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Vernon Jones: Trump’s Done More For Blacks In 4 Years Than Biden Did In 40

Perhaps because Trump sees blacks as actual people, as individuals, as citizens and Americans, unlike Democrats, who see blacks as a voting block to be patronized when elections come around, and people to keep down in urban plantations between elections. They just switched their Jim Crow and segregationist beliefs around EXC – Democrat Vernon Jones: […]

SCOTUS Follies: Lindsay Graham Says They Have The Votes, Joe Won’t Say Who He Would Nominate

All the GOP needs is 50 votes, as VP Mike Pence would be number 51 Graham claims Senate GOP has votes to confirm new SCOTUS justice before Election Day Senate Republicans have enough votes to confirm a replacement for late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the Nov. 3 election, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman […]

Only Joe Biden Is Serious About The Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

The Obama admin, with VP Joe Biden along for the ride, really didn’t do much, other than signing the non-binding Paris Climate Agreement and jacking up CAFE standards, eh? Oh, a push for hybrids and EVs, but, both Joe and Barack took lots and lots of fossil fueled trips, and Obama had to be shamed […]

Handsy Joe Biden Says He’ll Do Mask Mandate On Federal Property, Tell States To Do Their Own

He said this while, get this, not wearing a mask (screenshot from video at link) Biden: I Will Institute Mask Mandate on Federal Land, ‘We Could Have a Fine’ – Can’t Do It Nationally During a town hall on CNN on Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden stated that he would […]

Excitable Joe Biden Says He’ll Stop Bad Weather If Elected President Or Something

Political newcomer Handsy Joe Bide says to trust him, his inexperience in government will allow him to make changes to stop Bad Weather ‘Is this doomsday’: Biden says wildfires show Trump doesn’t deserve reelection, calls him ‘climate arsonist’ Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Monday that urgent action is needed to prevent climate change, pointing […]

After Shooting Of LASD Officers, Handsy Joe Biden Pushes Assault Weapon And Large Magazine Ban

How about this: if anyone expresses support of Antifa, they should have their gun permit denied, because they are mentally unstable and potentially violent. You know, lots and lots of Joe Biden supporters Joe Biden Counters Evidence, Claims ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Would Save Lives Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden claimed on Sunday that a ban […]

LA Times: Biden Should Totally Not Play Trump’s Game And Release Supreme Court Picks List

This should be good! Opinion: Trump released another gimmicky Supreme Court ‘list’; Biden shouldn’t follow suit Amid an uproar over interviews with Bob Woodward in which President Trump admitted to downplaying the coronavirus, on Wednesday the president sought (unsuccessfully) to shift public attention to something else: the future of the Supreme Court, which he said was […]

Joe Biden Admits His National Mask Mandate Would Be Unconstitutional

You’d think this type of information would be somewhat news worthy, wouldn’t you? Yet, the only outlets covering this are a few Conservative leaning ones, including Breitbart, but nothing from the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, LA Times, NY Times, or other big outlets Joe Biden walks back his national mask mandate, admits it […]

We’ve Run Out Of Presidential Terms To Waste On ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Hmm, is Excitable Bill McKibben saying that Barack Obama’s 2 terms were a waste? On Climate Change, We’ve Run Out of Presidential Terms to Waste (a couple paragraphs blaming The Weather on people living modern lives) Here’s what this means: if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take over the White House, in January, they’re going […]

Handsy Joe Calls ‘Climate Change’ (scam) One Of America’s Four Major Crisis

Joe is willing to force a shutdown of the economy if the “scientists” tell him to. Perhaps he could tell all his supporters to stop using fossil fuels and practice what they preach Biden calls climate change one of America’s four major crises Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden listed climate change among the major crises […]

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