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What’s At Stake In California Recall Election? Climate Crisis Action!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think Gavin Newsome is going to lose. This is California as run by the loony Progressives (nice Fascists), with a smattering of squishy Democrats and Republicans here and there. I doubt that there will be enough votes to toss Gavin out. And I don’t want to hear any whining from […]

20% Of Voters Want To Take Back Their Biden Vote

Well, gee, perhaps they should have thought hard before casting their vote for against the guy with mean tweets who was doing a heck of a good job in getting America back. Roaring economy, lowest black unemployment ever, prices low, freedom high, and so much more. Instead, the checked the box for Biden/Harris, the guy […]

DOJ To Sue Georgia Over Voting Law That’s Less Restrictive Than Delaware

Why is the DOJ suing? Didn’t they get the memo that Democrats are now supporting voter ID? Also, there’s that whole Constitution thing, which empowers states to set their own conditions for voting and limits Los Federales (say, when is the DOJ going after states which allow illegal aliens to vote?) In Suing Georgia, Justice […]

Democrats Yammer On About “Killibuster” After Losing On “Voting Rights”, Admit What It’s All About

Democrats had to know that their control of elections by the federal government which benefits Democrats bill, HR1/S1, was doomed to be shot down by the fillibuster, right? ‘Killibuster’: Democratic angst grows as filibuster threatens agenda Democrats are confronting the reality that absent any seismic shifts, their top agenda items face long, if not impossible, […]

Bummer: Australia’s New Deputy PM Will Put A Spike In The Climate Crisis (scam) Agenda

Australia has long been an interesting country to watch when it comes to the climate crisis scam. Voters say they want action, but, when it comes to actual elections and doing something, the voters will turn around and reject that. Remember, the 2012 Queensland elections were so bad for the party that implemented all sorts […]

Washington Post Is Super Excited Over “Reporters” Harassing Politicians Who “Tried To Overturn An Election”

This would make the reporters partisan activists and mouthpieces of the Democratic Party. Also, the Washington Post, as they’re cheerleading this, seems unaware of what the Washington Post was pushing on the 2016 election even before Donald Trump won (the WP article is behind a big paywall, can’t even read it with Pocket, but, available […]

Florida General Assembly Passes Voting Bill That Makes It Harder To Cheat

This is similar to the one that Georgia passed, which was totally misconstrued and lied about by the Credentialed Media, Democrat pundits and lawmakers, and China Joe. Expect Florida to be the next state that the moonbats go after, especially the big companies. Florida legislature approves measure that curbs mail voting and use of drop […]

#NeverTrumpers Plan To Grade Republicans With A “Democracy Report Card”

Fake Conservative Grifters gonna grift, you know Anti-Trump conservative group to grade GOP lawmakers on whether they uphold (or undermine) democracy An anti-Trump conservative group is launching an effort to track and evaluate whether Republicans in Congress, in the group’s view, have acted to either undermine or uphold democracy and democratic values and what role, […]

#Unity: House Passes HR1, The “For The Democrat Party Power Act”

Democrats gave this bill a whirl last year, when it passed on strictly party lines, and then was never brought up in the Senate, because it is a Category 5 partisan bill. The Institute for Free Speech obliterated it when it was first introduced in early 2019, because it is great for certain politicians, bad […]

Record Outside Cash Pouring Into Georgia Senate Races

This is not a good thing Record cash pours into Georgia Senate races, with a large chunk from California With early voting well underway and both sides expecting extremely close races, record amounts of money continue to pour into Georgia’s twin Senate runoff campaigns, including a large chunk of cash from donors in California, new […]

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