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Democrats Considering User Fees To Pay For Their “Infrastructure” Plan

As they force you to be Watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside), Democrats are looking to make you pay for it Democrats open to user fees for infrastructure deal Some Senate Democrats are open to paying for a compromise infrastructure package by imposing user fees, including increasing the gas tax and raising […]

China Joe Decides It’s A Good Idea To Threaten Those Who Aren’t Vaccinated

Now, you certainly heard by now about the CDC saying that the fully vaccinated can ditch the mask indoors except in times of crowds, though they don’t really explain what they mean. Is that when you’re in the supermarket with normal capacity? Or only when it is 2am? Also, what does this mean for those […]

Growing Inflation Is Biden’s Tax On Americans

But, hey, no more mean tweets, right? Growing inflation is Biden’s hidden tax on working Americans The sharpest tax President Biden is levying upon Americans is one that was never passed by Congress, promised from the White House, or voted on by citizens at the ballot box. The invisible tax of rising inflation will do far more […]

Washington Post: Americans Are Facing Inflation After Recovery “Stumble”

I’m sure this is somehow Trump’s fault, right? It certainly can’t be the fault of China Joe nor the Democrats who’s implemented all the policies causing economic problems, right? Recovery’s stumbles leave Americans confronting unfamiliar inflation risk Widespread shortages and production snags are driving prices higher for many everyday items, as an uneven economic reopening […]

French President Has Concerns Over China Joe’s COVID Vaccine Waiver Push

It’s pretty weird when the hard left president of France makes more sense than China Joe Macron voices concerns over Covid vaccines patent waiver Emmanuel Macron has echoed the German government’s concerns over Joe Biden’s proposed suspension of intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines as he urged the US and the UK to instead start exporting doses […]

Surprise: Economy Would Have To Be Radically Changed To Meet China Joe’s Climate (scam) Goals

You will be forced to comply, so, kiss freedom goodbye ‘Eviscerating coal and natural gas’: Biden’s climate goal to require radical shifts in economy President Biden’s goal of cutting greenhouse gases more than 50% by 2030 is not feasible without a rapid transformation of the U.S. economy that would hit electricity generation, transportation, agriculture and […]

China Joe Admin Attempts New Campaign To Get Biden Voters Vaccinated

We keep being told that all the vaccine resistant people are Trump voters, yet, most campaigns are aimed at China Joe voters. Walgreens has one with John Legend, featuring over half the people in the commercial being black. That’s not aimed at Republicans. And here’s the latest from Joe, who can’t seem to agree on […]

Axios: Electric Cars Are Rather Expensive And Playthings For The Rich, You Know

For all the commercials you see touting this electric car and that electric car that is out or coming out, all of them are expensive and not meant for your average citizen, but for someone who has $40k, $50k, $60K, and up to piss away on an EV as their fun car. Because most of […]

Surprise: Country Has Become More Divided Under China Joe

Mr. Unity. Mr. Bipartisanship. How’s that working out? Poll: More Americans Believe Country Has Become Divided Under Joe Biden Presidency A greater amount of Americans believe the country has become more divided since President Joe Biden took office than see the country as more united. Twenty-eight percent of Americans believe the country is “more divided” under Biden […]

China Joe Wears Masks Outdoors As His Patriotic Duty, You Know

This doesn’t give mixed signals, heck, a bad signal, to all those who are resistant to getting the vaccine, right? They’re looking at this and saying “what’s the point in getting vaccinated if nothing changes?” Biden wears mask outdoors as ‘extra precaution,’ White House aide says President Biden hasn’t been following advice from the Centers […]

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