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Surprise: New Yorkers Will See Sticker Shock On Their Utility Bills

This is what happens when you replace affordable, dependable, reliable, easily obtainable energy with expensive, unreliable energy at the whim of Government. I mean, great, the green energy is more expensive but less reliable! Sticker shock awaits New Yorkers’ utility bills to fund renewables New York is eager to move away from fossil fuels. Customers, […]

Biden Upsets Warmists By Approving Alaskan Oil Project

These would be the same climate cultists who refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels. But, Biden did throw them a bone Biden Administration Approves Huge Alaska Oil Project The Biden administration on Monday will formally approve a huge oil drilling project in Alaska known as Willow, according to two people familiar […]

Surprise: Government Inefficiency Slowing Up IRA Spending On Electric Lines

Not only is the Inflation Reduction Act not reducing inflation, it’s being jammed up because government is slow. And, guess which party is represented the most in the federal and state governments? Biden’s climate chief: ‘Delays and bottlenecks’ slowing IRA spending U.S. President Joe Biden’s top climate advisor says the United States needs to build […]

Surprise: St. Greta Wants Wind Farm Blocked

Have you ever noticed that Warmists say they love “green” energy, but, when it comes time to construct it they block it? Dozens of activists, including Greta Thunberg of neighboring Sweden, blocked the entrance to Norway's energy ministry in Oslo Monday to protest a wind farm they say hinders the rights of the Sami Indigenous […]

Bummer: There’s A Big Problem In Plugging In All The Solar And Wind Projects

This is what happens when the Government throws money at an (imaginary) problem with no actual plan The U.S. Has Billions for Wind and Solar Projects. Good Luck Plugging Them In. Plans to install 3,000 acres of solar panels in Kentucky and Virginia are delayed for years. Wind farms in Minnesota and North Dakota have […]

Could Ending Fossil Fuels Actually Hurt The Environment?

I’m skeptical of studies like this, just as I am with pro-climate cult ones. I’ve said many times that I am not a big fan of fossil fuels, which do damage the environment as pollutants, air, sea, and land. That said, a big thing to remember is that the environment is different from the climate […]

Climate Cult Cheers NY Moving One Step Closer To Ending Fossil Fueled Power

Is there any real difference between the Democratic Socialists Of America and the climate cult? Socialists cheer Dem state’s climate bill mandating fossil fuel shutdown: ‘Will transform New York’ The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) celebrated after the New York State Senate passed a sweeping climate bill Wednesday evening, bringing it one step closer to […]

Good News: Greenie Weenies Look To Shut Down Mohave Solar, Bullet Train Projects

These are the same people who scream for green energy and forcing Everyone Else to take the train Can bighorns, a bullet train and a huge solar farm coexist in the Mojave Desert? To most travelers on Interstate 15 between Barstow and Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert’s jagged Soda Mountains rise above a seemingly lifeless […]

Surprise: EVs Are More Expensive To Fuel Than Gas Powered

At the end of the day, if you want to get an EV, get one. That’s your choice. I wouldn’t mind one, except it would be a pain to charge as I do not have a garage. I’m 100% against Government forcing citizens into them. Government is supposed to listen to We The People, not […]

Enviro Group Wants Wind Turbine Construction Halted Over Whale Deaths

The same people who Demand renewables replace fossil fuels also demand the projects be stopped Groups seek probe of NY-NJ whale deaths amid wind power prep Environmental groups and opponents of offshore wind energy want a federal investigation into the deaths of six whales that have washed ashore in New Jersey and New York in […]

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