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Joe Biden Releases Gun Control Plan, Makes All New Guns Worthless

Sleepy Joe Biden has gone for the full confiscation route, but, his plan is almost as bad Joe Biden releases gun plan that would reinstate assault weapons ban and establish a voluntary buyback program Joe Biden’s campaign on Wednesday outlined a proposal to put new restrictions on gun sales and combat gun violence, packaging a […]

Bummer: So-Called Ukraine Issue Whistleblower Made Claim On Hearsay

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine just doesn’t have the ring of Russia Russia Russia, but, it’s going to end the same way: a big nothingburger against President Trump. But, it could end up hurting Joe Biden and his son. And Obama. But, hey, CNN was nice enough to commit a random act of journalism, though they tried […]

Sleepy Joe Biden Wants To Ban Scary Looking Rifles Because It Totally Worked Last Time

It’s time for Joe Biden to pander to the hard-left, apparently, on firearms. He never seemed to have a problem with his boss, Barack Obama, running over 2,500 firearms into Mexico during Operation Fast and Furious, which were involved in hundreds of Mexicans, including children, being wounded and killed, as well as used to kill […]

Biden Has A Plan To Jail Insurance Industry Executives Who Oppose His Obamacare Based Plan

So far, Obamacare is not doing particularly well during the debates, with the majority of the Love Democrat Island coming out against it, saying it was awful and did not work. But, then their is Joe Big F’ing Deal Biden. Remember his plan? Joe Biden’s health plan is here. What he’s calling for: protecting the […]

AOC, Dems Incensed Over Biden’s “Middle Ground” On ‘Climate Change’ Comment

Joe Biden is certainly a leftist, but, he’s more old-school leftist, as opposed to today’s unhinged Modern Socialist leftist. His policies are, for the most part, not as extreme as the rest running for president, and he’s smart enough to push more middle of the road policies. So, we get something like this Exclusive: Presidential […]

Who Better To Talk About Divisions Than VP Who Served Under An Extremely Divisive President?

The NY Times, with their perpetual #Resist foundation (which would have been around no matter which Republican won, of course), has given a platform to Joe Biden, who served as Vice President to Barack Obama, a president who worked hard to be as divisive as possible during his two terms, and the o-ed is a […]

VP Who Likes To Be Gropey Threatens Hypothetical Violence Against Trump

Just Joe “Get A Shotgun” Biden being Biden(?) (Fox News) Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that he wished he could physically confront Republican nominee Donald Trump over lewd comments the real estate mogul made about women that were captured on tape in 2005. “The press always asks me don’t I wish I were debating […]

Jerusalem Hit With Terrorist Attack, Biden Attacks And Mostly Blames Israel

This article from Haaretz was posted at 11:53pm Israel time. Israel is 7 hours ahead of East Coast time At least 20 people were injured, two seriously, when a bomb exploded on a bus in Jerusalem on Monday. The Shin Bet security service confirmed that the incident was a terror attack. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu […]

Oops: Sheriff Joe Biden Said POTUS Shouldn’t Nominate A SCOTUS Candidate During The Political Season

Allahpundit call this “game over” In which C-SPAN archivists drop a 20-megaton political warhead directly on Obama and the Democrats. The best part? Biden actually goes a little further than Republicans have gone this month in opposing an election-year replacement for Scalia. Not only doesn’t he want a vacancy filled, not only doesn’t he want […]

Good Grief: Biden Thanks Iran For Helping Our Boats “In Distress”

There’s spin, and then there’s Spin (via Ed Morrissey) (CBS News) After Iran released 10 U.S. Navy sailors from custody early Wednesday morning, some media outlets reported that the U.S. had issued an apology to Tehran in order to secure the sailors’ freedom. But Vice President Joe Biden told CBS News that there was “no […]

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