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Good News: U.S. West Coast Supply Chain Backlog May “Never Clear”

It’s because you darned Americans want your stuff, you know Supply-chain backlogs may `never’ clear as long as U.S. consumer demand persists, says RBC Capital Markets Insatiable demand for goods by American consumers heading into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to a scenario in which supply-chain bottlenecks may “never” let up, […]

Commerce Secretary Continues Blamestorming Economic Sectors For Inflation

At the end of the day, the blame lies at China’s doorstep for releasing Wuhan flu, regardless of whether intentional or by accident. But, the Brandon Administration is more invested in casting blame at American companies, demonizing them, than actually fixing anything or helping Inflation has ‘direct correlation’ with America’s chip shortage: Commerce Secretary The […]

Vaccine Cult Seriously Losing Their Minds Over Supreme Court Mandate Decision

I’ll say it again: I think everyone should get vaccinated. Voluntarily. It’s basically like getting a flu shot at this point, but, if it can save you from getting really sick with Wuhan flu, isn’t that worth it? But, you do you. Your life is not mine to be concerned about. I’ll do me. You […]

Democrats Preparing New COVID Proposals To Make Up For “Biden Shortfalls”

We’re almost two years into the national freakout and Democrats have Ideas! Dems try to make up for Biden COVID shortfalls with new proposals Congressional Democrats are trying to backfill for perceived shortfalls in the Biden administration’s coronavirus response with a wave of new bill filings. Why it matters: The legislative spurt is a reflection of […]

Good News: Solving ‘Climate Change” Leads To A Nationalized Financial System

Well, gee, I thought this was simply about reducing carbon emissions and saving the planet. No? Climate change mitigation is creating a roadmap to a nationalized financial system A Biden administration executive order issued in May required the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) and its member agencies to report on the risks that climate change […]

Surprise: Grocery Store Shelves Are Empty Again

Hey, remember this? "The supply chain!" she exclaims, looking for milk for 2-year-old "Look at this amazing, overflowing abundance," he responds — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) November 13, 2021 Stetler and lots of other liberals were doing this while attempting to protect Biden (even though CNN contradicted Mr. Potato). It’s not getting any better Grocery […]

Senate Democrats Switch Tactics, Want To Have A Public Debate On Federal Voting Takeover Bill

Well, this is interesting. Shouldn’t there be a public debate on any big bill? Shouldn’t elected officials be telling their constituents what the bill does? Shouldn’t they be have a long debate on the floor of Congress? Dems switch strategy on voting bill as Biden pushes action Senate Democrats are trying to force a public […]

Justice Dept To Create Special “Domestic Terrorism” Unit Or Something

I wonder what they will be called? Maybe Stazi? That would be a good name. Who will they go after? Perhaps parents daring to question school boards? Those with MAGA bumper stickers? Those who write #LetsGoBrandon? Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic […]

Bad For Dems: New AP Poll Has Economy Overshadowing Wuhan Flu

Biden isn’t doing a good job with either Inflation up, virus down as priorities in US: AP-NORC poll Heading into a critical midterm election year, the top political concerns of Americans are shifting in ways that suggest Democrats face considerable challenges to maintaining their control of Congress. A poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for […]

There’s A Real Danger In #LetsGoBrandon Or Something

Fortunately, the Credentialed Media is around to keep this going. Maybe we should all go back to #FuckJoeBiden? Where was the Charlotte Observer during the 4 years of Democrats saying nasty things about Trump, his family, and everyone around him? @sistertoldjah — William Teach2 #refuseresist (@WTeach2) January 7, 2022 If you have trouble with […]

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