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Fascist Party To Unveil Bill To Pack The Supreme Court

How many times have you seen a Democrat yammer on about protecting our democracy? That voting matters? That every vote should count? Well, since they can’t get their own way on the Supreme Court, they’ve moved one step closer to implementing their Progressice (nice Fascism) agenda Democrats to propose legislation expanding the Supreme Court Several […]

SJW Pentagon Chief Looks To Purge People Who Have Wrongthink

Essentially, if you don’t conform the Progressive doctrine (because they’re totally about tolerance and multiculturalism, you know), you will be labeled an extremist and booted. This should do wonders for recruitment, eh, with tough Republicans saying “no, thanks”, and soy boy liberals, overweight and soft liberal women, and  transgenders with serious mental health issues joining […]

China Joe Looks To Redefine “Infrastructure”

CNN is rather admitting that Joe and the Dems are not really attempting to pass a bill focused on infrastructure The fight to define infrastructure could change America The meaning of the word “infrastructure” suddenly depends on your politics. President Joe Biden is using a sleight of hand by crafting a bill that might be traditionally associated with repairs […]

China Joe, Democrats Open To Using Reconciliation For “Infrastructure” Bill

Remember the days when China Joe talked about doing things in a bipartisan manner, about reaching across the aisle? It actually lasted a shorter time than when Obama pulled that schtick. The only reason they would need to push to use reconciliation is if the bill was vastly left wing ‘Open’ to using reconciliation process […]

Good News: World On Brink Of 4th COVID Wave

Is this believable? The problem with all the hyperventilating news is “can we believe it?” The news has always been about hyping stuff up, right? For amplifying a story to more Doom than it deserves, right? So, how much of this is about the leftist news’ need to proclaim Doom? Which people are tired of […]

China Joe Admin Considers Sending Masks To All Americans

Because they know you’re having a really tough time getting a mask, right? Biden administration weighs plan to directly send masks to all Americans The Biden White House is considering sending masks directly to American households, according to three people familiar with the discussions, an action the Trump administration explored but scrapped. The Covid-19 Response […]

Biden DHS Warns Of Scary People Daring To Protest Being Locked Down

We’re at the one week mark, and Biden’s Department Of Homeland Security is already making moves to turn average Americans engaged in Wrongthink as domestic terrorists. Should this be concerning for the future? Will the federal government and state government’s ramp up their attacks using the legal system and other systems to take away the […]

China Joe Signs EO Allowing Gender Confused In Military

The U.S. military is there to protect the nation, not be a hotbed of social justice Breaking News: President Biden reversed Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military. The move was expected, but its swiftness signaled a willingness by the new Biden administration to put its own stamp on Defense Department social issues. […]

Biden Pentagon Pick Looks To Purge Military Of “Extremists And Raaaaacists”

This is the same military that is cool with allowing transgenders, who tend to have serious mental health issues, to join, and even offered to pay for sex change operations. The same military which allowed gang members to join, and had a hard problem getting rid of them. The same military which has often put […]

Who’s Up For Some MACA (Make America California Again)?

A bold move by China Joe and The Los Angeles Times Make America California Again? That’s Biden’s plan After four years of being relentlessly targeted by a Republican president who worked overtime to bait, punish and marginalize California and everything it represents, the state is suddenly center stage again in Washington’s policy arena. Huh what? Targeted? That was California’s Xavier […]

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