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Trump Trusted More On Dealing With Economy And Inflation Than Biden

It’s rather unsurprising when we get things like Reporter stunned by Biden voters’ comments on economy: ‘Nostalgia for Trump years … really shocking to me’ Voters in this ‘boomerang’ county say they’re nostalgic for the Trump economy We’ve seen plenty of articles about people having nostalgia for the Trump economy, which leads to More Americans […]

Congressional Republicans Beg Trump To Ease Off The Retaliation Talk

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this in Real Life and on the Internet, that Trump needs to stop with the retaliation talk, stop going after Republicans who aren’t 100% on the Trump train. It may play well with the uber-base, but, for one thing, it’s a distraction from going after Democrats and […]

Poll Shows Biden’s Top Accomplishment: Nothing

They really should have included his ability to take the weekend off Oof. — JWF (@JammieWF) March 27, 2024 Yeah, well, things are a little worse than that (Fox News) Are you better off than you were four years ago? That question was asked by Ronald Reagan during a decisive 1980 debate with then-President Jimmy Carter. […]

WRAL Poll Shows Economy Is Top Issue For Most Citizens

This is yet another poll that shows Trump should really just focus on the economy. Stop with all the Being Trump, and talk about people’s wallets NC voters united on economy as top 2024 issue, divided on immigration and abortion, WRAL News poll shows North Carolina voters view the economy and health care as the […]

Judge Rules Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Vote Is Not Discriminatory

The Biden administration will now provide identification that makes it appear as if illegals are citizens Arizona’s new voting laws that require proof of citizenship are not discriminatory, a US judge rules A federal judge is upholding provisions of new Arizona laws that would require counties to verify the status of registered voters who haven’t […]

Here We Go Again: Illinois Judge Declares Trump Can’t Be On Ballot

Democrats love Democracy so much that they’re going to make sure that Trump can’t be on the ballot Illinois judge rules Trump ineligible for Republican primary ballot over Jan. 6 riot An Illinois judge ruled Wednesday that former President Donald Trump should be taken off the ballot for the state’s primary election, citing the Jan. […]

News Media Upset Biden Polls Horribly On Economy

The media keeps telling us that the economy is great, but, we see it when we go to the grocery store, when we open our power and water bills, when we see our auto insurance rates skyrocket (there are actually valid reasons for this.) When we see our property assessments skyrocket, which means our property […]

CBS Poll Shows People Think Trump Is Much Better For Personal Finances Than Biden

The big question here is “will people vote for their best interests and go with Trump, even though he is a blowhard and antagonistic (to be mild), or go against their best interest again and vote Biden (who’s also a scumbag, feebleminded, and shady AF)?” If Trump wins, more voters foresee better finances, staying out […]

Election Data Shows Lots Of Republicans Flipped For Certain Races

Surprisingly, the NY Times doesn’t seem to connect the dots on all these Republican losses in what should have been easily winnable races Turnout by Republicans Was Great. It’s Just That Many of Them Didn’t Vote for Republicans. After yet another disappointing showing for Republicans in Georgia’s Senate runoff on Tuesday, some conservatives — like […]

Mid-Terms Post Mortem: Did Democrats “Democracy Is On The Ballot” Work?

There are many reasons to be considered for what has been a blown election for Republicans. Trump for one. Democrats pushing abortion, which plays to many women, without mentioning they want abortion up to birth. Lindsay Graham and a few other Republicans saying they want to pass a national abortion ban did not help. We […]

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