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NC Governor Cooper Floats Silly New HB2 Repeal Plan

Why, yes, they are still at it. It could have been done months ago, except Rory Cooper, now North Carolina governor, worked pre-election to make sure that all Democrats voted against any repeal of HB2 (WTVD) North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper floated a new proposal for the repeal of House Bill 2 on Tuesday. “February […]

Haters Paint “F*** You White American” In Raleigh

Can’t you just feel the tolerance oozing from Liberals? "F*** You White American" — Obscenities Spray Painted on N. Raleigh Community Signs, Bridges #NCpol #NCCrime — A.P. Dillon (@APDillon_) January 5, 2017 From the article by AP Dillon Citizens woke up this morning to find obscenities spray painted outside the Bedford community in North […]

NC Republicans Still Looking To Repeal HB2 As Charlotte Plays Games

HB2 would probably have been repealed by now if the Charlotte city council hadn’t played a few games, which we learn far down in this article (WTVD) Today’s special session follows a night of confusion after it was revealed that two parts of Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance still stood – which could have put a deal to […]

With Charlotte Move, NC’s Gender Confused Law Should Soon Be Repealed

This whole thing started because the Charlotte City council decided they were going to force private businesses to allow the gender confused to use whatever bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms the wanted, and to hell with costs and privacy issues. The first time they tried, the measure failed. The GOP controlled General Assembly warned […]

“Freedom Spoken Here”: NC GOP Office Firebombed, Vandalized

Sadly, politics can over-inflame people’s passions (Raleigh N&O) The Orange County Republican Party headquarters was firebombed overnight Saturday and graffiti was spray-painted nearby in an attack that the GOP called “political terrorism.” A flaming bottle was thrown through a window of the office and a swastika and “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” were painted […]

250,000 To Lose Their Obamacare Plans In NC, With Little Choice Left

Overall, round 1.4 million Obamacare enrollees will lose their Ocare plans for 2017, as insurers bolt this idiotic Progressive plan, part of the Alinsky model to put people under control of the government. The Washington Post performs a random act of journalism More than 250,000 people in North Carolina are losing the health plans they […]

Charlotte PD Release Full Videos Of Keith Scott Shooting

For the most part, the videos solve nothing, except showing that the officers were not cold hearted racists who just love shooting Black people (despite the officer who took the shot being Black): the spent a lot of time providing medical aid (Charlotte Observer) Police body camera footage released on Tuesday shows in graphic detail […]

Good Morning America Super Enthused Over Young Girl’s Speech Over Charlotte Shooting

If only liberals would consider the plight of young girls as they attempt to allow gender confused young boys into the girl’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms (GMA) Peaceful protesters crowded Charlotte’s first city council meeting since the cop shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, with over 50 people speaking out against police violence. But none […]

Hey, Remember That Thing About Keith Scott Not Having A Gun?

We were told time and time again that Keith Scott, killed by Charlotte Police Officers last week, did not have a firearm. His wife even said it on the video she released. Um, yeah, about that (via Twitchy) Less than a year ago, #KeithLamontScott's wife filed for a restraining order. This was part of the […]

Charlotte Protesters Have Their List Of Demands Post Shooting

Because of course they do. These little Social Justice Warriors always have their list of demands. And it’s a real hoot that this always seems to be a bunch of leftists making a list of demands for Democrats who are in charge of the areas where things have gone wrong. Like in Charlotte (Heat Street) […]

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