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With A Supposed Soft Landing Coming, Reuters Wonders Why Americans Are So Mad About Economy

You simply un-appreciative peasants are grumbling after all the work of your betters The elusive Fed ‘soft landing’ nears. Why are Americans so mad about the economy? U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said emphatically last week that people “hate inflation, hate it,” but he left another fact unspoken – they also punish the politicians […]

Brandon Tells Pacific Islanders He’s Going To Do Something About Climate Crisis (scam)

Hey, maybe he’s going to tell all those Pacific islands they have to do away with all their airport and stop importing all those goods on fossil fueled ships? No more tourists coming on fossil fueled airplanes? Biden tells Pacific islands leaders he’ll act on their warnings about climate change President Joe Biden on Monday […]

LetsGoBrandon To Join Striking Auto Workers On Picket Line

I wonder how all those striking Hollywood writers feel about Biden blowing them off Biden to join the picket line in UAW strike President Joe Biden will travel to Michigan to join the picket line of auto workers on strike nationwide, he said on Friday afternoon. “Tuesday, I’ll go to Michigan to join the picket […]

Guy Constantly Surrounded By People With Weapons Most Can’t Own Creates Office For Gun Control

In quite a few states and cities, mostly run by Democrats, you cannot own, buy, or possess many of the weapons that those protecting Joe Biden carry. Nor the magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. And, certainly, not fully automatic weapons for most. Or many of the sniper rifles. But, Biden is happy to […]

Zelensky Sees A Lot Of Pushback Over US Funding Of Ukraine War

Remember this poll (CNN) Overall, 55% say the US Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine vs. 45% who say Congress should authorize such funding. And 51% say that the US has already done enough to help Ukraine while 48% say it should do more. A poll conducted in the early days of […]

Republicans Pounce On Biden’s Really, Really Terrible Iran Deal

Or, is this seizing? Seriously, any CEO who made a deal this bad would be immediately fired with no golden parachute. If Trump made this deal the Democrats would already have articles of impeachment submitted, and, if they controlled the House, they’d be starting an impeachment trial by Monday. And there might be enough GOP […]

Bummer: Those With Student Loans Might Have To Give Up Their “Fun Budget”, Which Could Tank The Economy (more)

The NY Times is really trying to make a case for doing away with all the student loan debt, but, really, this is really not the argument they’re looking for Will Restart of Student Loan Payments Be the Last Straw for Consumers? Mykail James has a plan for when payments on her roughly $75,000 in […]

Poll: Most Trust Trump To Fix Inflation Over Biden

Considering the bang-up job Biden has done on inflation, they probably trust the intern who sends all Biden’s tweets over Biden Inflation is weighing down Americans. Many trust Trump, more than Biden, to fix it Linda Muñoz is scared about the economy. She dipped into her emergency savings this year. And she doesn’t believe President […]

Good Grief: Biden Gives Iran $6 Billion Of Frozen Funds On 9/11 For Five Prisoners

Of all the days to take care of avowed enemies, a government, and many of the people, who chant “death to America” and actually mean it. A country attempting to get nuclear weapons, which would destabilize the Middle East, and could cause Israel, and even Saudi Arabia, to strike first President Joe Biden Bows to […]

Hotcoldwetdry Take: Biden Says ‘Climate Change’ Worse Than Nuclear War

Well, nuclear war is also something Brandon is trying to make happen. Fortunately, he’s incompetent (the original Bloomberg article is beyond paywalled, you can read it here) Biden Says Climate Change Poses Greater Threat Than Nuclear War President Joe Biden said the sole threat to humanity’s existence is climate change, and that not even nuclear […]

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