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CNN: With A Supposed Biden Win, Things Are Totally Going To Get Better Or Something

See, here’s how it works for Democrats. When a Republican is president, everything is horrible and bad and Doomy and Democracy Is In Danger. Fascism and authoritarianism is right around the corner, if not happening right freaking now. The world hates the U.S. and so do the Democrats When a Democrat is in office, everything […]

Paris Climate Agreement Puts America Last

Hmm, I do believe I’ve said this the other day, and back when Obama signed the agreement meant to circumvent the duly elected U.S. Senate Paris Climate Treaty Puts America Last Here we are in the midst of the second wave of a once-in-a-half-century pandemic, with the economy flattened and millions of Americans unemployed and […]

“The Great Reset” Is A Biden Presidency Conspiracy Theory Or Something

It’s funny, since so many Biden voters have embraced “build back better” which is part of the Great Reset and The Great Reset itself. But, like with ‘climate change’, the elites are now looking to hide their true intentions. People said I was a bit crazy, that it was conspiracy material to say that ‘climate […]

Who’s Up For A Climate First Foreign Policy?

I’m looking forward to China Joe voters saying “I just hated Trump. I didn’t realize I was voting for America last!” A Climate-First Foreign Policy President Donald Trump will hand the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden a daunting set of foreign policy challenges, including controlling the raging COVID-19 pandemic, stabilizing the global economy, and […]

#Unity: China Joe Says Will Submit Amnesty Bill In First 100 Days

There’s been a lot of yapping from China Joe and other Democrats about unity and coming together and reaching across the aise and stuff, as you’ve certainly heard and read. So far, have you seen anything from Joe that you would support? Has he offered anything bipartisan? Watch–Joe Biden: Amnesty for Over 11 Million Illegal […]

Trump Looks To Box In Biden Internationally With Peace Deals, Sanctions On Enemies Or Something

The Credentialed Media seems pretty enthused that Biden can get rid of all that freedom and peace and sanctions and stuff that Trump has put in place Trump aims to box in Biden abroad, but it may not work On its way out the door, the Trump administration is enacting new rules, regulations and orders […]

China Joe To Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement Which No One Is Really Following Or Something

Yes, we pretty much knew that China Joe Biden would rejoin the “historic” Paris Climate agreement, an agreement set up to attempt to make the U.S. compliant while avoiding the duly elected and empowered Senate per the Constitution, trying to placate the Warmists who won’t practice what they preach Biden will rejoin the Paris Climate […]

China Joe Up For Forgiving $10,000 In Student Loan Debt Per Student

Considering how much debt so many kids accrued in obtaining their mostly worthless degrees, how does this help? Joe Biden supports ‘immediately’ canceling some student loan debt, penalizing American taxpayers Former Vice President Joe Biden declared Monday that, as president, he would move to ensure that Americans with student loans have some of their debt […]

Left Wing Groups Want To Hold China Joe Accountable To Remake Economy

China Joe is going to learn that all these super-leftist Progressive (nice Fascist)/Modern Socialist groups are going to be Demanding he does the stuff they demand Left-wing group linked to AOC pressures Biden to remake economy A left-wing group with ties to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pressuring President-elect Joe Biden to use executive orders for […]

Young Climate Cultists Plan To Hold China Joe Accountable

I love when Democrats pander to their unhinged base, then the base demands satisfaction. Democrats pandered over 9/11 Trutherism, the Iraq War, and so much more, and it always comes back to bite them A young Ugandan climate activist’s challenge to Joe Biden “We are going to hold him accountable if he doesn’t fulfill [his] […]

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