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GOP To File Lawsuits Claiming Harris Cannot Replace Biden On Some State Ballots

It’s an interesting concept. But, will it go anywhere? Even if legally correct, I can easily see most judges not wanting to get involved and trying to punt any suits. However, there is something way, way more interesting in this article Replace Biden? Some Republicans say that’s illegal and plan to file lawsuits to stop […]

Cackles Harris Plans To Mostly Blow Off Visit By Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu,

Is this the way the United States government should treat the leader of a friendly foreign nation, one which is an ally? Benjamin Netanyahu has landed. Joe Biden is too ill/dead to meet him. Kamala Harris refuses to see him. Donald Trump might meet him. — ???????????????? ???????????????? ? ?? (@NiohBerg) July 22, 2024 […]

Biden’s Climate Crisis (scam) Legacy Is Large But Fragile

It’s almost like Axios thinks Biden has stepped down from being president. But, considering we haven’t seen him or heard him since he blew out of Vegas on Thursday, do they know something? He had Cackles Harris greeting NCAA winners today, something the POTUS usually does. Why come to the White House if not for […]

Republicans Pushing Biden To Leave Office After Dropping Out Of Race

I think this is a bad idea politically. In reality, if Joe isn’t competent to be tried for having classified documents, if he’s not competent enough to run for a 2nd term, he’s not competent enough to be President, and he should resign. We’ve all known that he’s been 5 beer short of a six […]

Good News: Iran One To Two Weeks Away From Producing Nuclear Weapons Material

Obviously, the Biden regime wants to Blame Trump for pulling out of the nuclear deal with Iran, but, really, according to the deal, they’d be able to start enriching soon, and, all this was based on a promise to not do anything while getting all sorts of money and aid upfront. Trump may have pulled […]

6th Court Of Appeals Blocks Biden’s Title IX Transgender Rules

Title IX is designed to help women. Biological women. Not biological men with mental health issues who take all sorts of things away from women Trans students’ rights suffer another blow as appeals court refuses to lift block on new Biden protections The Biden administration’s attempt to protect transgender students from discrimination hit another roadblock on Wednesday […]

NBC News: Bidenworld Expecting Biden To Step Aside

Many outlets are running with this, but, is it true? Was COVID just a fake excuse to head home and consider if he wants to continue? ‘We’re close to the end’: Biden world braces for the possibility that the president will step aside President Joe Biden’s political world is collapsing. Top allies have either publicly or […]

Guy Protected By People Carrying Actual Assault Rifles Wants AR-15s Banned Yet Again

Funny, the guy was shot and shot at isn’t calling for “assault rifles” to be banned, but, the guy surrounded by people with fully automatic rifles with large capacity magazines is President Biden renews call to ban AR-15 rifles after Trump assassination attempt President Joe Biden renewed his call for stronger gun control Tuesday following […]

Biden Receives Brutal Polling From Democrats, As Big Wigs Call For Him To Bow Out

Maybe this is why he “came down” with Wuhan Flu yet again (all those boosters and stuff sure haven’t worked, eh?) and he blew out of Las Vegas early to head home to the beach in Delaware, certain to stay there through at least Sunday BREAKING: Nearly two-thirds of Democrats want President Biden to drop […]

Biden Is Supposedly Going To Push For Term Limits For Supreme Court

No mention of term limits for Representatives and Senators….remember, Joe was a Senator from 1973 until January 2009, when he took office as VP…nor any explanation on how Joe’s plan actually comports with the Constitution Biden set to announce support for major Supreme Court changes President Biden is finalizing plans to endorse major changes to […]

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