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Biden Says “Deniers” Are Condemning America To A Dangerous Future Or Something

It’s a good thing Biden isn’t the kind of guy who flew on a jumbo from Delaware to D.C. along with a backup jumbo jet and fighter jets, then take either fly a low MPG military helicopter or travel in a fossil fueled convoy to Triangle, Virginia, which is down near Quantico Biden warns climate […]

25 States File Legal Challenge To Biden’s EV Mandate

OK, fine, it’s not actually a mandate, but, it operates in the same manner, forcing free US citizens into EVs they do not want Half of US states revolt against EPA crackdown on gas cars with major legal challenge A coalition of 25 state attorneys general filed a legal challenge Thursday against the Biden administration […]

Might Brandon Declare A Climate (scam) Emergency For The Election?

It would be a shady, patronizing attempt by the Biden regime to placate their weak minded voters and entice them to get out and vote REPORT: Biden’s Latest Reelection Gambit May Be Declaring National Climate Emergency White House officials are weighing whether to declare a national climate emergency several months out from the 2024 election, […]

WWIII Watch: Iran Threatens To Target Israeli Nuclear Sites

Update before the scheduled post even posted: Israel has carried out a strike inside Iran, US official tells CNN, as region braces for further escalation Israel has carried out a military strike inside Iran, a US official told CNN, as blasts were heard near the city of Isfahan early Friday in a potentially escalatory move […]

Strange: Biden, UN, And Others Call For Israel To Have Restraint

It’s a very simple proposition: Islamic nations and groups need to stop attacking Israel. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Israel was literally attacked by Iran yesterday, and we’re getting US works to prevent an escalation across the Mideast as Biden pushes Israel to show restraint The United States on Sunday highlighted its role in […]

Biden Tells Iran Regarding Retaliation Against Israel: “Don’t”

It’s nice that Biden is telling Iran this, but, there’s a problem Biden’s message to Iran about retaliatory strike on Israel: ‘Don’t’ President Joe Biden told reporters Friday afternoon he expects an Iranian strike on Israel to occur “sooner than later” amid urgent concerns that Iran was about to retaliate for the bombing of its consulate in Damascus, Syria, […]

Good Grief: Biden To Send $100K In Taxpayer Money To Teach Pakistani Leaders About Hotcoldwetdry

Sure, it’s not that much money in terms of government expenditures, but, why are we wasting taxpayer money in Pakistan like this? How about spending the money so that they aren’t so extremist? Biden administration to drop up to $100,000 teaching Pakistani leaders about climate change The Biden administration is set to spend between $70,000 and $100,000 […]

LGB Regime To Close So-Called “Gun Show Loophole”

As Bearing Arms notes, almost no criminal is getting their gun via private sellers at gun shows. There really aren’t that many at gun shows (I’ve been to a few at the State Fairgrounds), and many times they are selling older stuff. But, could there be something more nefarious at play? Biden Administration to close […]

Biden Expected To Spend At Least $180 Million On Gaza Pier To Help Out Hamas

Imagine what $180 million could be used for to help Americans. To secure the border. To deport all the Islamists imported by the federal government who hate the U.S. just like Hamas and their Palestinian backers do Cost of US effort to build humanitarian aid pier off Gaza expected to top $180M President Joe Biden’s […]

Good News: Biden Regime Running Stealth Geoengineering Program In San Francisco

What could go wrong? GLOBAL WARMING: Woke scientists in San Francisco began secretly spraying aerosolized sodium chloride into the atmosphere in an effort to reduce global warming. The Biden regime approved the weather modification plan that will continue through May. — @amuse (@amuse) April 6, 2024 I’m surprised Scientific American bothered to cover this, […]

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