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LA Times: Biden Is Right That Black People Ain’t Black If They Vote For Trump

Most of the liberal media have already put Joe’s racist comment behind them, something that would not have happened had a Republican said it. We’d be treated to straight news, opinion pieces, and investigative pieces non-stop. Instead, the NY Times’ only piece on racism is yammering about 10 U.S. bases named after Confederate leaders. Not […]

Exercises In News Bias: Senate On Weekend Break And Biden’s “You Ain’t Black”

Let’s start with the NY Times editorial board, which has forgotten some important information With Unemployment Expected to Reach 20%, Senators Take a Vacation Facing a calamity on par with the Great Depression, they left without a new relief package in place. After three weeks in session, the United States Senate emptied out again on […]

CNN: ObamaBidengate Is A Distraction From Bat Soup Virus

I told you yesterday “The thing is, once Democrats start trotting out the distraction/diversion talking points, they know they are in trouble. We’ve quickly moved from stage 1: “Ignore the story – pretend it is not happening, or deflect like crazy,” to stage 6: “Whine about the discussion of the topic, proclaiming that it means nothing, […]

Stage 6: Who’s Up For ObamaBidenGate?

Handsy Joe Biden is whining about not everyone getting a Bat Soup Virus test, despite doctors and the CDC saying that only people who present with symptoms should get one after they have ruled out it being the regular flu (that’s what happened to me. I was feeling a bit off, and they said it […]

Biden Promises To Get Rid Of Due Process For Those Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In Schools

Of course, he wants due process for himself Biden Promises to Scrap New Devos Rule on College Sexual Assault Former Vice President Joe Biden is promising to scrap newly proposed guidelines by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos meant to ensure that individuals being accused of sexual misconduct on college campuses receive due process. Biden, who […]

Handsy Joe To Blacks: I’m From The Government, And We’re Here To Control You, Er, Help You

Well, you had to know that Joe Biden was going to release a “plan” to patronize the black community, right? Because that’s what Democrats do. What they’ve been doing since the 1970’s, when the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregation realized that they couldn’t continue to block blacks from everything, so they found […]

Washington Post, NY Times Finally Touch On Tara Read Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden

We don’t really have to look back and see how the media covered allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, do we? BUSTED: The NYT stealth-edited the 'deep dive' into the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) April 12, 2020 The article itself takes a very soft touch on Biden, and then they […]

Bernie Megafan Joe Rogan Says He’d Vote For Trump Over Biden

Is this important, or just an isolated incident? (via Allahpundit at Hot Air) Joe Rogan–who supported Bernie–on his podcast yesterday w/ managing director of Thiel Capital Eric Weinstein. "I’d rather vote for Trump than [Biden]. I don’t think he can handle anything. You’re relying entirely on his cabinet."1.3 million views on YouTube since yesterday […]

President Trump Tops Handsy Joe On Economy, Bat Soup Virus Response

And just wait till the economy come roaring back prior to the election (Breitbart) 43 percent of Americans trust Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus crisis, compared to 45 percent who said the same about President Trump. There was not a lot of good news for Slow Joe Biden in this week’s Washington Post/ABC News poll. The […]

Sheriff Joe Thinks We’re All Dead If We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels

What Joe Biden really means is that you have to be forced to give up fossil fuels, as he runs around the country using vast amounts of fossil fuels So, Sheriff @JoeBiden , when are you going to stop using fossil fuels? — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) December 31, 2019 From the link Former Vice President […]

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