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Comrade Bernie Says Inflation Reduction Act Will Have Minimal Effect On Inflation

He still voted to begin debate on Build Back Better version 4, and, you know he will vote for this non-inflation reduction bill Bernie Sanders says Inflation Reduction Act will have ‘minimal impact’ on inflation Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders adopted a tone more similar to that of Congressional Republicans than Democrats on Saturday when […]

Biden Drone Strikes Al Qaeda Leader Zawahri To His 72 Virgins

No one ever said the virgins would all be good looking and women, though, right? Fox News’ Fred Fleitz asks an interesting question Another issue is whether killing Zawahri, who was 71 and in ill health, will make any difference in protecting the U.S. from terrorist attacks since there were plans to name a successor […]

Associated Press Seems Surprised That High Diesel Costs Increases The Cost Of Most Goods

Well, hey, this is what the Cult of Climastrology wants, right? What Biden and all his Comrades want, right? It won’t really effect the rich folks, but, it will hose the middle and lower classes, and should be a big warning that all this green agenda stuff is bad for their lives High diesel prices […]

Good News: Wuhan Flu Will Be With Us Forever, Says White House

If that’s the case, perhaps the Executive Branch could do their f’ing job and figure out where it came from, exactly, and tell the Citizens, rather than protecting China COVID-19 ‘is going to be with us forever,’ White House says White House pandemic response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha delivered a grim message on Friday about […]

Baby Formula Shortage Still A Disaster Under Biden’s “Leadership”

Now, just imagine this was occurring under President Trump: it would be pretty big news across all the Credentialed Media outlets, blasting him for failing to fix the problem. Instead, under Let’s Go Brandon, it’s a small story, barely mentioned, and mostly minimized US formula shortage persists and will ‘take a while to fix’ The […]

Brandon Unveils Climate (scam) Action

This was after taking a fossil fueled helicopter flight to the airport, jumping on a jumbo jet, which was followed by a backup jumbo jet and several fighter jets, then an 18+ fossil fueled convoy, then doing it in reverse back to D.C. Joe Biden has Covid – A presidential vaccine love story in 4 […]

Will Brandon Declare A Climate (scam) Emergency Wednesday?

If he does, he’ll do it in the most climahypocrite manner possible Let me get this straight: Biden will take a fossil fueled helicopter flight to the airport, then a FF jumbo jet with a backup and protected by FF fighter jets, then a large FF convoy of SUVs to complain about #ClimateCrisisScam? — […]

ZOMG: Biden’s Plan To Stop Climate Doom Is Running Out Of Time

In my best Andy Rooney, “have you ever noticed that they always say we’re running out of time? It makes you wonder what’s really going on” The U.S. plan to avoid extreme climate change is running out of time In 101 months, the United States will have achieved President Biden’s most important climate promise — or it will […]

Biden Official Super Happy Gas Prices Down Below $4 At 10K Stations

The Biden administration has done almost nothing to bring prices down, it’s simply market corrections and the much lower use of gasoline. They’ll still take credit while doing some gaslighting Gas prices: ‘Prices are coming down,’ says Biden official Despite the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate surging 9.1% in June, White House officials expect sticker prices, […]

Brandon Says He Will Act On Climate Crisis (scam) After Manchin Sinks Bill

Will he start by limiting his own use of fossil fuels? How about the same for all his appointees? No? Just you? Huh Biden says he will act on climate change after Manchin opposes legislation President Joe Biden on Friday said he will move forward with his own efforts to combat climate change and curb greenhouse gas […]

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