’ Requirement

Just too be clear, there will be no “Hurricane Ida is climate doom” stuff, not unless I run into something really egregious, really pure moonbat. I’ve seen this all before, as have you. There’s nothing new in their doomsday fearmongering, and we all expected the climate cultists to link/blame Ida on Other People driving fossil […]

Surprise: Heat Pumps Are Worse For Warming Homes Than Gas Boilers

The climate cult high poobahs have been pushing to replace gas boilers with heat pumps, because, for one thing, they just can’t mind their own f’ing business, especially since those poobahs tend to be rich and can afford to piss away money. And now? #ClimateCultFail — WilliamTeach2 #refuseresist (@WTeach2) August 21, 2021 The view […]

Bummer: Infrastructure Bill Missing Lots Of Climate Cult Steps

It’s a real shame. But, even though Democrats are getting quite a bit of what they want while Republicans get almost nothing, Dems are still looking to reconcile their massive $3.5 trillion bill with the “bipartisan” bill Bipartisan bill leaves out key climate, clean energy steps The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package unveiled by the Senate includes […]

Bummer: NJ Residents Not Interested In Offshore Windfarms To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)

Surprise? They’re not blown away by NJ’s offshore wind power plans New Jersey is moving aggressively to become the leader in the fast-growing offshore wind energy industry on the East Coast, but not everyone is blown away by those ambitious plans. While the state’s Democratic political leadership is solidly behind a rapid build-out of wind […]

Time Magazine: AC Is Really Bad For ‘Climate Change’, Here’s How Government Can Take It Away

With it being summer and people using more air conditioning, Time Magazine is very upset. Not upset enough for them to give up their office AC, of course A/C Feels Great, But It’s Terrible for the Planet. Here’s How to Fix That For the past few days, a heatwave has glowered over the Pacific Northwest, forcing […]

Mayor Pete: The Time For Arguing On Climate Crisis (scam) Is Over

I wonder if there’s taxes and fees involved Buttigieg: ‘There’s no time to argue’ over climate change Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the debate over whether climate change exists needs to stop, saying “there’s no time to argue about whether it’s real — it’s happening, and it’s incredibly dangerous.” Buttigieg was asked during an interview […]

Bummer: California Asking Residents To Not Charge Their EVs At This Time

How’s that green electric grid working out in California, what with them replacing all the reliable coal, natural gas, and nuclear power generation with solar and wind? And pushing everyone to get an electric vehicle? California Asks Residents to Avoid Charging Electric Cars Amid Power Grid Strain California’s power grid operators have asked the state’s […]

Rolling Stone: We’re In An Air Conditioned Nightmare Or Something

Remember when Rolling Stone used to focus on music and stuff? How they were counter-culture like rock and roll, sticking it to the man, not taking the side of Government? Boy howdy, that’s changed quite a bit. What surely hasn’t changed is how the office of Rolling Stone, along with all the employees at their […]

Climate Today: Guardian Pushes Nuclear Power, Sunrise Arrested At Ted Cruz’s House

There are certainly a few high ranking poobahs in the climate cult who think nuclear power is a great thing, such as Michael “Robust Debate” Mann. Most Warmists, though, are dead set against nuclear energy, especially those who are also extreme environmentalists. So, this makes the UK Guardian allowing a piece rather important If we […]

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