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Democrats Are Contemplating How Hard They Should Go In North Carolina Senate Race

Do Democrats put up tons of money or not? Democrats confront North Carolina blues Senate Democrats are contemplating just how hard to go after their White Whale: A Senate seat in North Carolina. The last time Democrats notched a Senate victory in the Tar Heel State was 2008, when former Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) easily […]

Some Democrats Want Pelosi To Pass A Gas Tax Holiday

Wouldn’t it make more sense to pass legislation allowing more drilling for oil on U.S. property? Will 18.3 cents per gallon for regular gas and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel really make a difference? It’s really about patronizing low info voters to protect the vulnerable elected Dems Vulnerable Democrats press Pelosi to reverse rejection […]

With Midterms Coming, Democrat Governors Break From Biden On Mandates

Remember when all these Democrats were screeching about “everyone’s gonna die!!!!” when Republicans, especially newly elected Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin, were removing all mask mandates and telling lower level government they cannot implement a mask mandate, especially in schools? What changed? Democrats scramble to reverse course on COVID restrictions ahead of midterms Democrats across the […]

Senate Democrats Switch Tactics, Want To Have A Public Debate On Federal Voting Takeover Bill

Well, this is interesting. Shouldn’t there be a public debate on any big bill? Shouldn’t elected officials be telling their constituents what the bill does? Shouldn’t they be have a long debate on the floor of Congress? Dems switch strategy on voting bill as Biden pushes action Senate Democrats are trying to force a public […]

Democrats Strategize How To Call Voters Stupid And Push Same Old Stuff For Midterms

Have Democrats considered that Let’s Go Brandon’s polls are so low because he’s pushing the same agenda Congressional Democrats are? That people aren’t into it? Report: Democrats Strategize How to Escape Crushing Weight of Biden’s Poor Polling Numbers Many Democrats are concerned President Joe Biden’s sinking polling numbers “will lead to a thrashing at the ballot box” […]

NY Times Hot Take: Republicans Leading 2022 Mid-terms From Gerrymandered Maps

Here we go: Democrats are already setting the stage for a big loss in 2022 by blaming gerrymandered maps, forgetting that states that are run by Democrats are being gerrymandered in their favor. Outlets like the NY Times know that the Democrat voting foot soldiers are dumb enough to believe this, especially if repeated enough […]

More Election Fallout: New York Rejects “Expansion” Of Voting

This has made the Progressives and cheaters at the UK Guardian very upset New Yorkers reject expanded voting access in stunning result Amid an array of discouraging election results for Democrats last week, there was one under-the-radar outcome that was especially perplexing. In New York, one of the country’s most progressive states, voters overwhelmingly rejected […]

What’s At Stake In California Recall Election? Climate Crisis Action!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think Gavin Newsome is going to lose. This is California as run by the loony Progressives (nice Fascists), with a smattering of squishy Democrats and Republicans here and there. I doubt that there will be enough votes to toss Gavin out. And I don’t want to hear any whining from […]

20% Of Voters Want To Take Back Their Biden Vote

Well, gee, perhaps they should have thought hard before casting their vote for against the guy with mean tweets who was doing a heck of a good job in getting America back. Roaring economy, lowest black unemployment ever, prices low, freedom high, and so much more. Instead, the checked the box for Biden/Harris, the guy […]

DOJ To Sue Georgia Over Voting Law That’s Less Restrictive Than Delaware

Why is the DOJ suing? Didn’t they get the memo that Democrats are now supporting voter ID? Also, there’s that whole Constitution thing, which empowers states to set their own conditions for voting and limits Los Federales (say, when is the DOJ going after states which allow illegal aliens to vote?) In Suing Georgia, Justice […]

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