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Democrats Doing All They Can To Own Being Anti-Semites

Again, criticism of Israel doesn’t make someone a Jew hater. But, when that’s all you have, when you can’t even condemn radical Islam, and cannot denounce Jew hatred, what you’re left with is hatred of Jews. When you have to defend the indefensible, well, here we go Dem Whip: Omar’s Experience More Powerful Than Holocaust […]

Dems To Give Framing Gun Grabbing As A Public Health Issue

People who are surrounded by armed security all during their working hours, and some afterwards, look to make it harder for citizens to protect themselves Dems to reframe gun violence as public health issue House Democrats are planning to vote next year on bills that address gun violence as a public health concern, marking the […]

Democrats Demand ‘Climate Change’ Measures To Pass Infrastructure Bill

Democrats have been demanding infrastructure spending for years. Because their 2009 $800 billion Stimulus bill didn’t really help much. But, they have Demands Any Trump infrastructure deal must tackle climate change, Democrats warn Democrats will only support an infrastructure deal with Donald Trump if it includes measures to combat climate change, the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, […]

House Democrats First Bill Pretty Much Targeting Un-Constitutional, Invasion Of Privacy Issues

When feeding your unhinged base runs smack-dab into the wall of “no, you can’t do that” House Democrats’ 1st bill targets big donors, voting access House Democrats are unveiling their first bill for the new Congress, a good-government package to limit big money in politics, make it easier for citizens to vote and require presidents […]

NY Times: Darn, These Black People In Mostly Democratic Run Cities Sure Like Shooting Each Other

The NY Times has a long, long, long, long, tediously long missive on “gun violence” on their front page, which states that America is just not listening to the drumbeat. Heck, it’s in the headline: A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening. The article starts out with a discussion of a shooting that […]

Dems Get Their Wish To Advance Free Speech Limiting Amendment

I mentioned yesterday that I hoped Republicans would vote to allow the motion to proceed, that way we can get to debate to highlight just how much Democrats hate the 1st Amendment, and they did (The Hill)  The Senate on Monday advanced a constitutional amendment meant to reverse two recent Supreme Court decisions on campaign […]

Jay Carney Oops: Hey, Obama’s Libya Adventure Was A Failure

This is what happens when someone is parsing their words so much in order to avoid telling the truth: they inadvertently let something through (Daily Caller) White House spokesman Jay Carney let President Barack Obama’s Benghazi cat out of the bag today, when he acknowledged that the president’s unilateral intervention in the 2011 Libyan civil […]

Maryland Officials Knew A Year In Advance That Obamacare Website Was A Disaster

Say, I wonder whether the problems and negligence surrounding the Maryland Exchange website will be a national story, where media dig into just who knew and when they knew, and what Governor Martin O’Malley (D) knew, and publish breathless reports, where we see crazy op-eds about the end of his career. Or will this just […]

White House Told GSA Not To Have Occupiers Arrested

The Obama administration continues to pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore (The Blaze) Documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, indicate that General Services Administration (GSA) officials, with approval from the Obama administration, ordered local law enforcement officers to stand down and not arrest Occupy Portland protesters after […]

ATF Emails Discussed Using Fast And Furious For More Gun Control

Ever since Operation Fast and Furious came to light, people have been musing that it was simply about creating a situation where the Obama Administration could create more stringent gun control laws. Yesterday, we received a bit of confirmation from one of the only mainstream media reporters bothering to cover this Obama scandal (via Hot […]

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